You can now buy wine gummy bears

Photo: David James
Photo: David James 

When Terri Hendricks  of Marlborough, New Zealand read about wine gummy bears selling like hot cakes in the United States, she looked around her.

Plonked in the middle of New Zealand's wine capital, surrounded by vineyards, the next move for her start-up candy company was an easy one. 

Hendricks decided to give the wine lollies a go, and trialled them at a harvest party in April where they went down a treat.

And, given a glass of wine makes about 160 gummy bears, you'd probably have to eat 300 to 400 gummy bears to feel a buzz.

"You would definitely get a bit sick before you get drunk," Hendricks said. 

Hendricks started her business Snowdog Confectionery in March, as an outlet for her love of everything sweet.

"I couldn't stop thinking about all the things you can do with candy; marshmallows, icecream, cup-cakes, I thought, 'I'd better do something'."

Photo: David James

The name of her company was inspired by Hendricks' other love; animals. In particular her husky Yasmin, who appears on the company logo.

But the idea for the boozy bears came after Hendricks read about a candy company in the US.

"I was reading about this company that made these gummy bears from wine. The whole thing started off small, then all of a sudden they were backed up with thousands of orders from all over the world."

"Being in Marlborough was definitely a motivation to make wine gummy bears. And then the event for Misty Cove [Harvest Party] came up, so I thought, 'Let's try it out'."

The ingredients were simple; wine, gelatin and sugar.

"If you want to make them alcoholic you will need to use a candy thermometer to get the wine down to the correct heat, so you don't burn off the alcohol."

Hendricks used rosé wine for her gummy bears.

"Use good wine. The kind of wine that you like drinking. I use rosé, but you can use sauvignon blanc, or riesling. But if you use cheap wine, the gummy bears will taste like the wine you use. They will taste cheap. Use quality wines, and you will have quality gummy bears."

Photo: David James

Another boozy favourite was Snowdog's 'Champagne Candy Floss', with Hendricks plotting a move into wine icecream.

"I've just started up an icecream maker, so wine icecream is definitely going to be the future."

For more information, visit the Snowdog Confectionary website at

 - The Marlborough Express