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Due In Sept 2012 Chat Thread #5

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#1 ~A2~

Posted 13 August 2012 - 10:03 AM

Hi all

New thread time

Previous thread



#2 louiseos

Posted 13 August 2012 - 10:39 AM


I'm on my first day of maternity leave, so am spending time catching up on my forum postings/readings in between doing laundry for bub's arrival. My goals this week are to pack the bags for baby & myself. It's kinda scary . . .it's feeling SO REAL!

I've been feeling weird the last few days - not sure if I'm getting braxton hicks and/or if I'm in early/pre-labour. Apparently I'll know when I am, but honestly . . . I haven't got a clue! I'm not screaming in pain, but there's definitely pain there and when there's no pain, then I'm just MEGA uncomfortable. Add some diarrhea (sorry if TMI), pelvic pressure to the mix and I'm one glamourous mother to be . . . heheh . . . NOT!


#3 mks81

Posted 13 August 2012 - 10:52 AM

Well pregnancy brain left me confused for a minute on why I couldn't reply in the last thread rolleyes.gif . Sorry if this is long but it has truly been a long week!

I have just been lurking the last few weeks as ill health has left me with nothing really. I have had just about everything, including the flu, then two fridays ago I came down with a kidney stone and spent a week in hospital...including being transferred between hospitals as first couldn't get on top of it.

I had been a little cocky this pregnancy thinking I wouldn't have to go through labour pain with having a planned c-section compared to 24 hours of painful labour last time and an emergency c-section.

Well labour is nothing on a kidney stone/s. I have actually missed 4 days of reality from being delirious from the pain. Morphine wouldn't touch it and I remember at the end telling a doctor that I was about to do something like knock myself out as I couldn't take it anymore when she was asking me what I wanted them to do.

Another doctor before they confirmed kidney stone told me that during pregnancy new forms of pain crop up and it was probably just a muscle ache from the strain.This was telling me while I was withering around on the bed and throwing up from the pain during her speaking to me. I had to deal with lots of pain growing up with a femeral tumour so always thought of myself of having a high pain threshold so at this point was getting a bit testy with doctors.The bit where they actually said they were stumped was the worst.

After 5 days of this, I was starting to get terrified that it would never end, especially as one doctor told me that it may not dissipate completely and come back in a couple of months.

On the other hand the midwives were unbelievable. I wouldn't have coped as much as I did without them. I kept apologizing for my moaning and screaming, (I was mortified that I was keeping other mums awake during the night) and they told me to if it helped to go for it and that they felt terrible for me, some were so patient just staying with me and actually giving me hugs.

I was lucky in that being so rurally isolated there weren't many mums in, maybe two all up so the staff were doing all they could for me as a team. I had needles everywhere as my veins had collapsed and I kept thinking, how could one teeny, tiny stone cause this much pain????? On day two, they asked me to leave the hospital and go downtown for a ultrasound as they didn't have this service at the hospital, (WTF???!!!!). My OH works away so my Dad had to drive into town and take me. I was about an 8 on pain till I got to the waiting room then went straight to over 10 and just about collasped and frightened the entire waiting room, (I think they all thought I was in actual labour). A group of them gathered around me and were like a little posse demanding I get seen to first.

Back in hospital in the end I basically lived in the shower. One doctor at this stage said she didn't want to talk to me unless I was out and in bed....had a beautiful image of spraying her the with the showerhead.I was very lucky in having one midwife who had been with me the most sort of take over for my voice demand more action and she even traveled with me to the next hospital to empathize how much pain I was in and look after me.

So now I'm back home, I got released after being pain free overnight. I'm back to aching a bit now but the hardest thing is not doing anything. I've been eyeing off the vacuum cleaner this morning but the thought of going back unsure.gif .

I'm trying to think right now what would be the nicest token of appreciation for the midwives would be but all my pregnancy can think of is card and flowers/maybe chocolate box?

In all this baby was sort of pushed to the back of my mind though the amount of trace scans I had was amazing...sure is one active baby. Doctors were concerned at one stage that she was too active and I was kept on the trace scan for a couple of hours each day which I don't think she liked but it was nice to see a pattern of her day so to speak.

Of course from basically being a month out with the flu and now this I am so behind in getting everything ready. I am most stumped on the combined carseat and pram. I want the carseat which I can click into the pram but want the pram to be a jogger, (desperate for rubber tires for rural roads out here). Can anyone help with what to get that covers this...I know one of the brands, (Mothercare???) in carseats converts in a few other brands of prams but because there isn't much out here I can't actually go and view until end of the month in regional city.

Anyway hope everyone is getting along better then me, sorry if this sounded like one big whinge fest but I truly, truly cannot wait until this pregnancy is over!

#4 heliwifeBecG

Posted 13 August 2012 - 01:15 PM

hi all,

I have started my last week of work! Thank god is all I can say too... can't wait to get out of here at the moment.

I too was having a slight elevation in BP. My ob is not concerned just wants to monitor it as I generally have lower bp and this was considered a bit higher for me.

I have a question, in the last few days when I sleep (i always end up rolling onto my right) I end up being awoken with pain up under my right rib. could it be that I am lying or putting pressure on something that I shouldnt? I roll over to my left and it will sometimes be fine but then other times the pain hangs around. Bub always tends to lie along the left side so unless she has moved around and its her booting me, which it isn't a kick feeling, its just like a bad bruised feeling? Does this make any sense at all? haha. Anyway maybe someone understands my rambling and can shed some light. original.gif

I have the worst baby brain at the moment. my hubby will now just say to me "Rebecca, stop and think about what you just said" haha... tongue.gif

best of luck to everyone and mks81 so sorry to hear about your experience!

#5 Rach42

Posted 13 August 2012 - 01:17 PM

mks81 Wow!  sad.gif  I've had the flu and respitory infection for the past week so was feeling sorry for myself until I read what you have been through!  I think a card and chocolates and just letting the midwives know you are ok and how much you appreciated them will do nicely.  I hope the next few weeks go nice and smoothly for you.

#6 BellO'Nromze

Posted 13 August 2012 - 01:44 PM

mks81, what an awful time you have had.  I have heard that kidney stones are worse than labour, from women who have been through both!  And I definitely think you should have turned the shower head on the obnoxious, non-sympathetic doctor...

Welcome to the lurkers!

Well, I am booked for a c/s on 3rd Sept.  However, I am SOOO big that I think I will explode if I last that long.  Sleep is a distant memory due to heartburn and breathlessness, am sleeping propped up on a pillow mountain but then every time I swap sides I have to wake myself completely to rearrange things, then takes ages to get back to sleep.  Plus DD has started having parties in her cot at all hours of the night, wants everyone to join in...grrr!  

Today I have actually achieved greatness, have unpacked heaps of baby things and sorted out my daughter's room finally (recently moved house and it has all been a bit of a shemozzle).  Washed baby sheets and set up bassinet, have a load of baby clothes to go.  Feel much better about things!

Hope we all have a good week!

#7 Impatientmummy

Posted 13 August 2012 - 09:30 PM

msk81- sorry to hear you went through all that! Hope it settles down for you!
I've had heart burn come back with a vengeance the last couple of days! No amount of anything helps. Sleeping is a major mission, laying on my sides hurt my shoulders & laying on my back elevated hurts my pelvis, even the task of rolling over or getting dressed for that matter brings me to tears so looks like at 38 weeks I will be getting induced as this is getting too much! Now I'm not working I dont know how many times Ive gone through bubs clothes & bag for hospital & rearranged lol going to try setting her bassinet up & hope ds stops trying to climb it it! Also still have to set the bouncer up & have a bit more practice with my sleepy wrap original.gif Getting so excited now 4 weeks to go!! Cant wait to start hearing of everyone's little bundles arriving, good luck mummies when the time comes original.gif

#8 Catirving

Posted 14 August 2012 - 09:39 AM

I thought I was going into labour last night - I woke up at about 3am with what felt like period pain, but not very bad. It subsided after about 30 seconds, and then for the next two hours or so I had the cramps for 30-40 seconds every 15 minutes. The pains started on the right side of my underbelly, spread across to the left, increased, then faded away. I got up to get my phone so I could time them (with one of my pregnancy apps), and they went away at about 5.30. I didn't want to call the hospital or really get out of bed - I had stayed up to about 1 watching the Olympics Closing ceremony, and thought I had better have at least more then two hours sleep before trying to push a baby out. She seemed perfectly happy, jiggling away merrily.

Now it's morning, I'm not sure what it was, perhaps pre-labour? On top of that, I'm getting a cold! I don't want to give birth battling a cold! Luckily I'm seeing the midwife today - perhaps she'll have some idea. I haven't had any other pre-labour symptoms, unless a desperate desire to shave your legs counts as nesting?

I'll keep you posted. Condolences for those of you suffering mega-pain and discomfort - I do feel like a sook, sometimes, for winging about my very minor issues.

And good luck to all! I'm due first (quick catch up, at my 12 week ultrasound, my date was revised from Sept 4 to August 27, but I wanted to stay with this group), but jodiecorinne has beaten me to the punch. I'm sure another won't be too far away.

#9 louiseos

Posted 14 August 2012 - 05:22 PM

QUOTE (Catirving @ 14/08/2012, 09:39 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I'll keep you posted. Condolences for those of you suffering mega-pain and discomfort - I do feel like a sook, sometimes, for winging about my very minor issues.

Any news yet?? original.gif

#10 yellow10

Posted 14 August 2012 - 06:59 PM

mks81 - sounds horrible, hope you have had no further pain from it.

I think I will keep quiet and deal with my braxton hicks pressure and stop whining about it.

Hubby is sick again for like the 4th time in 3 months, now just waiting for me and my son to get it, this flu just wont disappear.

Can't believe how close we are getting to peoples due dates, I kinda feel left out that I only just joined this forum but hopefully I can get to know people over the next few weeks.

Well hope everyone is as well as can be at this stage of pregnancy.

#11 Catirving

Posted 14 August 2012 - 07:38 PM

louiseos, turns out they were practice contractions - not Braxton Hicks, but mini real ones. Weird to get a taste of the real thing! Apparently this can go on for a while. Or it can all happen tomorrow. The baby is on her way into my pelvis, and poked back at the midwife!

On the blah side, the two midwives spent most off the time discussing my due date - they don't agree with the earlier one (27 August), and want it back in September. This only really maks a difference if I go over 40 weeks, and will affect any decision to induce. They're leaving it up to the OB to decide, but I like being due sooner rather than later! They were admiring of my neat bump, which is nice.

So now I have anywhere between now and four weeks to waddle around the house and watch telly. Shame the Olympics were just shy of my home stay time. Lots of knitting being done, but I want a babe to put in it all!

#12 PinkSurvivor

Posted 14 August 2012 - 08:27 PM

bbabyflip.gif Our Due Dates! bbabyflip.gif

September 1st

Name : Sharon
Age : 35
Location : Perth girl living in Spain
Sex of baby : Boy!!!
Other children : 3 (DS 11; DD 8; DD 6)

Miss S
Name: Susan
Age: 38
Location: Perth (North)
Other: DH 40, 1x DS 19, 1x DD 2.5

September 2nd

Name Teresa,
live- Melbourne SE going to Monash
Age 37,
other kids- DD 3.5years

September 3rd

Name: Simone
Location Canberra.
Sex: We r thinking boy, but will know more at 20 weeks.
One other child, dd, 3.5.

McBaby's Mum
Me:31 years
Husband: 30 years
First Baby
Country Victoria

Age: 37
Location: Sydney
Sex: I'm hoping for a girl.. no sense either way. We've decided to find out at 20 weeks scan.
Other Children - 0

September 4th

Name: Becky
Age: 42
Location: Bega
Sex: girl!
Other: N/A

Name: Leanne
Location: Rural South Australia
Sex: I'm guessing a girl, DF wants a boy.
Other Children: N/A

Name: Sally
Age: 31
Location: Melbourne Eastern Suburbs - going to Monash
Sex: Boy
Other Children: 2 gorgeous girls - 7 & 5

September 5th

Name: Simone
Age: 32
Location: Melb
Sex: I'm guessing boy but my friend thinks girl and she is a little psychic so we'll see
Other Children: None

Name - Nikki
I live in Perth (Fremantle area)
Age - 33
No other children..

September 6th

Name: Jennifer
Location: NT
Age: 26
Sex: DH is positive its a girl but I'm waiting for the gender scan
Other: DS1 is 4 and DS2 is 2

Name: Bell
Age: 39
Location: Sydney
Sex: Not sure at all, no vibe this time but my DP thinks girl.
One DD aged 8 months (yes, I am absolutely freaking out at the small age gap, just trying to keep telling myself that we can do it...)

September 7th

September 8th

September 9th

Name: Dimity
Age: 28
Location: Sydney - Sutherland Shire
Sex: Our guess is boy
Other Children - 0

Name: Kristie
Location: Sydney - Northern Beaches
Sex: My vibe is girl @ the moment
Other Children: n/a

September 10th


Name: Rachelle
Location: Sydney - Eastern Suburbs
Sex: My instincts say a girl
Other Children: N/A

Name: Nat
Age: 33
Location: Melbourne
Sex: Strong instinct it's a girl
Other children: DS 11 months

September 11th

Age: 36
Location: Perth

September 12th


Name: Sonia
Location: Perth
Sex: No idea but will be finding out through scan.
Other children: DS 4

September 13th

Name: Sarah
Age: 25
Location: Sydney
Sex: Unsure
Other: N/A

September 14th
Sex: Baby Boy

September 15th
Name: Kat
Baby Boy Born Sean Glen Xavier Born 5 weeks Premmie

September 16th
Name: Ingrid
Baby no. 4
Ds1: 4 turning 5 in June, DS2: passed away at 11 days, DD: 1 turning 2 in November

September 17th


Gender: Boy
Other Children: DS 2

Age: 33
Location: Brisbane
Sex: WE can't decide if we want to know! Scan next week
Other Children: n/a

Name : Emma-Kate
Age : 26
Location : Brisbane
Sex of baby : TBA (find out on the 26th April - my husband and I can't wait!!)
Other children : 0 (this is our first child)

September 18th
Name: Katrina
Age: 26
Gender: Unknown

September 19th

Age: 33
Gender: ?
Other Kids: Hannah 6; Jack 3

Name: Ella
Age: 31
Location: Sydney, Inner West
Sex: Definitely a Boy!
Other Children: n/a

September 20th
Name: Katherine
Gender: Surprise
Location: Sydney

September 21st

Name: Bec
Age: 25
Gender: Unknown
Location: Katherine

Age: 28
Gender: Strong feeling boy

September 22nd


Name: Lauren
Gender: People Guessing boy, having gender scan

Name: Camille
Age: 34
Sex: Will find out at our 3 May morphology scan
Other kids: None

Name: Michelle
Age: 32
Location: Queensland
Sex of baby: unknown - scan 8th May
Other children: DD - aged 6 yrs[/color]

September 23rd


scheduled 39 wk c-section
Name: Mel
Other Kids: Twin DD (3)
Location: Qld, GC

Name: Dee,
Gender: Surprise
Location: Newcastle NSW
Other kids: DS 13, DD11, DD9, DS 4 and DD 18months

Gender: surprise
Other children: 2 and 4 year old
Location: Sydney

September 24th


Name: Tricia
Age: 24
Gender: Boy

Name: Michelle
Age: 31, OH 40
Other Children: DD9
Gender: ?

September 25th

September 26th

September 27th

September 28th


Name: Jess
Genders: Surprise

Location: Sydney
1st Baby
Gender: Boy

September 29th
Name: Rach
Age: 42
Sex: Girl
Location: Brisbane
2 other Children

September 30th

Our Angels



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#13 *littlemiracles*

Posted 15 August 2012 - 11:43 AM

hello all,

Well am super tired today - so glad I have no plans!!!! Like most of you it seems, I am not sleeping very well. Heartburn is keeping me practically upright in bed and then of course there is the frequent toilet breaks, rolling over is a mission in itself!!! Oh the joys. But I do enjoy bubs little play during the night  biggrin.gif So glad I am on leave though as I dont' think I could handle this and working!!! other than the tiredness I am feeling pretty good. Have my midwife appt next Fri and get our "eviction" date so am very excited about that!!!! My GP has recommended my c-sect be done in week 38 due to early labour with DD plus complications so hopefully the hospital respects that -  they normally do in week 39.
I have baby's bag completely packed for hospital now - just had to stock up on some wondersuits, socks and singlets. My bag has been started - some toiletries I dont' need know, maternity pads and some clothes I am not currently wearing plus I bought new underwear so I can pack my old ones in the bag LOL. Fingers crossed this time around I am not racing around trying to pack last minute things due to baby arriving earlier than expected!!!! Nesting hasn't yet kicked in but am sure it will in coming weeks. Not much more to do in nursery so I feel semi-organised anyway.

Catirving - wow mini contractions - your arrival could be sooner than expected!!!! Goodluck if it is biggrin.gif

Yellow10 - don't feel left out - people just post when they want to. to update you on me I am due with another princess on 22/9 but will have elective c-sect. I have a 6yr old DD (emerg c-sect due to breech).

MSK81 - OMG you poor thing. So sorry you had to go through all that. I hope now your labour is nice, short and nothing like your kidney stone debacle!!!!!

A big hello to everyone else, hope all is going well in the last few weeks. Cannot beleive how close some of you are!!!!! Very exciting

#14 elloello

Posted 17 August 2012 - 03:36 AM

Hi All,

I popped in at the start of my pregnancy and Ive been reading and following everyones progress. Our baby was die Sept 15th

Just thought Id pop back in to say we had a little boy 5 weeks early last friday Sean Glen Xavier weighed in at a grand 2398grams, he had a rocky first 24 hours and ended up on a ventilator with collapsed lungs, but came off his ventilator yesterday and is now doing really well biggrin.gif

Now we just need to fatten him up and he should be able to come home in a few weeks.

Best of luck to you all in the remaining weeks of your pregnancys




Posted 17 August 2012 - 08:42 AM

Congratulations on your little man! Wonderful news  biggrin.gif

#16 PinkSurvivor

Posted 17 August 2012 - 09:25 AM

CONGRATULATIONS KAT on the Birth of Sean

Baby # 2 for the group!!

I hope he continues to do well and is home before you know it. Thinking of you original.gif

#17 frenchie974

Posted 17 August 2012 - 02:49 PM

Geez already baby #2....this is all so exciting!

Pink Survivor - could you please add me to the list as well. I am in Sydney, due on Friday 14th September with baby boy.

I have 2 weeks of work left and am counting down the days like there is no tomorrow!
On the plus side my baby shwoer is tomorrow and I am really looking forward to that! Being french it is not something we normally do but I was told by my friends I did not have a choice in the matter and am very glad they did now.
After that it's going to be washing and setting up the room, though it will be my MIL and then mum's room for about 1 month before it actually is baby's room...but bub will be just fine in our room I am sure!

Sleep is somewhat erratic like most others from I can read; slept well for 4 nights and now I am up at 3/4am and unable to go back to sleep...so I finally finished packing my hospital bag yesterday...only the baby's bag left and I should be just about ready to go.

Good luck to everyone with the sleep/ or lack of, pains and the rest of the wonderful things we are all feeling these days! We just need to keep in mind that the reward will so be worth it!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

#18 ejfingerscrossed

Posted 17 August 2012 - 04:59 PM

Congratulations Kat on baby SEAN! I hope he gets nice and tubby over the next few weeksMks81 you poor thing, sounds like you have had an awful time, if you haven't already done it I would take the nurses muffins or cupcakes!
AFM I have spent 2 weeks working in the office instead of on the road because my SPD has gotten really bad and I really didnt want to finish up work yet! luckily they found me a nice big project to work on so I can keep working for 2 more weeks, then the following week we will move into our house and the baby is welcome to appear anytime after that! (I'll be 38 weeks when we move, yes I'm a complete idiot)
Also I went for a growth scan the other day because we are trying to get an idea of how big the baby is going to be and how the hell I'm going to get him out, anyway at 35weeks they estimated he is currently 3.6kg so he will be truly huge by 40weeks! Can't wait for my next OB appt do we can start deciding on exit strategy! It was great to have the scan because we got lots of 3d face shots and he is lovely and pudgy and we really started to see exactly what he'll look like! Makes it all so real! Other than that, I can't sleep properly, I've got acid, I grunt when I roll over and my hips and pelvis hurt, but it will all be over soon! Stay healthy everyone and looking forward to hearing about the new arrivals

#19 *Mumma-to-A*

Posted 17 August 2012 - 08:22 PM

Kat -Congratulations on your safe  arrival of your little man!

ejfingerscrossed - 3.6kg Whoo! I had a scan 36 weeks this week and bub is measuring 2.7kg - Dr told me it could be out 15% either way. I'm guessimate she will be 8-9 pounds at term.

I had a fantastic Dr appiontment today. I've just seen fantastic Dr's and my Ob lately which is a shame on the midwife side though. My student midwife sure makes up for it though. BP alittle high but I get nervous at appointments so they weren't worried. Bring on this last month!

#20 yellow10

Posted 17 August 2012 - 08:44 PM

Congrats to Kat on the birth of Sean, hope he is feeding well, and getting chubby so you can bring him home soon.

*littlemiracles* - how exciting to get an eviction date soon.

ejfingerscrossed - I don't have SPD, but it sounds horrible, I do have the acid and not being able to move in bed without grunting though, the joys of the last few weeks of pregnancy.

I was hoping all these braxton hicks and pressure was helping engage the baby but I don't think so yet, least he or she is the right way and hopefully I dont go too far over my due date, getting impatient and huge, the baby feels so big already.

Finally started packing my hospital bag, just need to wash the babys clothes and add that in, then all done. Also hubby has nearly finished painting the nursery then I can put everything in and we are ready to go, even though the baby will be in our room just want to decorate the nursery beforehand, feeling much more real now though and even getting excited and starting to not worry about labour so much cause I am over being pregnant.

#21 Impatientmummy

Posted 17 August 2012 - 09:11 PM

Congratulations Kat on the birth of Sean! Hope he is home with you soon original.gif
I'm kicking myself for all the running around I had to do today, I'm in so much pain waiting for the pain killers to kick in! Bubs bassinet is all made up & ready to go & DS hasn't even noticed yet since its still tucked in a corner with stuff on it, so no need to worry about him climbing in it yet original.gif Have a doctors appointment Tuesday to see if what my bp is doing, kinda nervous as this week has been pretty stressful! Now I just wish the next 3-4 weeks would hurry up, I'm really over being pregnant & she has really dropped down now so its getting very uncomfortable!

#22 tinkster23

Posted 17 August 2012 - 09:33 PM

Congrats on Sean's arrival, hope he's nice and fat and home soon!

Had another ob appt today, love when he starts with "you look a bit run down". Time and date for eviction all locked in, just told me to rest more. Uh huh, like that's easy! Having said that, my mum dropped me home after my appt and then took jack out all day, picked up from Hannah from school and then came home so I had a great sleep.

Have started washing baby's clothes, nursery is getting closer to organised. It's getting so close! Kinda freaky to think about it! Am trying to get dh's fathers day/birthday presents all organized as well, time is running out!

#23 *littlemiracles*

Posted 18 August 2012 - 11:06 AM

Just a quick post this morning - congrats to Kat on the arrival of baby Sean. Hope he is feeding well and getting nice and healthy to come home!!!

Busy weekend, so talk more next week :-)

#24 deedee70

Posted 18 August 2012 - 02:06 PM

Kat...Congratulations on the birth of baby Sean!!!
As the others have all said...hope he puts on that weight fats so you can take him home soon!

#25 BumpedUp

Posted 18 August 2012 - 10:24 PM

Hiya Ladies

Long time no post I know. I have just been so busy and havent had much time for EB. Have been stalking a little though!

Congratulations to Kat on the birth of Sean! Hope you are able to take him home real soon. Would love to see a pic!

So I finished work on friday which is a huge relief, Ive had my baby shower a few weeks ago, the nursery is pretty much ready, clothes are washed and im feeling pretty in control. Hospital bag is half packed and im hoping to finish that tomorrow! Classes are done also biggrin.gif

Ive got the best baby brain story for you all. Im sure it will give you a laugh.

So I was getting ready for work about a week ago and I had my fave pants in the dryer, so was just wandering around with my pj pants on and my work top. Hubby was hasssling me to hurry up, so I quickly through my knickers and pants on. Fast forward 2 hrs later and Im at work and need to go to the loo... so off I go... Get in there, pull my pants down and then realise that I put my g-string on back to front.... What the??? How the hell did I not feel that!!!! What a stupid woman, by far the most stupid thing I have done during this pregnancy!

How is everyone else going with the nurseries? Would love to see pics!

Louise: Yay for mat leave! Im feeling the same, not very glamourous at all, between the heartburn, leg cramps, stretch marks, baby brain etc....

Mks: You poor thing, what an ordeal. Hopefully you will be on the mend real soon!

Heliwife: Hopefully your BP goes back down and isnt a worry.

Bell: lol I feel so big too. Wow 3 Sept is just around the corner. yay to you for achieving greatness the other day!

Ejfingerscrossed: Wow thats a good sized bubba. I had a scan at 32 wks and baby was approx 2.1 kg and they are estimating 3.5kg at term. Bub was not being very cooperative and we didnt get any good pics which was disappointing.

Tinkster: I hear you re time running out. Dh's bday is 16 Sept so I should start thinking about a present for him and maybe a fathers day present too!

Hope everyone is well!


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