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#51 reesan

Posted 03 September 2012 - 01:10 PM

I'm 12 weeks today (I think, I measured one day ahead at 10 week scan so am going by that new date now).

Big week this week because I have NT scan on wednesday and then first hospital appointment and scan on fri, really looking forward to that as it'll be the first appointment DH has attended and he can't wait to see the babies on the ultrasound.

My lower back and hips are already quite sore, I am surprised and was hoping that wouldn't come until later. I'm finding my hips are particularly uncomfortable when laying down to sleep, and after I get up. Boo.

And I think my fatigue has eased considerably, but with the miserable weather my laziness has stepped in to fill the void left by the fatigue and I haven't been doing anything. Yesterday I was puffed out running after my niece and nephew at father's day and am hoping the new spring weather will inspire me to at least do some short walks.

Only two more weeks of first trimester, how are our other early stage twin pregnancies going?

On prams, is anyone considering the mountain buggy duet?

#52 jess1980

Posted 03 September 2012 - 09:14 PM

I was considering the mountain buggy duet as it can take 2 capsules but it worked out too expensive for me so I ended up getting a steelcraft agile twin, it's a bit on the wide side but it was the best I could do with my budget got it for $500. Now my whinge for the day yesterday I text msged 10 of my good friends to come out for dinner on Friday night I pretty much said let me know if you can or can't come and I can work out a time and venue so far only 2 have replied to say they can't come. I am so p*ssed off they all know I'm booked in for a c-section on the 13th and that it will pretty much be the last time I can go out by myself without any kids. It has hurt my feelings so now I'm just not going to bother worrying about it. Where I live you pretty much need to book a good week before to go anywhere nice so might aswell just stay home n save my money! I'm probably being a tad unreasonable but these girls all live on their phones so I find it hard to understand why they couldn't reply yes or no

#53 dede79

Posted 03 September 2012 - 10:01 PM


Reesan, I'm also considering the mountain buggy duet! Not sure though. Also considering the baby jogger city mini double and the love n care twingo. They all have pros and cons so it's hard to choose. I'm hoping they'll all have stands at the baby expo to try them out!

MylittlePrince, good to read you like a bigger car. My DH wants to get a Hyundai Imax (as he'll be able to use it once in a whole for his tourism business) but I'm scared of driving something that big. Still time to think about it...

We've put our units on the market and are starting to look for a house, fingers crossed we can make it happen fast as I'm 17 weeks and swear I must be measuring 27 or more....

#54 jess1980

Posted 04 September 2012 - 01:10 PM

Well after the last week of pains and no sleep it turns out I am starting to get contractions so my c-section date has been brought forward a week so I'm having my babies on Friday! I'm nervously excited about it can't believe it's only 3 sleeps away!

#55 SoTired

Posted 04 September 2012 - 01:51 PM

Hi All!

I have only just been able to get back into EB for the first time in almost a fortnight- not sure what has been happening...

jess1980- Oh my goodness, how exciting! I bet all those friends who didnt reply to your invite will be crawling all over themselves to visit once the babies are here. Your reaction was not unreasonable at all- not getting back to you is just rude, particularly given your circumstances.
Best of luck with the birth and keep us posted with everything. I am excited for you!!!

dede79- waves.gif Hope you are going well!

reesan- Good luck with your scan tomorrow. Its so fun seeing the little beans on the screen- its great we get to see them so often. We bought our pram a few weeks ago and got the ABC design Zoom model. It was perfect for us and we got it from one of those group discount sites so it was very cost effective. Re your hips and back- mine only got worse, so I started sleeping with a full body pillow and tucked it in between my legs. i also wear SRC pregnancy support shorts during the day and a sacroilium support belt overnight. I wont say it has completely removed all of the pain but its definitely manageable now and I can still do pump/aquarobics.

emso- I got to end of 1st trimester and then pretty much went into maternity clothes. I went nuts on nextdirect as they were cheap and i got free delivery!

*mylittleprince*- Yay for the new car purchase! How exciting And its great that your mum will come over to help. We are leaving DD in childcare full time until the end of the year so I can have mat leave on my own and have the twins by myself for a little bit until I get comfortable enough for my little hurricane to be home as well. Like most 16mo kids, she is soooo demanding of my time and attention!

AFM- I am 27+5 weeks and I gotta say that the docs are right- I am pretty much spot on what I was full term with DD. I am having a hard time comprehending how big im gonna get!!! I have hit the 100cm mark for belly measurement (I got to 104cm with DD). I noticed the biggest leap in size from week 24 to 25 but have still been growing steadily ever since. i am now taking a photo a week to see how I am growing- its really interesting to see the changes.

I have my 2nd GTT GD test tomorrow, another scan and appt next week at 28 weeks. It seems like forever since I have seen the bubbas on screen so it will be nice to see how they are doing.

Tic/Tac are really belting around in my stomach now- its unbelievable how much it moves sometime. It feels like they are trying to claw their way out of my cervix sometimes as I have been getting shooting/stabbing pains in my cervix when they are moving. It takes my breath away!

Speaking of, i am definitely more out of breath these days and my uterus is now sitting more under my ribcage so I can feel the bubbas pushing off it.

Everyone is still saying how they cant believe I am having twins cause I am so small but I think my comment now might have to be "lets trade places and see how you feel!"

I have cut down my hours from full time to having 1 day off a week. My work arent replacing me, just reallocating my tasks so want me to stick around as long as possible. i will just have to play it by feel but at this stage will be leaving sometime in October, which will make me between 31 and 35 weeks pregnant. I pretty much have a desk job so its not too taxing. There is also scope for me to do some work from home if need be.

Anyhoo, thanks for the update and catch up! Hope everyone is well and I look forward to the news of more new bubbas soon! grin.gif

#56 newyearbaby

Posted 04 September 2012 - 02:50 PM

All the best for Friday Jess!!!

Stuff your friends. Get some good gifts out of them and then let them go wink.gif
Unless they have a decent excuse of course...

#57 *mylittleprince*

Posted 04 September 2012 - 03:03 PM

Hi everyone

Reesan - We've bought a Mountain Buggy Duet plus two Safe and Sound Unity capsules to go into it. DS wasn't in his pram for very long but every multiple mom I've met said they keep them in the pram as long as possible as running after 2 of them (plus more if you have more kids) is really difficult. I really like the whole travel system. The capsules go up to 12kg where most capsules go up to 9kg. They also resell well so will sell them once we no longer use them.

Jess1980 - sorry about your dinner. I'm not sensitive but I get annoyed when people don't reply to a text. Most people are always on their phones/have them close so it's rude not to reply, even if it's a day later. So jealous you get to have the babies on Friday. You must be so excited. Can't wait to hear the news.

Dede79 - good luck with selling the units and finding a house.

Gisses - good luck for the GTT test tomorrow. I failed the first and passed the 2nd so I hope the same for you. When do you go on maternity leave?

I woke up yesterday morning at 3am with the worst chest pains. I felt like I was having a heart attack, have never been in such pain. I went to wake DH (I sleep in the spare room due to my snoring) and DS was asleep with DH so didn't want to risk waking him. I phoned maternity outpatients and they said it doesn't sound pregnancy related and to take a tablespoon of Mylanta and if it doesn't go away in 10 minutes to phone an ambulance or drive to emergency. I woke DH, phoned an ambulance and they took me to the hospital 10 minutes away. I spent 9 hours in the ED being monitored and it was such a long day. It's so hard not having family around as I would've loved company. DH is an accountant and it was month end, so he dropped DS off with a friend for a few hours while he got a report done and then he picked me up from hospital and DS from his friend and then watched DS the rest of the day. After heaps of monitoring and tests the results came back inconclusive. My heart is fine. I had ultrasounds on my legs to check for clots and that came back clear. They wanted to do an xray or a procedure (can't remember what it's called) where you drink radioactive stuff and they scan/xray your lungs to look for clots. Both pose risks to the babies so I declined. I woke up this morning feeling so much better so now I'm wondering if it's my ribs pulling apart or something muscular?

I had to miss my appointment with the anaethetist and lactation consultant so I'm a bit disappointed but they managed to reschedule it to Tuesday which is great! I have so many questions for both of them.

I have a growth scan tomorrow which I'm really looking forward to and DH is taking the day off to come with and so that I can rest.

Edited by *mylittleprince*, 04 September 2012 - 03:08 PM.

#58 dede79

Posted 04 September 2012 - 09:09 PM

Hi everyone,

Jess1980 - that's so exciting! Good luck for Friday, we'll be thinking of you.

MyLittltPrince - that sounds really scary, hope you don't get those chest pains again!

Reesan - let us know how your scan goes tomorrow! Can't wait for our 20 weeks scan in 3 weeks!

gisses -  waves.gif good luck for the GTT GD test tomorrow!

Nothing more to report here, except that I must do more pelvic floor exercises, I just sneezed and wet myself a bit, not fair! Went to physio last week and she gave me exercises, but I find it hard to concentrate and do them...

#59 reesan

Posted 05 September 2012 - 05:17 PM

A quickie, no personals, because I've been so lethargic last few days and kitchen looks like a bomb hit.

Had such a great NT scan, I went to a specialist women's ultrasound clinic and their facilities were fabulous including two plasma screens on which I and my student midwife who came along could watch the whole scan.

Went to GP in the afternoon, no results yet, but an update on my thyroid stimulating hormone, level is much safer for babies but wants me to up my thyroxine dose a little.

Then rang the ultrasound clinic and got fantastic NT results, risks 1 in 9000 for one twin and one in 18000 for the other. Was absolutely thrilled and went facebook official on the pregnancy, feels so great.

Then an afternoon of doing things for myself - got a haircut, and bought some shapewear for under my clothes for the next few weeks til bump is too big, in my maternity jeans my hips just feel like they are floating around all over the place and i think that's making the hip soreness and lower back worse. I'm wearing them now under some leggings and although they are a bit tight at the very top (they are the shorts kind and practically come up to my bra line) it feels really good.

Plus, a pregnancy pillow and some maternity bras from Kmart, for absolutely bargain prices. Kmart, who knew? Have bought so much maternity and bub stuff from there now.

Ugh, the kitchen. I have been not feeling too guilty about leaving it to DH but it is soooo bad right now and he is really under the pump at work, I feel like I must contribute!

#60 *mylittleprince*

Posted 05 September 2012 - 05:45 PM

Great news Reesan! How did everyone respond to the news? We put a scan pic up and a poem about twins and everyone was so happy!

Went for my growth scan today and babies are doing well. Her estimated weight is 1957g and his is 2280g. Cervix is 4mm and everything else looks great! From what I've read online, a 200g weight gain a week is now normal (not sure if its less for twins) and I'm hoping for 2.8kg plus babies which I think we'll get. I don't think they'll be coming any time early.

DH had the day off today and he took us to the scan, then for lunch and then I've rested which has been great.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's updates.

#61 AliGeo

Posted 07 September 2012 - 03:59 PM

Been ages again sorry

jess1980 - Good luck today!!! Can't wait to hear your news.

*mylittleprince* - They sound like great sizes for your gestation. Do mean your cervix is 4cm or 4mm cos 4mm sounds like it's almost open ohmy.gif ?

reesan - Happy to hear that you got good NT results. Your "me day" sounds great I wish I could manage one of those occassionally too.

dede79 - Pelvic floor exercises are a bit od a drag to remember to do aren't they.

gisses - How did your GTT go? I'm very scared of how big I'm going to get too, I was huge with DD by the end. I might go into hiding at about 28 weeks this time wink.gif .

Hi to everyone else waves.gif

AFM - Had the morph scan on Monday and finally a scan where we didn't get crazy or disappointing news. Both twins look great, both measuring a week ahead, the OB said that they're going to be boofers haha.

Felling ok so far. Though I'm starting to feel like I've been riding a horse all day. That whole region just aches all the time.

We're trying to sell our house in Broken Hill and move a lot closer to Adelaide. It was under contract then they pulled out which is really disappointing. We have to travel the 500km each way to OB appointments and it's getting pretty annoying especially with appointments getting closer together. I really hope that we can move by the time I'm 30 weeks.

#62 jess1980

Posted 07 September 2012 - 10:08 PM

Just a quick update had my twin boys this morning Jacob 3.13kg & Quinn 3.18kg both 48cm long. C-section & tubal ligation went well except I was quite sick after which is normal for me after any painkillers and anaesthetic. They aren't feeding to well as yet but are taking ebm. Quinn had a few breathing issues but it fine now and both needed to go under the heat lamps for a few hours but beside that they are well. Can't believe they are finally here!

#63 NicNic85

Posted 08 September 2012 - 08:37 AM

Hello everyone!

It's been a very long time since I posted probably a few months! MS and fatigue had gotten the better of me but as least the MS is gone now.

Jess1980 - Wow! Congratulations - two gorgeous boys - fantastic weights and good to hear everything is going well.

Aligeo - Good luck with the move, keeping all fingers and toes crossed for you.

*mylittleprince* - also fantastic to hear all the growth news and that things are on target

Reesan - excellent NT results. Hope the fb public pregnancy is going well and your getting some great reactions to twins original.gif

AFM - I'm almost 17+5 now and definitely feeling aches and pains. Just seem to be tired all the time, no matter what I do. I don't think my belly has grown in the last 2 weeks very much - does the growth come and go in spurts? Or should I be worried?

Also had a mini freak out last night when I realised I'm not even sure how to pick up two babies at once to breastfeed. It's a stupid question, but does anyone know how you do it logistically? I think I'm going to need to get some multiple breastfeeding books. Any recommendations?

#64 babycat

Posted 08 September 2012 - 03:34 PM

Nicnic85 - I've been wondering the same thing about picking them up.  From what I've read, you get one positioned whilst the other is in a swing or bouncer and then "lean over" and pick the other one up.  Sounds easy (or not : )) and I think it would only work if you're using a proper breast feeding pillow.

#65 newyearbaby

Posted 10 September 2012 - 10:51 PM

Jess - big congratulations!!! Fantastic weights!

Re: picking up the other baby to breastfeed, this used to freak me out too. But it only took me a few days to be able to do it myself. For the first few days I had someone pass me each baby. Basically if you sit on a lounge its easier. Put a baby on each side of you, set the pillow up, sit down and reach over to scoop up one baby. Put that baby on the pillow and then reach over to scoop up the other baby. Then fiddle with their position and get them to attach etc.

For what it's worth I only twin fed until about 6 weeks. It was necessary in those first weeks because they feed so often, and a hungry newborn can really scream. But after this I decided that feeding them individually was actually quicker and easier. And in my case it enabled me to move around if necessary to tend to other kids.

#66 AliGeo

Posted 12 September 2012 - 08:08 AM

Congrates Jess! Great names and weights. Hope you're all settling in well?

#67 dede79

Posted 12 September 2012 - 10:02 AM

Congrats Jess!
Are you still at the hospital or heading home?
Their weights are amazing! Good on you!
Let us know how you go at home with breastfeeding, sleeps, etc.

Has anyone read Dr Barbara Luke's book "When you're expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads"? She insists on having very high protein intake before 24 weeks, and on putting about 10kg before 24 weeks too. I'm trying to follow her guidelines as much as possible but find it hard to eat so much proteins, she recommends like 170 grams a day! ohmy.gif

What's everyone else doing on the eating front? Anything your doctor recommended, besides the usual pregnancy supplements, vitamin D and iron? I have a 7 weeks gap between my last appointment and my next and since a lot of books seem to say the important gain should be around now, I'm wondering.

What are your best book recommendations for twin pregnancies?

#68 *mylittleprince*

Posted 15 September 2012 - 04:18 PM

Hi everyone

Hope you're all well.

AliGeo- the sonagrapher put 4mm cervix length on the intial report which I thought couldn't be correct and I was panicking a bit. Saw an OB on Friday and cervix length is actually 24mm according to the updated report (the sonagrapher didn't seem very confident in what she was doing). Hope everything goes well with your house sale. It's so stressful being pregnant and then having added things to worry about so hope it goes smoothly for you.

Jess1980 - congratulations on the birth of your beautiful boys. Such great weights! Hope feeding and sleeping is going well and that you are able to get a bit of rest. Are you still in hospital or at home? How are your other kids?

NicNic85 - Google twin breastfeeding videos on Youtube. There are quite a few and they are interesting to watch. It seems like most people sit on a couch/bed with a cushion on either side and a baby propped up on each one, then they take one at a time, pop them on the b/f pillow, attach them and away they go. I also suggest the ABA twin breastfeeding booklet, you can buy it online from Mothers Direct as there is heaps of info and it shows various twin feeding positions.

Dede79 - I would take everything you read with a pinch of salt. I've read about 6 different multiple pregnancy and baby books from our local library and they all have different advice. I follow these rules - eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full, make good choices. So most of the food is nutritious but I also eat junk like ice cream, chocolate, etc. I've eaten the same this pregnancy and I used to before I fell pregnant. I don't seem to be very hungry though. I don't eat much meat but do have dairy, eggs and sometimes lentils and these babies are both sitting on 70th percentile for growth. I only heard recently that you need lots of protein to breastfeed successfully. I fed DS until he self-weaned at 17.5 months which is interesting. If you are worried, you could see a dietician to make sure you are eating correctly. I did have to go on iron supplements as my iron levels were low but so did many people that I know of, even those who are big meat eaters.

We are all good. 34 weeks tomorrow and travelling well. I'm in a lot of pain, back, tummy, pelvis, stretching and just generally sore. At the moment I can feel a head grinding in my pelvis, ouchie! I have decided to stop driving as it's just to sore so DH will take me to my medical appointments and friends will come to visit during the week. My mom comes in 2 weeks and I can't wait. They say most twin births happen between 36 - 38 weeks and I'm really hoping for that. Don't think my body (or mind) could do any more than that. The hospital said they will let you go to 40 weeks and will only induce for medical reasons, they are crazy!!!

#69 Tucky

Posted 15 September 2012 - 05:38 PM

Hello! Would love to join the group...

I'm 20 weeks now with twins, due for our morph scan on Monday and really looking forward to finding out what we're having.  Found out at an 8 week scan that we were having twins and i'm still amazed whenever I see a scan! I've been watching this thread for a little while but didn't want to join too early as I have been so worried through the whole thing.  One twin has always been a week behind the other, they think there was a bit of a inference in when they were conceived so have worried ever since.  I think I am starting to calm down a little!

Have taken a lot of hints and tips from this forum already, so nice to have somewhere to get advice.  original.gif

Just One More - so glad to see another due to have numbers 4 & 5, I get a lot of comments about that, not many families with 5 little ones these days!

#70 jess1980

Posted 15 September 2012 - 09:20 PM

Well my twins are now 8 days old. I was only in hospital for 4 days they pretty much tried to kick me out the day after I had them, in the end a midwife kept p*ssing me off when I was trying to tandem feed my twins so I decided to leave on day 4. Been a bit up and down with the feeding dealing with cracked nipples sucks! Quinn was born tongue tied so his attachment was bad at the start and my nipples are only now just getting over it! He has since had his tongue snipped and is feeding alot better. Had to take Jacob in to be monitored as he has very narrow nasal passages so he wasnt feeding well as he wasnt able to breathe properly during a feed, so they cleaned his nose out and Ive been using fess little noses and feeding has been a lot easier. Tandem feeding is hard but so worth it last night and today they have pretty much fed every 3 hours at the same time for around 15-20 mins so I have been able to get other things done and havent felt like ive got a baby hanging off me all day long. Been feeling a bit down the last few days I think its a combination of lack of sleep and my hormones being all over the show have never felt like this when I had my other 2 children so Im hoping it passes soon hate feeling like it, feel a bit better today after having more sleep last night. Hope everyone else is well original.gif

#71 reesan

Posted 16 September 2012 - 05:53 PM

Really great to hear feeding is getting easier Jess, and not surprised at all to hear you are a bit down with lack of sleep and flood of hormones. You are doing an amazing job! And you've done a great job keeping those babies looked after and growing inside you for so long.

I've been reading but not posting, I'm tired and sore and having a few headaches. Tomorrow the second trimester starts which feels great for lower miscarriage risk but I'm quite skeptical whether my energy is actually going to improve (but hopeful). Next hospital appointment is 16 weeks five days and we should find out the sex then, as well as see how they are going.

I'm in the process of joining AMBA and have joined their forums (a bit of a pain, you have to make five posts before you can see most of the content) and they actually have a great trading post and I've just arranged to buy two secondhand basinets.

It feels real now, but boy is it going to feel real having two bassinets in the house!

Oh, one more time - Jess, you are doing an amazing job.

#72 -Pz-

Posted 20 September 2012 - 09:05 AM

Hi Ladies - i haven't posted much lately but a fair bit has changed for me & bubs! Warning: possibly tmi below

Very early tuesday morning I woke up with a feeling of dampness btwn my legs, went to the toilet & had a pretty large bleed. Hubby & I called our private hospital in the city, and after liaising with the OB covering while my OB is on leave, directed me to ED at the closest hospital with a neonatal icu

After a few very scary hours and lots of monitoring, determined that both twins were fine and that I had likely bled from a bubby boy's low lying placenta. Covering OB admitted me for monitoring, but thank God no further bleeds since then.

First night was terrible - emotionally & physically exhausted, but couldnt sleep at all.  Kept trying to put on a brave face for hubby and family. Since this is a public/private hospital, got put into a shared room. Unfortunately, roommate who got admitted thwt night was a woman with psychiatric issues (I work in public mental health). I just overheard her meds, and with my job, I was worried that our paths had crossed before. Luckily the nurses recognized this potential conflict & moved me to a different room the next day

Since that time, things have improved a lot! Not on bedrest, so im able to walk around the ward on my own, and on the hospital grounds with visitors. Looks like I'm I here for a couple of weeks until my regular OB gets back from vacation, and the covering OB and him have a chat about what to do with me.

At this stage they just want to keep me close by in case I have another bleed. Bubby boy is weighing 1100g and bubby girl is 1050g, which everyone seems to be very happy with. Both are now head down although she is lying more diagonally across my belly while he is more up & down. Both kicking like mad original.gif

Sorry for the me post, but it's nice to get this out. Love reading all the updates from everyone!

#73 Oh My......

Posted 20 September 2012 - 09:13 AM

I hope no one minds me crashing the thread?

I am 11w6d with twins. So early days still. Still trying to get my head about twins. We tried for our last one and ended up with two. I already have 3 kids.

#74 *mylittleprince*

Posted 23 September 2012 - 12:25 PM

Hi everyone

Hope you are all travelling well.

PZ - sorry to hear about your scare. How are you doing now?

Sshh - welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy. It took me a few weeks to get used to the idea of having twins but once you get over the initial shock it becomes very exciting.

I am 35 weeks now. This week I have a growth scan and OB appointment so I'm looking forward to that.

They are both head down now so I'm feeling a bit better pain wise and I've had a good week.

Have a great Sunday everyone

#75 AliGeo

Posted 25 September 2012 - 04:09 PM

jess1980 - Hope things are getting easier for you.

reesan -Hope the headaches are getting better for you. I also found the AMBA formum a pain, in fact I gave up on it. Plus I live over 500km from the nearest branch, so not much help to me anyway.

-Pz- - What a scary time you've had! How are you going now?

*mylittleprince* - You're getting pretty close now! Have you had you growth scan yet?

Welcome Shhhh and Tucky

Hi to anyone I missed waves.gif

AFM - I still have 3 weeks until our next growth scan and my second GTT so not much to report from me. Except that my belly is rock hard all the time, sometimes for days at a time. I've never had BH or even a real contraction, but from what I understand they are more intermittent, not constant. Anyone else had this issue?

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