Parents told to 'simplify' their daughter's lunches so classmates don't get jealous

Parent's have been told to simply lunches for kids.
Parent's have been told to simply lunches for kids. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

There are many areas of parenting that can spark a heated debate - and one of those topics is the humble (or sometimes extravagant) lunch box.

Opinions may differ about what a healthy balanced lunch box look like, plus parents sometimes feel pressure to create 'Instagram-worthy' lunches for their kids.

One father has been left fuming after a teacher at his daughter's school requested they 'simplify her lunches', so other children don't get jealous.

Posting to Reddit, the man explained his wife tried to make fun lunch boxes for their eight year-old-daughter.

"She follows a couple of those school lunches pages on Instagram for inspiration or whatever," he wrote. "It's important to us that our child likes her lunches and that she's happy."

The girl's parents were told to 'simply' her lunches for school.

The girl's parents were told to 'simply' her lunches for school. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

However, his daughter's teacher felt they were 'too elaborate', calling him and his wife asking them to simplify her lunches 'and do the typical sandwich thing because other kids 'don't have as elaborate as lunches and it might make them feel bad."

The man felt like that was taking it too far, telling the teacher they won't stop making an effort.

"I was annoyed [sic] and wrote an email saying 'no we won't and that I really don't care,'" he explained. "If other kids get upset then maybe it would be a good teaching moment for her."

Redditers users agreed he wasn't in the wrong, with many confirming it to be a good teaching moment.


"It is none of the teacher's business what your child eats," said one user. "As long as the lunches don't require the teacher putting extra effort into helping her with her lunch there is nothing that needs to change."

"You're not an a--hole for wanting your kid to have a fun lunch and being involved," they assured.

Others suggested the parents make sure it isn't causing problems at school, pointing out the teacher might be trying to diffuse a situation he's unaware of.

"The teacher is also dealing with other students and might be trying to solve a problem going on in class," one Redditer wrote.

"I think a better response would be to ask the teacher if there is any evidence of the lunches causing disruptions or rifts in the classroom. If the teacher is trying to be "proactive" then yeah keep at it with the lunches, but if it's becoming a situation in the classroom, then maybe evaluate the bigger picture."