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Due in December 2012 Chat Thread #19

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#26 jodip

Posted 30 October 2012 - 02:01 PM

Hi Natalia,

Just wanted to add my two cents but the previous ladies seem to have it pretty much covered. Stay away from google and talk to your OB/midwife.

I've been a  ph34r.gif on here for a while - my bub #2 due in December. Official due date is New Years Eve but I have to have a c/s at 38 weeks because of a velementous cord insertion. So I had a similair situation to you at our 20w scan - our little bub was only measuring 12th percentile then. We booked in STRAIGHT away to see our OB because the ultrasound technician gave us very limited information. Our OB answered all our questions (even the "silly" ones), even drew me a little diagram and let me take it home  happy.gif and more importantly put us under strict instruction NOT to google but to come to her with any questions. I guess it's slightly different to your scenario in that we did actually know what was wrong...but the point of my long-winded tale is not to drive yourself crazy with questions. Ask the pro's. That's why we pay them so much money  blink.gif

Oh, and hi to all you other lovely ladies! i've been wanting to delurkify (that is totally a word) and introduce myself...but I wanted to respond to Natalia first wink.gif So excited we'll soon be introducing our little bubbies into the world!!


#27 natalia2482

Posted 30 October 2012 - 02:37 PM

Ladies thank you so much.

I know I shouldn't be jumping on google but just couldn't help myself.

Thanks for the suggestions of writting down the qs and calling the OB.  I think I'll sit down with DH tonight, tell him how worried I am and write out some qs, then call my OB tomorrow.  DH is very calm and relaxed.....I'm the opposite - a stress head!

I don't mind if the baby is 'smaller' than the normal at birth, I'm only concerned that it is healthy and all is well.  Will be counting down till the next scan.

Thank you again xx

#28 j+s

Posted 30 October 2012 - 02:49 PM

Hi Natalia,

I don't have anything to add to the sound advice of pp's but just wanted to say hang in there.
I would be the same as you, it's the 'unknown' that is scary. I'm sure if your OB was worried, you would have been sent for a scan straight away. Not in two weeks.

Definitely give your doc a call, they expect it from us mums!! And it's what we're paying them for......

#29 LunaTwilight88

Posted 30 October 2012 - 10:18 PM

Natalia - def don't trust Google. I guess like everyone said call your doctor and see how you go.

AFM - Has anyone else had a 4D scan? We had ours tonight. Was so exciting. If i wasn't impatient before i certainly am now. I can't wait to meet my little guy and get some proper cuddle in. Hope your all feeling as well as you can as our last few weeks are approaching.

#30 porkchop's mama

Posted 31 October 2012 - 07:30 AM

natalia - we're in the same boat.  I was 29cm for 31 weeks at my appt last week.  MW stressed that she was not worried about baby but I am off for a 33 week scan next week.  Baby's head is low but not engaged which may have been part of the problem.

Heights can vary from one person measuring to the next.

I'm trying my hardest to not stress if no one else is worried.  Everything else is fine my BP, I'm putting on weight, no signs of early labour.

Thinking of you.


#31 natalia2482

Posted 31 October 2012 - 10:34 AM

porkchops - let me know how you go with your scan.  Our baby is the same, head is low but not engaged.  But the stomach of our baby is measuring small too.

I took the advise of you ladies and spoke to DH last night.  He's calm and not worried, but was very understanding to how I was feeling.  Told him that I wanted to put some qs together to ask the OB.  So we did that last night.  Have called this morning and waiting for her to return my call.

#32 porkchop's mama

Posted 31 October 2012 - 10:39 AM

natalia - take care.  Like yours, my DH was very calm, everything is great as far as he is concerned.  His logic is that if I wasn't made to get an urgent scan and the MW didn't say she was concerned then things are all good.

I have done something naughty and measured my own fundal height and it seems to have gone up to 31cm consistently this week.  My scan is next Wednesday and will definitely update.

I'm now getting worried that I don't look as big as other ladies at 32 weeks but I've put on 11kg already this pregnancy and it isn't collecting much elsewhere.

The fun never ends....


#33 mels123

Posted 31 October 2012 - 07:56 PM

HI everyone, haven't posted in awhile... Have been super busy.
Glad to hear people are travelling well and best wishes for people who are not!
I'm still working full time and have gotten a doctors certificate saying I can work up until 39 weeks (another 5 weeks) but right now, I'm thinking maternity leave would be more than welcome in a week or two!
At my last appointment I was measuring a bit behind (31 weeks when I was 32) but the midwife was pretty happy with it all. At 26 weeks I was measuring at 28 weeks so its slowing down, but still growing which I'm happy with.
I am starting to feel really uncomfortable, but am totally not ready to have this baby yet! People keep asking me if I'm ready to get it out but I'm definitely not ready! We don't even have a cot yet... It's hard to get organised when we don't know what we're having! Everything seems to be very girly or very boyish... And there is only so much beige you want in a baby's room!
I have a feeling the baby is going to arrive late. I'm due on the 13th and really want it out before Christmas with at least a few days to spare (We have plans!) but I don't like my chances. I think I'm going to go a week or two over.

Anyway, hope everyone is feeling well and getting plenty of sleep!!

#34 KiwiMelW

Posted 01 November 2012 - 08:03 AM

mels123 - thats one of the main reasons why we didnt go for the surprise option, because almost everything is very boy or girly these days. I foudn that once I decided on a colour scheme for the babies room that it was a lot easier to buy things. We have grey walls with white trim in the room, so have used accent colour of navy and a deep orange. But all the main pieces of furniture are white.

Natalia - I agree if the MW didnt immediately rush you off for a scan I would say that you should be ok.  But i will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.

kjdean - how did your 4d scan go? I wish we could have got one but it wasnt really an expense we were willing to pay, instead I bought an awesome wall decal.

AFM - I have no bathroom for 10 days. Yay.  

Earlier I decided that my dates were wrong and decided to go with my LMP dates instead of dating scan dates.  I have now decided to go back to my dating scan dates as my measurements are all in line with that. Feels like ive lost of week but oh well who cares. So I'll have 6 weeks to go this saturday. These last few weeks are torture. I just want to meet the little guy already. But I want him to be nice and big and healthy so the longer he stays in there the better.

Work is so boring. I cannot wait to be finished, I just dont feel motivated to do anything anymore.

#35 Leafprincess

Posted 01 November 2012 - 08:31 AM

Quick update:

Final countdown is on, OB has said he will be delivering our little boy the week commencing the 19th!

#36 Birdieb444

Posted 01 November 2012 - 08:48 AM

Hi ladies,

I hope all is well with everyone... as well as can be with an ever expanding belly carrying a beautiful little baby.

I had my measurement ultrasound this week, little bubs is normal and she said everything looks good. The ultrasound lady said 'oh my goodness, she has so much hair! its everywhere!' Im reallly happy, my mum and I were exactly the same when we were born. She also said she has long legs, my husband is over 6foot and I am 5'11, so she said understandable.

I am suffering big time with sore/aching hips at night from sleeping on my sides. I have been to physio, osteo and tried chiro yesterday, Im hoping it works! Nearly jumped off the table when he was massaging my leg muscles. I wake up in agony and wimpering in my sleep from the pain, dull ache in my hips that run down my legs. A pillow between legs doesnt help one bit :/

Belly rubs to all original.gif

#37 ruthlet

Posted 01 November 2012 - 12:23 PM

Hi all

Hope everyone with health/baby-size worries is well and feeling good. I'm sure all the niggles will resolve themselves positively.

Leafy - how exciting to have a timeframe! If only all babies could be so predictable original.gif

AFM - have been reading these threads regularly, have just had a horrid few months with my DH being sick. He's on the mend now though, which is good because I have a baby to have in 7 weeks! I'm finishing work on Wednesday next week. I can't wait...

Baby seems fine, always head down and getting lots of braxton hicks so I'm taking that as a good sign.

#38 ~bluebird~

Posted 01 November 2012 - 12:36 PM

Hey birdie444- i find if i sleep with pants on the aching hip pain is a lot worse so just sleep in nickers now, though is gradually getting worse regardless.

Leaf princess- only a couple more weeks, so exciting!

Porkchop & natalia, stay positive, worrying doesn't help and just wears you out.

Hope everyone else is doing ok.

#39 mcchickies

Posted 02 November 2012 - 10:36 AM

original.gif Natalia thanks for reply yeah he is very eager !! finers crossed for u also x

original.gif Frogcal , how is your sil & bub going ????? yeah dr's have reasurred me that he would be fine im just 34 weeks now im hoping for a little longer but what will happen will happen original.gif

original.gif porkchop thinking of u also ..
hope everyone else is traveling well xxxx

                                              i was back in hospital on the weekend & labour was stopped for the second time ...... taking day by day now .....

#40 frogcal

Posted 02 November 2012 - 02:52 PM

McChickies - my SIL has gone home but bubs is still in SCN. She is breathing fine on her own but being fed with a nasal gastric tube for now. She had a go at BF yesterday which went well so I would say all going well she will be there another week and then come home. SIL is expressing so she is having BM for all her feeds.
She had a 40 minute labour at 34 weeks to the day if that helps - at least there is an upside to having a prem baby.

#41 LunaTwilight88

Posted 02 November 2012 - 06:45 PM

Kiwi-Mel - 4D scan went really well we have a bit of a poser. We weren't going to get one cause DF didn't want to spend the money but convinced him not to get me a birthday present and let me have it.

AFM- had my 32 weeks growth scan today. Mason is 4p3 and approx 48cm long. So much for having a small baby.  He is currently breech as well so they said unless he turns around before my next appt at 36 weeks then at that appt they will be booking me for a c-section. Went shopping yesterday and brought Christmas presents for Mason just encased he is here in time and also finished off the rest of my Christmas shopping. First year in like ever I've had it done anytime before Christmas eve haha

#42 Meg88

Posted 02 November 2012 - 07:44 PM

Hi all!
Wow I had a bit of reading to catch up on. Exciting that it looks like a few more bubs might be making an appearance soon. Sorry to those having struggles sleeping or growth scares. My fundal height was 3weekd behind so I got sent for a growth scan at 32weeks - bubs was fine (perfectly avearage), I hope ur bubs scans go well too.

Sorry I'm not gonna attempt personals, I'm on my phone and can't remember exactly who said what. Yay baby brain!

AFM: it's been a crazy week of ups & downs. Last Saturday we put a deposit down on a car (up) then on Monday my pug who had surgery the previous week took a turn and ended up at the vets on antibiotic & painkiller shots, not eating or drinking - ran bloods & had xrays (down). After 3 days and a lot of money spent she's come good again thankfully. My dogs episode caused me to take my 1st nap of my entire pregnancy after being up all night worrying, and it also bought on my 1st emotional breakdown.
The weeks seeminly ended on a high note though, I enjoyed a nice day off & got the last of my baby washing done. And tomorrow we go and collect our new car original.gif

I officially finish work next Friday and only have 4shifts between now & then woohoo! Then I've got my baby shower which I'm really looking forward to. Bubbas nursery is almost complete, just gotta put the sheets in the cot & buy some curtains really. Oh and hang the artwork once my friend finishes it.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

#43 mcchickies

Posted 03 November 2012 - 08:29 PM

frogcal original.gif great news about  your sil & baby original.gif

#44 Jlhb

Posted 04 November 2012 - 08:04 AM

Hi everyone
Just a quick me email update. My father had two heart attacks a week ago and has been hospitalized since pending open heart surgery next week. So I've been offline and stressed out. Had some nasty tight and aching Braxton hicks when it all happened. They have eased now. Ob said it's the stress. So checked on cervix - shut like a clam and 4cm long at 32 weeks which is good. Bubs is in 55th percentile of growth. Looks like she has a huge head! Does anyone know how predictive the measurements are of actual physical characteristics at birth? Also bought 20 bambooty nappies they are s cute can't wait for them to arrive in the mail. Has anyone used these? I saw them recommended on another forum ages ago, but bought one to look at from the baby show. Seem like a good idea. Love the patterns. Hope everyone's well. Rushing back off to the hospital now to see dad. It's gng to be a long couple of weeks with his open heart surgery. X

#45 LunaTwilight88

Posted 04 November 2012 - 08:12 AM

That's awful Jlhb i hope the surgery is done quickly and your dad recovers well.

#46 frogcal

Posted 04 November 2012 - 07:41 PM

Sorry to hear about your father Jhlb, hope the surgery goes well.
I love bambooty nappies, still using  them on my DS who has just turned 2, and have bought some cute small ones for the new bub. If you check out their website they often have great bargins in the clearance section. They are supposably seconds but I have bought them and can't find anything wrong with them.

#47 Jlhb

Posted 05 November 2012 - 06:30 AM

Thanks Frogcal and Kjdean for your well wishes. His open heart surgery is tomorrow so im feeling fairly fragile today.

Frogcal i just ordered some clearance stock and some full priced stock. Its my first bub so all new to me. I bought size small as ive been told she is in the 55th percentile so im assuming she will be a normal sized bub at birth? How long do you think a small bambooty would last until 6 months? How many do you find you need at each age size and how many have you bought? I aso bought some additional boosters and disposable liners from bambooty but not sure what i will be needing out of those. Arent they adorable though. Love the dino safari and ladybird prints they have now.

#48 KiwiMelW

Posted 05 November 2012 - 07:19 AM

Hey ladies,

Sorry to hear about your dad jhlb.

Im starting to get really really emotional, we are right in the middleof our renos. No bathroom until this saturday, which is fine as we have friends who live around the corner and ahve showers at their house.  

Anyway DH is so busy getting the renos done that I feel like I havent seen him in months. He basically works his butt off all day and then goes to bed, all I can see is that we are never going to be alone again in 6 weeks and I just want some quality time together.

Starting my baby washing this weekend. And cleaned the only two rooms that I can in the house, im sick of the mess and totally over it.

I was going to take a week "off sick" as I have 3 weeks left of work. I think Im definitely going to do that, and come back with 2 days left. I'll see what my midwife says. Im pretty sure im just exhausted and I would like to get alot of cleaning done as soon as each of the rooms are completed.

#49 frogcal

Posted 05 November 2012 - 08:21 AM

Kiwimel - I have been feeling much the same as DH was working from sunup until past dark trying to get ahead on the farm work before the baby comes. He must have realised I was feeling a bit alone because he took most of yesterday off and finally put together DS's sandpit that he was supposed to get for his birthday a month ago, and spent some time with us in the garden.

Jhlb - I didn't have any small bambooty's with DS, I had some pocket MCN's my sister gave me and used terry flats. This time I bought about 6 smalls because they do grow out of them very quickly, I also have about 8 mediums and 8 large plus 8 OSFM Baby Beehinds and 6 Bonnibuns. My advice would be don't go overboard buying all one brand as different body shapes suit different nappies. I love Bambooty's but a lot of people don't as I think they tend to fit slimmer build babies better than big boofas. I have some boosters as well which I plan to use with terry flats so bubs doesn't have that wet towelling against  their skin. I have always used a disposable at night once DS started sleeping through as well, couldn't get any of my nappies to last all night. Hope this helps, it is all a matter of trial and error and finding out what works for you.


#50 ~bluebird~

Posted 05 November 2012 - 08:36 AM

Jlhb - hope everthing goes well with your father, stay positive.
I think i have one bambooty nappyi used with ds, they are cute but quite small small ones probably won't last that long, but baby grows fast to begin with so i gues its typical of all clothes.

Kiwimel - hope you get your renos done, i love my showers and would struggle without them, be great when its done, and you get you dh bak, you'll need to take some time out together.

Mcchickies- how are you travelling?

I ended up spending Friday night in hospital after threatened preterm labour, so have also had steroids and labour stopping pills, which worked straight away, but i barely slept  and told that most likly the contractions have been brought on by overtiredness, so now i need to catch up un twice as much sleep! I havent been feeling right since though, everytimei get a random bh i freak out, and my boobs have started leaking

I'm 33 weeks today so hope things will be ok, dh has the week off and we're going out for lunch today to relax- whilst ds at daycare!
Still supposed to have 4 more weeks of work- after just getting a med certificate on Thursday to say all good, guess thats out the window now...

My advice to everyone is take it easy, even if you don't feel you are doing too much.

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