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Expecting Multiples #116

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#51 *mylittleprince*

Posted 26 November 2012 - 11:41 AM

Hi everyone

Hope you are all well. Haven't posted in ages as I've had my hands full with the 3 year old and the twins.

Congratulations Tucky on the new arrivals. Hope their stay is short and that they go from strength to strength.

We are going well. Asher and Sophie are now 7 weeks old. Still exclusively breastfeeding together at home or at friends and individually when out. Besides the normal nipple tenderness in the beginning and a case of nipple thrush, breastfeeding has gone really well.

I don't follow a schedule or routine but rather an awake time of 45 - 60 minutes (for the first 12 weeks) from waking for a feed to going down and it works well for us. It's from the book SleepSense and makes a lot of sense and takes pressure of trying to stick to a schedule. They are both almost 5kg now and putting on heaps of weight. Asher is the most settled baby ever. He literally feeds and sleeps and if you put him down on a mat for some awake time, you find him just relaxing and soon falls asleep. Sophie is very unsettled and for a long time she cried every time she was awake and not feeding. The lactation consultant I saw advised cows milk protein intolerance and I've been off all dairy for 3 weeks and it's starting to make a difference. We are going to see a paed immunologist this week too. I self referred as we have a family history of allergies so I want to be sure everything is ok.

They are such a delight and having twins is such a wonderful thing. I attended my first multiple playgroup two weeks ago and the moms (and one dad) were all so lovely and welcoming. I would definately recommend joining your local AMBA.

Babies are feeding between 9 - 10 times in 24 hours. When one wakes, I wake the other one. Every now and then I will give one an extra feed or a few sips if they need it. Sophie is hard to get down so if it's taken 1 hour to get her to sleep and Asher wakes, then I'll just feed him and then feed them together at the next feed. I find having a relaxed approach really helps.

Sleeping is going well. From the 10pm feed to about 8am they literally feed and sleep with a little settling in between which is good. Asher is sleeping in the cot in their room and we often put Sophie down in our room and move her at 10pm feed. I know it's against SIDS but in the day I sometimes sleep her on her tummy as she settles so much better. I obviously check on her often.

I think you can't plan until they arrive and you see their personalities and what works for each one. It's hard to sometimes remember but they are two different babies so you have to allow for some flexibility.

Have a wonderful Christmas season. I often read but don't have time to post.

#52 reesan

Posted 26 November 2012 - 02:16 PM

I'm still just muddling through, mum took up most of my time last week as she is being discharged this week and I needed to find and secure accommodation for her. She is extremely opinionated and won't compromise on anything.. but we found something eventually and signed a lease friday, I pick her up from the hospital and move her in Wednesday (my birthday.. grumble grumble.. but DH is going to start work late so we can go out for breakfast together first).

Alex I look forward to meeting you too on Wednesday night! Our car needs to go in for repairs and it was supposed to be today but I've pushed it back to Thursday so we can get there on Wednesday night. I've been way too tired the past week or so to go if I had to wait for a taxi or public transport afterwards! We had our first hospital multiples education last thursday and I was too tired and left early (albeit it also meant missing an activity at the end that seemed frustrating and a waste of everyone's time - looks like the remaining weeks will be more interesting though).

I am eating whatever I want as I expect there's a good chance of failing my GD test in a week and a half, and want to live it up while I can!

#53 Tucky

Posted 26 November 2012 - 08:44 PM

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for your congratulations and kind words.  I find that if I stay positive then I'm generally in a better place when we have a down moment.  Things have been full of steps forward and then backward so it's better to try and even out the roller coaster, if that makes sense!  

The day after I changed Grace's nappy she crashed and had another chest drain put in, one for each lung, and then Archie was re-intubated so it's been hands off until last night. That was such a hard day because my milk came in, I was crazy hormonal, and I spent the day bawling my eyes out.  But, yesterday I got to hold Grace's little hand and we actually got to hold little Archie outside of the incubator for 10min or so.  I can't explain how absolutely wonderful that was, they are so tiny and precious!  Today I found out that the parents at the school that the older two go to have organised a meal roster and a roster for picking up the kids after school so I can stay at the hospital longer on certain days. It's amazing how people can surprise you with the most amazing support when you need it.

I'll try and get a photo up soon.  Hello to anyone I may miss!

Dede79 - as far as I was told (not that I got that far!) my doctor was happy to deliver if twin 2 was breech because either they turn or they can be turned during labour, if need be.  Sorry to hear about GD, that would be tough.  Hopefully it's not too hard on you.  I keep reading about people moving and found out that the couple who bought our neighbour's house is pregnant with twins and I always think it would be funny if it was one of you all.  Small world kinda stuff.

Alxeen - I hate saying no too but I'm slowly learning to, that and saying 'yes, thank you' to help rather than, 'no, I'll be fine thanks'! A twin pregnancy is certainly different o a single and it's so hard when people don't understand.

AliGeo - I will say a big Happy Birthday now since I will probably not get on tomorrow! Hope you have a great day and the move goes well.

mylittleprince - sounds like everything is going so well and you're nice and relaxed about it all. I've always demand fed and the babies have worked out their own routines.  Nice to hear that you have worked everything out and it seems as though everything has settled into place.

reesan - I hope things settle down soon and that you make it through you GD test.  Good luck!

#54 dede79

Posted 27 November 2012 - 12:37 PM

Just a quick one as I'm at work...

QUOTE (Tucky @ 26/11/2012, 09:44 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I keep reading about people moving and found out that the couple who bought our neighbour's house is pregnant with twins and I always think it would be funny if it was one of you all.  Small world kinda stuff.

Tucky, that could TOTALLY be me!!! I was told that the neighbor where we're moving has 3 kids and is expecting twins around the same time as us... You don't live in Box Hill South by any chance?  happy.gif

You and your babies are so strong! Hope you can hold them more and more everyday as they get chubbier. Sending lots of love and positive vibes!

#55 AliGeo

Posted 27 November 2012 - 01:42 PM

Hey dede79 I have no idea why my PM's don't work. I'll send you an email, I'll put ALIGEO in the subject box so you know who it's from.

Sorry am at work so no time for detail but keep strong Tucky!

#56 Tucky

Posted 28 November 2012 - 08:38 AM

OMG dede79, that IS me!  oomg.gif

Good luck with the move, can't wait to say hello and if you need any help feel free to come ring the doorbell.  Don't mind that the landscaping still hasn't been done, I haven't had a chance to organise one to come out and quote...

Edited by Tucky, 28 November 2012 - 08:38 AM.

#57 dede79

Posted 28 November 2012 - 03:36 PM

OMG! Tucky, hello new neighbour biggrin.gif biggrin.gif  !

We're moving in on the 19th, can't wait. It'll be an hectic time (for you too I'm sure with your little ones in hospital and the 3 other kids on holidays) but I'll try to pop in not long after to say hi and see if there's anything we can do for your family to help while the little ones are getting stronger. Happy to have your other kids with me and DS some days while you go to hospital or if you need to pop out.

How awesome is it going to be for 2 twin sets (both b/g) to live next to each other and go to school together? So exciting!

Hi everyone else  waves.gif hope everyone is fine, sorry for no personal and making this all about us, just so exciting!

Ok, better go back to work, only 6 days to go before I finish so I have to concentrate a bit more.

#58 Tucky

Posted 28 November 2012 - 06:43 PM

My apologies to everyone as well, I didn't really think it would be someone on this forum!  smile1.gif

That is a very very kind offer dede79 but there is no way I could have you moving into a house and looking after my 3 all the while heavily pregnant with twins!  Since I will be so much more mobile, it will be me helping in any way that I can!

Hopefully, if all goes well, I will be bringing home my two bubbies at about the same time as you!  It will be good, from memory I think they mentioned that William is also around the same age as my third.

Good luck with your last week at work and like I said, don't hesitate to ask me for any help while moving.

#59 Alxeen

Posted 29 November 2012 - 07:23 AM

Oh you guys are just TOO funny!!! What an incredible coincidence biggrin.gif

#60 reesan

Posted 29 November 2012 - 11:04 AM

The week has been stressful so far - mum needing lots of help and 2 of the 3 tradies I'd booked to quote not showing up and the third showing up Monday but hasn't given quote nor responding to calls or texts.

Was excited to go to multiples education last night but after traipsing around with mum all day getting her discharged and into her new accommodation I was too exhausted - then AGL failed to connect her electricity so she had to come and stay the night with us anyway.

It was my birthday and everyone knows what I'm up to at the moment but kept sending texts saying "hope you're having a fabulous, relaxing day" etc which I'm sure was well meant but just irritated me!

Oh well - I cheered myself up this morning by buying heaps at the four day online pumpkin patch sale - 30% off everything INCLUDING already reduced, so I've bought stuff for six months, 1 year, 18 months, 2 years! I'm incorrigible.

#61 Tucky

Posted 30 November 2012 - 03:16 PM

Oh Reesan, I hope things get better for you and the stress levels reduce.  If only there was something we could do to help.  Hoping that your tradies start co-operating and things settle with your mum.

Here's a  bbighug.gif in the meantime.

A little retail therapy can certainly go a long way, I think I'm due for some too! And that is a ripper of a sale and a bargain always makes me feel good!

#62 dede79

Posted 01 December 2012 - 06:48 AM

Just want to say Happy belated birthday Reesan! Hope the next weeks get better and less stressful for you. Sounds like a tough situation with your mum. Big hugs!

Hope everyone else is going ok.

Tucky, how are the babies doing?

I'm good. Started testing for GD this week and it's not too bad. Going to a Xmas BBQ today so might be more challenging original.gif

#63 Jo-Anna

Posted 02 December 2012 - 06:45 PM

Hi everyone, just wanted to say I am still reading along, but don't really have anything interesting to contribute just yet.
Happy belated birthday Reesan, hope things start getting a little easier for you soon.

Tucky I have been reading your posts about your babies and have been amazed how calm you have seemed. I am in awe. I hope they keep growing steadily and you can bring them home soon.

Good luck with the move dede79, I have a little girl next door the same age as DS and it is great for them to have play dates together. They are great friends. I can only imagine 4 at the same age, good fun I imagine!

I am still plodding along. I am just over 17 weeks. Still haven't seen anyone from the hospital regarding the twins. I saw a midwife who took all my details and said to wait for an appointment letter from the twins clinic at the hospital. I know the hospital is super busy at the moment but I am getting a bit stressed about not knowing who is going to be caring for the babies and I for the rest of the pregnancy.
Anyway, I will give it a week and if I haven't heard anything I will give them a call. Wish we had PHI to go private, but after such a lovely experience in our local public hospital with DS I really thought I wouldn't need it this time! Oh well.
I picked everything out for the babies the other day, I only went to buy an ergo carrier to use for DS on our trip to Adelaide (surprisingly comfy despite him being 14.5 kgs) but I was surprised how easily we chose everything! We haven't bought it yet but just checked the car seats would all fit in our Forrester and chose a pram. Feel better knowing what we want, so I can just ring up and order it all closer to their arrival.
I hope everyone is travelling well, seems like you are all much further along than me, I am looking forward to reading your updates to give me some kind of idea of what's in-store for me!

#64 AliGeo

Posted 04 December 2012 - 10:14 AM

Tucky - How's it all going? Everyone getting bigger and stronger?

dede79 - How's the GD going? Isn't testing all the time annoying. It takes a while to get the hang of what you can and can't eat, but hopefully you can avoid insulin. Are you getting all packed for your move yet?

reesan - Happy birthday for the other day! Isn't the pumpkin patch stuff so cute. I also did a fair bit at that sale, but didn't think to get thing too far in advance. Hope that you've got your mum settled in and you can have a belated birthday relax.

Alxeen - How are you going?

Jo-Anna - It would be fustrating not hearing anything from the hospital yet. We had a really crap time with the public system with DD so there was no way in heck that I was going public for twins. We also had everything picked out early but I think I left it a bit late to actually order stuff cos I'm still waiting on a car seat and cot, with only 4-5 weeks to go I'm a bit worried.

Hi to anyone I've missed waves.gif

AFM - Well we're finally in the new house! It's been a crazy week. It was 46 degrees the day we left, I am so glad that I paid people to pack for us. The new house is huge compared to our old one, I think we are going to have to do some major furniture shopping haha.
Found out that DP won't be back from work til the 22nd but upside he'll have all of Jan off, which will be great.
Almost 33 weeks now and really starting to struggle. Everything is getting really hard, all I want to do it lay down all the time. Pity I still have to unpack and look after DD. OB appoinment tomorrow and hopefully we'll discuss an end game plan.

#65 Alxeen

Posted 05 December 2012 - 12:37 PM

AliGeo I know what you mean about wanting to lie down! It's funny, sitting just doesn't cut it for me, it's a lie down that I need when I've been on my feet. Apparently lying down makes a big difference with circulation. Well done on moving houses, must be so nice to settle into the house that you'll be bringing your babies home to. All finished up at work now?

Jo-Anna Still haven't seen a dr and you're already 17 weeks! The hospital I'm going to is really big and very busy too. I've been seeing OBs but up until the other week they were all registrars and pretty annoying. Having said that I saw one of the senior OBs the other week and he annoyed me even more, and was even more rushed and laissez-faire....more about that later. But anyway, what I wanted to say was feel free to kick up a fuss and make a nuisance of yourself. This is the only way they will take any notice of you and help you get listened to. Unfortunately those who shout loud enough get heard and the rest of us that don't get ignored, especially in a system like that. A midwife at my hospital gave me that advice and said to make a point of the fact that you're having twins, as often they don't even know/don't read the forms properly.

Reesan Ooooh, I went a little nuts on that sale too. Their 'tiny prem' sizes were all on special, so now we have some nice hospital outfits. If I had the genders confirmed I would have gone more nuts so it's probably just as well!

AFM We had our growth scan yesterday. All is looking very good, twin 1 is 50th percentile and twin 2 a bit smaller at 33%, but not getting concerned at this stage as it's still normal and weight estimates have a margin of error anyway, so we'll see how they look at the next scan. Cute little babies, can't wait to have them in my arms!

I start maternity leave next week! Now it's so close I'm getting a little sad to be leaving. But so looking forward to being at home for a bit, 'nesting', spending time with DD and having a bit more time for friends. I tallied up all my leave entitlements, plus paid parental leave, plus baby bonus and worked out we will be getting income for over a year on all those combined! It's pretty amazing really. I feel very lucky to have a job with generous mat leave and flexible arrangements for parents, plus the government assistance will be greatly appreciated.

My last doctors appointment wasn't a huge success. I told them I'll be refusing an epidural in labour  ohmy.gif  I've put a lot of thought into this, done a lot of reading, discussing and thinking, and decided that provided all is going well and looking good, this will be the best option for me and the twins; it's a highly personal decision, as birth always is, and this is what I've come to. Of course, the hospital has a policy on giving an epidural for twin births, but they can't administer something if they don't have consent. So anyway, the doc that I saw gave a reasonably predictable response and then just said "let's talk later". I figured at least I've flagged it with them early on. My biggest dilemma is that being public I don't know who my delivery doctor will be...literally until I present at L&D in labour! So it's really a discussion that won't get any finality or agreement until the final moments! Oh well, I'm ok with that now. DH is fully supportive, and I'll also have a doula there. Ah, the challenges of twins!

#66 Jo-Anna

Posted 05 December 2012 - 01:21 PM

Need to have a vent..

I rang the hospital to see what's going on with appointments and the lady on the phone was all snarky and unhelpful. She just said, oh yes an appointment will be made for you sometime. Just see the midwife till then? What the? The midwife said I won't be seeing her anymore.

I really don't think I am being over the top about being 18 weeks pregnant with twins and still not having been seen by a dr who has the slightest clue about twins/twin complications or twin births. I have so many questions and I am made to feel stupid and impatient for asking when I might be lucky enough to get an appointment!
I am so frustrated. I hate this stupid hospital.

Ok vent over now.

#67 Alxeen

Posted 05 December 2012 - 08:02 PM

QUOTE (Jo-Anna @ 05/12/2012, 02:21 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Need to have a vent..

I rang the hospital to see what's going on with appointments and the lady on the phone was all snarky and unhelpful. She just said, oh yes an appointment will be made for you sometime. Just see the midwife till then? What the? The midwife said I won't be seeing her anymore.

I really don't think I am being over the top about being 18 weeks pregnant with twins and still not having been seen by a dr who has the slightest clue about twins/twin complications or twin births. I have so many questions and I am made to feel stupid and impatient for asking when I might be lucky enough to get an appointment!
I am so frustrated. I hate this stupid hospital.

Ok vent over now.

Oh that's annoying, I got a few snarky and impatient phone operators as well.

Ummm......I know this might sound disheartening, but if your experience is anything like mine then you'll probably find that the doctors are impatient to get you out the door and tend to brush off questions with just "you'll be fine" or "that's normal" etc. (usually said in a slightly condescending tone too  rant.gif ) and actually your biggest source of information is from books, the multiples forum, the internet (although don't try Dr Google!), friends, family and so on....oh and here too!

I've struggled with my hospital, but for me the pros still outweigh the cons so I'm sticking with it and will just have to navigate through the system. Really think about whether you want to stay with your hospital and if it's still definitely the right choice for you.


#68 Jo-Anna

Posted 05 December 2012 - 08:11 PM

Thanks Alxeen  original.gif . Think I just need to accept that this is a very different pregnancy to first time around where I had a lovely GP holding my hand the whole way through. I feel pretty much alone this time, which sucks, but I just have to get on with it. Hopefully as I get further along I will stop being so nervous about everything (although I am guessing not.. lol)
I have a day without DS tomorrow (thanks nanna!) so I might go to the library and get myself a good twins book.

#69 Alxeen

Posted 06 December 2012 - 09:34 AM

QUOTE (Jo-Anna @ 05/12/2012, 09:11 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Thanks Alxeen  original.gif . Think I just need to accept that this is a very different pregnancy to first time around where I had a lovely GP holding my hand the whole way through. I feel pretty much alone this time, which sucks, but I just have to get on with it. Hopefully as I get further along I will stop being so nervous about everything (although I am guessing not.. lol)
I have a day without DS tomorrow (thanks nanna!) so I might go to the library and get myself a good twins book.

I had exactly the same experience first time round, except with a midwife who saw me for almost every AN appointment and was on call for the birth, she was amazing. She answered all my questions, gave me info to read up on, kept me fully informed of everything that was happening, always had time for me, and I could call the hospital and speak to her outside of appointments if I needed to. As a result I was so relaxed throughout the whole pregnancy. All through the public system too! This time around - totally different story! But because this is a twin pregnancy I have to go through obstetric care. That's why I decided to get a doula, as I just wanted to know that someone else was going to support DH and I through this pregnancy and would be there at the birth! Instead of just random strangers.

Have a good day at the library, what a great idea original.gif

#70 dede79

Posted 06 December 2012 - 05:59 PM

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well...

Tucky - How are Archie and Grace doing? Any update? Thinking of you.

Aligeo - Good work with the move. Phew! How are you finding unpacking? Hope you find time to rest too.

Axleen - Yay for starting your mat leave! Hope you got spoilt by colleagues.

AFM - Well I'm finishing work tomorrow as well. Yay!  biggrin.gif It's been a great last week with lots of catch ups, lunches and nice presents with colleagues. Now I can concentrate on packin and getting ready for the move - in 13 sleeps!  tongue.gif

GD is under control and easier than I thought really. Babies seem to be doing well but yesterday OB said if they continue to be big chubby babies he might have to do a c-section. He says the reason behind that is twin B often gets a bit distressed and if he's small he can be "yanked" out but not if he's too big. Anyway, we can cross that bridge when we get there.

I'm having lots and lots of BH now. Today they felt a bit painful too but have gone now. Not sure when to worry...  unsure.gif

#71 Just-one-more

Posted 09 December 2012 - 12:31 PM

Dede79: Must be great to have finished work!! just in time for the silly season lol
Good luck wioth the move, i hope you have lots of helpers, i am so so glad we decided to move really early on I am just so exhausted now!!
Glad the GD is controlled too, that must be the pits!

Alxeen: So great to hear you have a doula! I am lucky to have my midwife with me (who has attended my last 3 births) so she will be at the birth as my support person (but she has no practicing rights at the hospital we are using) It makes it so much better to know we will have someone who knows us so well there. I have just switched hospitals into a private hosp that has a Know Your Midwife care program that I am able to use, so my hosp midwife will do all my AN appts and be on call for the birth, which im super happy about!
(there is a FB page about birthing multiples naturally... are u on it?)

Jo-Anna: how did you go at the library? any good books? I have put a few birthing books on hold at my local one, but havent really looked into twin ones so much, i really should!!
sorry the hospital seem to be giving you the run around! have you heard from them again about seeing the doctor?

AliGeo: Bet you are loving the bigger house! I moved from small to big (bought furniture) to small (sold furniture) and then back to big only 6 weeks after moving to small and selling up rofl!! But we are happier here with more room to spread out... and lucky too cos all the clothes and blankets and towels and nappies for twins is insane! (or maybe its just my shopping addiction lol)
How did your appt go?

Tucky: How funny you and dede are new neighbors!! rofl!!
huge congratulations on the arrival of Grace and Archie!! How are they going? Hope you are looking after yourself too!!

*mylittleprince*: I bet time is flying!! So great to hear of a multiple mummy who doesnt stick to any rigid routine and is breastfeeding so well!! I think this is the approach I will take of just plodding along... i couldnt do a routine if my life depended on it... i just go with the flow (or torrent as the case may be lol)

jess1980: how are you going? Hope your getting sleep and enjoying twice the cuddles!! Time must be flying by!! so glad to hear its survivable lol!

Ok I think thats all I can remember... Hello to anyone ive missed!!

AFM... well ive been tired, hungry and emotional which is super fun for everyone!
Ive started blogging my pregnancy (and actually started it right from the start... lucky to have my eb and fb posts to help fill in the gaps lol)

The babies are doing great, looking about 488 and 508grams on US and both looking nice and healthy.

We have changed hospitals to a private hospital that is more in line with the type of birth we are looking for, and im feeling much more confident.. but we dont have PHI so we are trying to raise the funds for the private hospital stay now (the ob fees are much lower than the one we had at our public hosp!) The other downside is its an hour and a bit away from home... so possibly going to stay up in the town closer to D day.
Still no idea what we are doing with the older kids...? They attended our home births so didnt need a sitter and with no family in the state its all a bit tricky!

Seeing a chiro too now which is helping a lot with the SPD. Still need to take it easy though!

Hope everyone is well!! xx

#72 AliGeo

Posted 10 December 2012 - 08:12 AM

Alxeen - Yay for 12 months of paid mat leave! Is today your first day? I'll be avoiding a epidural too if I go into labour. They failed to get one in with DD, after stabbing me in the back for 1 1/2 hours, which is why I ended up with a general. Stick to your guns. I think it will help having a doula there on your side as well.

Jo-Anna - Hope that you're getting some answers from your hospital? Your situation is one of the many reasons we went private this time.

dede79 - Good work with controlling the GD! I wouldn't worry about them being too big yet, all the info I have says that twin growth slows in the 3rd trimester. I certainly hope so cos my two were on the 95th and 78th for singles at 30 weeks ffear.gif .

Just-one-more - Good healthy weights for your bubs! Well done for changing hospitals. A lot of people wouldn't have the courage to do that. Was there any reason that you couldn't try for a homebirth for the twins as well?

Tucky - Hope you're all ok?

Reesan - All good with you as well?

Hi to anyone I've missed.

AFM - Well my OB appoinment was a bit of a bust. Though she did measure me for the first time, 43cm ohmy.gif that's 10 weeks ahead. She said that I'm running out of room. I didn't need a Dr to tell me that. I'm extremely uncomfortable now, sleeping is almost impossible, walking barely possible as for anything else, forget it.

I had my first ever BH last night. I never had any with DD, so it took me a while to figure out what was going on. Once I get to 34 weeks I'm going to start with the raspberry leaf tablets/tea. Will even resort to inserting evening primrose capsules at 36 weeks. The things you do to go into labour hey happy.gif .

90% unpacked, though that last 10% is the twins room. Really need to get a move on with that.

Who has there hospital bag packed? I still haven't, probably should get onto that too.

#73 reesan

Posted 10 December 2012 - 11:07 AM

I'm good! mum back in tassie for just over a week so I'm catching up on other things and looking forward to seeing a few friends and trying again with booking tradies this week.

I've really noticed my tiredness and discomfort on the rise, but it's great to know I've made it to 26 weeks. At the utlrasound on Friday everyone was looking great and Kate is 850g now and Holly 950g which is so reassuring.

I also had admission planning and the first gestational diabetes test friday (no news yet - so hopefully that's good news) and the night before a tour of the post natal ward in my multiples class. So it's all starting to feel more real, especially now I have a little bit more time.

I just had Gina Ford's a contented house with twins arrive. It seems to be a pretty divisive book but I'm looking forward to giving it a read and some thought as it's been recommended by a friend who's a night nurse with twins.

And now I have a bit more time I'm going to do the things I've been looking forward to like washing the baby clothes and linens and stuff and perhaps start reading to them. Anyone doing that?

Best wishes to all!

#74 Just-one-more

Posted 14 December 2012 - 05:20 PM

Aligeo: It wasnt an option to home birth this time as no midwife in tas will attend a home birth with identical twins (that i could find and i looked as far as Canberra lol)
I reckon you must be pretty uncomfy measuring so big!!
I have no idea when to pack a bag! its likely we will be staying up closer to our hospital as the time comes (its an hour and a half drive away on a good day) so i guess a bit earlier for us...

Reesan: Sounds like it really is getting real! I have washed linen (they have matching clothes and matching nappies but the linen is all a big mismatch of second hand stuff gifted to us lol)
Havent washed clothes yet, im too scared to cut the tags off the small stuff cos I think im gonna have huge babies lol

What size clothes does everyone have?

I havent been reading to my twins, but i spend a lot of time reading info about twins. I was recommended these books: Having Twins and More by Elizabeth Nobel and Mothering multiples by Karen Kerkhoff

I just bought a wall sticker for the babies room!! They wont be going into it till at least a year I imagine but I couldnt resist! its a big noahs ark, so cute!

My babies had a scan yesterday and they are now a whopping 710 and 770grams! I do grow big babies so i guess these babies are just following suit!

Im so tired all the time... like the sort of tired you get in the first trimester!! I hope that lifts soon!

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#75 dede79

Posted 14 December 2012 - 07:17 PM

Hi all, won't write a long one as it's been a massive week of packing and preparing for the move. I'm wrecked! 5 more sleeps till the move, getting real!

I'm starting to get really worried about Tucky. Haven't heard for a while. Tucky, hope all is ok and you've just been too busy with hospital visits, the other 3 kids and Christmas coming.

Just one more -  thats great weights for 24 weeks! I think I cook big babies too .. Both on 90th percentile at 28 weeks scan. Got another one on Tuesday (32 weeks one) and I wouldn't be surprised if they were nearly 2kg each.

Aligeo - I know what you mean about being uncomfortable! Measured 46cm this week at 31 weeks. OB had to remeasure 3 times as I was at 42cm only 7 days prior... 4cm in a week despite losing 2 kg in 2 weeks with the GD diet. Good luck for the rest of unpacking and the twins room. Can't wait to do ours!

Hi to everyone else! Hope everyone is well!

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