The mac and cheese recipe that has the internet up in arms

This mac and cheese recipe has everyone up in arms.
This mac and cheese recipe has everyone up in arms. Photo: Twitter/Healthy food

If you're a mac and cheese purist then prepare to be outraged - an interesting twist on the old classic has die-hard fans up in arms.

It all began when Healthy Food tweeted their "low calorie mac and cheese" recipe, which includes - wait for it - avocado.

Yep, the controversial green ingredient preventing millennials from purchasing their own homes is once again under attack because, as the people soon decried, it simply doesn't belong in mac and cheese.

As well as avocado, the recipe includes coconut oil, almond flour, lime, garlic, goat's cheese, chilli flakes and milk.

And it didn't go down well at all.

Even the babies had an opinion:

But while most people said hell no, a few others seemed willing to give the Macarole or Guacaroni a try:

But the overwhelming take-home message is clear: you just don't mess with perfection.