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FYOS 2013
... not too early anymore, it's NOW!

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#101 mibi

Posted 06 February 2013 - 10:14 PM

DS FINALLY started school toda. WooHoo. Seems to have gone well. He came out smiling and has a good teacher - he even made her a necklace and was quite chuffed he wore it all day. He is so excited about school. It's been such a long wait. And the best thing is  I have a day to myself tomorrow - bith boys at school and DD at daycare. Yay!

#102 baddmammajamma

Posted 06 February 2013 - 10:33 PM

QUOTE (Avidreader @ 05/02/2013, 12:10 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
DD's school have certainly taken the bull by the horns with her. I didn't say anything before she started but they picked up right away that she needs some extension work. Last night she was given a 27 page play to read and write a report on. From talking to the other parents they only got a short level 1 reader so they must be tailoring it to her level. Thing is they have to do it EACH night. While I can see that a short 5 pager is "doable", applying that to complicated narrative structures could be a bit much each night.

DD also told me that yesterday all the other kids practised writing while the teacher asked her to write a story. This is only day 2 of kingergarten! Either DD or I will break if this pace keeps up! But seriously it is very nice that they are not making her do things she already knows.

Wow - that sounds intense! My HG+ daughter started FYOS beyond leveled readers, and even she didn't have those kinds of assignments during the early days of settling in at school. That just sounds very full on for a 5-year-old -- even a gifted one. I hope your daughter continues to be enthusiastic about school -- just make sure they don't burn her out in their efforts to keep her challenged. original.gif

Congrats to everyone who has survived the first day or first few days! We are on day #5, and my son is having a great time. He is wiped out "from being good all day," but he's enjoying himself.

#103 Veritas Vinum Arte

Posted 07 February 2013 - 09:54 AM

We have Wednesdays off for Feb, but I was happy that after three days DS2 could finally tell me the names of a few boys in his class. Even better due to some interstate moves he now only has 17 in the class cool.gif .

School ATM is more fun.

We will get readers next week , but to read to and discuss with our kids. No expectation of kids reading or levelled readers until term 2.

#104 Veritas Vinum Arte

Posted 07 February 2013 - 04:58 PM

At least he is still chipper cool.gif

DS2 although happy said he didn't play with anyone at lunchtime...he played by himself sad.gif . Not too sure of his reporting though huh.gif

#105 podg

Posted 08 February 2013 - 10:11 AM

End of the second week and DD1 (5.5 in QLD) is loving school. She has so far been relatively easy to get ready in the morning. I have a kindy kid 5 days a fortnight too so things are busy with them and two younger ones.

It is so cute to see them all running for the mat when their teacher jingles their gathering bell at the start of the learning day.

She was excited to test at map 6 on reading eggs. I am looking forward to real reading and getting home readers - we love books in our house and an extra person who can read them will be a bonus!

Wow Ferdinand! That does sound bad! Poor little guy!

IsolaBella - our DP for junior classes told us not to ask about friends - 'You are your childrens' significant other. At this age friendships are fluid, and for mental wellbeing they only need connections with you. Of course you want to know who their friends are - but that is putting adult anxieties on them.' I don't know if that is helpful for us adults!. She is also a clinical psychologist by training.

#106 ZombieFerretOfDoom

Posted 08 February 2013 - 10:19 AM

I am struggling  sad.gif

DS loves school, but I have discovered that I am That Mother - the one who has a lot of trouble letting go.

First day went well until the morning assembly when they all line up for a couple of minutes to get any school announcements before going to their classrooms. DS was fine for the announcements but when the time came for them to go to class, the bottom lip went out and he reached out to me, mouthing "Mummy".

I was barely holding it together as it was; that just killed me. I had to go and give him a reassuring hug and kiss, then hand him over to his teacher who had come to take his hand. I managed to hide my emotions until he walked off, and then I was just sobbing into my DH's chest  cry1.gif  I was in tears on and off throughout the day, and at work the next day when my boss asked how things went I started crying again. Getting teary just typing this. It's a combination of me having trouble with coping with the idea of my little boy growing up so fast, and the everyday issues we are having with the drop-off.

He's been clingy every morning that I've dropped him off - happy as a clam to be there but once the moment of separation comes, he holds on to me, doesn't want me to go etc. He's fine for the rest of the day from what I'm told, but mornings are really tough.

Doesn't help that when DH picked him up on Wednesday he told him he'd been chased and hit a couple of times by some 6 year olds. He wasn't upset by it - he was proud that he ran away and was "so speedy that they got dizzy and couldn't get him", so I didn't interrogate him about it and try to make it into something bigger, just had a quiet word with his teacher the next day to let her know what he'd said. His imagination is going crazy at the moment too so I'm not sure how much of it is fact and how much of it is a story he's making up. But bullying is a huge concern for us because DS is a very sensitive child, and is an easy target for bullies because they get the reactions they want from him. So it is not helping me thinking that this might be happening!

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#107 Elizabethandfriend

Posted 08 February 2013 - 11:57 AM

Ferrett, you are doing great.  At least you are leaving and crying in private.  We have a girl in our class (who we know well through kinder, childcare etc and she is not a sensitive kid AT ALL) and both of her parents come to drop off and neither of them will leave the classroom and stand around constantly asking if she's okay and they can leave.  So of course the girl gets loads of attention and continues to sook and sniffle a lot so they stay longer.  I really wish schools would enforce the 'quick kiss and leave' policy on the first day so these cycles don't develop.   Sorry vent over now :-)

#108 qak

Posted 08 February 2013 - 12:00 PM

You're not the only one, WFOD.  My DD is very clingy and cries out "Mummy, mummy", at drop off time.  They changed the routine this morning (no warning, gee thanks a lot) so parents had to send them into the building by themselves.  DD wouldn't let go, and a few other kids were the same. Some teachers and aides came out to help, and DD went in happier with the deputy principal.

Another Mum and I went out the gate sobbing!

We (the kids!)  get homework from next week.  My homework (book covering) is apparently coming home tonight  sad.gif

#109 ZombieFerretOfDoom

Posted 16 February 2013 - 08:02 AM

I'm not holding up well at all.

I was just getting to the point where I was beginning to be ok about it all - great school, walk from home, already met a few people nearby with kids in the same year, and I came home to a letter from our REA saying that the owners have decided to sell the house.

DS loves his school, loves his teacher - but after spending the week looking around for the very few properties available to either buy or rent in our price range, I'm looking at the very real possibility that we might have to move out of this area. Sadly the REA has sold the owner on a completely unrealistic idea of this house's value, so it's very unlikely that what we are prepared to offer will be accepted.

2013 so far is definitely not my Best Year Ever.

#110 NotBitzerMaloney

Posted 16 February 2013 - 12:07 PM

DS is tired and emotional from mid week onwards, which is interesting as he was at FT daycare.
I think he is emotionally exhausted. It's a lot to take in.
He is very good on telling me the school rules, which is pretty funny. Sight words start next week.

#111 Cantankerous

Posted 16 February 2013 - 12:17 PM

I'm having the opposite problem. DD does not want to leave school end of the day when I go collect her from the room the times she sees me the tears start and by the time we get home its into a full on tamtrum.

I know she is tired but she is getting 12 hours a night.

I am so over the waterworks, the sooky, the whingy. no amount of distraction works not even promises of riding her pony or going to gymnastics.

Fx it gets better

#112 baddmammajamma

Posted 16 February 2013 - 12:24 PM

FFOD, oh man, that sucks. I really hope that you guys don't have to move out of the area. sad.gif

Like a lot of the other kids here, my son is pooped. I think that being in school full time -- with his game face & fancy uniform on -- is taxing. But he is settling in really well.

We had a nice little surprise in that he was selected for the K-1 enrichment program. I think we are guilty of unintentionally comparing him to his big sister, and as a consequence, have underrated his abilities. Thank goodness for Ravens testing. It's nice to see him being recognized.

Ferdinand, I'd be lying if I didn't say that I am keeping a special eye on your posts and hoping for a great start. My son has two kids with ASD in his grade, and I am about as interested in their happiness and success as I am with his. I guess the ol' "ASD Mamma" gene in me just wants to see our kids do beautifully. (on a side note, my daughter is having an amazing start to Y2). original.gif

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#113 tibs

Posted 16 February 2013 - 01:40 PM

Ferret can you keep him there as an out of area student?  My son is out of area so the school isn't exactly local - I drive past probably 6 other schools to get there - but it was the best fit for him so is worth it.

My son is 2 weeks in and off to a great start, he is loving school  biggrin.gif

He tells me they have learnt 3 letters now - b, k and d.  He already knows his letters but the teacher seems to be keeping him engaged despite that which is good as I was worried about boredom.  She has been making things fun e.g. they made and flew kites for k and each got a balloon to write b on.  They have also started maths - counting backwards and a little bit of addition.  No readers or homework yet.

What have your kids been learning?  Is there a common curriculum or does it vary by school?

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#114 baddmammajamma

Posted 16 February 2013 - 07:11 PM

QUOTE (Ferdinand @ 16/02/2013, 05:16 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
BMJ, it really couldn't have gone any better so far. Not a single meltdown, he's following the class rules, making friends with children from his class and the other kindergarten classes... he hasn't missed a beat. Even his behaviour at home has been really good. He's had several trips to sick bay to feed his bandaid addiction though.


That makes me so happy! And as for the bandaid addiction, we have that here, too.  biggrin.gif

#115 Veritas Vinum Arte

Posted 21 February 2013 - 12:01 PM

We have hit a road block. DS2s hearing is down again, so operation next week for Grommets again. Hopefully these will clear quicker than last time.

DS2 doesn't have band aid addiction but DD does. For every bump she needs a band aid. I have worked out DS1 will not be Dr... He gets hysterical at any blood  rolleyes.gif

DS2 had his numeracy testing. He either did really well or really bad. They set aside 30mins for testing and tell parents to come back in 20mins.... DS2 was finished in 10 mins. Teacher said the usual "he did well" comment. Gotta love the generic standardisation at school these days. Everything is listed as "well".

#116 KnightsofNi

Posted 21 February 2013 - 12:16 PM

Well the beginning of th FYOS has gone very smoothly for both DD and I. She enjoys it very much. Her favourite things are playing and PE. I am amazed at what they do. 2 computer classes a week, 2 PE classes a week, drama, art, music. I am impressed with her school to.

DD surprisingly isn't tired after school. She has taken it all in her stride, not bad for the youngest kid in the school.

I am very proud of her (and me!)

#117 Veritas Vinum Arte

Posted 22 February 2013 - 03:10 PM

QUOTE (Ferdinand @ 21/02/2013, 02:13 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I've discovered two things about my kid this week 1) He didn't know how to colour in (oops, I've always just let him free draw, never realised colouring in was a big deal), thankfully he picked it up quickly and is now colouring in properly and 2) He thought "please watch where you're going" meant "please watch your feet as you walk/run".  No wonder he's practically living at sick bay ddoh.gif

We got our first accident /sick bay for DS2..... Hit I head with tennis racquet.

DS1 is worse... I get a call at least once a year to inform me of head injury...... Running into netball goal post. Four calls in three years.

Sorry Ferdinand to hear the bandaid bandit struck again

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#118 Veritas Vinum Arte

Posted 02 March 2013 - 11:21 AM

OP went well. Usual 5mins hysteria as he came out iof Anaesthesia, but we were leaving for home at 3.30pm after 2pm OP (DS2 wanted to leave hospital and go home. They usually do 2hrs observations, but he was happily eating, but becoming distressed at being at the hospital).

Came home and was happy, normal bedtime and awoke as normal next morning and off to school. No pain relief needed at all (he refused pre OP panadol too).

Says he is hearing better.

Very happy that he has settled into a lunchtime routine of "4 square" (handball). As I said to DH, active games and you don't need too much conversation. Getting lots of kids welcoming him in the morning.... Even a girlfriend.

ETA we were bandaid knees three out of four days at school this week rolleyes.gif

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#119 baddmammajamma

Posted 03 March 2013 - 12:29 PM

IsolaBella, glad to hear the encouraging update!

And yes, I bet the bandaid consumption peaks in FYOS!

QUOTE (Ferdinand @ 02/03/2013, 01:04 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
DS had a really good week at school, he got an award in front of the whole school yesterday. He's also converted his entire year level into zombies.

That's awesome! biggrin.gif

My son had an entire week at home due to poo impaction -- such a horrible experience for him & for me. He is so happy to be back at school with his friends. Though it's totally unfair to pigeon hole my kids, this is my "easy" kid, and he's settling in at school as well as I thought he would.

(of course, by writing that in a public space, he's bound to go feral, right?) wink.gif

#120 Veritas Vinum Arte

Posted 03 March 2013 - 05:02 PM

BMJ your DS is like my DD. she has just started 3yo Kinder, but it is a relief to have one child start whom I did not have some concerns over their articulation and speech.

Sorry to hear that he has not been well though. That must have been tough.

Ferdinand well done for your DS.

#121 Veritas Vinum Arte

Posted 13 March 2013 - 05:21 PM

Thumbs up for starting school. After a few weeks of second guessing whether to send or hold back, I am in the positive sending was the correct choice.

DS2 has found his stride. Has kids calling out hello to him as he arrives, calls out hello to other kids. Has a great time in class, plus has found his 'niche' in the playground playing handball (4 square) with those kids who want to plat at too. There seems to a group of six from his class who love playing together.

Learning wise he constantly amazes me (but then again I always knew he was smart wink.gif ).

Now asking how his day was a school, we need to tell him to let his siblings have a turn and listen cool.gif .

So very glad we went with our gut feel that school would be a good environment rather than repeating 4yo Kinder which he didn't really like. To use a tree phrase He has Blossomed at School biggrin.gif

#122 Guest_Wyn99_*

Posted 17 March 2013 - 09:54 PM

Hello, my DS is FYOS and generally it's been going well for him. He's a sensitive boy and the eldest and on Friday another Mum took his kindy class for singing. They sang a song from Toy Story 2 about toys being sad and DS got in the car and was crying. He doesn't watch DVDs so has no idea about Toy Story (nor do I). I saw the Mum at a BBQ on the weekend and casually asked what they sang about (DS wouldn't say) and she was totally amazed that he was upset about a Toy Story song. Does he need to toughen up a little?

Also today DS said one girl (not yet 5) constantly talks about missing her Mummy - all day. I suppose the teacher is onto it & will discuss at parent-teacher night? Just uncomfortable for me as I wait with this Mum every day & chat, and she was worried about sending her DD early. Should I mention anything? I'm leaning towards not, but we're into week 8 not sure if she knows or even cares.


edit. just googled, think the 'sad song' was "When She Loved Me"

Edited by Wyn99, 17 March 2013 - 09:58 PM.

#123 ZombieFerretOfDoom

Posted 18 March 2013 - 08:57 AM

It's a pretty sad song. I can see how a sensitive child could get upset by it. It's not something I'd pick for little ones.

#124 ZombieFerretOfDoom

Posted 18 March 2013 - 11:53 AM

We're getting there thanks.

The agents selling our house are still being complete buttmonkeys, but we found another house that we liked and we exchanged contracts on it last week. We'll be moving second week of April. We're still in the same suburb, but right on the other side of it, so we have to negotiate a busy road to get to school, and the trip will go from 2 minutes to about 25 - but we're close enough that we don't have to change schools, so I'm happy. Pleased to be out of the rental trap and stressed at the size of the mortgage we now have, but at least we don't have to deal with REAs again for the forseeable future!

Can't remember if I mentioned earlier that DS lost his first tooth a few weeks ago while he was at school - he didn't know what to do with it so put it on his desk and promptly lost it  sad.gif  Can't believe I missed his first baby tooth. But he drew a picture and dictated a letter for me to write to the tooth fairy, which was about 3 pages long, detailing all sorts of random stuff that happens at school, so that's a pretty precious keepsake for me to have instead. The tooth fairy came and left him some money, a card with instructions on what to do next time he loses a tooth, and fairy dust all over his bed. He was beside himself  wub.gif

#125 Veritas Vinum Arte

Posted 02 May 2013 - 01:49 PM

So how is everyone settling into term 2?

DS2 is loving school, especially as they have finally started on the sight words. The kids were devastated that they had a day off school for ANZAC day. Perhaps I should have recorded their carry on to play back to them when they are teenagers.

Feeling very confident in my decision to send DS2 to school.

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