Mum's 'genius' lettuce hack to hide treats from kids goes viral

The genius hack went viral.
The genius hack went viral. Photo: Facebook/ Brooke Rycroft

If you're worried your kids are going to find your secret treat stash, then never fear - one mother has the perfect solution!

Brooke Rycroft posted her hilarious 'mum hack' to Facebook, which showed her hiding an ice-cream sandwich behind a lettuce leaf.

"The real reason why I buy lettuce," the mum captioned the photo. "Hidden in plain sight. She doesn't even notice me."

The lettuce leaf trick was an instant hit online, with thousands of people commenting, liking and sharing the post.

"I honestly need to start doing this," one woman commented.

The real reason why I buy lettuce. Hidden in plain sight. She doesn’t even notice me 🤪🤣 🥬🍦 #momminsohard #momlife

Posted by Brooke Rycroft on  Saturday, August 15, 2020

"Just found the most perfect mum hack ever," said another.

However, some parents expressed their disappointment in having highly inquisitive children, or ones that actually like eating their greens.

"My kids too damn nosey," one mother complained. "They be like 'mum u eatin plain lettuce?' And come examine it."


"My kids eat everything," another wrote, accompanied by crying face emojis.

Other parents shared their own tricks from hiding their favourite foods from their kids.

"These days I just hide the good snacks in the bathroom cabinet and lock the door!" one mum joked.

"I'm guilty of making vomit noises as I eat yummy things, I don't want to share with my one and four-year-old," said another parent. "Works a treat."