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My Birth Story.

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#1 PinkGlitter3

Posted 22 October 2012 - 04:17 PM

Well the group is quite empty so i thought i would just write a whole post with my birth story.
Please bear in mind, my story seems terrible. I do not like how alot of it went down. But every bit of it was worth it and i would do it all again. So please dont be worried about it - or me. Im healing a bit more each and every day.

Birth Story of Hannah Grace, Born 7th of October 2012, 7.33pm, 3595g.

Sunday October 7th my BH continued. I had had them non stop now for about 48 hours, so i was pretty sure nothing would amount from it. So we went to the local markets. Just got on with the day.

After the markets, we went to MILS house as DD needed the toilet, so we ran in, and hubby had a coffee. When we went to leave the kids asked to stay and play with their uncles (young) so thats when we made the agreement they could stay for the day, we would go out and do some shopping and they could play, then we would come back for dinner and bring them home.

So to town we went, and i noticed my BHs were getting some pain with them. But still 10 minutes apart so nothing exciting. So i went to wendys and got a naughty hot dog and lemonlime smoothie YUM, followed by a laybuy for Tylahs birthday presents.

We came home and decided to watch "what to expect when your expecting"... had some laughs and ate some junk with hubby while i bounced ferociously/rolled around crazy on the fitball... It was time to get baby out... even thought these 10 minute pains werent increasing. I had actially just gotten used to the idea of meeting induction date.

So its time to go back to MILs house, we pack up the dog so he can play with MILs dog and go... When i get there i notice that every braxton hicks contraction has pain with it. ODD as it was every 3-4 before we arrived. I mentioned the hubby they were increasing and the possibility of us going for a walk (it was about 5.30pm at this stage)... But no sooner had i secretly told hubby about the BHs and our oppurtunity to increase them did MIL ask hubby to peel some onions. So off he went to help with tea.

I sat on the varandah watching the girls and out came tea... A BBQ...And i was starving. at this stage it was about 5.50pm and id just finished serving out mine and the kids food. Then started to tuck into my meal. 5.55pm came and WHAM... it was on... PAIN #1 took my breathe away... couldnt eat... couldnt talk... so i glanced over at hubbys watch and made a face to let him know... (But nope! He didnt pick up on my vibes and eye contact lol)... 5 minutes later as im scoffing my face and almost done BANG, Contraction #2 and i looked at the clock... then it got to the peak and i was kind of flailing around the table. At this stage MIL caught wind of what was going on and she started making eyes at me... So i whisper to chris about what was going on. He asked how long i thought it would wait and i said... Probably will need to go soon they are getting worse.... Next contraction came right on 5minutes and i stood up and said, OK its time to go. These pains were excruciating.

Hubby got up and went to go toilet and i walked to the car to get my diary to call doula and midwife etc etc. I came back and another one came... everyone was running around excited and the kids were crying freaking out.

I turned and said OK WE NEED TO GO NOW!! Just as another contraction came, so hubby came over and helped me hobble to the car. VRRRROOOMM and yes the car made that noise as he drove like a lunatic (he doesnt cope with labour related things, and i suppose this time it was well warrented).

I called Lee first to tell her to meet us at the hospital. Then i called the hospital. The horrible bedside manner started on the phone... When i mentioned my labour had only just started she could have almost laughed at me! But said i could come in... Hubby raced us home and got the bags in the car, while i stared at the time and flipped out as i knew another contraction was coming.

On the way to the hospital i watched the time tick over... 5 minutes apart, 4 minutes apart, 3 minutes apart OUCH.

We arrived and hubby dropped me at the entrance and went to park the car and bring the bags up. I got 2 steps in and sat down.. too much pressure. So a nice lady called for a wardy who got me a wheelchair (perfectly right beside the door!) We went up to maternity where i was greeted by 2 midives, who asked me to get up and do a wee.. i went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet and started crying. The pressure was horrid. I couldnt pee... The midwives then horribly said "well get on the bed then"

So hubby arrives and im so thankfull to see him.

The midwife announces she is going to get the canula station so they can do my canula. As she dissapears out the door the other midwife calls out "Why dont we do a vaginal examination first to make sure she is even in labour, it might be nothing" (HOW NICE! I was in pain and they were spouting out comments like that - that hurt my birthing ego first)

So she checks me and walks off and says "your waters are still in tact".. so i asked "how far along am i?" ... HER REPLY "youve started" (me thinking JUST TELL ME!) so i ask "what do you mean how far am i? She just smiles and says "youve started" (Ok ego drop #2, they wont tell me, ive been a couple of CM for days so i could still just be a couple of cm now!)

In comes the nurse with the canula station and they start jabbing me. (not joking it was constant prodding - trying to find a vein)... the other midwife now suggests i be hooked on the CTG to "see if im doing anything" (Ego drop #3, im contracting so bad and you want to see if im doing anything?)

I start yelling for gas. My pain would have been an 8-9/10 by now and they werent doing anything. In fact they were ignoring me. Wouldnt even answer my questions about what they were doing to me.

My doula arrives and is so soothing, Was so nice to have her there. I was strapped to a bed with ignorant midwives, pale hubby and still no vein found. I continue to scream for gas and the midwives sit there debating weather or not they will give it to me (I was screaming for it, so goes to show how little i had a say in anything... and i was begining to want to cry... i felt so unsupported by my midwives)

They decided i could have the gas, pain was now a 9-10/10... But they were debating about how low to put it (NO JOKE!) It wasnt working so i screamed for them to up it... Still no vein found, im strapped to a bed in pain and they are giggling amoungst themselves!!

It gets upped and i start to feel minor relief. YEY, the vein is found...

Next contraction i start to feel pain again (and i didnt know this at the time, but my doula told me they turned the gas off!!!!) and at the end of it i could feel a poo... but i kept it to myself.

Next contraction, i felt the poo more. but kept it to myself. Next contraction i say nicely (Since they are being ignorant) "I dont know if you care, but i feel pressure like a poo"... To which im told " CALM DOWN!! Just pretent your at a beach. A nice relaxing beach and there are HOT guys everywhere staring at you" ... I almost start to cry with frustration so my doula whispers in my ear "Ignore them and just focus on bubba hannah"... so i did.

Next contraction and i feel the urge to push. I tell the, midwives "I want to push please tell me if i can push"

They ignore me... My doula is rubbing my head so good and it calms me a bit. Then i cry "please please tell me if i can push"... To which the ignorant midwives stop ignoring me enough to say "You can hop in the shower, your waters havnt even broken yet!"

So disheartened. The pain was beyond a scale, i felt an incredible urge to push and they were not only giving me the silent treatment but only saying things that suited them...

Next contractions " I NEEEED TO PUSH" my doula "follow your instincts" Me "Please tell me if i can push, i know i can do damage if im not ready yet" (They give me silent treatment again... pretty rude when they tell you all along early pushing is dangerous for your cervix)

Another contraction and and my doula can see how distraught i am by them and says again "Follw your instincts, do what you need to do"

At which stage i gave a little push and my body took over. The midwives still nowhere near took no notice... So my doula took the sheets off me. "There she is my doula says"... It was baby hannahs head, she was born in her sac. Next push and her whole body came out and with a POP her bag broke. The midwives still scrambling to put on gloves and come over... so my doula brings hannah up onto my chest. They rush over with sheets and start to rub her over. They rubbed the bits of sac stuck around her body off.

I start to feel the bed get wet, and i realise im heamoraging again...so they do their thing... rubbing on my uterus, shots, drip attatched... and its not stopping so they call in the obstetrician... he comes rushing in and announced he need to take the placenta out now because i was losing too much blood. (All this time im thinking the gas is just pathetic... not realising the midwives still turned it off because they decided i didnt want it any more, despite my constant please for it turned up!)

I asked them to turn my gas up at which stage the midwives ignore me... and he says "Of course we can do that!" (Thank you nice sir!) He checks and the midwives had it turned off, so he says "Yes she can have it, put it on NOW!"

So i start sucking and he puts his arm up (Beyond ouch) i was crying... after about a minute he stops and says theres just one small bit left to get so i cried for morphene (Nope never had it before, didnt know what it was and to be honest i was thinking of pethadine) at which stage the midwives ignored me again... and he turns around and says "get it for her" and the midwife said "does she really need it?" He said "Yes this is very painfull" (At this stage i still couldnt believe the midwives lack of support)... so morphene later and i was able to detach from the pain of him manually removing the rest. It still hurt but i felt alot better then i did before.

All this time i had bub on my chest and i was starting to resent the birth (honestly!) just to put it out there - i was sore, didnt get that happy rush, was getting more and more tired with each passing moment, and all i could think about was sleep... and how could i get that now i have a newborn... i was starting to get depressed really quickly.

I then handed Hannah over to chris as the doctors finshed their checks. Hannah was born at 7.33pm and they didnt finish with me until about 9.30pm!

I got up and went for a shower (with the midwives help) and then back to the bed. I sat there staring at hospital cot thinking... im so tired now, i have drips and catheter (wee bag) how am i meant to take care of her. I was falling back into the same bad routine i went through with my last and was worried i would get depressed... But my doula started talking to me... Until 2am we chatted and chatted and at the end, i was so proud of what i did. So happy with hannah.

Lee paid for herself. She is worth her weight in gold. She made me fall in love with hannah! & has helped me now come to the point where i can laugh about the selfishness of the midwives instead of cry!

It was a hard labour, and funny enough the form the midwives sent me in the mail after stated that like i said Hannah WAS over due. Funny that! After i pleaded my case with her due date from charting whiel TTC.

Anyway, congrats if you made it to the end. Its long, but im proud of it.Dont regret a thing and would do it all again.

#2 Superman+4sisters

Posted 23 October 2012 - 10:52 PM

I don't belong in here, but wanted to give my congratulations on the arrival of your 3rd lovely daughter Hannah Grace hheart.gif

I'm sorry you were so traumatised. Those midwives sound beyond belief, and it's good to hear you're starting to heal from the trauma. You might want to post in the traumatic birth section, I know the ladies in there offer some very good support.

Enjoy your newborn!

#3 NastyMuddyPuddles

Posted 24 October 2012 - 09:04 AM

I don't belong in here but I wanted to say congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby Hannah! I'm sorry to hear you had such a rough experience but how wonderful your doula could be there for you. Enjoy your new bundle!

#4 sweetcheekz

Posted 27 October 2012 - 06:55 AM

Congratulations on he birth of little Hannah ! I also have a Hannah so adore the name heheh

So sorry to hear how unsupportive your midwifes were but so wonderful your doula was so supportive and was there for you and listened to you.

Our births were very similar, apart from the midwifes, Mia was also born in her sack and my waters also didn't break until they broke open the sack.

Hope you are are recovering well and enjoying every moment with little Hannah:) xx

Edited by sweetcheekz, 27 October 2012 - 09:13 PM.

#5 Peggy Olson

Posted 13 November 2012 - 06:24 PM

Congratulations Pink Glitter! Sorry to hear that the midwifes were so unsupportive but glad to hear that you and your baby Hannah are doing well. Your doula sounds like a legend!

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