Taste test: Choice reveals who sells the best hot cross buns in Australia

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Photo: Shutterstock 

Hot cross bun lovers, it's your time to shine, with all the varieties from chocolate to fruitless hitting the shelves as we speak. But which supermarkets sell the tastiest versions of this popular Easter treat?

CHOICE has come to the party, with an in-depth analysis of what makes a tasty hot cross bun, complete with taste tests to determine which ones we should be buying for maximum taste bud satisfaction.

So how on earth did they go about testing for the best tasting hot cross bun? Here's the methodology employed by CHOICE:

"We set up a blind tasting in a shopping centre in Ultimo, NSW, and invited members of the public to participate. Each product was assigned a code and its brand concealed. For each sample tasted, people decided if they disliked, liked or loved it. A total of 605 samples were tasted and voted on across the six hot cross bun products. A minimum of 100 taste tests were completed per product."

There was an outright winner, followed by a runner up which scored only 2% lower but came in at the cheapest price per unit.

The winner

hot cross buns

Photo: Coles

Coles Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns

Score: 76%

Cost: $0.58 per bun ($3.50 per 6-pack)

The runner up

hot cross buns

Photo: Costco

Costco Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns

Score: 74%

Price: $0.42 per bun ($9.99 per 24-pack)

The rest

3rd place - Baker's Delight Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns - Score: 69%

4th place - Aldi Bakers Life Fruit Hot Cross Buns - Score: 67%

5th place - Woolworths Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns - Score: 66%

6th place - Brumby's Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns - Score: 58% 

See the full report on the CHOICE website, where you'll also find a recipe to make them at home.