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Expecting Multiples #116

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#101 AliGeo

Posted 10 January 2013 - 10:02 AM

Thanks for all the congratulations!

We got home from the hospital yesterday, so finally have a chance to get on here. I've got a bit behind with personals but will try and keep up from now.

Isis and Rhett are doing really well. Both good feeders, although Rhett seems to need a lot more than Isis, so I can't always feed together. They have day and night mixed up so we're struggling with no sleep, but so far so good.

It's amazing how much physically better I feel even with the c-section. Carrying twins is a real strain on the body and it's such a relief to have them here now.

I've added a photo, hopefully it's not too big.">

#102 muggins_00

Posted 10 January 2013 - 10:22 AM

Oh gosh look at them, so gorgeous!!! Sleep will get better, promise, you will not be in the sleepless fog forever!

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#103 MJCplus1

Posted 10 January 2013 - 09:57 PM

Hi everyone. I've been reading along for ages but not posted. Congrats AliGeo, beautiful babies!! Just wondering what prams everyone has brought?? I was struggling with this so much I decided to let DH make the decision now I'm freaking out its not the pram we should have purchased!! It's the baby jogger city select - twins due April 2nd and Have an 18 month old. Should we have gotten a side by side??

#104 Tucky

Posted 10 January 2013 - 10:48 PM

It's been ages since I did any personals so I will catch up on a few...I'll go back as far as I can!

AliGeo - they are soooo adorable!  I can't wait until I can put Grace and Archie together  original.gif .  I was amazed at how quickly I felt better after the c-section, especially once they removed the staples, it was like instant relief!  I'm sure they'll work out their feeding at some point, I keep thinking about how I would like them to feed at the same time but I think Grace will come home before Archie and then I'll have to get one to change to match the other although hopefully I can get them to time the feeds in hospital for me to get a head start.

Muggins_00 - congratulations on expecting another set of twins, how wonderful (and scary)!  I thought 5 was scary, my hubby jokes about six and I reckon if we went again we'd end up with at least 7!  Hope all goes well and your pregnancy is as easy as can be expected.  So nice to have a twin mummy who's done it all already here!

Reesan - I hope everything works out with your mum, sounds like it's still a lot of worry and stress for you.  I can't imagine how difficult it must be to get around, you ladies are champions for getting so much done and carrying around two babies for so long!

dede79 - I was amazed when I saw you out and about today and taking care of William, I think I would be pretty stationary if it was me!  As for the cot, we've put one in our room in anticipation of at least one coming home at some point soon but I'm probably going to keep one cot in our room and a basinette downstairs so I have somewhere to let them rest during the day. Just for information sake, as it was different to what I was told by another mum, from what I was told at the hospital, the new SIDS recommendation for twins sharing is to sleep them at either end with heads in the middle to stop the risk of one putting a hand or rolling over the other twin.  When they grow closer together, time to move them into individual cots.

MJCplus1 - Welcome!  Not that I have bought ours yet but I was told that it's easier to have the side by side mostly when they get to the stage that you're out and about and feeding them in the pram so that you can get to them both.  I see alot of twins in ones that aren't side by side though so I'm sure it will be fine and a lot easier to get a one in front of the other pram in and out of shops and doorways.

AFM - Grace and Archie are doing well, growing and have finally been moved into the same Bay at the hospital so it's so much easier for me to spend time with them.  Since Grace needs less care, they've moved her to be with Archie so I can spend more time with him.  

I have been trying to feed Grace twice a day to get breastfeeding going and she's doing really well.  She's up to 2.4kg now and just has the monitors and feeding tube attached, here's today's photo: http://i1291.photobucket.com/albums/b559/M...zpsd091bc16.jpg

Archie has finally cracked 1.5kg and had his first bath today!  He also was put on high flow, which is a step down in breathing assistance and is doing really well with that.  It's so much easier to give him cuddles, here he is getting his first bath, he's still so tiny!  http://i1291.photobucket.com/albums/b559/M...zps70104ac6.jpg

And here is a really bad shot (it's hard to get a good one while cuddling two babies!) of both of them having cuddles with me, it kinda shows the size difference.  Archie is wrapped up in the bottom of Grace's blankets to keep his little head warm... http://i1291.photobucket.com/albums/b559/M...zpscd97af40.jpg

Good luck to all of you still waiting and congratulations again AliGeo, they are very very cute  wub.gif  

#105 NicNic85

Posted 11 January 2013 - 08:00 AM

Hello all - I posted a bit a long time ago but have been keeping up with the feed and everyone's progress. Couldn't help but say a very big congratulations to AliGeo on your beautiful twins - they're such great weights and gorgeous! You did so well to keep them in as long as you did! I don't know how you did it.

Also to Tucky - so glad to hear your little ones are doing so well - Grace is getting so big and glad to hear Archie has cracked that 1.5kg! I'm also in Box Hill and have been in contact with Dede79 so might see you at CAMBA etc. It's such a small world.  original.gif

Muggins - congratulation on another double bundle of joy. I'm in awe of you, no wonder your feeling overwhelmed at the moment, but I'm sure all your experience will stand you in good stead. Glad to have an experienced twin mummy here.

Reesan - glad to hear all the changes at the apartment are getting done and hope that things can settle down for you a little before your twins arrive!

To anyone I've missed, hello too original.gif

AFM - I'm now 35+3 and have been in hospital for the last 6 weeks after threatened prem labour at 29+4.  I am SO looking forward to meeting my two little girls. Going slowly insane at being stuck on bed rest for this time and despite lying down and sleeping a lot, are physically worn out. I think I've been in pre-labour on and off for days-weeks with ongoing bouts of regular painful contractions/cramps but somehow i just keep going! I was glad to read that many of you think you felt better after the c-section - I was worried that I'd go from one physically tiring experience to another. On countdown now anyway - Ob talking about delivery after 36 weeks... phew!

#106 dede79

Posted 11 January 2013 - 02:06 PM

Hi all!

Just a quick one from me from my hospital bed. Yes, the twins arrived this morning (35w 4days). Beautiful Amélie Geneviève was born first at 5.17am, weighing 2.81kg, and little Oscar Pierre followed 2 minutes later, weighing 2.72kg. So happy to finally meet them!

Waters broke at midnight last night, I managed to roll off the couch just in time. We then took DS to my in-laws and headed to hospital. Once there, contractions picked up quickly and got quite close together and long. When I got the epidural, it was magical and I even managed to sleep a bit. Around 4.30 or so, they came to tell us CTG was showing signs of distress and we had to go to theatre for csection. I was really scared but obviously wanted the best for babies. After that it all happened really quickly I guess. And we got to meet our precious bundles.

Amélie is now in Special care nursery, being monitored because of my GD, while Oscar is in NICU on cpap as his little lungs weren't coping as well. Can't wait to see them again, can't get out of bed until tomorrow :-(

Sorry for no personals. I'll come back later to do that and post a pic hopefully. Xx

#107 AliGeo

Posted 11 January 2013 - 04:18 PM

CONGRATULATION dede79!!!! Welcome to the world Amelie and Oscar!!!

Take care of yourself and keep us posted on how they're doing if you can.

#108 Tucky

Posted 11 January 2013 - 04:36 PM

Congratulations dede79, how wonderful and good sizes too!  Can't wait to meet the little cherubs  biggrin.gif !  You wouldn't happen to be in Monash would you??  

I hope Oscar gets off the CPAP quickly, I've seen babies come in and only need it for a short period and then be fine, usually at 32+ weeks, so I will cross my fingers that he does this too.

Congratulations again!

NicNic85, it certainly is a small world.  I haven't joined CAMBA yet but will be soon and so will probably see you there.  Will be good to have a few of us in the same area to possibly catch up and swap stories.  It's horrible being stuck in hospital, I did it on and off for a bit before the babies were born.  Can I admit a horrible craving I've had lately?!  Call me crazy but I walk through the hospital all the time smelling the food and miss it  blink.gif !  I think it reminds me of my grandma's cooking but all the same, I have been debating stealing a plate off the trolly...lol.

#109 Just-one-more

Posted 11 January 2013 - 07:30 PM

Ok this is going to be an EPIC post, but the group has had some EPIC developments so here is me replying all at once (even though ive been reading along, i hate relying on my phone)

Dede79: Moving house, out and about playing with will and then bam have some babies!! My gosh you have been a super busy mamma!!
Great weights! so great to hear original.gif huge congratulations
Hope they both get to come home soon, and the c-pap isnt needed for long for little Oscar!

Aligeo: Congratulations to you too! Gorgeous pic! Funny how one needs more milk and typical its the boy lol my boys have all been milky monsters too lol im super pleased to hear you skipped the nursery! I am hoping like mad I can too!

NicNic85: Being stuck in hospital must be a drag, but what an awesome effort to be keeping those babes in for so long!

Tucky: Going great with those weights! and more photos to make me clucky!!

MJCplus1: hey again! for prams, im going with the strider compact I think, after having a play with them all this one seems to be my fave!

becoming more and more uncomfortable with lower back, hip and leg pain and lots of heartburn and being tired all the time
  yyes.gif yyes.gif yyes.gif   That is how I am going too! Hope things are still going good with your mum and glad to hear you are going to chat to someone. it will be a huge help!

muggins_00: Welcome (back)! How amazingly lucky! hope this pregnacy is nice and easy for you, looking forward to hearing all your tips and advice having been there and done it all before biggrin.gif  bbabyflip.gif bbabyflip.gif  

Ok i think thats about all the stuff my tiny sieve like brain can recall right now!

I packed what i could of my bag and packed the babies bag over the last few days, trying to be organised as I know there are still things i need to get so now at least i have a list so i can start grabbing them as i see them
Got told by the hospital my iron stores are low, so explains a bit why ive been feeling so damn crap all the time!
Im having lots of those stabbing/buzzing cervix pains, but im hoping its just cos they are head down and boofas!
Was supposed to have a growth scan today but the us tech was out with gastro so they will do a quick scan at the clinic on tuesday and other than that ill go in 2 weeks like normal.
Im feeling a bit better about food, planning and snacking a bit better so actually feel like im giving the babies some actual nutrition, my midwife is very serious about 28 weeks - 32 weeks being vital in nutrition...
I keep feeling over being pregnant (and this heat!!) but then I remember i cant stay in my home town yet for the birth (id be shipped to the capital city) so another 3 weeks till im safe to stay here! I really want to just have them and come home without nursery so im trying to keep holding on.
Can hardly sleep now, but find napping in the day seems easier so have been trying to fit that in (can only do it if hubby is home though...)
Thats about it from me, im off to have a bath and early night, if i can get the toddler to agree!

#110 MJCplus1

Posted 11 January 2013 - 07:59 PM

Congrats Dede!! All the best :-)

So this morning I was having the worst pains from 2am till just before 5 when I called the hospital and went up for monitoring - they confirmed I was having 'Tightenings' but after 7am they eased off and I was out on observations for the day. Both babies were very active and they had healthy heart beats etc. my cervix is still closed and the midwife told me they don't call them contractions until there is a change in the cervix. These pains were exactly like my labour pains with my 18 month old but came on quickly and strong - irregular but my whole 19 hour labour I had irregular contractions. I had that test for early labour and it was negative.

I feel fine now but was sent home without any explanation or further instructions other than if the tithings come back then so do you...

Just wondering if any ladies have had similar experiences??

I'm 28+2 and pretty smooth sailing so far... Of coarse I'm tired and sore but I expect that lol oh and I have 2 faint stretch marks starting to appear on my belly :-(

Sorry for the me me me post - hope everyone is resting and your babies are being kind to you all xx

#111 Tucky

Posted 11 January 2013 - 08:25 PM

Hi MJCplus1, I had those, mine were regular, every 3 minutes or so, and felt just like contractions but slightly less painful.  They admitted me for them only because I shouldn't have gone into labour as Archie wouldn't have been able to take it.  My cervix never changed (boy were those internals uncomfortable!) and they didn't last more than 24 hours at a time.  I would still let them know if you feel them again, I was told to, better safe than sorry!

Take care and try to take it easy. xx

#112 Alxeen

Posted 12 January 2013 - 07:23 PM

So much news!!!

Dede79 Big congrats on the arrival of your little ones  biggrin.gif I hope you are now getting some special time with them, and that your recovery is nice and quick. So does your hospital have NICU or did Oscar have to be transferred? It must be hard being away from them but given you lasted so long cooking them they should be in your arms in no time.

AliGeo What an adorable little duo you have there! So sweet with them snuggled into each other  wub.gif  Must be nice to be home, how is your DD feeling about having two new siblings?

Tucky What a champ you are, you're really doing the long haul, but those two babies seem to be growing well, and it must be so nice to have them together. I saw somewhere (forget where now) that a twin Mum was told "having twins would be easier than having two with a very small age difference" and she said that having to decide who to spend time sitting with in nursery and NICU put that theory to bed for her......it would be really tough. It must be nice to start the feeding after all that time expressing too.

Reesan Whenever you're ready hon! I'm am such a lady of leisure right now (it's great!) that I'm totally easy so don't stress. Good to hear you're going to see someone, as I think sometimes with so much going on it's really great to have someone else to listen to you and unpack a few things.

Muggins A belated welcome from me! Clearly the universe thinks you are an amazing woman  laughing2.gif Are they the same type of twins as your first set? Did you have any inklings of twins again or was it another big surprise? I have just opened your birth story and I'm looking forward to reading it after I finish this post original.gif Hope the first trimester is going smoothly for you. It just felt so much worse for me with two on board.

MJC+1 I looked around at prams quite and bit and there were a few top contenders I found from recommendations: MB Duet, Strider Compact, Baby Jogger City Mini, iCandy, and the pram you have BJCS. So I think your DH did a pretty good job choosing and you'll be thankful for it. It handles nicely and is nice a narrow. From a friend who has it the only thing she says is that when they get heavier having one at the front means you have to get your muscles working to control the pram, but otherwise loves it. I think the only option for three in the pram is the Adventure Buggy, and I think there's recently been another one come on the market, but they are pretty pricey. We got the MB Duet, mainly because I had a MB Urban with DD and absolutely loved it so figured when you're onto a good thing might as well stick with it (and the Urban and Duet are the same width), and I like the fact it's a travel system as well. As for tightenings, I've had heaps of B-H but they have been painless. Uterine contractions tend to come on when you are dehydrated or being very active, so keep drinking water (especially in this heat!) and I know it's hard with a little one to get some rest but it's so important to do so. Pre-term labour is a serious threat, so take it easy and I hope they don't come back again.

NicNic85 Oh gee bed rest for six weeks must be hard, and getting contractions on and off must be so confusing/annoying/scary at the same time. Pretty amazing that you've got so far though and sounds like you'll get to meet your two relatively soonish. I met a twin Mum today who was on bed rest from 22 weeks and delivered at 32 weeks  ohmy.gif One thing I've learnt with this multiples caper is that being a Mum of multiples is not easy in many ways!

Just one More I didn't know nutrition is particularly important from 28 to 32 weeks. Either way sounds like your two are getting fed well  laughing2.gif  I've been craving lot's of healthy food, which I'm thankful for! And I'm eating lot's of protein and dairy, so I suppose that makes sense! I have just started packing my bag too.....helps to be organised. Hang in there with the heat, must be hard where you are with bush fires and just generally not being accustomed to warm weather.

Phew....long post but there's so much catching up to do!

AFM I am totally nesting, made great progress on all the 'projects' I had earmarked for maternity leave. Finding that I'm much more active but not finding it too much of a strain (ok, well sometimes I need to slow down a bit - had a brilliant nap today!). I'm also really enjoying being on holidays with DD and having loads of 'us' time wub.gif So far we have totally re-done her room and it's looking great. I thought it was important to do it because the twins are getting lot's of nice new stuff and her room was also just a bit of a disorganised mess, but now it's neat as a pin and really easy for her to keep tidy (and I don't want to be tidying her room this year if I can help it).

Got my official results for GTT and passed with flying colours which I was surprised given my terrible reaction, other bloods showed good everything else too. I'm pretty happy as I have been making a big effort with diet to get the right balance of everything. At my latest appointment the OB said "oh there's EVERY chance you will make it to 36 weeks" (as he booked me into my 36 week scan), so that's nice to hear. My IL's are talking about booking flights to come over at 39 weeks, it's kind of funny but makes me feel just a little pressured to have two babies for them by then. I've been thinking about induction and how it wasn't ideal with DD and how I'd really prefer to go into spontaneous labour with these two if everything is looking good....we'll see.

I went to a friends wedding last weekend, and while I love my friends and was very happy to see them get married I found the whole day/evening completely hideous  ddown.gif  It was 41 degrees and the whole thing was outside - ceremony and reception. There was limited seating (of course I got a seat though) and the food was seriously lacking, and what they did serve up I felt awkward about eating because of being pregnant (just looked suspect, or I wouldn't eat it due to being vego). I've been feeling pretty good this pregnancy but that experience really put me over the edge and I was still recovering two days later. I have decided that we will no longer be going ANYWHERE too far from home (the wedding was an overnighter in country Victoria). I am just not up to getting out and about like that any more. At least there are no grand plans between now and the rest of the year!

#113 ~A2~

Posted 16 January 2013 - 10:35 AM

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