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Expecting Multiples #116

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#1 ~A2~

Posted 17 October 2012 - 09:23 PM

Hi all

New thread time

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#2 dede79

Posted 18 October 2012 - 07:05 AM

Your little ones are so precious MyLittlePrince! Adorable, keep posting...

#3 Alxeen

Posted 18 October 2012 - 10:37 AM

Mylittleprince - thanks so much for sharing your birth and first week experiences, it's wealth of information that is so helpful and it sounds like things are all going as well as possibly can be expected! Keep the updates coming, it answers questions I didn't even know I had original.gif The photos are adorable and they really look like the boy/girl version of each other - so cute.

Just one more - Ahh, you're first of April and I'm 28th March, and I think Reesan is late March too, so as to who goes first is really anyone's guess!

Tucky - I had pelvic instability from 7 weeks onwards, but thankfully it hasn't gotten any worse (yet!). Being on crutches must be hard work. Have you found anything particularly helpful at all?

AMBA - Has anyone had any contact with the multiple births association? I sent off membership forms but have heard nothing back; it's been about two weeks now. I went to the Baby expo on the weekend and they had a stall there and all they could say was "talk to your local chapter" and gave me a booklet on PND....err, thanks?

#4 Just-one-more

Posted 18 October 2012 - 10:51 AM

Tucky I'm going to end up on crutches I'm sure... my spd has been playing up (and I have hyper mobility which makes it worse) I'm using src shorts which make a huge difference. If I don't wear them for a few days I end up immobile and on pain killers. sad.gif

My little prince. Your babies are adorable! I'm all clucky lol

Alxeen I joined the local ambas facebook page but haven't joined the actual association yet. Not even sure how to..

I'm waddling along nicely. Feeling more and more movements. Tired sore and feeling huge!
Eating is an issue as I'm picky and can't fit much in.
Got a blood sugar monitor so I can keep an eye on my levels. I'm over weight so want to avoid gd and figure I can use it to see how my diet looksto be affecting me.
Struggling with both fatigue and insomnia rofl what a combo!!
Put a few baby clothes on lay buy so it's all feeling very real lol

#5 Jo-Anna

Posted 18 October 2012 - 02:22 PM

Hi guys!
Mylittleprince- I have been keenly reading your updates. It is so lovely to hear such a positive twin birth story and breastfeeding experience. The photos were adorable and helped me to really imagine what it will be like when we bring our twins home.

Well I went see my gp. I am not able to go to my local hospital where I had DS, as twins is considered 'high risk'. I tried to get into the Royal Womens but that was no good either, di-di twins are considered 'low risk'. So instead I am going to a hospital that is my very last choice, which is Sunshine. I wish we were in a position to go private but alas we don't have PHI. I am trying to keep an open mind but I have heard so many conflicting stories on this hospital that I haven't got high hopes.

I have been feeling just awful lately. So tired and over whelmed. I am really hoping for a lift in the second trimester (please tell me it gets better?) I am off to see a naturopath to help with my nutrition as for some reason I keep losing weight. I assume it's as simple as I am not eating enough, but will see what she can suggest anyway.
Luckily my mum and dad are awesome and have taken DS for 2 nights this week while DH and I have been sick. The are wonderful people!
Anyway, enough whinging from me. Hope you are all travelling smoothly with you pregnancies.

Oh and I wanted to ask, when is everyone starting to buy things for the babies? I don't want to do it too soon in case something goes wrong (superstitious I guess), but don't want to leave it till I am the size of a whale either.... hmm tricky! I have googled my butt off with research and have picked the pram/carseats that we want so i have at least made a start!

#6 Tucky

Posted 18 October 2012 - 07:07 PM

Hi all!

Alxeen & Just one more - I've had it since pretty early on but have finally given in to the crutches. I've been on crutches with two of my last three pregnancies so knew it was coming but tried to hold off as long as possible. I've been seeing my physio for a few months which I think really helped. I've tried tubal elastic and a belt but they give me a lot more pain, my physio is worried that the pregnancy shorts won't help since those two give me more pain so crutches it is. I'm also going to do Aquamums to strengthen my core, amazing how much lighter my belly feels in the water! Good luck with your SPD & hyper mobility ladies, I just keep telling myself "it's all worth it on the end!"

Jo-Anna - good luck, hope you feel better soon. It does get better! Unfortunately I don't know much about Sunhine hospital, I hope it works out for you.

I haven't joined AMBA yet but did join the twin registry. Also haven't bought anything for the babies yet although we do have a lot of the necessities, think I'll have to buy some 00000 clothing though as all my last babies were a decent size so not even in 0000!

#7 reesan

Posted 18 October 2012 - 07:50 PM

Hi all, haven't been posting much as have been very tired again and preparing to move house this weekend (gah)

The fatigue lift I had at 15 weeks only lasted about two weeks and since then I've been having a massive growth spurt and tired and hungry all the time. Now I feel so huge and getting around and sleeping is becoming quite uncomfortable. I look sooooo pregnant it's hard to believe I might only be halfway.

Whinge, whinge, I have been doing so constantly!

But wanted to mention for Jo-Anna, I think possibly it is normal to feel pretty terrible most of the time. I'm seeing Royal Women's and one of the multiples OBs said I didn't need to keep reporting my symptoms, only if it was severe pain or coupled with bleeding or vomitting - he said weird symptoms and discomforts are normal and to be expected. Grumble.

I did heaps of shopping as soon as I found out it was twins, at 6 and a bit weeks. Then I felt terrible and worried until 12 weeks, then did heaps more shopping. So now I already have almost everything big. I still need to pick up the pram, and get the car seats installed, but I know where I'm doing that and I'm doing it after the move.

It all seemed too early but now that I'm already big and uncomfortable even the idea of painting the nursery in our new place has stopped being exciting so I'm so glad most of the shopping is done. I might have the moving blues a bit though.

I am really looking forward to being moved, and we are moving back to the apartment I own that I lived in before I met DH and we are really looking forward to setting everything up to raise our CBD dwelling twin girls, sooo cosmopolitan, but it's just feeling overwhelming right now.

And I can't do much! So, poor DH!

MyLittlePrince you guys are doing so well, so great to hear and loved the photos.

Ps with all the talk about AMBA, I still haven't sent off my membership forms but I've been reading the AMBA forums every day and am finding it really helpful especially going through the archives. The only catch is you won't see any of the wonderful content first time you go there - you have to post five posts before your account will be 'unlocked'. This is seriously stupid, but so worth doing!

Nonspecific whinges and solidarity to all feeling uncomfortable! I try to remember I should just be greatful about my two girls but most of the time I'm too busy being uncomfortable and worried something might go wrong. I had my 18 week scan yesterday and everyone's doing well but despite not generally being a worrier I worry, worry, worry about them. The ultrasound tech yesterday said well you may as well as get started now as once they're out you'll be worrying about them for the rest of your life... original.gif

#8 reesan

Posted 18 October 2012 - 07:52 PM

Oh, also, once you're on the AMBA forums you can find out about stuff for sale, that was handy for me as I was able to purchase two second hand bassinets that way (and get to visit with a twin mummy and her two identical baby girls at the same time). It also allowed me to find the facebook group for my local chapter, and people sell stuff through that regularly too.

Who else is in Melbourne? Alex I think you are? I'm in CBD so joining the Northern and inner city group.

#9 Just-one-more

Posted 20 October 2012 - 07:11 AM

I joined the forums too. Posting to get unlocked was annoying but now it's done its been very useful.

Tucky the belt always hurt me too I couldn't stand it last time. But the shorts really are amazing. I picked mine up second hand on eBay at a bargain. I see them on gumtree too so worth looking for. Mine started getting bad so early but I've held it off well with the shorts.

My new lounge is sunken with 3 steps into it and they are agony!!

Sick of the insomnia. I am also getting restless legs a lot??? Weird and annoying.

Otherwise coasting along. Scan and ob visit next week original.gif

ETA I forgot shopping... I've put a few laybuys on. We have a cot and car seats already. Need a new seat for toddler. Bouncers and clothes and blankets on lsybuy. Got loads of cloth nappies and wobdersuits. Own tonnes of carriers that are able to be used for twins original.gif
Other things like pram etc  we will get after they are born

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#10 *mylittleprince*

Posted 21 October 2012 - 02:21 PM

Hi everyone

Hope you are all well.

Alxeen - I would persevere with contacting AMBA. My local chapter is fantastic. They have a monthly newsletter, a closed facebook page, two weekly playgroups, a monthly playdate at someone's house, a monthly park playdate, a mums night out once a month. They also hire breast pumps and pillows for a very cheap rate. There is an AMBA facebook page for the whole of Australia that I find useful.

Just-one-more- I battled to eat during pregnancy. I ate less during pregnancy than I did before I fell pregnant and the babies were over 3kg each. I would just try fit in some good stuff like fruit, veg, dairy and meat. Have you had your iron levels checked? I found a magnesium supplement in the late afternoon really helped with restless legs. I got it so bad that I just wanted to move around all night.

Jo-Anna - do you fall outside the catchment for RBWH? I had the twins there and the service was fantastic. Hope you enjoyed your 2 child free nights. I tried to get everything organised by 22 weeks as after that I was so tired and sore and didn't really want to have extra pressure.

Tucky - if you buy 00000 clothing, keep the tags on until babies are born. My over 3kg babies went straight into 0000 at birth. Obviously not everyone has such big babies but we have a whole bag of stuff that we havne't used and can't return as they have been washed. I had SPD during pregnancy and am glad to report it is soooo much better.

Reesan - it's ok to whinge. Twin pregnancy is so hard on your body and some people just don't understand. Hang in there. It's so worth it in the end. My body isn't back to normal but 11 days after birth and I feel so much better than when I was pregnant. Try take it easy with heavy housework and going out.

PS For all those battling to sleep, I feel better now with a toddler and newborn twins (sleep wise) than I did when I was pregnant. I really battled to sleep towards the end and now sleep well inbetween their feeds.

Twins are 11 days old and all is going well here. They are so adorable and I can't stop looking at them. 3 year old DS is going well and starting to ask lots of questions which is nice. Haven't been out except to medical appointments, etc. Want to try stay home for the first few weeks.

Have a great weekend everyone.

#11 AliGeo

Posted 22 October 2012 - 07:25 AM

Hi everyone! Sorry personals will be a bit slack this time. But hi to all the newbies waves.gif and *mylittleprince* your two little ones are so cute!

AFM - It's been a busy couple of weeks for us. First up was my second GTT, which confirmed what I already knew, gestational diabetes again sad.gif . Plus it looks like that I'll end up on insulin again, as it's my fasting levels that are high, which you can't control with diet. It also means that my OB won't let me go over 37 weeks. That gives me less chance to go into labour naturally which mean less chance of a VBAC.

Next was a growth scan, which showed that one twin is significantly bigger than the other, one measuring on the 93rd percentile and the other the 36th. Since they are frats, my OB isn't that concerned but it does mean that if I have any hope of the VBAC I want, the big one must come first. Just to drive me crazy, they are laying side-by-side, so there is no way of telling who's going to come first at this stage.

Third was house hunting. We must have seen about 15 houses this week, all over the place. We finally decided to put an offer on one, so now we're waiting to hear back about it. Our house is still under offer, but the people are having to change banks to try and get finance, so it's not a done deal yet.

Hopefully life will calm down a bit for a few weeks at least now.

#12 Alxeen

Posted 22 October 2012 - 03:53 PM

Just-one-more/AMBA If you go to the AMBA website and type in your suburb it will tell you what your local chapter is. You then contact them to get the forms. They got back to me quickly with the forms but I still haven't heard anything since I sent them back. I sent a follow up email but still nothing. I will try the forums though, as at the moment I think doing some more research to help me feel prepared is really what would be best. Plus I'm keen to see what I can pick up second hand!

Jo-Anna For what it's worth I've heard good things about Sunshine, particularly about their midwife program, although I suppose you wouldn't be eligible for that with twins? I hope it works out ok for you there. Hopefully once you go for your appointments and get to tour the birthing suites you might feel happier about it. I felt a huge lift in energy and general wellbeing in weeks 11-12. With purchasing I say do it when you feel motivated to. There are no rules with timing original.gif

Reesan Snap! We are in the same AMBA chapter original.gif Woohoo, that's really exciting tthumbs.gif Good luck with the move, it's such a big task both before and after. But at least once you settle in you'll be all ready. Oh and the worrying thing....welcome to motherhood! I'm not an anxious person either but there's nothing like DD doing something a bit adventurous or being somewhere without me to set me off. I surprise myself with what a worry wart I can be.

SPD I also have 'hyper-mobility' which is great for party tricks but not for pregnancy! I was given a belt but found it uncomfortable, so figured I can do without it for now. I am AMAZED it hasn't gotten any worse but I'm still not holding my breath for later pg. Tucky you have incredible patience. And yep, it will all be worth it in the end.

mylittleprince So pleased to hear you are doing well, you give the rest of us faith!

AliGeo Life sounds pretty full on for you! Insulin, VBAC worries and buying and selling houses.

AFM I'm surprised that I'm still carrying fairly small. I was small with DD until 20 weeks and then made up for it at the end so I'm guessing that's what will happen this time and then some. People are starting to notice my tummy as a 'pregnant' tummy though so that's nice. Since getting a bit more energy back I have gone back into 'do everything' mode and I need to really tell myself to rest. DH keeps telling me to take it easy but we honestly just have so much on at the moment it's hard to rest when my mind is buzzing. I also feel like we haven't had much time to do any preparation either, it's all being put off at the moment and it's starting to make us a little anxious. We need to do EVERYTHING! I'm finishing up work at Christmas so it will be just wonderful to have that time off to spend with DD and get ready.

#13 reesan

Posted 27 October 2012 - 07:34 AM

I gave up my daily EB lurk this week while i moved house which was super strenuous but is starting to come together. I had my 20 week scan yesterday (a couple of days early) and one of my twins is low on amniotic fluid. Still at safe levels, but we're keeping a closer eye on things due to risk of selective IUGR developing, so I'll be having another scan next week.

I'm choosing to stay calm, and optimistic, and distracted by setting up the house.

In other news - I'm huge - measuring 30 weeks.

#14 jess1980

Posted 28 October 2012 - 03:17 PM

Well my twins are now 7 weeks both are now completely ff. I really struggled with bf'ing I just couldn't get the hang of tandem feeding and with 2 other children to look after feeding them separately was not really an option. Anyone than can bf twins is an absolute legend! But unfortunately it didn't work out for me. I think I was somewhat unrealistic about having twins I expected them to be like my girls and they are nothing like them. I now have them in a pretty good routine I put them down at 7pm and they wake around 1am then 530/6am or sometimes 11pm and 3am then 7 but they settle really well after a feed which is awesome. Hope everyone else's babies are going well and goodluck to all the ladies expecting twins/triplets original.gif

#15 reesan

Posted 29 October 2012 - 10:57 AM

Jess your routine sounds fantastic. At 7 weeks! that's great stuff, I'm glad they are giving you the chance to get some sleep.

#16 AliGeo

Posted 30 October 2012 - 08:00 AM

Been a bit quiet in here this week, hope that no news is good news!

Alxeen - I carried smaller this time around than I did with DD up until around 21 weeks, where my bump just when crazy growing. Now that I'm almost 28 weeks, people are starting to say that I must be due soon. Hope that you're getting a lot of stuff done while your energy burst lasts.

reesan - That's a great attitude to have when faced with troubling news! Have you had your next scan yet? Are you settling into your new house?

jess1980 - I'm glad that things are going a little more smoothly for you now.

Hi to everyone else waves.gif

AFM - I've lost my sense of humour about this pregnancy a bit this week. The return of nausea tipped me over the edge. I've been finding it hard enough to eat as it was but now with the GD restrictions and nausea I barely eat anything. This makes me even more tired and cranky. Brightside, less baby weight to lose after it all wink.gif .

Also our house offer was accepted so we have a new house yay! Settlement is end of Nov, when I'll be about 32 weeks so will be paying people to pack for us this time.

#17 Tucky

Posted 30 October 2012 - 11:22 AM

Hey all, hope everything is going well with everyone. I've been a bit quiet but checking in now and then.

mylittleprince - thanks for the tip, over 3 kilos, wow. I am impressed although it sounds very scary to me to have two 3 kilo babies at once!  So glad to hear things are still going well, I have a feeling that I won't be going far from the house either. School pick ups and drop offs only for me!

AliGeo - congrats on the new house and great idea paying someone to pack you. We moved into ours about 4 months ago and I'm still struggling to unpack everything exactly how I want. Had a massive day of sorting out the laundry room, organising and unpacking. I was so stressed and frantic  about it, then cried all the way through dinner! Was a nervous night for me as the last time I did that I gave birth shortly after and wasn't ready for that at 25 weeks! All good though, I'm stacking it up to having a lot of hormones surging around...I've now moved on to the study! My poor husband doesn't get any rest with my nesting needs! Good luck with the GD, it sounds tough.

Just-one-more - we've moved into a two story house and I dread the climb up those stairs every night! Thankfully I do it as little as possible and everyone else is still happy to run and grab me what I need other times.

Alxeen - with everything else going on I haven't had a chance to do much baby setting up either. The only thing we've bought is the Kia as that's the only car that fits us all! We have some of what we need but still need to get another car seat for our 2yo and clothes for the girl.  Still so much to do!

Jess1980 - sounds like everything is going great! I'm going to try BF for as long as possible but you just never know, they're all so different! Sounds like they've settled into a good routine.

Reesan - good luck with your next scan, I'm due for one tomorrow due to size discrepancy. I stress before every one!  Hopefully it's good news for you and good luck with setting up the house!

Hi to anyone I may have missed!

AFM - between work and trying to get the house set up, I'm trying to take it easy. I've been through a period of 24 hours of not being able to keep even water down  sick.gif . The cramps that come before being sick are so painful it's reminding me of what I'll go through when in labour...I'm really not enjoying that.  I'd prefer to leave those memories until I'm actually in labour!  So glad I've started doing one day a week from home and I'm starting to look forward to finishing in December!

#18 reesan

Posted 01 November 2012 - 08:08 AM

I am settling in but doing lots of physical labour getting new storage systems put together (for our wardrobe and the girls' wardrobe, arrived yesterday YAY, and for kitchen and the girls' room - an apartment needs lots of solutions to cater for four people!, and some new stuff for our bedroom), and unpacking - especially books and kitchen stuff.

It is fun and exciting work though I wish I had more involvement from DH. He wishes he could be more involved, he was away at a camping bucks night on weekend (unmissable as is best man) and has come back with terribly itchy bites that have him extremely distracted and it sounds like they will last a week or two. So we are taking it easy and commiserating in the evenings! I have someone coming to fix my oven (tenants left the oven door broken and didn't mention) today, so soon I will be able to bake! I've already got some meals and lunches going in the freezer which has been fun.

My main unpacking to go is clothing and books.. I did a cull before we moved but I have way too many books, another cull is coming but it's so hard with bending over! I'm too big and fragile for it. I've continued to push myself because of worry if the scan is not good tomorrow then I will probably have to take it very easy and not be able to continue much.

Luckily I'd done most of the shopping for the babies so early on. I put together the bassinets on the weekend and will put together the change table once I have set up their new wardrobe interiors today. I've got an 8 cube system from closetmaid and some sturdy wire drawers, I think they look great and I'm going to take the drawers off the closet to make it easy to access and give the room a feeling of more space. Plus will force me to keep closet tidy and organized! I have got the same system for our own wardrobe so once I get all the space around the new units organized I might take our wardrobe doors off too - what a challenge to keep that tidy.

Anyway, I'm certainly keeping busy which is making the time go quickly. I'm not feeling particularly optimistic about tomorrow's scan but I am feeling confident that we will deal with whatever happens as it arrives. We knew from the outset that our chances of prem babies were high and I have always had two dates in mind - 37 weeks when they will deliver if the babies haven't already come, and 28 weeks where if they've made it that far their chances are very good. I guess now I'm entertaining the possibility that if we could get through the next few weeks and keep growing, that still has the potential for very good outcomes.  

In other news, I had a pretty uncomfortable cervical exam / colpscopy on Monday, hopefully I'll get an all clear on this one and then can go to having it in 12 months and then just 2 year pap smears (had one abnormal result and then 3 six month check ups in a row). Well it reminded me I'm really happy about my choice to have a caesarean. For me it is just to reduce the variables and worry, I would definitely be aiming for a vaginal birth if no complications and a singleton but for my situation I just don't want another thing to obsess about, and I would. But fringe benefit is not squeezing those big things through those small places!

#19 Alxeen

Posted 01 November 2012 - 12:54 PM

jess1980 Well done on getting to seven weeks BF-ing....seriously! Great to hear your twins are in a routine (and the same routine!) and settling well. Of course it sounds completely exhausting waking up that many times in the night but that's the best we can expect!

AliGeo Congrats on the new house and hope all the moving prep is going well. Paying people to pack is an excellent idea!!

Reesan My my you are busy. It's hard to really comprehend how much work is involved in moving until you're actually stuck in the middle of it, hey? I'm finding bending over hard work too. Fingers crossed for your scan, let us know how it goes. You and your girls really are getting the best care possible so rest assured that everyone will be doing everything they can to ensure you have two healthy babies at the end.

Tucky How did you scan go? 27 weeks now so not long until that magic 28 week mark. That's a bit of a milestone I've got stuck in my head.

AFM After all my complaining about AMBA they got back to me (the rep was moving house - what is it with everyone moving house lately??) and everything is in full swing. The forum is a great resource for those twin specific questions too. I haven't posted much but might a bit later on, as I haven't really had a huge amount of time to properly trawl through the threads that interest me. We had our twin clinic last night at the hospital. Tbh, it was mostly going over stuff I already knew, and did make me think that I'm more prepared (info wise) than I give myself credit for. The talk with the obstetrician was pretty enlightening; he's the consultant on my clinic at the Mercy and was the reason I chose that clinic in the first place as he's so highly recommended (and has twins himself!). Of course going public I don't see him at consults, but he does oversee my case and has the final say and should be there for the birth. Pity his registrars seem to be a bit inflexible  rolleyes.gif  I'm hoping to have a vaginal delivery, but I know there's a few hoops to jump through first.

I also joined ABA the other day. I figured I'm going to need all the help I can get with breastfeeding. I BF DD for 18 months without too much hassle at all but I'm very conscious of it not being the same with another baby, let alone two. Also psyching myself up for expressing which I didn't do too much with DD. I'm thinking when I get further on down the track I'll start expressing colostrum in case they need it after the birth. If not I can donate it to the milk bank at the Mercy - they take EBM from mothers for the premmies if they're mums can't do it. I think that's such a cool idea. Haha, anyway, this is of course assuming I CAN express well! *sigh* so many challenges......but so looking forward to holding two beautiful babies  wub.gif

#20 Tucky

Posted 02 November 2012 - 12:17 PM

Alxeen you sound like you're doing so well with your unpacking! Like I said, I'm still struggling to get all of the rooms set up and I've been in for four months already! I'm just so slow and can't sit on the floor to do anything. Oh we'll, all that study furniture will get built one day!

My scan went ok, the technician mentioned that she's worried about the blood flow to the small twin.  He's jumping around and maintaining his growth levels but is looking like he's around the 10th percentile for growth.  At his current growth rate he might make it to 2kg going to 37 weeks, that seems so tiny  ohmy.gif .  I worry so much about these two and I just wanted everything to go well at the scan.  I'm worried about bed rest, I just can't imagine how tough that would be. I struggle getting through a nights sleep with the SPD, never mind having to be there all the time.  But, there are worse options so if it's for the best then I will just have to do it.  Have a doctors appointment on Thursday to see what she says, I may just have to be monitored more. At least that may help me worry less?!  

Well, enough of my whinging! Hope all is going well with everyone else.

#21 jess1980

Posted 02 November 2012 - 03:11 PM

Well had the 8 weeks checkup for my boys today Twin 1 Jacob is 5.44kg and 57cm long and Twin 2 Quinn is now 5.28kg and 57cm long. They are both smiling now and making baby noises and sleeping really well at night. The first 6 weeks were hell but the last two weeks have been awesome everything is falling into place and next week the challenge begins to lose these last 4 kgs and try and find my abs (its very doubtful they will come through the saggy skin lol) and tone up. Is it just me or does everyone else thats been pregnant with boys end up with a huge bum and saddlebags or am I just really lucky?

#22 AliGeo

Posted 06 November 2012 - 09:25 AM

Tucky - How did you Dr appointment go? What did they say about your small twin? I too really worry about bed rest. Bed isn't the nice comfy place it used to be for me either.

reesan - How did your scan go? Good news I hope?

Alxeen - I joined the AMBA formum too, but I find that there's not a lot of recent activity on there, so I don't bother with asking questions on there. But I agree there is some useful info there. Joing the ABA sound like a great idea. I had a really tough first six weeks with DD I really hope to avoid that. I did eventually BF for 13 months but I'd like it to be a bit smoother this time. I've considered hiring a private lactation consultant this time.

jess1980 - Your boys are growing up a storm! Very glad that it's falling into place for you. I also have really appreciated you honestesty about how hard it was initially for you, I think it's important to hear both side of the story, not just the good ones.

AFM - Insulin 3 times a day for me, grrr. Positive side, injecting insulin is a lot less painful than pricking your finger for the sugar levels.

I do have one concern that the moment. I haven't gained any weight for the past 4 weeks. I put this down to not being hungry and GD restrictions but I'm worried that it's not good for the babies. I've gained 15kg so far and I had plenty to spare to begin with so I'm hoping that the twins aren't missing out on anything. I have another growth scan in about 10 days, so fingers crossed they are still growing well.

#23 reesan

Posted 06 November 2012 - 04:50 PM

Hi Ali,

No bad news with my scan which is almost as good as having good news. Fluid is still very, very low, but cord flow and bladder look ok for now. We still need to get through another 5 weeks or more without fluid worsening or cord flow or size becoming a problem before we can expect we'll try to save both babies if things worsen, so it's not the funnest thing.

But I have been kept very occupied as my mother has been becoming very mentally ill and I've been desperately trying to arrange help for her, very hard when she's interstate in a small town with no friends or family. Well she turned up on my doorstep Saturday afternoon and then the weekend was filled with getting her into hospital, her escaping, the police looking for her, eventually being found and now in a locked ward. It is so stressful. My husband is being great in helping but it is really putting a lot of stress on my body. I went to emergency Sunday night when we'd finally got her back into hospital but they wouldn't scan the babies as I have a scan this friday anyway.

Mum is really very sick but one of the things she thinks is happening is that she is hearing the voices of the twins in her head and this is really upsetting and making it hard to know if we'll be able to put her up here or a while when the hospital are no longer willing to care for her. I have to make keeping them safe a top priority.  

At least I live near the hospital which means daily visits still leave me a little energy left for unpacking, which has slowed to a tiny pace - but progress is progress.

Re Weight - I've put on about 3kg in my pregnancy so far (at 21 weeks). I was already overweight (but not obese, size 16 and over six foot tall) and no one is concerned. I think it is quite common that in the third trimester with twins weight is lost because the stomach is so squashed by the twins and it's so hard to breathe. I wouldn't worry because the twins are first in line for every nutrient that enters your body, they will make sure they get what they need.

Re the AMBA forum, there are at least 20 posts made a day, if not more. The forum is terrible to navigate, though, except for a really handy link near the top of the forum home page which shows new posts since your last visit. It will in fact show all threads you haven't looked at chronologically, even more than just since your last visit. The frequency of new posts related to pregnancy is not high, though if you do have a query you'll find lots of willing responders, and the archives are amazing for answering questions and giving context. There is heaps of great stuff on there about having twins when you already have a child too.

Isn't it funny how laying in bed used to be so comfortable and now it is.. well.. not! I have had to do a lot of walking the past few days with all the drama going on and my hips are back to absolutely killing me, after having a big reprieve from that from about 14 weeks on.

Last week I put together some closetmaid cubes and wire drawers for the nursery wardrobe and took off the doors. I've put eight fabric cubes in four different colors in and it looks so cool and taking off the doors has made the room feel so much more spacious. I've put together the bassinets as well. half the room looks rediculous (junk pile) but the other half looks like a beautiful babies room that I can't wait for Holly and Kate to occupy!

Anyone else totally sure on names now? Holly and Kate we were floating around for a while but we've locked it in now that we've decided Kate is the name for the smaller low fluid baby. It's a name for a girl who can fight!

#24 Tucky

Posted 06 November 2012 - 09:48 PM

Reesan - that all sounds so stressful.  Not only worrying about the little ones but your mum as well.  I will keep my fingers crossed that all stays well with your little girls and a  bbighug.gif .  Make sure you take care of yourself.  Isn't it nice to get the nursery set up?  I don't think I'm nearly there yet but at least have the change table there for the 2yo.  Your names are lovely too and I agree, Kate is a great name for a fighter!  We are nowhere near sorting out names  sad.gif , just can't find a boys name since there are so many in the family and they all seem to be taken.  I'm sure one will jump out at us soon.

AliGeo - I have an appointment on Thursday which I am anxiously waiting for. I am worried too about my weight gain, with being so sick last week (had another episode a few nights later) I've actually lost some weight.  Over all I've probably put on 15kg which isn't bad but I just have no room for food so am eating small meals.  The only thing that keeps me eating is the constant heartburn!  I find eating helps settle it so am happy to have an excuse to eat something and try and put on some more weight. It makes me feel like I'm doing something to help the little guy get a bit bigger.  

Jess1980 - glad to hear that the boys are growing so well.  If it makes you feel better, I've spent a few months after giving birth to my last two wearing my maternity clothes!  You sound like you're ahead of that!  I think the worst I've had with the last two, is family members coming in to visit me the day of, or day after, I gave birth and telling me that I still looked pregnant!  One of the comments was 'are you sure they haven't left one in there?!'  huh.gif , needless to say I was hanging out for that visit to end!  Not sure what they'll say after I've given birth to two...

As for bed, I have grabbed one of the spare single doonas from the kids bed, folded it in half and sleep on that.  It just gives me a little more cushioing under my hips in addition to the pillow between my legs.  I used to have to roll over so much more but can stand to stay on one side a little longer now. I miss loving to have a little lay in bed!

Take care ladies and hope all is going well.

#25 Elemenopee

Posted 06 November 2012 - 10:12 PM

Sorry to hijack your thread everyone, just wanted to say to Reesan that one of my ID twins boys (now 3.5 yrs) had sIUGR if you ever need to talk. (they were born at 30weeks with a 40% size difference)

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