Healthy snack choices

Choosing healthy snacks for healthy kids.
Choosing healthy snacks for healthy kids. 

Thinking of healthy snack choices for your child can be a draining process, especially when you are trying to keep them interested. Here are a few healthy ideas to add to their day.

-1 slice of grain bread with topping eg 1 slice of low fat cheese OR 100g tin tuna.
-1 cup wholegrain breakfast cereal and low fat milk.
-Fruit smoothie made with 1 glass of low fat milk + berries.
-100g tub low fat yoghurt + 1 fruit.
-4 Vita Weats + 2 slices of low fat cheese.
-1 tub low fat frozen yoghurt.
-10 waferthins with 2 slices low fat cheese OR low fat dip/ salsa.
-Low fat milk + 2 teaspoons MiloTM.
-1 YogoTM OR Aero mousseTM.
-1 cup air popped popcorn + 100g low fat or natural yoghurt.
-1 Uncle Tobys Low GI muesli barTM /OTTM OR LCMTM milk and cereal bar OR MiloTM energy bar.
-1 AktaviteTM OR Big MTM popper OR Thomas & FriendsTM milks.
-1 low fat ice-cream such as Peters Light & CreamyTM (1-2 scoops) OR Paddle Pop MOO.TM
-Peters MiniTM + 2 low fat cookies such as Paradise LightsTM
-1 slice raisin/fruit toast spread with low fat margarine + low fat ricotta.
-1 piece of chopped fruit with low fat yoghurt dip.
-½ baked bean or spaghetti jaffle.
-Packet of pretzels.
-Low fat fruit muffin + 100g low fat yoghurt.
-2 Paradise LightTM low fat cookies + glass of low fat milk.
-Slice of low fat banana bread eg Mama Ka'z.
-1 Mountain bread with low fat humous and salad.

-Mid meals including morning and afternoon are an important part of a child's day.
-Snack choices need to be nutritionally balanced to ensure optimal growth and development.
-Encourage food free time between meals and snacks ie one/two snack foods for midmeals rather than continual snacking.

Information collated from Westmead Hospital’s Child Health website.

Disclaimer: This fact sheet is for education purposes only. Please consult with your doctor or other health professional to make sure this information is right for your child.