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Due in December 2012 Chat Thread #17

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#51 porkchop's mama

Posted 17 September 2012 - 04:38 PM

Hello ladies!

hugs and sympathy to all who are going through SPD and other joint issues.  I've been lucky to only get an ache in my nether regions when I've been up and about for a few hours as opposed to waking in agony as you poor ladies have been.

Leaf - hope hospital is going boringly and that nothing happening is a good thing.

Luna and Meg - I'm ditching my contacts for now and just wearing specs as much as I can.  Have totally lost all desire to do eye makeup these days anyway.  Mascara and a lash curl is as good as it gets.  biggrin.gif

Mahna - thinking of you on prac in Aged Care.  I'm back at work next week for 7 weeks before mat leave and am hoping I stay back safe and reasonably mobile through it all.  

Hello mum2bof5!


Trucking along and staying out of trouble.  Went to see my obs today and all is well with me and bubs.  He somehow managed to feel enough of bubs to tell me that bubs is facing to the right.  Don't know how he figured that.  Bubs heartbeat is around 140 and we're measuring to dates.  BP good.

I have my GTT in a couple of weeks.  Everyone very insistent it had to be done at 28 weeks, no earlier.  So I'm sacrificing 2 hours of my Saturday morning for it.  The carb loading will be good fun though.  I did notice that they didn't write how many units of carbs KFC mash or chips are.  That's what I was going to have, you see....  biggrin.gif

DH and I visited another daycare today.  DH is so cute, I didn't think he'd be that interested but he's been on 2 visits with me, taking it all in.  He couldn't get over the massive pram enclosure at today's centre or the fact that they needed two kitchens, one for cooking and one for the washing up.  I'm feeling a lot less anxious about daycare having seen how attentive the carers are at the 3 places we've visited and also that the little ones genuinely look contented and happy being there.

Take care all.


#52 Oma Desala

Posted 17 September 2012 - 09:23 PM

Hi all, hope everyone has been keeping well or at the very least as well as can be expected.

Leaf - have been thinking of you. Hoping that no news from you is good news. Btw Sabre is a beautiful name. Fingers crossed he lives up to the meaning and patiently waits a fair bit longer before making an appearance. One of my dearest friends had her DD at 27+3 and while she spent a fair time in hospital she is now a happy and bright two year old terror with no I'll effects from being born so early.

Mahna - hope this week goes fast for you. I started studying aged care years ago but gave it away halfway through for two reasons - pregnancy and the fact that I couldn't deal with the emotional side of caring for those nearing the end of their lives. My mum worked in aged care for more than a decade before retiring and I am still in awe of her strength.

My apologies for no more personals this post - combination of bad memory (I can remember the question asked but not who asked them) and posting on my iPhone makes it difficult to go back without losing my post.

Nursery setup and furniture - we have most of the things we need but won't really start setting up bubs room till late November. At the moment it is our study so I'm trying to regime a few items each week like filing cabinets etc but the computer will be the last to go. I have however picked out the colour - a nice light green.

OB/ MW visits - I next see my MW at 28 weeks then 31, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 41 weeks. I can see her more often should I choose to or should something come up that would necessitate an extra visit but as it is I can all or email her anytime should I have concerns.

AFM - well today has been good and bad. I'm currently working on a quilt for a family friend that has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. And while I got a lot done today it is a little depressing to know that it won't be used for very long because we are going to lose a good friend sometime in the next few months. On the bad note I discovered that our upright freezer had been slowly defrosting since Friday night after DS accidentally turned it off while looking for the outside light switch. Thank goodness the bin gets collected tomorrow because the smell would have been unbearable if we had to wait a few days.

Other than that all has been quiet on the home / pregnancy front. Bub has been beating me up from the inside and im absolutely knackered after walking for half an hour so can't window shop as well as I used too. Loving the rain we're having here at the moment.  its been a bit of a struggle keeping the veggie patch alive with very little water left in the tank.  With any luck we might even see green grass again one of these days : laugh:
Well, better get back to work. This quilt isn't going to sew itself.

Night everyone, pleasant dreams.

#53 Leafprincess

Posted 18 September 2012 - 12:58 AM

Hi everyone

OMA- thank you, every little bit of reassurance helps. oh dear with the freezer! After you clear it out i find a box a bi-carb overnight is good to soak up the smells the. After a wash out some vanilla should give you back a normal smelling freezer.What's lovely thing to do for your friend.

Porkchop- glad to hear baby is doing well and that you have good Childcare options in your area, did any talk about how long waiting lists were? My niece loved Childcare, she would cry at home time saying how she wanted to stay overnight.

Mahna- hopefully the week passes quickly for you.

Meg- nice weekend! Thanks for th tip on te big ticket items. We plan on having baby with us in our room, so no nursery as such, just a cot which we will order this weekend.

Kiwimel- argh renovations, my dad built all our houses, so there was always something going on. DP and I have renovated a few times too. The idea of renovating is great, the end result is brilliant, the process bites.

Thank you to everyone for the hugs and messages of support

Quick update: saw OBGYN again on Monday morning. My BP is up. He has given me low dose BP medication to lower it. I  also have a lot of aminotic fluid. I am on perm bed rest now, he was on The verge of committing me to 10 days in hospital, if I get any worse he will do it.

Plan of attack is a growth scan and blood tests again on 24/9 and see OBGYNagain on28/9 he will assess me for one of three options

1) more bed rest
2) admit me to hospital
3) give me steroids and schedule a c section straight away.

So I guess for the next ten days it's a date with Foxtel and a iBooks,I feel pretty useless because I cantdo much around the house without spewing, getting dizzy or fainting. Poor DP works all day then comes home to look after me. He's very positive & never grumbles. I just feel bad for him.

#54 aryastark

Posted 18 September 2012 - 06:00 AM

Leaf, if you're on bed rest you shouldn't even be trying to do anything! Your DP sounds perfect, and I'm sure that he doesn't mind the extra workload so to make sure that you and Sabre are doing okay original.gif

Oma, so sorry to hear about your friend sad.gif such sad news. I'm thinking of defrosting my freezer on purpose. I think I have about 7 bags of beans in there and they're all absolutely ruined by freezer burn...

AFM- DF doesn't have pneumonia (thank God), but he is very sick with some sort of bacterial infection thing... Right now, it's 6am, and he's just moaning in his sleep from pain. Poor thing. There's so little I can do for him, and I feel absolutely terrible if I have to ask him to do anything for me.

Also, we've very tentatively set a date for our wedding! Now to tell my dad that we're getting married in NZ and that my mum will be there, and I won't be forced to 'choose'... Hmm...

#55 KiwiMelW

Posted 18 September 2012 - 06:58 AM

Leaf - good luck for your visit next week im going to keep my fingers crossed but I just know that you and Sabre are going to be fine

Luna - Congrats on setting a wedding date, and a location. I sometimes wish that we had gotted married in NZ but considering if I did we would have had to have over 200 people there it would not have been the same.

Oma - I feel for you and your friend, it is a rather side time. I have lost quite a few family members to cancer and its the slow deteriation that I find so hard.

Porkchop - its so not as much fun going to daycare without a little kid with you! I cant wait till my son gets his first glimpse of daycare. Thats if we get into one here.

AFM - its my bday this friday! Yay. Have taken a half day and its hte first bday in about 4 years that my DH isnt working night shift so Im really stoked. We are going to have lunch and then im getting my hair done and buying a new dress and heading off to our friends engagement party. The next night we are all going out for dinner to my favourite restaurant.

#56 aryastark

Posted 18 September 2012 - 07:10 AM

KiwiMel- Opposite for us. If we got married here there would be heaps of people, and I really just want something small and intimate. DF and I lived in New Plymouth for a year, and I miss it so badly. I really can't wait, if only for the holiday! I haven't been back to NZ since I was 19!

Also, happy birthday for Friday! Sounds like you're going to have a great day biggrin.gif

#57 Leafprincess

Posted 18 September 2012 - 07:44 AM

Luna- congrats! On setting your wedding date  ddance.gif I spent a little time as a wedding coordinator and family wrangling is often the hardest part. NZ will be wonderful place for a wedding, one of my fav destinations.

Kiwimel- Happy birthday for Friday! I forgot if you were in Mackay or Gladstone, I know both places have limited Childcare places. Are you on any waiting lists or looked into family daycare?

#58 KiwiMelW

Posted 18 September 2012 - 09:20 AM

Leaf - Im in Mackay. Yep Im on the waiting lists for 3 daycare centres that fit my ideal. I want to get my child into the goodstart early learning centres.

i love love love my bday, im one of those annoying ultimate countdown birthday people who loves to get really spoilt hehe. But I also lavish the same treatment on all my loved ones for their bdays. Dh knows I will pretty much do anything he wants for his bday biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif

has anyone taken any bumb photos?? Seeing im getting my hair done for my bday im contemplating getting DH to take some pics of me down at the beach. I have a beautiful green dress that I love which would look great and then maybe a few in a bikini top and a long flowy skirt maybe?

All my friends are harrassing me for bump photos so proba  good idea to do it just after getting all pampered i reckon.

#59 MamaWinks

Posted 18 September 2012 - 09:57 AM

Hi MrsPotatoHead, would you kindly add me to the list of bubs due December 2012? My EDD for my rainbow #2 is 6th December, it's a boy.

Thank you.

ME 33
DH 36
Evangeline Frances 22/6/11, born at 23 weeks 2 days, did not survive.
#2 due 6th December, 2012

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#60 Stardusties

Posted 18 September 2012 - 10:21 AM

Wow some of you are very organised with daycare etc. I haven't even looked into it, which I probably should soon. In fact that might be my plan of attack today  happy.gif

KiwiMelW I'm exactly the same with my birthday. As soon as Christmas and New Years is over I'm straight to counting down, and my b-day isn't until March LOL. I'm thinking of getting some bump photos done, but I'm not sure if I would like to get them done in a proper photo shoot setting or just have someone take some nice ones at the park or something. I'm lucky that I know a fair few hobbyist photographers who specialise in maternity/newborn shoots and only charge a small amount.  So I can go that route if I want.

Luna-baby Congrats on the wedding plans! NZ sounds like a gorgeous place to get married. Glad to hear your DF doesn't have pneumonia and hope he gets better soon, what he's got doesn't sound too nice.

Leafprincess Good to hear from you. Have been thinking of you and little Sabre, and my DP expressed his hope that things go well for you two as well. Hope your growth scan and bloods come back with some good news for you and you don't need to be admitted to hospital. On a slightly similar note of reassurance, I was born at 28weeks almost 22years ago and while the hospital stay was long I've been fighting fit since and actually healthier then my siblings who were born at a later gestation. Preemies are tough, and I'm sure Sabre will be no exception.  

Oma Desala Sorry to hear about your friend. I'm sure the quilt will be a little bright spot for them in an otherwise sad time.

AFM Well I've just been puttering around home setting up things and enjoying the nice weather. Gave my MCN stash their first wash the other day and have been looking forward to the baby shower this Saturday. Got a baby appointment tomorrow so will get to hear bub's heartbeat again and then we're getting a 4D scan on Thursday. I'm super excited! Is anyone else getting one?

Oh and another exciting development- DP got a job!! Part-time three to four days a week. So that will help pad out our moving-out fund a little bit more. It's all coming together  happy.gif

#61 LunaTwilight88

Posted 18 September 2012 - 10:50 AM

Hi guys

Leaf- Make sure you keep ontop of that bed rest. My thoughts are with you and hopefully bubs will stay in there as long as possible.

Stardusties- We are booked in for a 4D scan at 32 weeks im so excited. Its been ages since we've had an ultrasound.

FINALLY finishing the nursery today. Feels like ive been working on it forever. DF wont let me in there for long periods of time because ive been doing painting so im only allowed 20 minutes every few days beleive me you dont get much done in 20 minutes. I was kicked out of the house earlier today. The carpet people came and I was "annoying" them. I didnt want them scuffing my walls with their tools. Once thats done its just furniture assembly to go and finding a timber venitian blind that A) doesnt look like its from the 60's and B) Doesnt cost a home loan.

At my 20 week appt I was told that bubs was slightly small so im booked in for growth scans at 28, 32 and 36 weeks, honestly im kinda happy he's on the smaller side of life. I was 8 pound however my partner was 11 pound 6 and his brother was 14 pound 8 so I was sketching that i'd have a toddler sized newborn. Midwife said at last appointment shes expecting bubs to measure at 6 pound unless he has a massive growth spurt.

Spent the last few days at the hospital with a good friend of mine who went into labour early. She was Due November 22nd and gave birth on the 10th of August at 24 weeks 3 days. Her daughter is doing fantastically well though. NICU are looking after her very well. Its quite scary though to look at her daughter and think thats the size my bubs is and he's still got 13 weeks of growing to do in my tummy.

Two weeks until my next ultrasound, On the same day im meant to fast for a blood test and do a glucose test as well as drink 500 mls for a ultrasound..... should be interesting haha.

#62 Jlhb

Posted 18 September 2012 - 12:41 PM

Hi everyone

Leaf sorry to hear of your complications. Positive thought are with you. I know how scary it can be when things don't go to plan. I'm sure you are in good hands so have faith in their advice and get as much rest as poss.

Sorry I have been MIA. Been dealing with complications of my own. Amniotic fluids been in bottom 2.5th percentile so have been seeing a perinatologist as well as my ob. Appointment with specialist this thurs again. Hope she's swimming in there.

Had a cols for the past two weeks which turned into influenza sun evening. It's been awful - hot cold sensitive skin, aches, cough, sneezing the lot. Was trying to survive on panadol but that wasnt fixing anything, just masking the effects. Ob has put me on tamiflu today as the risks of the flu outweigh the risks of the antiviral. So, been in bed. Had to toto pharmacy today and even though it's only 5 mins up the road, and I drove, it felt like I was hiking mt everest! Back in bed and pooped. Works a pain - I have so much to get done but I'm laid up.

Good news is I have all the furniture for the nursery sorted. Bought everything second hand - boori cot, boori cradle, boori change table, mountain buggy swift stroller, carrycot, and safe n sound infant capsule. Also got a chicco porta cot, baby bjorn bouncer and ergo baby carrier. Got amazing deals via eBay and gumtree. would highly recommend if you're looking to save loads of cash. For example a boori sleigh cot is 899 new and I got ours for 150!

Also had a whole heap of osh kosh clothes shipped in from the states - they are literally 1/5 th the price there.

No cravings for me since the first tri. Althouhive had a monster growth spurt in past three weeks and whacked on 3kgs sad.gif don't know what happened, I haven't eaten anymore! But because I've been sick I also haven't been able to exercise.

How is everyone else going? Our births are so near now!


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#63 FourLittleLoves

Posted 18 September 2012 - 01:11 PM

QUOTE (kjdean1988 @ 18/09/2012, 10:20 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
At my 20 week appt I was told that bubs was slightly small so im booked in for growth scans at 28, 32 and 36 weeks, honestly im kinda happy he's on the smaller side of life. I was 8 pound however my partner was 11 pound 6 and his brother was 14 pound 8 so I was sketching that i'd have a toddler sized newborn. Midwife said at last appointment shes expecting bubs to measure at 6 pound unless he has a massive growth spurt.

Oh their poor mother! Ouch.

I hope the weeks pass quickly for your friend and she gets to take her baby home soon.

Leafprincess I'm glad they are keeping you well informed, enjoy your couch/bed time a great chance to catch up on some reading and movies. original.gif

Sorry for my constant lack of personals.

AFM I had a growth scan today as my fundal height was measuring 2 weeks ahead at my last appointment, everything seems to be fine baby is 2-3ks ahead and weights about 1.67kg. I didn't get any pictures baby had its face buried in my hip.

#64 aryastark

Posted 18 September 2012 - 02:22 PM

Just a quick one- Just went to the optometrist and sure enough, I need glasses. They're a really weak prescription he said. He mentioned that often the thing with pregnancy isn't that your eyesight actually changes, it's just that you become hyper aware of it. I have astigmatism in one eye, which I always knew was there, and the glasses will correct it.

I'm just happy it's all sorted out original.gif and under $200!

#65 cletus

Posted 18 September 2012 - 11:52 PM

Dear god, gastro in pregnancy -has anyone been through this? HOw have you coped? I'm feeling so bloody sick right now and can't sleep and just want to curl up in a ball and pass out.

It's been going on for 48 hours and with no relief in sight  I'm starting to worry about dehydration. Seeing the OB first thing for a routine appointment though so I guess I better pack a hospital bag. I'd put money on him sending me to the hospital to get fluids put in and probably to get bub monitored (no probs with the latter - nothing like having a baby kick you in the bladder and bowel with a good case of gastro I've discovered!)

Jlhb - I hope everything is ok with you and bub, I had low amniotic fluid around 19 weeks (but not nearly as low as yours) so I'm aware of some of the issues it can cause. Good luck with your appointment.

Leaf - keep resting and figures crossed bub can keep baking for as long as possible.

Will do other personals later, if tonight keeps going the way it looks like it will I'll be up for hours and  will be bored silly.

#66 Guest_louise526_*

Posted 19 September 2012 - 03:13 AM

My goodness we all seem to have something going on at the moment.  The iPad is terrible for doing personals so I will just do a couple off the top of my head.....

Jlhb, I hope your fluid levels increase and everything goes well for the last trimester

Cletus, I hope the gastro clears up.  As for fluids, have you tried the hydralyte ice blocks or drinks.  When I had morning sickness I was struggling to keep fluids down and first started eating lemonade ice blocks.  After they seemed successful I switched to hydralyte which in terms of increasing fluids really worked.  Taste like a salty ice lock made of fake orange powder drink, so not great in other words, but  they do work well.

Leaf princess, sabre sounds like a wonderfully strong name and I bet he shows you just how strong he is, regardless if it inside or outside your tummy.  You sound like you have a wonderful partner and family support and your care providers seem to be on the ball.  My thoughts are with you, but it seems you are in great hands.  I truly hope you have a boring and uneventful period of bed rest!

The bride to be, your wedding in new Zealand sounds lovely, nz is a great place.

My update .... I can't sleep tonight.  My son is going to an ENT specialist at 9am this morning and whilst it is fairly routine, I guess it is playing on my mind.  He is not even getting surgery or anything, essentially we are being told there is nothing wrong but here I am worrying anyway.  My son will be 3 in December and there is not a single question you can ask him that he will verbally respond to.  We do speech therapy which has improved his receptive language, but there is no change in expressive language.  His hearing is fine in terms of his ability to hear sounds as not to impair speech development.  It is hard not to worry,particalarly when you go to a park and there is an 18 month old girl speaking in sentences!  This is a lesson for all the first time mums to be .... Don't compare your babies, they are all different.  

I suppose the update for me was meant to be about the baby, not the toddler!  Saw my dr today who felt my stomach and said "the baby isn't small" not the most encouraging news for when it comes time to deliver!  I passed the diabetes test and was told to eat more red meat.  Other than that, a small weight gain of 500g in four weeks wich was good because the prior  4 weeks saw a 4 kg gain which was not a trend I wanted to follow.  Nursery pretty much done.  I loved pulling out my sons old clothes and blankets.  Such beautiful memories of how tiny he used to be.... Unless my first thoughts were right and everything shrunk in storage!

#67 Leafprincess

Posted 19 September 2012 - 07:48 AM

Louise- hopefully the ENT can shed some more light on the situation. There is nothing worse than not knowing. At least when you know you can start doing something about it. Excellent news on the GT side of things. Did thy say why to eat more red meat? Was it for protein or iron?

Cletus- hydra lite is the best thing when you have gastro. You can get beroccra like. Tablets to add to water or the ice blocks. Sip it and it will keep you hydrated & gives you electrolytes

Luna baby- nice work on the glasses

Jlhb - oh dear on the col/flu and please keep us updated on your little girl. Saying a  hands.gif
For you & her.

KJ -  laughing2.gif  you sound like me when I renovate. Always being told not to hassle the tradies and let them do their job.

Stardusties- thank you for the reassurance and  tthumbs.gif On your partner getting a job.


Midnight run to maternity last night after taking my first dose of the BP meds, I was twitchy,shaking,  heart was racing, feeling extremely agitated and was doing this one hand clapping thing involuntarily.

Didn't think it was "normal" (Dah!) so we got in the car, we hadn't even turned the first corner and I lost all my dinner (I will never eat thai flavored snapper again  sick.gif )

They monitored baby, took my BP & tested for protein in my urine. Everything was normal, symptoms started to subside.

Must have just been a bad reaction to the meds, which I would have thrown up in the car along with dinner. Will speak to OBGyn this morning, there is no way I'm taking another tablet.

Poor DP he worked a full day yesterday, then was. Freaking out because I was behaving like some druggie going cold turkey, sitting up with me in hospital and now has to go work again - including a flight to Tasmania. I feel so guilty.

#68 Guest_louise526_*

Posted 19 September 2012 - 02:43 PM

Wow, what a night you had.  I hope your dr has managed to sort something out about the medication and side effects.  I'll be keeping an eye out for your update which I hope will be a boring and uneventful one.

I was told to eat more red meat to boost my iron levels.  The dr told me about a supplement but I'd prefer to just eat more meat than take one.  The levels aren't super low,  but they could be improved.

My son went to the ENT this morning and at this stage we are going to see how he develops in the next 6-7 months.  A new brother or sister and starting preschool next year might encourage him to talk.  A least there is nothing wrong, he is perfectly happy and content and well developed in all other areas. I guess he just hasn't found the need to talk yet (laziness must come from my husbands side!).

Hope everyone else is well.  I have been awake since 1am this morning and doing

#69 ~bluebird~

Posted 19 September 2012 - 06:06 PM

Louise526 - i have a friend who didn't speak til 4. She is now super friendly, vocal intelligent and successful so i guess sometimes kids just start late.

Leafprincess - sorry to here all the troubles you are going through,it sounds terrifying.

Feeling for all of you that are sick. Touch wood i've got over my share of illness.

Its exciting hearing everyones nursery progress, though i still haven't worked out what i'm going to do with this bub. He'll be in with us for a few months then maybe share with DS? We have another bedroom but no aircon in there will see how we go, need to get ds a bed.

#70 aryastark

Posted 19 September 2012 - 07:05 PM

Louise526- Einstein didn't speak until he was 4 original.gif

Leaf - Don't feel guilty! You're unwell, make sure you're just resting. I'm sure your DP will just be happy that you're making a good home for his baby.

#71 Meg88

Posted 19 September 2012 - 07:28 PM

Hi all! And my sympathies to those who are not feeling the greatest hhugs.gif

Kjdean: Wow those were some big birth weight bubbas! I'm freaking a little too as I was over 8pounds, my sister + husband were 9pounders and my cousins were 10pounder. Combine all that with a 5ft7 mum and a 6ft4 dad and I think I might be in for a big bub.

Jlhb: Sorry to hear you're feeling so unwell. Is there anything that helps increase fluid levels for bub? Its good that they've identified the issue and can monitor it at least. I'll keep you in my prays.

Luna: Yay for wedding plans. DH and I honeymooned in NZ (south island) and it was beautiful.

Leaf: Sounds like you had a drama filled night. I hope tonight's a more settled one for you.

AFM: I had my Gestational diabetes test (non-fasting) today and it was so much better then what I thought it would be. I didn't feel sick or sugar loaded or anything. My midwife rang this arvo to say my levels were all good too - YAY I passed! My iron levels are also looking good, as too is my BP. The midwife reckons bub is head down now (and will hopefully stay that way) and his heartrate was just under 140Bpm.
My growth scans been scheduled for mid-oct so I'll get to see the little guy again in a few weeks hooray!

#72 Mum_of_five

Posted 19 September 2012 - 10:24 PM

Not sure how to add to the dates original.gif If someone could add me to the 17th December... thankyou

#73 -Pz-

Posted 20 September 2012 - 10:32 AM

Hi Ladies - i haven't posted much lately but a fair bit has changed for me & bubs! Warning: possibly tmi below

Very early tuesday morning I woke up with a feeling of dampness btwn my legs, went to the toilet & had a pretty large bleed. Hubby & I called our private hospital in the city, and after liaising with the OB covering while my OB is on leave, directed me to ED at the closest hospital with a neonatal icu

After a few very scary hours and lots of monitoring, determined that both twins were fine and that I had likely bled from a bubby boy's low lying placenta. Covering OB admitted me for monitoring, but thank God no further bleeds since then.

First night was terrible - emotionally & physically exhausted, but couldnt sleep at all.  Kept trying to put on a brave face for hubby and family. Since this is a public/private hospital, got put into a shared room. Unfortunately, roommate who got admitted thwt night was a woman with psychiatric issues (I work in public mental health). I just overheard her meds, and with my job, I was worried that our paths had crossed before. Luckily the nurses recognized this potential conflict & moved me to a different room the next day

Since that time, things have improved a lot! Not on bedrest, so im able to walk around the ward on my own, and on the hospital grounds with visitors. Looks like I'm I here for a couple of weeks until my regular OB gets back from vacation, and the covering OB and him have a chat about what to do with me.

At this stage they just want to keep me close by in case I have another bleed. Bubby boy is weighing 1100g and bubby girl is 1050g, which everyone seems to be very happy with. Both are now head down although she is lying more diagonally across my belly while he is more up & down. Both kicking like mad original.gif

Sorry for the me post, but it's nice to get this out. Love reading all the updates from everyone!

#74 Stardusties

Posted 20 September 2012 - 12:45 PM

Hi ladies!

Just a quick update, I'll do personals next time. We had the 4D scan today (it was amazing btw, I highly recommend getting one) and we can now safely say the gender.

wub.gif  wub.gif IT'S A GIRL  wub.gif  wub.gif

She's got the cutest little button nose and big feet like her daddy. We're super excited to meet her in the next few months. I've popped a picture in the ultrasound thread if anyone want to see our little princess  happy.gif

Hope you're all keeping well and you enjoy the rest of the day!

#75 aryastark

Posted 20 September 2012 - 02:03 PM

CONGRATULATIONS STARDUSTIES! I'm getting my 4D on Monday and I can't even stand the wait!!

PZ- Sounds like you've had a huge time sad.gif Good to hear that the babies are doing okay though. Catch up on your reading or something hey? original.gif

AFM- Got my glasses and feel so much better! I almost wanted to cry with happiness at how much I can finally see. Also got our carseat in the mail and I'm resisting the urge to install it... Bit early, right? I'm overexcited.

ETA- Stardusties I just saw your u/s picture and your daughter is absolutely adorable.

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Essential Baby and Essential Kids is the place to find parenting information and parenting support relating to conception, pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers, kids, maternity, family budgeting, family travel, nutrition and wellbeing, family entertainment, kids entertainment, tips for the family home, child-friendly recipes and parenting. Try our pregnancy due date calculator to determine your due date, or our ovulation calculator to predict ovulation and your fertile period. Our pregnancy week by week guide shows your baby's stages of development. Access our very active mum's discussion groups in the Essential Baby forums or the Essential Kids forums to talk to mums about conception, pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers, kids and parenting lifestyle. Essential Baby also offers a baby names database of more than 22,000 baby names, popular baby names, boys' names, girls' names and baby names advice in our baby names forum. Essential Kids features a range of free printable worksheets for kids from preschool years through to primary school years. For the latest baby clothes, maternity clothes, maternity accessories, toddler products, kids toys and kids clothing, breastfeeding and other parenting resources, check out Essential Baby and Essential Kids.