Mum shares hilarious and 'accurate' food pyramid of what her fussy kids actually eat

Photo: Kendra Broekhuis / Facebook
Photo: Kendra Broekhuis / Facebook 

Food can be a battleground when you have small fussy eaters.

Day in, day out, dealing with the struggles to get kids to eat healthy food, it's little wonder parents have to sometimes see the funny side of this relentless task for their own sanity.

US mum Kendra Broekhuis has shared to Facebook, a rather hilarious (or horrifying, depending on your perspective) food pyramid of what her kids actually eat.

Crafting it from fried chicken, goldfish crackers, processed cheese sticks, butter, tomato sauce, ranch dressing and fruit pastilles, it's clear many of us are not alone when it comes to food struggles with kids. 

Broekhuis, an author and mum of three children aged six, three and one, captioned the photo, "I updated the Food Pyramid to be a more accurate depiction of what my children are willing to eat. #Motherhood."

The post has resonated with thousands of people all over the world, going viral for being both relatable and controversial.

It's been shared an astonishing 66,000 times, and liked more than 11,000 times.

One commenter wrote, "My three-and-a-half year old eats goldfish, McDonald's nuggets only, French fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese roll ups, and fruit snacks! I feel ya!"

Kendra responded, "Kids simply redefined the major food groups. I say we just roll with it for a few years."


"This is so perfect. I have never felt more seen as a mother."

Predictably, Broekhuis also came under fire.

"This is absolutely horrible! I don't find any humour in this at all!"

"They eat what you serve. If not, serve it again until they eat it. You give them the time of day and the food, they decide to eat or not. That's a pretty unhealthy pyramid."

"This is so sad. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer that's what I see in this photo. So much suffering involved to get these products and it will create more suffering to your children later in life."

In a later post Ms Broekhuis addresses the criticism after introducing herself to her new followers.

"If you found this page because of my updated food pyramid, welcome. Obviously this page might not relate as much to people whose kids only eat lobster and celery but if that's you you're still welcome here because our parenting posses shouldn't only be filled with people who parent the exact same ways we do. (Side note: the kid in this pic is the sneaky butter snacker.)"

The 31-year-old Milwaukee mum added, "I am not a perfect mum. I don't say that filled with shame nor to brag. It's just a true statement," before sharing that she is "very tall" - 1.85 metres - and that she lost a baby in 2015.

In her most recent post she writes that she has, "...been on the receiving end of some unkind words from strangers," and that is made her "think a little."

She continues, "The truth is, I can be super judgy of other people's parenting too. I think we're all pretty passionate about some of the ways we choose to parent our kids. And on the other hand, there are times I feel completely lost or insecure as a mum, where I just want to yell into my pillow that I don't know what I'm doing."

She then urges people to "be a little kinder to each other as parents."