Nigella Lawson slammed for 'simple' salad



Celebrity cook Nigella Lawson is creating heat among fans after concocting a recipe of just tomatoes and salad cream.

The domestic goddess shared her "Old Fashioned Tomato Salad" with fans on social media on Tuesday.

However, the recipe, which included cherry tomatoes, chives and dressing, fired up some foodies.

Describing the dish as "unexpected heaven", she fired up fans like Samantha Wallis, who wrote on Facebook: "I REALLY hope this is a joke!? This is a dish of cherry tomatoes cut in half, with a squirt of salad cream...get over yourself for goodness sake!!!"

Of her simple salad, Lawson wrote: "This tomato salad is all you need for a summer starter. What I do is sit the tomatoes in the sun, uncut, on a flat plate or two, for an hour before I want to make the salad: it takes any chill off them and makes them taste somehow more tomatoey. Any leftover salad cream can be stored in the fridge in an old jam jar; indeed you may find you want to make double the amount below, so well will it go down."

One Facebook user wrote: "Some chopped up tomatoes with some dressing? You need to up your game love. You can do much better than that and you know it."

Another Facebook user said: "Come on Nigella Lawson hardly a salad, more of a combination of the remaining items in the fridge."

The outburst comes just hours after Lawson was attacked by Italian purists and online foodies for desecrating the spaghetti carbonara recipe by adding cream.


The TV chef shared a photo of her carbonara recipe, with the caption: "I think spaghetti carbonara is what Meryl Streep cooks for Jack Nicholson in the film version of one of my favourite books, Heartburn, and it is so right, for that chin-dripping, love-soaked primal feast, the first time someone actually stays through the night."

In Lawson's recipe, the chef used 60ml of cream, white wine and grated nutmeg, and does not separate egg yolks from whites.

A Facebook user cried that adding cream was forbidden, and unforgiveable. "Nigella for us, Italians and Romans, it's absolutely forbidden any kind of cream in any kind of pasta and never never never in carbonara! Please!" said another user.

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