Your toilet humour loving kid will adore this 'poop cafe'

Photo: Poop Cafe Toronto
Photo: Poop Cafe Toronto 

Poo and food - two things that really should never feature in the same sentence, and yet here we are.

If you're heading over to Canada anytime soon - specifically, Toronto - there's a 'treat' in store for you at the Poop Cafe

There's no ambiguity in the name; it's exactly what it sounds like and the owners have gone to town on the decor, making it as thoroughly poo-themed as possible.

Of course the whole idea of a poo cafe has very much been helped along by that darling poo emoji, making the dreaded bodily emission a more appealing, almost charming topic.

As you'd imagine, chocolate features heavily on the Poop Cafe's menu and the range of delicacies are served in a choice of specially-crafted vessels including the humble toilet, a urinal, the less offensive bath tub and the asian-style toilet. 


Coffee and tea at Poop Cafe

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So yum, right? Poop Cafe has no shortage of customers, despite a very risky venture into an unappetising theme.


There's definitely a certain kind of novelty in sitting on a porcelain throne while eating, even if every instinct you have within you tells you this is so very wrong.


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And of course every lover of over-the-top shakes will be relieved to learn that there is an amazing array of 'poopy freakshakes.'

The only question is, when are you going? Go drop the kids off at the pool, because this just has to be the start of a movement.


Poopy freakshake

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