CHOICE names $4 home-brand instant coffee as the 'best tasting'

Coffee need not cost a fortune.
Coffee need not cost a fortune. Photo: Sutterstock

Many of us enjoy an instant coffee, regardless of what the true coffee snobs have to say about it.

A cup of instant can deliver that mild caffeine hit at that critical slump-time of 3pm, when we just have to power on, despite feeling weary.

With the tea and coffee aisle awash with options, it can confusing to choose an instant coffee.

CHOICE has given us a helping hand, publishing its top five instant coffees (out of 14) which came up trumps in its taste tests.

Top five instant coffee brands


Left to right - the top three scorers. Photo: Supplied

It turns out you don't have to pay top dollar for the best-tasting instant coffee, with Coles' own brand topping the list and also being the cheapest in the top five.  

  1. Coles Fairtrade Organic Freeze Dried Coffee

    Score: 74 per cent
    Cost: per 100g: $4.00
  2. Moccona Barista Reserve Smooth Espresso

    Score: 72 per cent
    Cost: per 100g: $10.29
  3. Nature's Cuppa Organic Coffee 

    Score: 70 per cent
    Cost: per 100g: $8.00
  4. Nescafe Gold Original 5 

    Score: 70 per cent
    Cost: per 100g: $9.50
  5. Caffe Aurora Medaglia D'oro Italian Style Freeze Dried Coffee

    Score: 70 per cent
    Cost: per 100g: $5.00
Ensure you take a look at CHOICE's full report on the website, for further information about flavour profiles and the processes they used to judge the coffee.
Here's how the rest stacked up.