Wife writes genius letter after husband's complaint about his packed lunch

Image: Facebook/Casey Bryden
Image: Facebook/Casey Bryden 

It's a challenge that in many marriages, might prompt some serious silent treatment, but one very lucky husband only inspired hilarious creativity in his wife when he complained about the lunch she had packed for him.

Taking to Facebook this week to share the creative way she dealt with her husband's slight on her culinary skills, Casey Bryden from Perth begins her post by saying, "Last week my husband complained about the salad I had made for him. He said it was "disappointing and embarrassing" and that in future he would like to see a salad with "more personality". So this was his lunch today, with this note."

We can feel your outrage from here, so let's turn a corner and get ready to laugh as she engulfs Marc with her food-themed wordsmithery and a lady-shaped lunch with more personality than he can handle. It's just too punny for words.The love story begins;

"Hi, My name is Caprese, I'm your salad.

A beet about me…

I basically just love to have a good thyme. Recently I met this guy, Waldorf, at a Garden Party. He was a such a spud! And he loved to celery-brate. "Lettuce turnip the beet", he keep saying!
I pretty much knew he was the guy for me straight away. When I mentioned that I was a little chilli, he offered me his jacket.

"Orange you so sweet" I said. Seriously, this guy was cool as a cucumber, so at towards the end of the night, I said to him "Lets avo-cuddle."

Caprese then asks him to 'kale' her sometime and the relationship progresses hungrily with professions of love until one fateful day she asks him to run away and get married, to which he replies, "I'm sorry but I cantaloupe with you."

The letter is long and totally genius and you just have to read it in its entirety - click on the Facebook post below.

The post has been shared more than 350 times, with commenters in hysterics about the comedic letter. 

It's a take on the situation that many say Marc should be very grateful for and the post even prompted one of the instigators of 'lunchgate' to fess up to his role in the debacle.

Casey says the letter only took her about two hours to write; a task she took on when her son was napping. So how did Marc react? Like this.

With some fellow mums a little annoyed on her behalf, Casey takes care to cut him some slack for being an awesome provider and supporter of her ambitions.

Casey, we love you!