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Due in December, 2012 Chat Thread #15

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#26 Stardusties

Posted 03 August 2012 - 08:26 PM

frogcal My store doesn't have self serve checkouts, but the one a suburb over does.

My first day back at work went alright, it was super busy though so they seem to have forgotten about the 5min break every hour thing. This won't be happening on Monday! If they can't stick to what the Doc has said I'll be getting him to write me a medical cert. so I don't have to go back. I'm not going to risk my or bubs health because they can't put on enough staff. As for alternative duties, there is none which is why I had so long off in the first place.

KiwiMelW have you tried eBay? There is some awesome stuff on there to get brand new or you can get barely used second hand stuff too. Most sellers offer free shipping too, so bonus there.

#27 Stardusties

Posted 03 August 2012 - 08:26 PM

Edit- strange double post there original.gif

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#28 Nikk82

Posted 03 August 2012 - 09:11 PM

I had my 19 week ultrasound today, expecting 2 beautiful baby boys  biggrin.gif

#29 FourLittleLoves

Posted 03 August 2012 - 10:20 PM

Congratulations on your boys  babyboy.gif babyboy.gif Nikki.

December 25th is a day for little men it seems. original.gif

I was thinking is anyone going to give their baby a festive name if they are born close to xmas? Eve, Noel, Chris? original.gif

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#30 aryastark

Posted 04 August 2012 - 01:17 AM

Stardusties- I would be pushing to make sure that they remember to be letting you go on your breaks, whether it's busy or not. Just walk off the floor if you have to! My fiancé is a store manager at Aldi and they all use chairs. It's a health and safety thing if they don't let you use a chair, at least there. Make sure you're doing all you can. A job isn't worth your health and that of your baby original.gif

KiwiMel- I like buying stuff from Etsy.com original.gif handmade goodness!

Nikk- Congrats on the boys!

MrsPotatoHead- Oh God, doesn't that seem a little terrible? Haha! Before we knew it was a girl, I was toying with Noel for a boy's middle name, since it's my dad's. The names we're thinking of have nothing to do with Christmas though. I didn't even think of it hehe.

ETA-AFM- I'm sick at the moment. I've got a sinus infection and I just feel like crap. The pharmacist told me what I could take so I'm happy about that. Been feeling the baby kicking a lot which is fun, takes my mind off how miserable I am. Yuck.

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#31 frogcal

Posted 04 August 2012 - 02:56 PM

Stardusties - might be worth asking if you can be transferred to the neighbouring store to work on self-checkout then. Otherwise maybe speak to your store/grocery manager about calling someone off the floor to man your checkout for your break, if you feel forgotten when its busy. (The reason I am so adament on this is I worked too many hours as a store 2IC filling the store manager role when pg with my DS. Instead of saying enough, I took on too much and ended up in hospital off and on from 30 weeks and DS born at 36 weeks, with IUGR due to my blood pressure. Never again will I put my job before my family or my health.)

Luna - Aldi have chairs because they don't pack the groceries, there is no safe way to lift bags full of shopping in the sitting position, that is why the other supermarkets don't have chairs.
Congrats to those having good scans, and get wells for those not feeling the best.
AFM- have been very quiet at home, not feeling great and not sleeping well at night. Doesn't help that fox mating season has started and my dogs bark all night long. DH has been out a few times to try and shoot some, but it is too hard on his own and his usual spotlight buddy (me) is not getting out of bed. Plus we can't leave DS at home.
DS and I are heading to Perth next week to visit my mother. First time I have flown with DS on my own, so may get interesting for other passengers but I am going to ask when checking in if we could possibly have a spare seat next to us. I have done this in the past even when DH was with me, and as long as the flight isn't full and you ask nicely the check-in people are very understanding. It is for other people benefit anyway, cos with DS 22 months and my belly there isn't much lap to go around. biggrin.gif

#32 mcchickies

Posted 04 August 2012 - 04:28 PM

hey ladies just having a count so far we are expecting 19 bbluestork.gif & 11 ppinkstork.gif WOW .......... More congrats on the sex news to u niki wow how exciting llove.gif
yes mrspotatohead my girls are ok with it but a little sad lol or should i say cranky , they wanted a baby sister , but im sure when he comes they will l hheart.gif ve him  !!!!!
                  AFM my UTI is getting there still peeing every half hour & getting shooting pains up my u know what lol but the fever & headache has gone thank god, so ill keep up with my antibiotics & see how i go have my antinatal on thursday so ill check on it then ......

hope everyone is doing well original.giforiginal.giforiginal.gif

#33 MuppetGirl

Posted 04 August 2012 - 04:58 PM

QUOTE (Nikk82 @ 03/08/2012, 07:11 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I had my 19 week ultrasound today, expecting 2 beautiful baby boys  biggrin.gif

Congratulations! Have they comfirmed if they are identical or non identical or can that not be found out yet? So exciting original.gif

#34 Stardusties

Posted 04 August 2012 - 06:13 PM

Luna-baby I'm at Woolies and its a health and safety thing to actually give me a chair. There's just no room.

frogcal I'll check it out on Monday about the transfer. I'm doubting they will but it's worth asking about. Do the stipulations given by the doctor get classed as me being in a safe job? He was actually going to put in the return to work certificate that I need a chair but I knew that wasn't going to happen so he left it out. Maybe I should have let him put it in anyway.

#35 Nikk82

Posted 05 August 2012 - 08:08 AM

Thankyou! We are so excited, got some awesome 3D images of them and they are super cute and look very similiar original.gif


There is a 5% chance they can be identical, they have their own sacs,placentas etc. We can get a test done after they are born original.gif


#36 frogcal

Posted 05 August 2012 - 10:15 AM

Stardusties - they have to abide by whatever conditions your doctor sets out in the certificate - even if he stipulates 50% sitting. If  they can't provide a role that suits the conditions, they must pay you to stay at home (but the pay comes from them not your personal leave). If you transfer to the other store, they must give you your job back at the original store when you return from parental leave. This stuff is the law, and is in the eba so they can't avoid it.
The only way you have to use your own leave is if the doctor puts you as unfit for work, then is effectively sick leave, but it is better for you if he just imposes strict conditions. I have had team members in the past with 5 min breaks every hour, not the lift more than 5kg etc for their entire pregnancy, it can be a pita but there are always ways to make it work. Good Luck

#37 Stardusties

Posted 05 August 2012 - 10:30 AM

frogcal Thanks for all the info. I'll be making sure they stick to what the doctor has said from now on, even if it is busy.

#38 mels123

Posted 05 August 2012 - 03:44 PM

Hi everyone, glad to hear people are having good scans.
My little one has been moving a lot- I actually starting feeling movements at around 14 weeks, which I thought was too early, so maybe it was my imagination, but now, at 21 weeks, they are very obvious. Every doctor appointment and scan I have had, they find it difficult to do anything because the baby moves around so much and can't keep the doppler in the one spot for long enough to count the heart beat.

I haven't worked out where I'm going to have the baby yet, so am still just seeing my local GP for appointments. She's putting the hard word on me to choose a hospital though to 'book in', I guess, but it's difficult living rural, with no-where actually being 'close'.

As for setting up the nursery, we will possibly have to move house and town at the end of the year for work, and will only be given a couple of weeks notice, so no point doing anything yet.

Am starting to get rounder and bigger, but I don't think I actually look pregnant yet, just like I'm getting a bit fat and my clothes aren''t really fitting. I am looking forward to actually looking pregnant, so people won't think I'm just getting fat!

Hope everyone is feeling well and healthy! Most of us will be over half way by now! Congratulations!!

#39 Leafprincess

Posted 05 August 2012 - 04:19 PM

Hi everyone,

Just popping my head in to say hello.

Great to see all the scans are going well, and we are still getting members! It's going to be a busy December in the maternity wards  original.gif

I'm just trucking along fine. Had a touch of a head cold during the week, thank goodness not the flu. How much did I miss drugging myself to the eyeballs And just sleeping.

Bubba has been moving alot. It's so reassuring to feel him tossing and turning in there. He has active moments and then sleep moments. Hoping its like this when he's born, wakes at 7, 10, 12, 2:30, 6 and 8 then is mostly quiet during the night. Just the occasional kick here and there. Though mind you the other night he kicked me really hard in the bowel area and I thought I might have pooped the bed. unsure.gif

Shopping summary
Decided on the cot, haven't got it yet. Choosing between a Phil & Teds pram or Combi stroller.
Buying BBH MCNs
Buying some NZ made onesies in merino wool... DP hates that Bonds is no longer made in Australia and has boycotted the brand.
Friends have suggested buying lots more wraps than clothese ESP early on as baby is likely to spew heaps, has anyone else had this happen?

Change table/ bath will come from BIL

That's all I'm really going to get before bubba is here, figured everything else can wait.
If you think I MUST buy an item pls let me know.

#40 porkchop's mama

Posted 05 August 2012 - 05:21 PM

That's a good point about the wraps, yip.

I can't really help about the shopping list because I've just started this weekend.  Bub has around 4 times the number of pieces of clothing than he did on Thursday (first day of shopping).  Pumpkin Patch have great discounts at the moment and I managed to pick up enough to get him through his first few months as well as a couple of blankets and swaddles.  Found his PJs at Mothercare, 30% for 3 items or more.

Next on my list are the pram, change table, high chair and cot.

Planning to hire a hospital basinette for the first few weeks as well.  Just for peace of mind.

Big ticket items that can wait a while will be the baby seat and a recliner or easy chair for feeding and settling bub.

I'm not sure what to do about a baby bath.  I've seen a few inserts which you put inside an existing sink to keep bub secure.  Looks like what I'll go with first.

#41 aurora sleeping

Posted 05 August 2012 - 06:01 PM

Hi lovely ladies!!!

Sorry I've been a bit MIA for a while - bit busy with work and the HSC looming. Won't be long now and my kids will be mostly done thank goodness. Then I'll be trying to prepare stuff for when I'm on leave! Yikes!!!!!

Won't do heaps of personals as I'd be here for ages but wanted to say WELCOME! to the newbies and hoping you're all settling in well and having lots of exciting times with your little bubbas!

Also, was very excited to hear of people's successful scans and so many people finding out the gender! We didn't for our DS and have for this little one and both has been a different experience but good in its own way. Always love seeing our bubba either way. wub.gif

Just a couple - Bron, I have an anterior placenta and I can tell you, DH has only felt the bub once from the outside. I've been feeling lots of somersaults down really low for a while now, but hardly any kicks from the outside. With DS I had a posterior placenta and it was so different - so don't worry, all is normal! Just annoying that it takes longer to feel from the outside! So, at 22, almost 23 weeks, DH has only felt outside ones once and I can't see it happening again anytime soon. Pretty sure it'll be a few more weeks before they become more obvious.

KiwiMelW my 2 hot tips for very cute boys clothes are Sooki Baby and Milky. Also, Pumpkin Patch has some good quality cute boys clothes and normally has decent sales online too. Hard to find boys clothes that are a bit funky, a lot can be boring!

Yip yeah I have quite a few 'spew rags' (cloth nappies) that I got 2nd hand for spewing, putting on the change table and just generally having around. I kept one in the nappy bag, pram and near me when feeding. Very, very handy. But try not to spend too much money on them as they just become rags really! I got mine at some 2nd hand markets. One wrap that I really liked (and that I bought a few more of) was called 'Kiddopotomous' wrap. It has velcro so is easy to wrap (and others can do it easily, so they don't need to know how to wrap bub) and it also has a little hole for where the seatbelt goes in the capsule, so you can have them wrapped while in the capsule (if that makes sense). Got them either as presents or 2nd hand off ebay.

AFM: Having similar complaints to some of you regarding pelvic floor issues - normally it isn't too bad but if I need to go to the toilet and sneeze, it doesn't turn out too well!! Also (TMI ALERT!) things feel a bit like they're being pushed out, more than they should when I have #2s!!! blink.gif  Things feel a lot lower this time. Hoping my poor bowels cope okay during labour. Last time my labour was about 5-6 hours long, and I'm a bit worried about it being really short this time. Apparently 2nd labour can be half the time of the first! ffear.gif Thankfully I'm in a bit better shape than I was for the first time so at least I have that on my side. I've only put on 7kgs so far, which I think is pretty good considering I didn't throw up at all in the first trimester (so no reason not to put on weight, if that makes sense). I think I remember reading somewhere that a healthy amount of weight to put on throughout pregnancy is 12-15kgs for if you're in a regular weight zone, so hoping to fall within that range.

Haven't done much about the nursery yet - we have a blue room for our girl, so I'm trying to decide if we paint it a different colour or just go the slightly easier option of painting white stripes in it, so it breaks up the blue a little bit. I did pick up a Boori King Parrot bassinet today for $60 2nd hand, so I'm pretty happy with that purchase, especially as it's in very good condition.

Anyone using Pinterest? I might have a look on there for some blue girl's rooms...

Have a lovely Sunday night!  biggrin.gif

Edited by aurora sleeping, 05 August 2012 - 06:08 PM.

#42 Guest_louise526_*

Posted 05 August 2012 - 08:17 PM

Hi guys

Mrs potato head - I used to be Mastermind but have changed my username, also my due date is now 6 December, so if you could update the list, that would be lovely.  You do a wonderful job with it!

Some other essentials for a baby that come to mind are
- soft towels for after the bath
- singlets and onesies, say minimum 8
- wraps, also minimum 8 as you often use one to wrap and then another as a sheet over the top tucked into the cot or bassinet
- a jersey blanket or two for days that are a little cooler
- mattress protectors for the cot or bassinet

It is hard to limit this to essentials, I had heaps of stuff with my son but it was hard to call it essential.  Also what one baby might need another won't, so I have tried to think absolute essentials.

One suggestion is make sure you know what chemists are nearby or large supermarkets and there opening hours.  We spent heaps at the chemist on things like saline and makeup remover pads to keep the belly button clean and my son had lots of gunk coming out of his eyes that we had to keep clean.  There are bound to be things you need but wait and see what the needs of your baby are.

One thing I did under estimate was the amount of pads I would use.  I would suggest a couple of maternity packets and a couple of regular packets.  You bleed for about a month or so afterwards and can only use pads, so it surprising how many you go through.

I am feeling good and definitely look pregnant and have been in maternity clothes for ages now.  As soon as morning sickness hit I haven't been able to wear anything tight over my tummy so lots of elastic in my pants these days! Oh the joys.

I also have an anterior placenta and whilst I can feel movement, you can only sometimes feel it in the outside.  My husband is yet to catch the movement.

Hope everyone stays well.

#43 Izy Bee

Posted 06 August 2012 - 08:50 AM

Well as this is my 2nd bub, I can honestly say it is so easy to go overboard with stuff....some things I used constantly were, my baby Bjorn carrier, cloth nappies (spew cloths) singlets ( my first baby was a summer baby too)....and considering how tireing and overwhelming a new baby can be..you don't want to do the washing , just because you have run out of oneies,or singlets..babies need constant outfit changes, spew , dribble etc....all day...
AFM: I am growing a big healthy boy, who doesn't seem to move as much as his sister did....this is maybe a good thing as DD..is still a fireball...and she is 4  1/2. Names are the topic of conversation around here...Lachlan, Niklaus (our surname is German) or Seth....who knows......I also have been put on full care at the hospital, as I'm considered high risk..IVF, previous pre-elclamsia, age is 34...c-section last time ....you know all the good stuff Lol....oh well at least I see the OB every time...and don't have to wait at the midwife section forever
Hope you are all trying to stay well

#44 keebra99

Posted 06 August 2012 - 10:05 AM

mrspotatohead can you please change my due date in here to 19th and a boy thanks. rolleyes.gif

mrspotatohead can you please change my due date in here to 19th and a boy thanks. rolleyes.gif

#45 keebra99

Posted 06 August 2012 - 10:21 AM

Are any of you ladies in the Gold Coast area?

In know there are a couple in the fb group I find it easier to post and follow in that group so very rarely come on here any more.

#46 Jlhb

Posted 06 August 2012 - 10:43 AM

Hi Everyone,

Sorry i dont have time for PM's - but I wanted to say a big congrats to all of your who have had your morph scans and found out the bubs gender etc. Hoping for lots of happy and healthy bubs and a pleasant third trimester for everyone!

Just had my morph scan this morning and bubs was not cooperating. Was on his/her tummy with spine to the camera, and thought it was super cosy there. Arms and legs tucked up and under and didnt budge for two hours despite fruit juice, banana bread and a coffee!

Anyhow, im a bit worried - my placenta is low lying, but i also i have low amniotic fluid. So - they have me rebooked for another scan to check fluid levels in two weeks time and to make sure the placenta is working ok. Has anyone had this? Just been reading about it on the internet and im starting to freak out a little. Made an appt with my OB for this week so i can get some clarity and extra info.

Bubs wouldnt untuck legs or roll over for a spread eagle gender shot, so at this stage its still a mystery bundle...

Edited by Jlhb, 06 August 2012 - 11:29 AM.

#47 Guest_louise526_*

Posted 06 August 2012 - 12:20 PM

Jlhb, I hope things go well for your next scan.  Is there anyway to produce more fluid, would drinking more water help?.

Another essential is a mat or rug for tummy time and nappy off time.  You could use a soft towel or your change mat but it is highly recommended to give tummy time to strengthen the neck.  Also remember we are all having Christmas babies so we can always suggest these kinds of things as presents from family.  

I really do struggle to decipher needs and wants....I guess I need it all!

Edited by louise526, 06 August 2012 - 12:23 PM.

#48 Kels22

Posted 06 August 2012 - 01:04 PM

QUOTE (Jlhb @ 06/08/2012, 10:13 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Anyhow, im a bit worried - my placenta is low lying, but i also i have low amniotic fluid. So - they have me rebooked for another scan to check fluid levels in two weeks time and to make sure the placenta is working ok. Has anyone had this? Just been reading about it on the internet and im starting to freak out a little. Made an appt with my OB for this week so i can get some clarity and extra info.

Jlhb - I have been diagnosed as having placenta previa.  The placenta is covering the cervix.  All it means is that I will probably get some bleeding from around 28wks onwards that will need to be checked at the hospital and more than likely bed rest until it stops and that I'll have to have a scheduled c-section at 38wks because there's no way the baby can get out vaginally.  Worst case scenario is that I'll be on bed rest till delivery.  My OB doesn't seem too concerned where as it has me terrified!!!  He just said that it'll be a wait and see because it is unknown as to whether I will definitely bleed or not.  Some women go their whole pregnancy with no problems right up until their scheduled c-section.  I don't however have the low amniotic fluid though but it is reassuring that they're going to rescan you in 2wks.  My next scan to check the placenta is at 32wks.  Let us know how you go and try and stay away from google!  From what I have read, they're always bad stories, never the good ones and they freak you out even more ohmy.gif

AFM - I do have a question, has anyone had an braxton hicks yet?  I think I am getting them occasionally but I thought it was too early for them.  Sometimes my tummy goes REALLY hard and then it passes within 30secs.  It doesn't hurt, it's just uncomfortable.  I've spoken to the midwives at my OB's office and they said it sounds like it but they'll check with my OB as to what I should do.  They think I'll be fine as long as they don't become regular, overly painful or anything like that.

#49 Stardusties

Posted 06 August 2012 - 01:27 PM

Hi ladies  waves.gif

Jlhb Hope everything turns out okay at your next scan. I also read somewhere that drinking more water can help produce more fluid so maybe give that a try. My bub also wouldn't move during the scan, so it seems we have a few stubborn ones!

AFM Well I got up today ready to run some errands before work this afternoon and struggled to even get out of bed. When I could finally move I almost fell over walking the ten steps from my bed to the bathroom  oomg2.gif So no work for me today. The dizziness has hit me full force again and worse then last time. I'd thought since things were getting a bit better I'd be alright, but alas it seems as though my body doesn't want me working.

I've barely moved from my room today as every time I move I get the sense of the world spinning and the faint feeling I've come to hate. I'm wondering if its even worth trying to go back to work at this stage. To make matters worse I'm full up with a cold and the cold n flu tablets the chemist recommended make me even MORE dizzy. I can't win.

#50 Izy Bee

Posted 06 August 2012 - 01:47 PM

In reply to the low lying placenta, my OB,,says it can move up of its own accord, and I scheduled to be re-scanned at 34 weeks....she also said not to worry too much at this stage, as a lot can happen between now and delivery
Xxxxoooo good luck all

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