Zooper Dooper releases limited edition 'Your Favourites' packs

Photo:Zooper Dooper/The Daily Juice Co.
Photo:Zooper Dooper/The Daily Juice Co. 

The joy of a full pack of Zooper Doopers cannot be rivalled on a scorchingly hot summer's day, but all too soon, the numbers in the pack dwindle and you're left with all orange ones. Or pineapple ones. Or whichever flavour is just not popular in your house.

There's that all-too familiar drop of the stomach when you open the freezer and realise it's just going to be disappointment all round.

So this will be the best summer news ever, for Zooper Dooper fans all over Australia; two limited edition packs containing only two favourite flavours will be available in Coles and Woolworths supermarkets nationwide.

The Coles version is already in stores and contains Fairy Floss and Blackcurrant flavours.

The Woolies version is to be announced and released this week, however Essential Kids contacted Lion (the company that produces Zooper Doopers) and we were told the Woolies flavours are Cola and Lime.

How did the company know which flavours were Australia's favourites? Back in March and April it held a Facebook face-off of flavours, where people voted for their faves. Thousands of votes were logged to produce the new favourites packs.

This household will be heading to Coles to snap up enough limited edition packs to last all summer long. I just have to figure out where to hide them.