Can't afford a Thermomix? Aldi has got you covered

ALDI is selling a cheap Thermomix look-alike next weekend.
ALDI is selling a cheap Thermomix look-alike next weekend. Photo: ALDI/Supplied

Set your alarm, stretch your hammies or alternatively, prepare to send your best player into battle - ALDI is selling a Thermomix knock-off next Saturday 7 September and you can bet those babies will fly off the shelves. 

One of its famed "Special Buys", the Mistral Thermo Cooker, features a 2L stainless steel bowl, integrated scale function and a 10-speed, 800W motor. It stews, it mixes, it kneads and it fries.

And it also comes with a three-year warranty.

The ALDI air fryer.
The ALDI air fryer. Photo: ALDI/Supplied

But here's the best bit: at $299 it's a fraction of the price of the real deal. The Thermomix TM6, currently sells for $2,269. Apparently the Aldi version neither sous vides nor ferments so if that's your thing you might want to keep saving. Otherwise, it could well be a bargain ticket into a very exclusive club/cult.

Price aside, is the cooker actually any good?

One review over on says the Thermomix dupe does what it says on the tin - for a much lower price. "Similar to the Thermomix without the hefty price tag. Might not be as amazing as the Thermo but certainly does a great job!"

Another review, shared in a bargain-loving Facebook group, notes that while the cheaper version is great for the price and an "excellent way to suss out if the thermie life is for you," it really doesn't compare. "As one who did four years of an Aldi cooker and then upgraded to a thermie....... there is no comparison."

In other words, it's could be a gateway drug to the real thing.

"I have one of these mistral machines and it's fine," said another. "It does most of what a thermo does.You can use all thermo recipes in it. It's clunky and obviously not as pretty or tech'ed up as a Thermo but it does the job. I bought mine second hand maybe 2 years ago and it hasn't missed a beat."


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The cooker is just one of eight pieces of compact cookware on sale on Saturday 7 September. It's light-weight, has non-stick coating and the handles clip in and out so they're easier to store.

"We know that storage space is precious for lots of households, so we designed a range of cookware to suit the modern day kitchen," says Matthew Suckling, Buyer Director at ALDI Australia. "The range is made from quality materials and features smart design elements, like detachable handles and flat lids for ease of storage".

Along with the cooker, you can nab yourself an Air Fryer for $149, and a full set of pans, pots and utensils for $175.

Given the popularity of ALDI's $23 dutch oven, the supermarket's budget version of the $500 Le Creuset offering, you'll want to set your alarm bright and early next weekend.

The compact cookware range on sale at ALDI.

Photo: ALDI/Supplied