Munchbox: a bento style lunchbox for kids

Photos: Munchbox
Photos: Munchbox 

They're cute, colourful and as sturdy as they need to be to survive the playground antics of your kids. And they make it a cinch to pack that dreaded school lunch with a range of healthy and appealing options your children will actually eat.

I don't know about you, but by this time in the school term, packed lunches often come home untouched and I'm thinking it might have something to do with the drab presentation and sandwich rut we're in.

Picking up a few Munchboxes could not have happened at a better time as we struggle and limp our way to the finish line of this term.

There are two neat designs of Munchbox, with each holding five cups of food - enough for even a famished sporty Year Five student. 


You can pack it more sparsely for younger kids too, meaning the Munchbox will see them right through primary years and beyond.

The lid contains a special seal, so while you can't pack soup in the Munchbox, you can pack other wet foods such as yoghurt and dips and not have them leak into the other compartments that hold rice crackers or bread.

In order to preserve the seal and removable tray for many years to come, the components are hand wash only.

The Munchbox is sized to fit into most insulated lunch bags and there is potentially enough room for you to add a cold pack for warm weather months.
The Munchbox MAXI (above) has six compartments with healthy serving suggestions printed on the base of the tray.
The MINI design (above) has four compartments, one of them being large enough for a sandwich. On its base is a food pyramid to use as a guide.
Munchbox encourages parents to use a rainbow of foods so that kids are getting a selection from each of the food groups each day.
Having such a pretty array of different foods ensures Munchboxes come home empty or close to.
Both designs are available in five attractive colours at $39.95 each and the Munchbox website also carries a range of styling tools such as food shape cutters, rice moulds as well as a range of picks and forks.
Also follow Munchbox on Facebook to see a range of inspiring serving suggestions.

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