Amazing images capture what kids around the world eat in a week

Photo: Gregg Segal
Photo: Gregg Segal 

We'd hazard a guess that hardly any of us have had cause to track what our kids eat in one week, then take stock.

Photographer Gregg Segal has done just that, documenting the food intake of kids all around the world, and the differences are stark.

Gregg says he started the Daily Bread project to take a look at how the spread of Western foods has affected the diets of children globally.

He specifically examines the issue of junk food - processed, sweetened and highly salted snack foods - and how the habits established in childhood can last throughout a lifetime.


Lily, Le Grimpeur, with what she eats in one week. #dailybread France, #whatkidseat #allovertheworld

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Each child is required to keep a food journal for a week in the lead up to the photo shoot. Then the food is laid out around them, with the child posed alongside.


The photographer even used his own son Hank (below) in the project, stating after wards that both he and his wife "thought he had more green in his diet."

It sure looks like the kids had a great time on the photo shoots. It must be snack heaven for a kid.