What’s in my fridge? Alice Nicholls, Holistic Health Coach and Life Transformation Coach

Alice Nicholls gives us a peek inside her fridge.
Alice Nicholls gives us a peek inside her fridge. Photo: Supplied

"I am nutrition, budget and time conscious when it comes to cooking and shopping. I have two young kids who I want to get a max amount of nutrients into (but who are sometimes picky). I aim for digestive health with our fridge so we don't have many inflammatory foods and try to eat a lot of anti-inflammatory options."

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"Our fridge looks healthy because it is. We don't limit ourselves when we eat out or have family days so I make sure that when at home, I am getting as many nutrients into us as I can. Life is about glorious and delicious moderation. 

"I make all of our meals from scratch and always have a good amount of healthy leftovers in the fridge. They're all low-prep, high nutrient foods. 

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Inside Alice's fridge: 

  • Nut free muesli bars for the kids for kindy (coconut oil, coconut, cacao, dates and sunflower seeds). The high energy dates are balanced by the coconut oil fat and coconut and the sunflower seeds are packed with Vitamin E, Copper and Vitamin B. 
  • Homemade hummus for spreading on wraps and dipping carrot sticks (or fingers) into.
  • My 'Dr. Suess' Sauce (a mix of pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato, nutritional yeast and a bit of kale blended in the Vitamix). I use this as a 'cheesy sauce' to put on the kids roast veg or buckwheat noodles for a healthy cheats version of 'Mac N' Cheese'.
  • I've got a stew in here - slow cooked with beef bone broth for a healthy tummy and good digestion. Bone broth helps to 'heal and seal' the gut and is filled with calcium, magnesium and gelatin.
  • I have quite a few ferments at different stages in the fridge and here you can see carrot, ginger and turmeric fermenting, which is for bone and joint health and to calm inflammation (we have early onset rheumatoid arthritis in my family).  I also have cabbage fermenting to sauerkraut in there. I dollop these on salads and stews and love the tart taste. Fermented foods are a natural probiotic and these are filled with gut healing and immune supporting vitamins and enzymes. Some jars of probiotic tablets or powders cost $60, when you can ferment a jar of vegetables for under $1 and they taste delicious!
  • Leftover pumpkin soup.  
  • Coconut milk yoghurt which my husband has on his fruit salad for breaky.
  • In the fridge door you can see I've also got some kombucha on a second ferment. Kombucha is an elixir of health, an effervescent probiotic tea originating from China.
  • Almond milk from local Melbourne company Almond Milk Co for my morning coffee.
  • Fresh fruit for kids snacks and the mid-afternoon snack attack!
  • The bottom of the fridge is also packed with veg to be made into quick stir-fry's curries and salads.
  • I can't forget the block of 'adults only' Loving Earth Raw Dark Chocolate in the fridge door here too of course and the husband's Coopers up the top!

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"What you can't see: Mushed up containers of home-made cream cheese, a LOT of floppy vegetables which I never seem to use until they're almost dead but are great in a chunky soup or casserole. A big block of organic butter and hard boiled eggs. Jalna biodynamic full fat yoghurt."

"What's missing? Apart from the broth, this is a vegetarian fridge, though we do eat biodynamic meats about twice a week."

Talk about an inspirational fridge! What's in your fridge right now? 

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