You've been filling your ice cube tray wrong

Try this next time you fill your ice cube tray.
Try this next time you fill your ice cube tray.  Photo: Spauln/Getty

It turns out - you've been filling up your ice cube tray wrong.

We've all done it; gone to the fridge for some ice only to realise the tray is empty. Similar to how we've been closing zip lock bags wrong, there's a quicker way to freeze your cubes.

Instead of filling the tray up with cold water, hot water seems to freeze much faster.

According to science, this is known as the Mpemba effect.

The Mpemba effect is named after Erasto Mpemba, a Tanzanian student who discovered he could make ice cream quicker by using warm milk instead of cold.

After conducting some experiments with a professor of physics, they published a paper in 1969.

Despite this, no one can really explain why hot water sometimes freezes quicker than cold water.

The most common reason for the reaction is that some of the hot water evaporates, meaning there is less water to freeze.

Another theory is that a layer of ice forms over the cold water, acting as an insulator, slowing the freezing process.