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Due January 2013 Chat thread #12

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#1 ~A2~

Posted 10 September 2012 - 10:46 PM

Hi all

New thread time

Previous thread

I am sorry to read of the recent losses in this group.  I am thinking of you, please take care of yourselves.



#2 Ali-Nan Plum Jam

Posted 11 September 2012 - 12:34 AM


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#3 spitzmum

Posted 11 September 2012 - 07:17 AM


Here are the January EDDs:
1 Jan
AprilFoolsChild, VIC, Frances Perry House, Baby number 1, Waiting for scan
essiepoo, VIC, Bacchus Marsh, Baby number 4, It's a GIRL!
katem666, VIC, Epworth Freemasons, Baby number 1, Waiting for scan

2 Jan
kylie2011, NSW, Gosford Hospital, Baby number 3, Waiting for scan

3 Jan
Mumoffour99, VIC, Mercy Hospital for Women, Baby number 5, Having a surprise

4 Jan
*ShirleyTemple*, NT, Darwin Private, Baby number 2, Having a surprise
~buzz~, VIC, Ballarat Base, Baby number 1, Having a surprise
klks, VIC, Ballarat Base, Baby number , It's a GIRL!
spitzmum, NSW, Norwest Private, Baby number 1, It's a BOY!

5 Jan
cordyline, , , Baby number , It's a GIRL!
runnybabbit, QLD, Townsville Birth Centre, Baby number 2, Undecided

6 Jan
LoveMyLife, QLD, Mater, Baby number 2, Having a surprise

7 Jan
bub79, QLD, Sunnybank Private, Baby number 3, It's a BOY!
LoT, VIC, Frances Perry, Baby number 3, It's a GIRL!
rabbit hyde, NSW, Nepean, Baby number , Waiting for scan
sarahbn87, It's a BOY!
Zarlias, It's a BOY!

8 Jan
Bloss2, WA, Mandurah, Baby number 3, Still deciding whether to find out
Deppy, VIC, Still looking for a hospital, Baby number 1, Waiting for scan
ritten, ACT, TCH midwifery program, Baby number 1, It's a BOY!

9 Jan
amethyst78, SA, Burnside Hospital, Baby number 1, Still deciding whether to find out
*corynbiancasmum, VIC, , Baby number 3, Waiting for scan
JamieBaby, VIC, East Grampians Health Service, Baby number 2, It's a GIRL!
Tankboy, It's a BOY!

10 Jan
mrsmcb, It's a GIRL!
Mumski11, NSW, Having a surprise
schnookle, NSW, Prince of Wales Private, Baby number , It's a BOY!

11 Jan
bluebird84, NSW, RPA Birth Centre, Baby number 1, It's a GIRL!
Straks, Vic, , Baby number 1, Having a surprise

12 Jan
shanilee, VIC, Bendigo Hospital, Baby number 3, Having a surprise

13 Jan
NikkiNuNu, NSW, , Baby number 2, Having a surprise

14 Jan
Covert, WA, St John of God, Subiaco, Baby number 2, It's a BOY!
Koolkat23, Baby number 1, It's a BOY!
mrsboof, QLD, , Baby number 2, It's a BOY!
Xmanmum, TAS, , Baby number 2, It's a BOY!

15 Jan
Mozzie1, NSW, RPA, Baby number 1, Having a surprise

16 Jan
jazzygal, ACT, TCH Birth Centre, Baby number 1, It's a GIRL!
MumLucky3, NSW, Royal North Shore Hospital, Baby number 3 for me, 1 for hubby, It's a GIRL!

17 Jan

18 Jan
Happy_daisy, Having a surprise
Jen323, VIC, Baby number 2, It's a GIRL!
msk1, NSW, , Baby number 3, Waiting for scan

19 Jan
Bowesam, NSW, Royal North Shore Private, Baby number 1, It's a BOY!
katiebelle, Having a surprise

20 Jan
eleven, NSW, Norwest Private, Baby number 1, It's a BOY!
EllaMaree, WA, King Edward Memorial, Baby number 1, It's a GIRL!
JillyJellyBean, ACT, John James Hospital, Baby number , It's a GIRL!
JixxerBeau, QLD, St Andrews, Ipswich, Baby number 1, It's a BOY!
Iliketea, NSW, No idea! Don't even know where we will be living in 6 months!, Baby number 1, It's a GIRL!

21 Jan
Bee_Lee, Darwin, No hospital decision yet, Baby number 1, Waiting for scan

23 Jan
FrootLoop, Baby number 4, Waiting for scan

24 Jan
Ali-Nan Plum Jam, It's a GIRL!
AliGeo, NSW, Burnside (SA), Baby number 2 and 3, Waiting for scan
PeterAlexandra, NSW, Goulburn Public?, Baby number 1, It's a GIRL!

25 Jan
Tissle mum

26 Jan
capturingfrog, WA, , Baby number 1, It's a BOY!
DaisyChook, QLD, , Baby number 2, Having a surprise
Little.One, WA, St John of God, Subiaco, Baby number 2, It's a GIRL!
munchmum, It's a GIRL!

27 Jan
ADELAIDE2ndtimeMUM, SA, North Eastern Community Hospital, Baby number 2, It's a BOY!
Rockinghorsefly, QLD, Nambour, Baby number 1,

28 Jan
gkdownes, NSW, , Baby number 4, It's a BOY!
Lissy1085, VIC, Ballarat St John of Got, Baby number 1, It's a GIRL!
Riebe, NSW, RPA, Baby number 1, It's a BOY!

29 Jan
*Amz*, NSW, Mudgee, Baby number 1, It's a BOY!
Sunshiney, NSW, RHW Birth Centre, Baby number 1, Waiting for scan

30 Jan

31 Jan
cheekychikadees, VIC, Frankston Hospital, Baby number 3,
Tashwoo, NSW, Westmead Private, Baby number 2, Undecided

No date as yet
Prisky, It's a GIRL!
mrsfirehouse, It's a BOY!

Angels watching over their mummies, and in our hearts
Ms Kelly
kirsee - a little girl, born sleeping
**becstar** - a little girl, born sleeping
bonsaibub - a little boy, born sleeping
am_I_ebaholic? - a little girl, born sleeping

Current count: Boys 21, Girls 19, Surprises 13

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#4 LoveMyLife

Posted 11 September 2012 - 07:21 AM


I finally made one!

I dont really come on here anymore, but I was sorry to hear about Kirsee's news.
So sad. I think that this DIG has had enough heartache now.

Edited by LoveMyLife, 11 September 2012 - 07:22 AM.

#5 JillyJellyBean

Posted 11 September 2012 - 11:37 AM

Hello ladies,
My scan went really well. Im having a girl, which is fantastic (lets face it, its amazing either way!) I also found out I have an anterior placenta so hence no kicks. I had this last time so shouldnt have been surprised really.
Spitzmum - can you add me to the list 20 jan, ACT, John James Hospital, Girl! Thanks. Well done maintaining the list too.
I cry watching babies being born, its so magical, how could you not? I used to like watching Deliver Me back when I had pay TV. Where can I download the british verison of one born every minute?
Have a nice afternoon

#6 runnybabbit

Posted 11 September 2012 - 07:21 PM

Hi everyone. I posted here when we first found out we were having a baby, and haven't quite checked back since -- my 16.5-month-old keeps me busy!

Sorry to hear that some of the women here have experienced losses. sad.gif

Just thought I would say hi, again. I'll try to stick around now.

#7 Maybe317

Posted 11 September 2012 - 08:30 PM

Hi all!

Finally got my computer and oh it is so pretty! I have been so excited to actually type on a key board on this board. Many more posts from me to be had!

I think the last time I posted I was about to go to my ob appointment. All is well, my iron was tested and that came back fine, I just have to go back next week as well as I had a little scare with fluid (tmi) leaking and cramps. Turned out to be just normal discharge (tmi) and cramps. But man I thought my waters had broken. I was very scared and spent the whole night awake in bed after calling the hospital. My ob just wants to check my cervix as apparently it has shortened a little since the 20 week scan. So im getting it checked next week. Not worried though!

I am 21 weeks now and bub has just started to really move. Less jerking movements that make me jump and more actual movements. I really feel it, all the time. It is possibly the cutest thing in the world!! But I understand the people who think it is weird. It used to freak me out. DH flew out last night for work and just before bub did a huge roll and he felt the whole thing. He loved it. I dont particularly like the kicking the bladder but I would rather feel it than not. Hugely attached to bub now.

Ive started the pacifier debate in my head. Already decided against circumcision. I will need to read some threads on pacifiers. Though I am dreading it cause I am so 50/50 and the idea of SIDS freaks me out entirely!

Now I have a computer I should be able to do more personals. But because I have been off the chart for a while on here (always on FB though) I need to catch up!

My heart goes out to all the angel bubs and their families. sad.gif

Congrats to everyone and their scans!


#8 eleven

Posted 11 September 2012 - 10:17 PM

Hi Ladies,

I don't think I'm feeling anything yet and am starting to panic... i had an obs appt last week and heard the heartbeat so I'm trying to convince myself that everything is ok, but shouldn't I be feeling something by now?
I'm officially 21weeks but measuring 22 so thought I'd feel something by now. I have strange twinges, stings in my belly but nothing that feels like pressure etc, like I thought it would..

What did your first baby moves feel like?

Thanks! Hope I stress less once I can feel bub moving... x

#9 AliGeo

Posted 12 September 2012 - 08:23 AM

JillyJellyBean - Yay for a girl! I also love Deliver Me, though it's funny since I got pregnant again I find it hard to watch, all the stuff that can go wrong freaks me out. That goes for all birth shows really.

runnybabbit - Welcome back!

EllaMaree - New stuff is always great but computer especially, well for me anyway. My ten cents worth on dummies: With DD we didn't use one until she was around 6-7 months and it was great for about a year and since then it's been more of a pain that a help. With these next two I'm going to try not to used them.

eleven - The first movements with DD were more like a nervous feeling. I would be perfectly calm then would suddenly feel nervous. I took me about 3 weeks to figure out that it was the baby. With the twins, it was a definate tapping at 15 weeks, but has taken til now (almost 21 weeks) for it to happen everyday. Try not to freak out they say anywhere between 18-22 weeks is normal.

Hi to everyone else waves.gif

AFM - Just cruising along here. Starting to get very tired easily these days. Also finally popped out the last two weeks. I was starting to get worried I was much bigger at this stage with DD, but now I seem to have caught up haha. Ob says that I'll look full term at 28 weeks, so very scared about how big I'm going to get ohmy.gif .

#10 Happy_daisy

Posted 12 September 2012 - 09:48 AM

Hi everyone! waves.gif

I was sorry to hear of Kirsee's loss. What an awful thing to have to cope with sad.gif

JillyJellyBean congrats on the girl! I love one born every minute, not sure where you can get the british version though, sorry.

Welcome back runnybabbit! I know what you mean about toddlers keeping you busy...that's why I'm also not posting much.

Sorry you had a scare EllaMaree sad.gif Glad it wasn't too serious!

Eleven with my first I didnt get any movement at all until 23 weeks. I was worried at the time but all turned out fine! The first movement I feel sort of feels like a butterfly in my tummy...little flickering feeling. Hope you start feeling something soon original.gif

AliGeo I know what you mean about feeling tired! I've been exhausted this time around, falling asleep on the couch most nights.

AFM: Nothing much going on, just growing a baby! Can't believe we're over halfway already, time is going so quickly! Had my 20 week scan and all is fine, leaving the sex a surprise though, so sorry no news original.gif Hope everyone is going well!

#11 munchmum

Posted 12 September 2012 - 07:25 PM

Ellamarie re dummies, you mentioned SIDS, I don't think there is any research to show that dummies increase SIDS risk, in fact I think that the only research shows they may be protective but check the SIDS website for the latest info. I was unsure of dummies with my first too -mainly due to worrying they would effect breastfeeding - but I gave one to my daughter in desperation at 5 weeks. She loved it and threw it herself at 16 months. I do know some other mums who went crazy having to get up all night to give the dummy back though to their older babies.

Eleven I didn't feel my first until 25wks. It was like butterflies or indigestion to begin with, then the kicks started. I know it's hard but try not to worry, every pregnancy is different.

#12 runnybabbit

Posted 12 September 2012 - 09:14 PM

Hi again everyone.

We tried desperately with #1 to get him to take a dummy, because he was a bad sleeper. $40 of different brands of dummies later, he just refused to take one. I think I would've preferred him to have a sleep crutch than not, because, well, the newborn stage was really awful and I'm sort of dreading going through it again.

I much prefer being a mum to a toddler than a newborn! I'm hoping that since DH is working much better hours now than when we had our first, that things will be better. But it'll probably be cancelled out by us having a toddler at foot as well.  rolleyes.gif

We are also leaving the sex a surprise. original.gif Thumper (as we call the baby) is really hurting me sometimes. He/she sticks an elbow/knee/something in one particular spot and it's like a distension pain or something, almost like overeating. Ouchies.

#13 bub79

Posted 13 September 2012 - 08:25 AM

Hi Everyone

I've been logged off for a while due to work and 2 active little boys! Am so sad to hear of the recent losses in this group sad.gif

Re: movement, I don't feel movement everyday and if I do it's only very light (I'm 23 wks) - but I've come to know that that is just standard for me as my previous pregnancies have all been the same so I know no different original.gif

Re: dummy/pacifier. I was 100% against it for DS1 - although at certain desperate times I did try it! original.gif But he wouldn't have it anyway. DS2 was completely different, I was still against it but as I had an 18mth old to attend to as well sometimes I just had to give DS2 a dummy for comfort - I used to let him fall asleep with it, then take it out. And at 12 weeks we went cold turkey as it was stressing me that he would become too attached to it - although I did start feeding him to sleep wink.gif I did give the dummy back to him around 6mths for about a month as he was very unsettled but since then he's just a blankie boy now like his big brother original.gif

I love one born every minute too! Would love to also know where I can download british episodes?

AFM - nothing new, everything going well. Next appotinment with OB is Monday week which means the dreaded glucose test is not far away! yuk!

Hope you are all well original.gif

#14 *ShirleyTemple*

Posted 13 September 2012 - 12:56 PM

Good Afternoon Everyone!

bub79 - I love OBEM as well - they are showing some UK episodes on the lifestyle channel on foxtel, so you can watch it online there if you have it, but i'm not sure about downloading it.

runnybabbit - I agree, toddlers are much better! Kind of wondering what I've gotten myself into, DH isn't a fan of the newborn stage either!

munchmum -  waves.gif

Happydaisy - congrats on a good scan!

AliGeo - Full term size at 28wks? Wow! All that baby growing you are doing, fair enough you are tired!

eleven - it really does take a while to properly 'feel' baby movements with your first. They are kind of like bubbly gas or butterflies at first, not really pressure. Eventually they can kick harder and harder. Hope you start feeling bubs soon, to put your mind at ease.

EllaMaree - My DS (22mths) has a dummy. After he used me as a dummy in the hospital for the first 4 days (he was BFing for up to 9 hrs overnight) I gave him one. He is a card carrying member of dummy-holics anonymous though. He only uses it for sleeps now. I've never given getting rid of it a really good attempt, I plan to try giving it to Santa this year. I don't think there are any SIDS considerations with them, and some kids really like them and others refuse, depends on the baby.

JillyJellyBean - Congrats on your little girl! I'm a massive fan of deliver me as well!

Essnm - Yay on your DH feeling bubs move!

AFM - tomorrow is V-day! Thats been my goal lately, to make it past the point considered viable. Starting to really get a sense that everything is ok and we are really going to have a baby! I know there a no guarantees, but feeling more positive!

Had to DS assessed by a speech therapist this week. He still isn't talking. Turns out he is a bit too clever for his own good. He can get everything he wants (read: get mummy to do whatever he wants) but pointing, gesturing and grunting. So even though we are doing all the right things, he doesn't have the motivation to verbalise. So we've been given a whole heap of exercises to start with him, hoping we start to see some progress.

My belly keeps getting bigger and bigger, I swear I am as big now as I was with DS at 7months! But weirdly enough, my clothes are still fitting comfortably. I never really got out of a lot of my maternity gear anyway, but happy not to have to find a new wardrobe!

Heading down to Perth next week for my holidays to visit all my friends with DS while DH is away. Getting really excited, cant wait to see all of the new bubs!

Ended up selling the new double pram I bought for this bubs. It was ok as I sold it for what I paid for it, so no loss or foul. Decided just to go with the toddler skateboard on my old one, seeing as DS doesn't want to go in the pram anymore.

#15 spitzmum

Posted 13 September 2012 - 04:27 PM

bub79 - I just got the form for my LGTT - my OB is getting me to do the long one just to be sure.  No history of it, but he said it would be easier than having to do the short one, then possibly having to do the long one as well.  However, in a modification, I don't carb load, just fast the night before.

ShirleyTemple - happy V-day to us for tomorrow original.gif

AFM, the uterus is pressing on a nerve somewhere and I'm getting tingling and numbness in my right hip.  Hopefully it doesn't extend down my leg so I can't walk!  Apparently common in pregnancy and my OB said it could disappear at any time, or stay on.  Don't you love how things are so confusing!

#16 JillyJellyBean

Posted 13 September 2012 - 07:16 PM

Hello ladies,
runnybabbit- I love the name thumper. You should consider using it after they are born, lol. So cute.
eleven - Im sure I was around 22-23 weeks when I felt movement the first time round.Its pretty stressful but Im sure all is well.
Ellamaree - my DS uses a dummy (hes 29 months) but only in the house and at night. He loves it so much I couldnt bear to take it from him. If a small piece of rubbery plastic could make me feel so comforted then Id be pretty darn happy. Ill probably have to go down the dummy fairy road at his next birthday when I can explain it all to him.
ShirleyTemple - happy V day for tomorrow!!
AFM- nothing to report. Trying to decide when I should leave work. DS was premmie so I dont want to take any risks but we cant afford much time off at all. Its a gamble. Itll be my luck this baby will go over and Ill need an induction. ha ha. Its all fun and games.
Enjoy the rest of your week,

#17 ~buzz~

Posted 14 September 2012 - 08:26 AM

Hey ladies

Happy 24 weeks Shirley temple and Spitzmum very exciting biggrin.gif

Of or my 24 week appt today hopefully everything will be all good can't wait to hear bubs heartbeat again. Still trying to get DP to help me with names want to try and get 2 or 3 for each we both agree on but he keeps saying we have heaps of time grrr if he doesn't decide soon I'll just go with my favorites and tell him he no longer gets a say Tounge1.gif as for dummies I've already decided not to use one unless necessary as I don't want bub becoming attached to one.

Internet should be set up this week yay so hopefully will be able to keep track of the posts a bit better

Have a wonderful day all original.gif

#18 cordyline

Posted 14 September 2012 - 02:50 PM

eleven - for me the first movement were just flutters. Then they were kind of like when you get a muscle twitch or twitch in your eye. Now I can actually see my belly throb out on the side.

I do have an anterior placenta which can sometimes dull the feeling of movements, but it hasnt really done so for me.

Spitz - is that numbness the same as sciatica. If so, my sister had that and it only went away after bubs was born (but that is not to say that is what will happen with you)

Shirley - I was also counting down until V-day (well I didnt call it that) but was very happy to get to the 23 week point.

AFM - Off to NZ for 10 days on the weekend to see family and attend my sisters wedding. OB said it is ok to travel and just to wear some compression socks during the flight. Sleeping on a camper bed - should be fun blink.gif given that I can not even get comfy in my own super-comfy bed with 7 pillows, the camper bed is going to be a hoot.

#19 spitzmum

Posted 14 September 2012 - 03:51 PM

cordyline - similar in that it is related to nerves, but thankfully not the sciatic nerve (which is usually due to spinal inflammation) - I've heard pregnancy related sciatica can be horrible sad.gif

Are you actually camping?  I can't believe someone won't give up their bed for you!  Pull a pregnant lady tantrum I say Tounge1.gif  (Our very nice friends we visited in NYC wouldn't allow me to sleep on their sofa bed and insisted we take theirs!)

#20 Little.One

Posted 16 September 2012 - 08:51 PM

Hi everyone original.gif

It's been a while since I checked in.

Could someone please update mean the list on 26 Jan? My name is listed as beng in WA and at the wrong hospital. laughing2.gif
My due date is now 27 Jan, I'm in NSW and we are having a GIRL original.gif

So not much new for me. Lots of baby movement which is good considering I have an anterior placenta. My belly has totally popped right out now and I definitely look pregnant!!!

Since finding out we are having a girl I have spent a fortune on baby clothes. I've done all the wrong things and spent hundreds on items she will only wear briefly but I couldn't help myself. Girls clothes are so gorgeous and there is so many choices.
I walk out of all the stores with tears in my eyes because I can't believe I'm buying clothes for our baby. This all feels so special.

Funnily, I never understood how people who are pregnant don't thin abut the birth.i thought at it so much more before I was pregnant and now it rarely enters my mind. I'm guessing it probably will as I near the due date and all the nursery items are purchased and in place. Right now I'm too excited abut finding the perfect cot sheets and decals and hanging mobiles laughing2.gif

How is everyone else feeling? Have you given much thought about the birth?

#21 eleven

Posted 16 September 2012 - 10:31 PM

Hi Ladies,

I'm finally feeling our little man moving on a pretty regular basis and it's SO EXCITING! Every time, i just stop what I'm doing and concentrate on that amazing sensation...

My DH is 'nesting' and madly renovating 3 rooms in our house. I hope we get everything done in time. We haven't bought any furniture or anything for bub yet and think we probably won't before about November. I must try and make a list so when we do finally shop I don't miss something important!

I haven't really started to think about the birth yet. It freaks me out a bit. I'm a big woos and not sure whether I should be going with labour or asking for a cs... my Obs will do either.

Have you settled on names yet? My DH is reluctant to talk about it too much, but I'd really like to have it narrowed down soon. At the moment we're just throwing names around but not really 'liking' anything...

Anyway, take care everyone and have an awesome week...  original.gif

#22 spitzmum

Posted 17 September 2012 - 09:10 AM

Hey eleven - DH and I are doing the same - madly finishing all the little things on our house that we know we won't have time to do once bub comes along. The biggest thing for us is 'junk spots' in corners, cupboards, our games room and garage. I've already donated 5 garbage bags of stuff to goodwill.

If you're a bit worried about the birth (like me!) have you though about doing a course like Calmbirth or Hypnobirth? We are doing the Calmbirth course in Nov - meant to be great original.gif

#23 JillyJellyBean

Posted 17 September 2012 - 10:19 AM

Hi spitzmum - this is baby no.2 for me. Again, thanks for doing the list!

I think alot about the birth. Im petty excited actually (weird I know). I think having done it once and having been with three of my friends when they have had theirs has given me a little of an idea what to expect (only a little mind you), but Im hoping to feel a tiny bit more confident this time. I just cant wait to meet my little princess.

DS is going through a phase of not sleeping well suddenly. Im so tired and I have to admit I was a bit cranky with him on the weekend (although I did manage not to lose my temper at him). Im frightened about the tiredness of having a newborn!

Have a nice week everyone


#24 Happy_daisy

Posted 17 September 2012 - 11:34 AM

I've thought a bit about the birth but only because I've been through it before and know what's coming. Personally the idea of needing a c-section worries me more than going into labour though!

JB I'm with you...so tired at the moment! I'm a little worried about how I'm going to cope with an active toddler and a newborn...

#25 JessMcA

Posted 17 September 2012 - 12:52 PM

Hi all,

Sorry, haven't been on here for so long. It's much harder to keep track of this time when I have a toddler as well as the growing bump!

Just a quick update - we are having another boy.

I've missed too much of the conversation for individual responses, but I second the calls not to worry about not feeling movement yet. For my first, it took me ages to work out that the little twinges and twitches were actually movements.

Oh, and for those considering Calmbirth, I did it the first time round and found it very worthwhile. A bit hippie, so you kind of have to go in aware of that if that's not your thing (it isn't mine) but the breathing exercises and the list of stuff for your partner to do are invaluable.

Hope everyone is doing well and not, like me, being plagued by heartburn!


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