Winter is coming: 16 easy soup recipes for your family

Photo: Natalie Boog
Photo: Natalie Boog 

Keep warm and cozy with these easy soup recipes. 

1. Chicken meatball soup
You can use alphabet pasta or pasta shapes to make this soup more appealing to younger children. Use macaroni or any other pasta for older children.

Chicken meatball soup
Photo: Supplied  

2.  Quick pea & ham soup with mint
Taste the soup before seasoning with salt, as the stock and ham will be quite salty.

3. Mexican cream of corn soup
Serve topped with sour cream, salsa and coriander and serve corn chips separately for adding to the soup as desired.

Quick pea and ham soup with mint |  Mexican cream of corn soup
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4. Carrot and ginger soup

5. Tomato soup with pasta and basil

Carrot and ginger soup |  Tomato soup with pasta and basil
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6. Chicken noodle soup

7. Winter vegetable soup

Chicken noodle soup | Winter vegetable soup
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8. Pasta and bean soup

9. Country pumpkin and pasta soup

Pasta and bean soup | Country pumpkin and pasta soup
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10. Meatball and tomato soup
A main-course the kids can make, then get stuck into.

Meatball and tomato soup
Recipe: Bridgette Hafner  - Photo:  Marina Oliphant

11. Fijian creamy lentil soup with caramelised onion

Fijian creamy lentil soup with caramelised
Recipe: Steven Snow - Photo: Quentin Jones  

12. Beef Pho
This gently flavoured beef noodle soup is a staple in Vietnam, where it's served beside the road from massive pots. The soup is ladled into bowls and slurped at tiny plastic tables. Add more or less chilli and spice as desired. Be flexible, too, on the amount of noodles and inevitable spillage from slurping. This is the ultimate one-dish meal for children.

Beef Pho
Recipe: Kate Gibbs - Photo: Steven Siewert

13. Chicken and corn soup
Warm up this winter and enjoy a healthy soup with all the flavours of home. Sure to please all the family these colder months.

Chicken and corn soup
Recipe brought to you by Sunny Qeen Farms

14. Carrot, pumpkin and red lentil soup
Nourishment for the whole family: Autumn vegie soup. 

Carrot, pumpkin and red lentil soup
Recipe: Lynne Mullins - Photo: Natalie Boog

15. Laksa
This is really a cheat's laksa, made using bought laksa paste. 

16.  Stracciatella alla romana (Roman style egg drop soup)
Italian soup consisting of meat broth and small shreds of an egg-based mixture, prepared by drizzling the mixture into boiling broth and stirring. 

Laksa | Stracciatella alla romana
Recipe: Kate Gibbs - Photo: Edwina Pickles | Photo: Good Food collection

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