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#26 reesan

Posted 07 November 2012 - 04:14 PM

QUOTE (Elemenopee @ 06/11/2012, 11:12 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Sorry to hijack your thread everyone, just wanted to say to Reesan that one of my ID twins boys (now 3.5 yrs) had sIUGR if you ever need to talk. (they were born at 30weeks with a 40% size difference)

Thanks Elemenopee, I will keep it in mind. I know that a) we are not even at sIUGR diagnosis yet and b) if and when we get there, it is going to make a big difference to the prognosis what type it is, as to whether it will be something we can just monitor or a type that dictates delivery must take place within the next 2-3 weeks or less.

If we can just get a bit further on, so I can know we are passed the stage where we'd have to consider terminating one to save the other, it would be such a big help.

On the other hand it's handy to know I've at least a few weeks up my sleeve to deal with mum and unpacking the house before I'll have two babies in the NICU when I plan to make everything else lower priority.

But really, I just want to be further on. I know if things get worse during this tricky period for Kate I'll forever be resentful that I was under all this stress from mum at this time.

Still, we muddle through. I put a photo on facebook of my nursery handiwork so far and have loved the reactions, and I bought a bunch of super cheap baby socks and little golden books from aldi this morning, super fun!

Tucky the doona idea is a great one, I think I'll try it!

#27 Tucky

Posted 08 November 2012 - 01:52 PM

Well had my doctor appointment today and although my biggest fear was bed rest that's now the least of my fears.  

Getting transferred to Monash Hospital for monitoring due to poor blood flow to the little man with talk that I may have to give birth in the next few weeks if not earlier.  He's currently at about the 10th percentile for growth while she's at the 50th.  My hospital doesn't have the facilities to deal with babies born before 32 weeks so Monash is the best place for me.  So worried for the babies, 28 weeks is so early, just hoping that with monitoring they can stay in there a little longer.   sad.gif

If all goes well, I'll be on intensive monitoring, every day or two, until they decide that the baby is under too much stress and then they'll be delivered.  Fingers crossed that isn't for a few more weeks at least.

#28 Alxeen

Posted 08 November 2012 - 04:00 PM

Just popped in briefly and goodness gracious, I have my fingers crossed for all of you! Having twins really is stressful and difficult isn't it. Gotta go, but I'll be back tonight for more xo

#29 AliGeo

Posted 08 November 2012 - 04:59 PM

Oh girls, what a stressful time you're having. I'm thinking of you both. Will come in later for better personals.

#30 Alxeen

Posted 09 November 2012 - 09:55 AM

Ha! So much for writing last night, I just collapsed into bed!

Tucky I am thinking of you and really hoping those babies can hang in there safely for a little bit longer. If it's any comfort (and I'm sure you know this already) at our twin clinic we were told time and time again that babies delivered past 28 weeks have excellent outcomes. The Monash is the best possible place for you and I'm sure they'll know exactly the right call to make at the right time.

Reesan Sounds like you need a big  bbighug.gif  at the moment. The situation with your Mum sounds absolutely awful. My Grandmother has early onset dementia is it was the most horribly stressful thing. Added to the sadness of the whole situation there are all the very real, practical considerations that need to be dealt with, often on an urgent basis, and none of which had easy solutions. Are there any other siblings/family members that can pitch in a bit? It must be so hard and very scary knowing that one of your girls is at risk. How fantastic though that you did so much preparing and organising early on. I love the idea of naming them and think that's really special. Kate is a good name for a girl with a bit of guts original.gif

AliGeo I'll be hiring a private LC if necessary too. DD always fed well and after a few awkward (and sore!) weeks of grazed nipples we did great with the feeding, however I'm very conscious that not all babies are the same and also of the unique challenges with feeding twins. I just picked up a Medela Freestyle pump last night. I'll stick it in the cupboard for now, but thinking of expressing colostrum (or trying to!) in the few weeks before birth)

Weight Gain I only just weighed myself on the weekend - put on 5kgs so far, which in my estimation is really not good enough. I know I lost some weight in my first trimester, so I did have to make up a bit of ground. Also according to BMI (which I am still yet to be convinced is accurate) I'm just on the border of underweight/normal, which means I should be gaining more. I'm not going to get too worried about it, but I am vegetarian so my iron, vit B12 and protein probably isn't great (although I'm trying to stay on top of supplements). I make sure I never go hungry and have decided now to eat at least one serve of protein (soy, tofu, eggs etc.) per day, and also going to drink more sustagen and milo (yum!), and make a bit of an effort to have fruit smoothies. Boost Juice do a sports smoothie with extra protein and one has just opened up near my work original.gif

Jess1980 Good for you getting into recovery mode. You had a c-sec right? Did you find the scar healed well? Those abs will come through eventually, try to do core work if you can, and of course walking helps Mum and babies love it too. I have heard about the boys/saddlebags thing, I think it's a bit of a wives tale! Your body has just done an amazing thing though, so hey - whatever was needed original.gif

We had our morph scan the other day! Happy to report two healthy looking babies (although we will get the proper results next week). This is the first proper scan the hospital has done as they don't do earlier scans. Bit of a problem though, as they can't confirm di-di twins and apparently take other scan results with a grain of salt. We asked not to know the gender but I was looking and am about 95% sure I know what they are  wub.gif Then when the sonographer said she wasn't sure what type of twins they were I knew I must have been right with my guess, as I guessed that they are the same gender, and obviously if they were boy/girl they would clearly be di-di. DH doesn't know and I've said I won't tell a soul - hard keeping it to myself though! Another thing - there is now one big placenta, so the feeling is that earlier there was two but now it's fused. Again - still can't confirm...may have been one all along. So anyway, I definitely want testing done once they're born. I'm quite sure they're di-di (call it a 'feeling' and the fact I know I sometimes ovulate twice), but with all this confusion it would be great to know for sure. DH are quite similar in colouring and features, so knowing our luck they will probably be fraternal but look REALLY similar and all the questions will drive me completely bananas! Also, they are both measuring on the small side. Not worryingly so, but for 20 weeks gestation one is measuring about 19 weeks and the other is measuring about 18 weeks.

Getting comfy I now have four pillows in bed! I have two under my head, one under my body, and I have recently purchased  belly bean pillow that goes under my tummy...THEN I am comfy enough to go to sleep. SPD is still at bay with just a small about of back, hip, and occasional groin pain. I had one day where it was much worse and I though 'oh great, this is the beginning of the end', but it cleared up.

We pick up some bassinets on the weekend! I bought some on a whim on ebay. A twin mum was offering one for sale but said there was another and then did a good deal for two - $100! I'm really pleased to have that sorted, as we'd recently discovered the recommendations had changed about twins co-sleeping, and bassinets will fit nicely in our room.

Ok - back to work for me!!  hands.gif  for all you twin mummies and babies through this difficult time xo

#31 reesan

Posted 09 November 2012 - 10:28 AM

Just a quickie from me with some great news - both babies looking really well at the scan today, fluid levels equalized and both safe and size looking pretty much on par. About 390g at 21 weels 5 days.

My husband and I can hardly believe it and I've been bursting into tears all day because I am just so relieved.

This buys us some time and some emotional relief to keep plugging away with mum's situation and the house, I'm her only family and she really only has one friend who is in Western Australia and currently house bound with a broken ankle (and not really in an emotional state to be able to do anything constructive).

Tucky I am really sorry to hear and imagine it is feeling super stressful. 28 weeks is an absolutely fabulous milestone but in the grand scheme of things it is still very early and that means stress in the the short term even when you know the long term outlook is still very positive. I guess all that can be done is to muddle through and be thankful we have access to such great medical care.

#32 Alxeen

Posted 09 November 2012 - 11:05 AM

QUOTE (reesan @ 09/11/2012, 11:28 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Just a quickie from me with some great news - both babies looking really well at the scan today, fluid levels equalized and both safe and size looking pretty much on par. About 390g at 21 weels 5 days.

Wow! Couldn't be better news!!  ddance.gif  What a huge relief original.gif

#33 Tucky

Posted 09 November 2012 - 03:43 PM

Thank you so much Reesan and Alxeen.  Had our monitoring at Monash today and results weren't great.  I have never cried so much as over the last three days.  She doesn't think they'll need to be born on the weekend but at most we'll get another week.  Every day inside is a step in the right direction and we just need to take it all one day at a time.  Had my first steriod shot today (man, did that hurt oomg.gif ), another tomorrow and we'll see how we go from there.

Have had all of the tough conversations about testing for chromosomal problems with the little guy, decisions about termination, taking the chance of leaving them inside and hoping he lives but am most comfortable with not doing the testing and having them both early.  We will take what we are given and be happy in the decision that we have done everything we can to save both babies by having them early no matter what.  I couldn't make any other decision at this point.

Sooooo...essentially, I imagine that within the next week I will have two little babies in the NICU at Monash which is the best place they can possibly be.  I take comfort knowing that is what they do and they are good at it too.  

Reesan -   I am so happy to hear that your scan went well!   eexcite.gif At least that is one less thing for you to worry about, it really is amazing what our bodies can do. I would be crying tears of joy too.  My best wishes for everything that you and your mum are going through, it sounds so stressful.

Alxeen -    Glad to hear your scan went well also!  tthumbs.gif  I love seeing the little babies bouncing around in my tummy.  It's still amazing to me even though this will be number 4 & 5 for us.  That's a great deal on the bassinets, good on you!  We still have so much to buy and do, we have no names picked as we've struggled to agree on a boys name and have heaps of choices for the girl.  I will have to run out and get some preemie clothes and a few other things but we will have at least two months after they are born before they can come home to prepare the rest.  

Well, I had better get going.  Good luck ladies and probably the next time you hear from me I'll be announcing the birth of our little bubbies!

#34 Alxeen

Posted 11 November 2012 - 05:13 PM

Oh Tucky how daunting for you! It's seems like you've made your peace with it though, and now it's just a take one day at a time and see how it all goes. You'll be meeting your babies soon....how incredible.

I'll be thinking of you over the coming days and will be hoping and wishing for the best. Good luck!

#35 AliGeo

Posted 12 November 2012 - 08:56 AM

reesan - That's great news about the bubs!!!! I can definately understand the tears of relief. How's the situation with your mum going?

Tucky - You're so brave about this all and have a great attitude. I hope that your can cook them for a little while longer, but after 28 weeks things are certainly in their favour if they have to come out. And like you said they will be in the best hands.

Alxeen - Glad that you had a good scan! Are you going to tell us what you think they are wink.gif ? I can barely tell which end is the head end let alone the sex on those scans haha.

Hi to anyone else lurking waves.gif .

AFM - Same old here thankfully. Did have to up my insulin but it seems to have settled down now. I have 3 different bubs appointments on Thursday. Growth scan, diabetes check and OB, so will be a busy day. I'm really looking forward to the scan, hopefully the big twin has decided to line up first at the exit so that a VBAC is still on the cards.

Booked the removalist for the 3/4 dec so the countdown is on! I can't wait. The new place has a pool, so no prizes for guessing where I'm going to be spending this last stretch!

#36 jess1980

Posted 12 November 2012 - 04:16 PM

Hey girls just thought I'd give you an update on how I'm going. My twins are now 9 weeks old I can't believe how fast it has gone. The first 6 weeks were quite frankly the worst of my life no sleep and also struggling to bf, so glad both boys are on the bottle now has made my life so much easier and less stressful. During the first 6 weeks there were days I felt like leaving and not coming back, other days I cried myself to sleep I was so exhausted. I'm pleased to say the last 3 weeks have been awesome and hectic at the same time. The boys are in a really good routine at night down at 730pm they wake around 2/3am then again 6/7am. The day routine is more flexible with my 2 daughters school and daycare drop offs and after school activities it has to be. I adore my boys and I'm not ashamed to say the first few weeks I wondered if I ever would its hard work but its so worth it. Anyways I hope everyone stoll expecting is well and if anyone ever wants to talk just pm me. I joined a local fb twin group where I live and they have been so supportive to me and that was even before we had met face to face because other twin mums get it original.gif

#37 reesan

Posted 13 November 2012 - 02:39 PM

AliGeo - no real update on mum situation, just muddling along. I am having a day off seeing her tomorrow which I'm looking forward to frankly! I have a nasty head cold at the moment which doesn't help.

#38 Tucky

Posted 13 November 2012 - 07:53 PM

Hello ladies waves.gif

Quick update from me - been in hospital since Tuesday morning due to an "irritable uterus", I'd never heard of such a thing but they are keeping me just in case since my other labours were so quick. Can't wait to go home though. Must say, although my steroid shots hurt like crazy, I had a great side effect even they didn't think of...I've been able to walk without crutches! I'll take that as a blessing for sure!

The little guy is still hanging in there, the effects of the steroids wear off starting tomorrow and then we see where we stand. But still very active which is a good thing. I'm just so happy we've gotten another few days!

AliGeo - I hope your scans and check-ups went well and that your VBAC is still on the cards.  Mine seem to be fighting over pole position every time I get a scan so no way of telling who would be number one if I didn't have to have a c-sec! Good luck with the move too, seems to be a common thing between a few of us as well!

Reesan - I hope you get to do something for yourself tomorrow, you've been under a lot of stress and fingers crossed your head cold goes quickly.  

Alxeen - thank you so much, will try and cook these two as long as I can, hope all is going well with you!

Jess1980 - sounds like things have settled into a great routine. I'm still wondering how I will do school and crèche drop offs and pickups but at least there's such a thing as shopping for groceries online.  I intend on doing that a lot.

Take care all and hopefully I'll get another chance to post soon.

#39 AliGeo

Posted 14 November 2012 - 08:00 AM

jess1980 -Great to hear things are sailing along smoothly for you now!

reesan - Argggh head colds suck don't they. Hope that you have a great day off.

Tucky - I'm so glad to see you here and still cooking those babies. Is there any chance of keeping them in any longer if the little guy is still going ok, or are you just waiting for the steroids to kick in to deliver? You had to catch a break somewhere and being about to walk again must be great.

Hi Everyone else waves.gif

AFM - 500km drive tonight to go to my scan and other drs appoinment tomorrow *sigh*. Up side: No DD this time, DP and her are staying home to trial being away from me to get her used to when I have the twins. This will be the furthest and longest time I've been away from her (a whole 2 days lol).

#40 Tucky

Posted 14 November 2012 - 07:32 PM

AliGeo - I am trying to keep them in there as long as possible. If we can maintain the same wellness on the blood flow he has now then it's fine and we'll deliver as soon as there is a decline in his activity or he starts showing changes in the blood flow to other organs which shows he's not coping. Unfortunately the benefit of the steroids wore off for me today but I did have a few good days. They are good for the babies for much longer though as it helps give their lungs a boost. If, by some miracle, I keep them in for a few more weeks I may just need a booster before delivery.

Good luck with the drive, are you doing that on your own or is someone else coming with you? Good idea giving DD a trial run, my daughter still gets upset when I'm gone. I think they need to experience it just o realise it's ok.

Take care on that long drive.

Hi to everyone else!

#41 Alxeen

Posted 15 November 2012 - 09:13 AM

Tucky You seem in such a good frame of mind, that's really great. So do they have you in hospital 24/7? Sometimes things can turn around too so you never know what the outcome will be. We will keep our fingers crossed for you that the little one can hold on safely just a little bit longer  hands.gif  Good luck!

AliGeo 500 kms is a long drive!  ffear.gif  I suppose us metro dwellers just don't realise how good we have it sometimes. How did the scan go? Positions looking good? Mine are currently both head down, but of course it can change, although they've been there for the last three weeks at least. I can actually see one of the heads poking out just to the right of the belly button! It makes my tum look a bit lopsided sometimes  laugh.gif  I'm keeping 'mum' (oooh, sorry for the pun!) on the genders but now I'm pretty sure I know them I will probably get confirmation at a later scan. DD is dying to know, so I was thinking I might take her to a scan and we can both find out, hihi! DH is still insistent he doesn't want to know!

jess1980 Thank you so much for your honesty...how else are we supposed to know what it's like unless people tell us. I'm really pleased to hear there was a light at the end of the tunnel for you and that it wasn't too far away (in the scheme of things! I'm sure it felt like forever at the time). I'm fully expecting the first year to be a write off, hence why I've told work not to expect me back for about 14 months. It's wonderful to hear you've met some other twin Mummies in the area original.gif

Reesan Bleugh head colds are so much worse in pregnancy don't you think? I had a cold a few weeks ago and it was like I'd been hit by a bus when normally it wouldn't barely bother me, or just be a mild annoyance. Hope everything has settled down in your world.

AFM We got two adorable little bassinets last weekend  wub.gif  Set them up in our room and it all feels very real (haha, but then took them to Mums for storage, I'll go and get them early next year). I have a doula sorted out now and am feeling really good about the birth, and pretty confident I'll be able to deliver vaginally provided all progresses as it is. I'm surprised to be feeling fit and healthy, although the tiredness has crept back and I suspect it will get worse from here on in. I think I had about 8 glory weeks! I've lost all interest and motivation in work, so thinking I'll probably leave about two weeks before Christmas to just chill out and relax (and shop). I love my work, so the fact that I'm not interested any more says to me the pregnancy happy hormones are in full swing. I'm trying to take it easy when I can and DH has been wonderful around the house and just picking up extra jobs etc. Hospital appointments are at the business end now, I'm going every fortnight, with four weekly scans. I've befriended a midwife and she's been great giving me the inside word on which doctors to see and how to get an appointment with them, so I'm looking forward to not having to deal with any more registrars (who were getting on my nerves a bit).

#42 Tucky

Posted 17 November 2012 - 04:07 PM

Woo hoo - we have made it to 29 weeks!  eexcite.gif  Lets see how much longer this little guy can hold on, so pleased to make it a whole week, 30 weeks is a big milestone for twins so we'll see how we go.  Bought some preemie clothes this week, they are so tiny it's unbelievable!

Alxeen - I was admitted to hospital for two nights but they let me go home due to having three others at home who were missing me.  My daughter cried her eyes out after they left me at the hospital.  I've been at home but with strict instructions to not do anything.  It's driving me crazy but if I get up for the shortest amount of time my feet blow up and legs throb so not much point.  Sounds like you're in a really good spot in your pregnancy, it's nice when you get a bit of energy back isn't it?  I hope those babies stay head down for you, mine change on a daily basis!

Reesan - Hope you're feeling better, head colds can hang around forever when you're pregnant.  Hopefully everything else is going well also and you're not having too much stress.

AliGeo - Hope your doctors appointment went well, you got some rest on your days away and the drive wasn't too hard on you.

To everyone else, hello and hope all is going well!  smile1.gif

#43 AliGeo

Posted 19 November 2012 - 07:41 AM

Tucky - Woohoo 29 weeks, you're doing so well!!! Just keep taking it one day at a time.

Alxeen - We're keeping mum on what they are too, though we know for sure due to an amnio. I'm so jealous of you all getting to set everything up, we still have 10 days until we move so still have nothing ready to go. I had about 8 weeks where I felt good too, it's been well and truly over now since about 27 weeks though lol.

reesan - How you going chickie?

Hi everyone else!

AFM - Scan went well. They have even-ed up in size with estimated weights of 1.8kg and 1.9kg, so big ones ffear.gif even for singles. Also they are both head down still, have been at every scan, so fingers crossed they continue that way. The best thing is that with the weights being so close now OB say that she's happy for me to try a VBAC woohoo ddance.gif . Well provided that I go into labour naturally. She's keeping the end date open at this point but as soon as christmas is over I'll be going into operation 'go into labour' mode (I'll be 36 weeks then).

Counting the days until we move, 10 sleeps. I also only have 4 more work days left. I can't wait to finish going into work. Putting my boots on is extremely painful now, and I've run out of fluro shirts that fit.

#44 reesan

Posted 19 November 2012 - 03:13 PM

I am muddling along, mum's affairs still keeping me very busy and have made about zero progress on the house in the last week. The mess and lots of unpacked stuff is getting to me at the moment.

But we've had another great scan with bubs now looking super healthy at 23 weeks.

My cold is getting better but the past few days I've been super exhausted - middle of the day naps and 7pm bed time, first trimester, so I hope it's not the end of the energy I recovered since 15 weeks.

I really want to take some time out soon and relaxed and bond with the babies. soon!

#45 Tucky

Posted 21 November 2012 - 10:07 PM

Hi all,

Well, at 29 weeks + 2 days our little man just couldn't wait any longer (his cord had gone into reverse flow) so they were born by c-section on November 19th at 5:40pm. Grace Elizabeth was 1.244kg and Archie Cohen was 826 grams.  Sooooo tiny but amazing little people! They are absolutely gorgeous  wub.gif

I seem to be recovering well but am taking the full stay in hospital so I can recover as much as possible before getting back into the swing of the 3 at home and less chance of opening my wound with the 2yo always wanting to jump up on me. It has been interesting trying to hand express colostrum for the babies since it was too early for my body to be thinking about making it. Thankfully when you've had children before your body seems to get it sooner but I've still only been getting .1ml or .2ml each time I do it.  That's apparently not too bad!

Grace has had more setbacks than Archie but that was to be expected since he was struggling all along so a little more prepared to come out. It's a real roller coaster of up and downs but I am trying to focus on the ups and worry about the downs only when they happen.  Today my biggest up was that I got to change Grace's nappy, take her temperature and wash her face and mouth! It was such a massive milestone! I cried my eyes out when I got back to my room and then had the best hand express yet.

Reesan - I know exactly how you feel about the unpacking but try as hard as you can to not worry about it.  Your first priority is you and the babies. That unpacking can wait a little bit, the stuff going on with your mum is stressful enough.  I really wish there was some way I could help you, I got soooo frustrated with not being fully unpacked too.   bbighug.gif  and take care of you.

AliGeo - Good sized babies and your VBAC looks good, such fantastic news!  grin.gif  I will keep my fingers crossed that those babies behave, stay head down and that you go into labour on your own. Do they think that an induced labour will be too quick or intense for you to have a VBAC? We must have been due right around the same time as they would have induced me at 36 weeks in early Jan if I'd made it that far.

Alxeen - Hope all is going well for you still, have you confirmed the genders for you and DD yet?

A big hello to everyone else too!

#46 AliGeo

Posted 22 November 2012 - 07:46 AM

Just a quick one to say CONGRATULATIONS Tucky and welcome to the world Grace and Archie!!! I'm so glad they are doing well. Will be back later for better personals.

#47 dede79

Posted 22 November 2012 - 10:28 AM

CONGRATULATIONS TUCKY!! Welcome to your beautiful bubs. Hope they get chubby quickly and stay well.

I haven't posted in here forever. I've just gone to read back and it seems a lot of people are having a stressful time. Not easy the twin pregnancies, is it? Sending everyone lots of positive vibes and energy.

Jess - Glad to read that things are getting a bit easier now that the twins are over 8 weeks!

AliGeo - You'll have to let me know how your move goes. I'm moving house in 4 weeks so I'll be 32 weeks, similar to you I think. Trying not to think about it too much for now...

AFM - Well, had no appointments for a whole 4 weeks so that was pretty uneventful. This week (28 weeks) though was one after the other.
Did my GTT on Tuesday and learned yesterday that I failed and have GD. Bummer but not the end of the world I guess, I'll just have to learn what I can eat and all. Tuesday I also had my scan. Was so excited that the bubs were quite big (1.4kg and 1.44kg) but now I know they might be big because of GD so not that good I guess.
Little girl is Twin 1 and she's head down. Little boy is still breech. Should I do anything (acupuncture, chiro, etc) to try to turn him or not worry about it?

OB appointment went well too, measuring 40 weeks already so no wonder I'm feeling huge. Finishing work in 2 weeks, can't wait! Although I'll get into packing and moving mode by then.

#48 reesan

Posted 22 November 2012 - 12:06 PM

Tucky congratulations! I made a long post this morning about how excited I was but it looks like EB ate it, and I gotta run now. so YAY and love your positive attitude during what is sure to be a stressful (and joyous) time over the next month or so.

#49 Alxeen

Posted 22 November 2012 - 02:13 PM

Wow Tucky that's amazing news and so exciting! CONGRATULATIONS! I guess there are a few challenging weeks ahead but it's lovely to hear of you celebrating little milestones. That bonding is so important right now, and I love to hear how it's helping with your milk. Wonderful that you can express and give them colostrum, well done! I hope the special moments keep flooding in, and that you start to work on recovery and feeling good original.gif
Oh, and no confirmation of genders just yet for us, I think I'll wait to a later scan so that way there's less time to blab, ha!

AliGeo Not long until moving date right? If you're interested there's a fb group called 'birthing multiples naturally' that is full of women hoping to, or have had vaginal births with multiples and I'm sure there are members among them that have had a VBAC and would be a great source of info. Those weights are fantastic, looks like all is going very well original.gif I wear boots for work too and had to get DH to take them off last night - such a hassle with a big tummy in the way!

Reesan Wonderful that you're recent scan was looking good! Fingers crossed for smooth sailing from now on in. I'm looking forward to meeting you next week wink.gif

Dede79 Sorry to hear about GD. I've heard acupuncture and chiro (Webster technique) is good for turning babies, but you'd just have to make sure you were going to someone experienced or on recommendation. Of course your little boy could still turn yet! Interestingly an ob told me that delivery of twin 2 in breech is anecdotally an easy delivery. Not sure about that though!

AFM Funny everyone is telling me I'm organised but it was only a matter of a few weeks ago I was in a state about being totally disorganised! I'm feeling a bit better about it all now, as the only thing we need to sort out is car seats and a pram, and I kind of want to wait now until Boxing Day sales to do more shopping. I'm feeling good but starting to feel my body wind down, and having to put the brakes on extra commitments and social things (difficult at this time of year!). I'm pretty terrible at saying no generally, but trying to, and it's not easy when everyone just equates my pregnancy to their own (or their friends/wife's/sister's) singleton pregnancies....when it's just not the same. It's definitely harder on your body, and there's just so much more at stake. I'm hopeful finishing work soon-ish will help, as if I have time to myself during the day it should make a big difference - although it's possible I'll just end up running around doing a billion other things I haven't managed to get to! Oh well, all in all I can't complain, all is going well original.gif

#50 AliGeo

Posted 26 November 2012 - 10:40 AM

Phew finally at work, so have a chance to do some personals.

Tucky - How are you and the bubs going? You've had such a great attitude about all of this. I'm sure that it will rub off on the bubs and they will continue to get better and better. Keep celebrating the little things.

dede79 - Damm having GD, I have it too. Are you on insulin or just diet controlled? I've been on insulin for about 4 weeks now, it's not as bad as it seems. As for turning Twin B, talk to your OB about him being breech and if it would be a problem. My OB says that Twin B's position isn't as important as they can still turn after Twin A is born, plus apparently it's OK to deliver B breech cos the trail has been blazed so to speak wink.gif .

reesan - Glad you've had another good scan. Have you managed to find some time to relax yet?

Alxeen - Thanks, I'd definately have a look at the FB group (even though I'm not a massive fan of FB), it's really hard to find stories of twin VBAC's. Yep moving this week woohoo! I totally hear you with people not getting how hard it is to be pregnant with twins. I'm sure there are people that twins is easy but I'm surely not one of them, it's really hard work. When do you finish work?

AFM - So excited that the removalists are coming on Wed to pack the house, then upload is Thurs then should be delivered to the new place on Fri ddance.gif !!!! It's been a crazy few days trying to get all organised ready to go, but only a few more things to do. It's also my birthday tomorrow, but I doubt I'll have time to even think about that. Today and tomorrow are my last days at work thankfully, I'm so so so over it. No more struggling to get my boots on yay.

Baby-wise all is cruising along. I'm a bit jealous that my OB dosen't do any kind of exam on me. She actually hasn't even touched me since my first appointment. So I have no idea what I'm measuring, though I assume from all the stares I get thee days I must be big haha.

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