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Coles Little Explorer Nappies

Posted by EB Product Panel , 20 October 2014 · 40,872 views

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We gave 200 lucky parents and their little ones the chance to take part in the Coles Big Nappy Change 5-Day Challenge - now it's time to have your say!

The task was simple: try out the brand new Coles Little Explorer nappies for five days, then report back with a review of the nappies.

Coles Little Explorers 3-way Active Fit design contours your baby's growing body, and the Dry Tech Ultra Absorbent Core helps deliver maximum leakage protection to keep your baby's skin dry and healthy. The last thing you need to think about in your busy day is a leaky nappy – and with the new Coles Little Explorer range, that will be a thing of the past!

The nappies are available in the following sizes for $9.99 at Coles:
• Newborn (36 nappies)
• Infant (32 nappies)
• Crawler (30 nappies)
• Toddler (24 nappies)
• Walker (22 nappies)
• Junior (20 nappies)

Read more about Coles Little Explorers here (link to advertorial page).

Were you part of our Big Nappy Change Challenge? Let us know what you thought of the nappies – leave your comments below!

Nappies fit good on my 4 month old and were easy to use.
The absorbency was ok, however, they get full very quick. Wouldn't trust them for overnight use.
Only used during the day for 3 days, my little one now has a red rash where they nappy sits between his legs. Need more "anti leak" protection as every poo leaked.
The size of the nappy seemed good but not 100% sure about how wide the nappy was between the legs, it scrunched up heaps.
Thanks for the trial, but a little way to go before I would be willing to use them again
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Oct 28 2014 02:40 PM
My 1st thoughts were they are similar to the aldi nappies which I've used for both my children so I was happy but after 1st use I found they were not.

I tried them for a few days, not done up too tight as my son received a red welt from the leg hole. I found them to be quite thin so they weren't able to hold as much.

The do up tabs & stretch were good as was the size. Not that this bothered me, but I thought that perhaps the picture/colours on the nappy weren't very unisex.
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Oct 29 2014 01:04 PM
Firstly I use the normal Coles Comfy Bots nappies for both my boys so I was interested to see what Coles would do differently with their new nappies.

I have to say I didn't notice much difference. The design on the nappy was cute and a little more colourful then their regular nappies but maybe not as unisex as they could be? Although at the end of the day the colourful design will not stop leakage.

I found these nappies easy to use. I always struggle with the tabs when in a hurry so no change there. I did find the nappy seemed a little bulky between the legs - but not rubbing etc.

Maybe a little thin but still absorbent enough for my little guy. His skin was nice and dry at the nappy changes so that was good.

I would buy this product if it was offered on the shelves tomorrow but I would only pay what we are currently paying for the Comfy Bot nappies. In my mind they are too similar to be paying a larger price when the only difference to me was the pictures on the nappy!

Thanks for the trial :)
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The nappies appeared to be similar to Coles Comfy Bots, the size fitted quite well on my 3 month old.

Although i felt the nappies filled up quite quick and required more absorbency if they were going to be used throughout the night.

I did not like the tab on the nappies.

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the trial.
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I have been using Huggies and Babylove with my first two boys - and thought I would give the new Coles ones a try for my newborn son.

I found that the wetness indicator wasn't very clear but the nappies seemed quite thin; but by the end of the packet and not a single one leaked (even overnight).

I thought that the tabs were a little hard to use - they seemed close to breaking point a few times but they didn't actually break.

I found they drew a lot of the moisture away and as a result, there were a few bits stuck to my son (removed with a lot of wiping/the need for a bath).

I am still undecided whether or not I will continue to use these nappies now that the trial is over; but I will possibly give them another go - maybe for my 19 month old too..
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I tried these on my 6 month old who is quite a big boy. Like the Aldi brand they were not to bulky, quite elastic, fitted well and seemed to be comfy.  

The only down side was they do fill up very quickly but they did get him through the nights lasting around 6 hours and thats with 2 feeds so really not that bad.
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We currently use the Coles Comfy Bots brand and, we too, did not find much of a difference.

I liked that these nappies felt softer and the tabs helped to make it possible to ensure the nappy wasn't too tight.

But I found my son needed to be changed more frequently and smells were not as well contained. I also found that he started to get red marks around his legs.
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Nov 04 2014 09:52 AM
An avid user of the Coles Comfy Bots range, I was excited to try out the Little Explorers range of nappies.

The first thing I did was compare the two. I loved how soft the Little Explorers were compared to the Comfy Bots, and even though the Little Explorers nappies seemed smaller, when stretched, they seem to compare the same for size overall.

I did find that while they held a full wet nappy well, and I have had no 'poosplosions', they seemed to have more of a wet nappy smell about them than the Comfy Bots.

I did prefer the stretchy back waist band the Comfy Bots had and the fun designs, and missed that on the Little Explorers. Also the wetness indicator never seemed to change on the Explorers, even though the nappy was full.

The width of the groin area was great in the Little Explorers for holding in messes, but this night lead to red marks in bigger, chubbier legged babies.

Overall, a good budget priced nappy.
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Cammy's Mum
Nov 04 2014 10:01 PM
I am reviewing the infant size Coles Little Explorer nappies.

From the moment that I opened the packet I knew that I would like these nappies. They are extremely soft and had limited print on them. I find that many nappies have big bold prints on them that are visible through light coloured clothing which for some reason really irks me. These only had a small panda picture on the front where you do up the tabs and seven small lightish blue stars on the crotch/bum area. (I will come back to these later.)

I found that these fit my baby girl really well. I have tried nearly all brands of nappies on the market and find that many are quite narrow which generally means that we have blow outs. The Coles Little Explorers held everything in (even over night) really well. Not a single drop (of anything) came out the sides or up the back. This was not something that I had experienced with the other brands and was extremely impressed.
The leg elastic held really well but did not cut into her either which I thought was great and the stretchy sides had alot of stretch while still being comfortable on my bub - even when I tried doing them up extra tight.

I liked the idea of the wetness indicators. These were the lightish blue stars that I mentioned earlier. Unfortunately I could not see any difference in the stars between an extremely wet and a fresh dry nappy. I held the two side by side and they looked the same. This was the only negative that I could find with these nappies. Maybe a complete colour change or making the stars completely disappear somehow would be better. I thought that perhaps I had not left the nappy on long enough for the indicator to get wet enough to work, but even overnight, I could not find a difference.
In saying that, its not really something that is essential to a good nappy so it did not bother me or put me off the product.

I looked these up on the Coles website and saw that they were selling at an exceptionally low price. I was very surprised as I thought that these would be set at a more mid-high end price point.

I also liked that they are using "fluff" from sustainibly managed forests. Anyway to reduce the environmental impact of disposable nappies is brilliant.

I really liked these nappies and will definitely buy these in the future.

Thank you for letting my bub and I take part in the trial.
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My first impression of these nappies were that they seemed quite thin. I compared them to the Snugglers nappies tho and they seemed to be the same thickness.  

I agree with some of the other comments about the nappies leaving red marks around the legs, namely on the underside.

I didn't like the tabs on these nappies and found they didn't fit my son well because of the way the tab or top of the nappy that covers the top part of the leg was cut. My son leaked through this part of the nappy which he hasn't leaked  in this area in snugglers/huggies.  If the waist tab was a bit wider then I would consider trying these nappies again.

Thank you for the opportunity in trialling these nappies.
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First impression were that the nappies seemed similar to the Aldi nappy or Kmart brand nappy. I did find the nappies didn't hold wee as well as the comfy bots, perhaps because of the thinness. I also found the tags to stick the nappy done rubbed my my daughters leg/belly causing a red rash. The wetness indicator was confusing and not obvious which is not what a sleep deprived mum needs to be thinking about :( Over all I didn't like the nappy and would stick to Comfy Bots or Babylove. I'm surprised also that they will retail for more then Comfy Bot or Babylove per nappy
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The positives of these nappies are the price, great value for what they are. They are soft and have a cute design on them. Moisture absorber was effective also.

My son leaked a bit through the top as it didn't seem that the tabs were wide enough. I would use the nappies again as they are a great price if the tab was a bit wider. Wetness indicator was a bit dull so would be better if that was darker.

All in all a good nappy, thanks for letting me try them!
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We used the Coles Little Explorer Infant sized nappies for babies 4-8kg in a pack of 32.

Initially I was unsure of what the Coles Little Eplorer nappies would be like, the packaging looked good. When I opened it my first impression of the product was that the nappies felt very thin, making me think they wouldn't be absorbant,  but I was surprised at how absorbant they were. I change my baby regularly so didn't have a problem with leakage. I would love them to have some elastic on the back or something to hold in the number two's, this is something I find with many of the nappies I have tried that it sometimes goes up the back with these nappies it didn't happen so often as I found them to be well fitting on my 4kg baby girl. The thinness of the nappy helps them to fit snugly amd not be too bulky.
The nappies were easy to use after I put the first one on amd figured out how to unstick the grip tabs to put the nappy on, the tabs stuck nicely and stayed in place.
I love the price at less than $10 a packet they are affordable, I will be using them in future, mostly duri.
As I said before I'd love them to have elastic on the back of them.
I would recommend these to anyone looking for a good value nappy especially for daytime use.
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Nov 08 2014 02:42 PM
We trialed the Coles Little Explorer Infant sized nappies for babies 4-8kg - 32 pack.

I took these out of the pack and my first impression was "feels a bit plasticy but love the simple design" - it doesn't show up through white body suites which seems to be a pet hate of mine (first world problems I know). I found them to be pretty good.  My son has a longer torso and although some of the number twos got close to the top at the back, he only had one accident up out the back.  It went out the sides too so it was a pretty brutal #numberthree. On the down side, this was his first #numberthree that wasn't contained and he has used 3 other nappy varieties that have kept them in. I still struggled to find a wetness indicator line but I'm not sure if there was one. I change him quite regularly too but I found the plastic lining inside the 'collection zone' always seemed to stick to his 'crown jewels' which always made for a delicate operation come change time. I would maybe buy them again but not for when he is older as I don't trust the 'last line of defence' around the legs. Definitely a day time use thing for me.
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I tried these on my 9 - 10 week old. I like them especially the stretchy tabs. I never had a leak or poo leak, I've had bad poo leaks with huggies. I would buy them. My little ones longest sleeps are 5 hours and they didn't leak at all and no nappy rash.
He's a chubby baby and found the sizing for infant size really good. Thanks again for letting us trial these
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I had used Huggies for my first two children and thought I would give these new Coles ones a try for my newborn and found the fit was quite good.

I found the nappies easy to use. I did find even though the nappy was thin it held the moisture away from bubs skin well but I found I needed to be change bubs more frequently as the nappy seemed to bunch up between the legs a little and I was worried about leaking although the nappy never did leak. I liked the idea of the wetness indicators unfortunately I couldn't see much of a difference.

I liked the nappies and wouldn't hesitate using them in the future. Thanks for letting me take part in the trial.
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I was really impressed with how absorbent these nappies were! My first impression was that they were very thin in comparison to huggies, so I was pleasantly surprised that bub did not have one single leak while we were using them.

I was also impressed with how well they fit (my bub was premmie and is on the smaller side)
The only thing I could suggest for improvement would be the tabs. At times I found them difficult to pull out, especially when changing nappies while extremely sleep deprived in the early hours of the morning.

I would buy these nappies again, price wise they are very reasonable!
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As an avid Huggies user, I was expecting these to be very inferior (as I've trialled a couple of other brands and have returned to Huggies after one or two nappies).

When Huggies recently brought out their "new and improved" nappies, I was far less than impressed with their changes, so decided to give these a try.

I was actually surprised by how well they fit (Crawler size for my 15 month old son who is 12.5kg - but slim and tall) and how soft they were.

They felt light and didn't look very absorbent, very similar insides to the Coles Comfy Bots that my sister in law uses (and I don't like) but they are actually very absorbent. They don't draw the moisture away as well as Huggies do, but they didn't leave my son damp either.

They also don't smell as soon as they are wet like other cheap brands of nappies, which I was very impressed by as well.

The shape of them fits very well with a tapered back to fit the waist better, and the leg elastic is soft so it doesn't leave red marks.

I didnt get any leaks through the nappies, out of the legs or the back during normal daytime use. However, when my son slept on his belly, we did have a leak from the top front - only one though, so I think it may have just moved with him wriggling around while sleeping.

The outside material of the nappies is a lot softer than the "new" Huggies and the colour design is neutral and light.

I would happily use these nappies as daytime nappies as I was very impressed by the trial pack. I think I would still use Huggies overnight as they seem a little bit more absorbent in the front as they are designed for boys or girls, not unisex.

All in all, I was very hapy with the Coles Little Explorer nappies and would recommend them to others.
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My first thought of the newborn nappies, was how soft they were!
I liked the simple design, no dramatic patterns that you can see through clothes.
Not sure if the wetness indicator worked very well though, the stars were supposed to disappear??
Good coverage and fit on my little boy, but didn't like the tabs much, fiddly and difficult to attach on a wriggly bub. but, once they were secured, really happy with the coverage they provided.
No leaks, not even over night.
Don't smell like some really cheap nappies.

Overall, very happy with the newborn nappies that we tried, I would use them again and recommend them to others.
Thanks for the trial.
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I tried the Coles Little Explorer Infant for my 3.5months old son.

At first glance, I felt the diaper to be soft and thought that the absorbency level is not as high as Huggies.

Putting it on my son, I like that tabs on the side as I felt it gave more security and the back of the diaper is high enough that it rest my mind at ease of a leakage from the back.

However, I felt that the absorbency is not that high. My son did a poo and I realise that it does not absorb into the cotton. Once, I left his diaper on for 2 hours and the diaper was still wet with poo. And also it seems his butt get red easily with this diaper. Also, the wetness level is not very clear.

I have tried it overnight and it is good that there was no leakage.  But I had to change more frequently.

Overall I will say that as a budget diaper, the Coles Explorer is not that bad.
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I trialled the Crawler size for my 11mo baby boy. He's a VERY regular baby and unfortunately we experienced 3 poo leaks!  Eek!  To be fair he was also teething this week, but he now has 8 teeth and this hasn't happened since pre-solids.  I did like the width of the nappies though.  Thank you for letting us trial your new nappies.
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Nov 11 2014 01:04 PM
I am reviewing the crawlers nappies.
First impressions of the product were that they were quite thin and the tabs looked good and were quite soft.
The nappy was definitely easy to use and fit my daughter well.
My favourite part of the nappy was the tabs and stretch in them.
As my daughter leaked through a few times during the day and night (she is a heavy wetter) absorbency would need to be considered I do not have this issue with the current Coles Comfy Bots.
At this stage based on the trail due to the absorbency issues I would not recommend. If this issue was to be resolved then this is something that I would consider recommending.
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I received the infant nappies to try.
Just from the looks and feel of them I was impressed. They are soft and very light weight but as the days went on some of the guards would come away at the back and would cause leakage.
The extra stretchy tabs were great.
They were very absorbent to the point my bubbas bottom would be stuck to them within seconds of doing a poo or wee. This sadly caused a nice case of nappy rash.

I'ld use these nappies again but with nappy rash cream to help prevent it happening again.
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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to trial the Coles Little Explorer Crawler size nappies. I was a little apprehensive at trying another brand at first as I have only used Huggies nappies from day 1 with my 6 month old daughter. They seemed quite thin and I was worried about the absorbency. We didn't experience any leaks, but I found they filled up quite quickly, so I went back to using Huggies during the night. I found them to be a great fit and have a lot of give around the waist. My daughter is 9 kgs and only just fits the Huggies Crawlers size. I like how thin and soft they are and don't bulge under their clothes. A couple of areas for improvement would be boys & girls nappies (ie with extra padding around the appropriate areas), and also an odour absorbing material, as the wee's stayed a bit smelly. I would definitely use these nappies again during the day. For $10 a pack they are great value.
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thanks for letting me try the Coles little explorer nappies. I found they didnt leak, however they seemed fuller faster than the Aldi nappies. We ended up using them just during the day as not sure if it was coincidence but my daughter woke up earlier perhaps because the nappy was quite full. i do like the softness. to be honest i probably wouldnt buy them again as you can get other nappies cheaper and they will last longer at night.but just needs a bit more padding and i would try them again.
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i used the coles little explorer nappies for my crawler bub. the nappies are made in germany. just like the aldi ones i currently use. love the pack...opens easily. the nappies are stackable in a clean way in the stacker. it held on to the poo and pee very welll. tried it overnight for a boy..and all well.
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Review for Coles Little Explorer Nappies - Toddler

I used it with my 9 month old boy. I liked how it absorbed and the texture has a nice feel almost cloth like which is very nice especially for summer. I am just wondering if it could match the price of Mammia which is what I use. If it does it would be very good atleast I get to have 2 different Nappies that I can buy for my little one.
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Review for toddler size.
Despite my son being 10 months old we have had to use the junior size mamia nappies for about a month now as I felt they were a little on the smaller side for his body shape.(tall and chubby)
Got the toddler little explorers to see if their sizing was a true guide and they fit our little man well but possibly needs the next size.
They were great and I found they were reliable for daytime use but he did wet through at night (he does with mamia too so I use baby love at night)

It's a shame you get half the amount of nappies for the same price as at aldi. That will mean I keep using mamia unless He grows out of them there is a brand that has truer sizing.
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Review for Crawler size nappies.

We are users of Aldi nappies. The pattern on the Coles nappies was cute and they felt much the same as Aldi nappies initially, however, they do swell to a much larger size when wet. I actually had a friend ask if i'd switched to eco nappies, so it is noticeable. The elastic at the back of the nappy is an advantage over the Aldi nappies but it is inferior to Huggies.

We had no leakage problems (especially overnight) but we really never have anyway. Aldi nappies can get a strong urine smell to them and this was not present with the Coles nappies.

Only issue with these nappies is that towards the end of the week there was a consistent red mark on my sons left leg where the band goes.
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Review for the Walker size nappies.

Normally use Aldi nappies for day and Huggies for night.

Have previously tried comfy bots but did not like them.

Initial impressions - seemed more fluffy and soft than Aldi which is good, I liked the pattern which was pretty and subtle. Had no issues with the waist elastic or the tabs, product was easy to use.

I did find that the nappy "pilled" quite easily after friction with clothing, while it did not impact the effectiveness as far as I could tell, the aesthetic factor and the perception of their quality was diminished as a result.

I did find that they leaked over night on one occasion.

I would use as a daytime nappy if the price point was lower than Aldi. I did read above that the nappies are made from sustainable growth resources which is impressive.

Appreciate the opportunity to trial the nappies.
I would however change the picture on the front of the packaging, it is an odd pose for a toddler which does not seem to focus on the nappy.
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