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TTC#1 Grads - Ongoing Thread

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#151 HopefulAngel

Posted 14 May 2013 - 07:37 PM

waves.gif waves.gif waves.gif   Hello Ladies, how are we all?  

Allie D - yeh for your awesome news so over the moon to see you here. eexcite.gif eexcite.gif eexcite.gif  

Well ladies - Guess who's a Mummy!!!!!   llove.gif llove.gif llove.gif llove.gif    

Sorry it's taken so long but it's been one crazy week.  I had really bad headaches and funky vision not last weekend but the weekend before.  so I went to the Women's Assessment Ward just to get checked over.  Good thing I went my blood pressure was sky high. Anyhoo, long story short I was admitted that Monday and on the books to be induced Tuesday night (7th May).  They wheeled me into the birthing ward Tuesday night with the intention of inserting some balloon to dialate my cervix so they could break my waters Wednesday morning all going to plan.  i was no where near ready or dialated, my cervix was too high up for the balloon so they inserted some string thing with hormone gel on it to do the same thing.  6.30 am Wednesday morning they came in to see how far the gel had worked - I was 1 cm dialated.  They went ahead and broke my waters , it bloody killed - i was sucking on that gas.    oomg.gif oomg.gif oomg.gif   So by 7am things were rolling.  They inserted the drip to pump the hormones through me to get contractions going and to help my dialate.  I was sick a couple of times but nothing Maxalon in the drip didn't help.  I made it from 7am to 2.30 pm with no pain medication, no gas and bubs was posterior I think they call it so the lower back pain was excruciating.  Luckily I had my partners tens machine on which helped me through each contraction and gave me something to focus on.  By this stage I couldn't bear it any longer and asked for an epidural.  The Anesthetist came in  and put one in whilst I sucked on the gas to get through the contractions whilst he inserted the epidural.  I was 5 or 6 cm by this stage - honestly cant remember.  30 mins later no pain relieve it hadn't worked so back in again for try #2.  This time it worked but as bubs was posterior (pushing on my spine) not all the pain was taken away it still left the unbeareable pressure pain - like when  your constipated and you can feel you need to go to the toilet but just can't or when its half way out and it gets stuck and your like "get out".  My DF and MIL were told to go home get a couple of hours rest and come back later as it would probably take several hours for me to fully dialate.  I rang him at around 4.45pm and said get back in here I need to push - thank G*d he was at the birthing centre's doors.  The nurses were very surprised how quickly I dialated after the epidural was in.  So with my DF by my side and my MIL too we began pushing.  Bubbas heart rate had caused them some concern earlier on in the day and a monitor had been attached to her head.  When I started to push her heart rate dropped to the point where it was an emergency to get her out ASAP, she was stuck and not coming out any further.  We had Doctor's and nurses running around everywhere, I ended up having to have an assisted forceps delivery with a second degree tear and numerous stitches but at 5.56pm on Wednesday 8 May our beautiful daughter was born.  My DF and MIL were crying.  Happy tears.  We called her "Shaynnah Anne" weighed in at 6p 10 Oz, 48cm long, head circum 38 cm. She is absolutely beautiful. We've had trouble breastfeeding but we are getting there.  Peeing with my stitches and grazes is fun but that will get better with time.   We are just so over the moon. Sleep deprived but so happy to finally be parents and hold our beautiful girl in our arms.  Birth is the most pain I have ever experienced and to tell you the honest truth I don't know how I did it or where I got the strength at times but you just do.  It is also THE MOST amazing experience you will ever go through and you have such an unexplanable feeling go through you when they lift your bubba up and over to you and place them on your tummy.  It is just unbelievable.  My DF was absoluelty amazing and even with his injuries and how sore he was he never left my side (other than when they put the epidural in).  My MIL was fantastic too, with out the pair of them there I don't know how I would have done it.  The one other thing that just made my heart melt was the way my DF looked at me and kissed me when bubba was born - he was so happy, so proud of me.  A moment I will always cherish.

Anyhoo ladies, I must go.  Milk bar is open and someone's waiting for her mummy.

GL Thylacine I hope everything goes well.  

llove.gif llove.gif llove.gif llove.gif llove.gif llove.gif llove.gif llove.gif llove.gif

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#152 Thylacine

Posted 16 May 2013 - 10:53 AM

Oh wow Hopeful Angel, congratulations on the arrival of your daughter Shaynnah!

ddance.gif  ppinkstork.gif  eexcite.gif  ddance.gif  ppinkstork.gif  eexcite.gif

So exciting to read your birth story and glad to hear that bub is doing well and you are enjoying your time together as a new family.

Allie D - Yay!!! Congrats on 'graduating'! Any update on those HCG levels?  BFP.gif   eexcite.gif

I hope all the mums here had a fabulous first Mother's day, it must have been a really special day for you  original.gif

AFM - Still pregnant! After all my worries that baby would come early before I was prepared, now I'm beginning to think that the baby will be late! Am now 39+3 and haven't had any hints that bub is ready to make an appearance. My belly is huge now (and I'm starting to get stretch marks -eeek!) I have a feeling that the baby is going to be really big!

I think my midwife said she would offer me a stretch and sweep at my 40wk appointment so maybe I will go ahead with that to see if it gets things moving. Did any of you have a S&S? Are there any pros and cons I should know about?

#153 Three Of Hearts

Posted 16 May 2013 - 01:51 PM

Congratulations HopefulAngel!!!  eexcite.gif  eexcite.gif  eexcite.gif  So happy to read you and bub are both doing well!

QUOTE (Thylacine @ 16/05/2013, 10:53 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Allie D - Yay!!! Congrats on 'graduating'! Any update on those HCG levels?  BFP.gif   eexcite.gif

Thanks original.gif  And no more hcg updates, the IVF nurse said my levels were high enough to not require the follow up bloods.  Scan next Tuesday!!

Good luck with everything and I hope your bub chooses to enter the world sooner rather than later! wink.gif

#154 WhimsicalDragonfly

Posted 16 May 2013 - 07:12 PM

Hopeful Angel - Congratulations sweetie!! Well done! What an effort! Hope you're enjoying the early days with your precious bub.

AllieD - All the best for your scan!! Exciting!!

Thylacine - Looking forwards to hearing your news!

#155 HopefulAngel

Posted 02 June 2013 - 03:39 PM

Thylacine - just checking to see if you're a Mummy yet?  Hope every one is well.  hheart.gif ph34r.gif ph34r.gif ph34r.gif

#156 Thylacine

Posted 04 June 2013 - 04:14 PM

Hi ladies,

Sorry to take so long to update you. My beautiful son Lucas arrived at 4:15 am on 29 May.

My labour was very slow to start and very quick to finish. I had 2 full days of painful pre labour contractions before being admitted on Tue evening. Baby's heartrate was dropping with each contraction before returning to normal so I had to be monitored constantly. Ended up needing a syntocin drip to get things moving as things weren't progressing as well as they would like. Labour was painful and I needed the gas and pethidine to get me through. By the time I was fully dilated, baby was in distress so the ob gave me just 10 min to push him out safely, with a vacuum delivery and episiotomy. What a frantic, painful and scary 10 min that was! Luckily my little boy arrived safely.

Iam so happy to be a mum. Lucas is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!  hheart.gif

#157 Cams

Posted 10 June 2013 - 11:54 AM

A big congrats to Thylacine and Hopeful Angel on becoming mummies original.gif Congrats to those who have recently graduated to the group as well and I hope you're all travelling well with your pregnancies.

My little man is 8.5 months and such a gorgeous little man. He's finally a much more settled little boy now he's sitting up as he can actually play with his toys and it takes pressure off his belly issues. Still no rolling or crawling, such a lazy little bubba lol. We've been saying for months though that he'll skip everything and go straight for walking which he does love doing whilst holding our hands. He learnt to give me kisses a couple days ago which is so cute!

We're not considering no.2 but will have to consider timing of a few things coming up in the next year. Just been back reading the TTC#1 group from back when I got my BFP and wow that seems like a lifetime ago! AnnaBee I don't know if you're still on here but one post in particular stood out to me which was yours about your tarot reading saying you'd have two boys and you were given 24mths (in January 2012) and now here you are with a little boy!!

I hope everyone is going well, I don't come on here much any more but do stalk for news original.gif

#158 Cacti

Posted 23 June 2013 - 06:32 PM

So if the tarot is right, then AnnaBee should be popping up in a TTC#2 grad thread any day now?

#159 HopefulAngel

Posted 09 July 2013 - 12:23 PM

Hello ladies how are we all?  well I hope.  Bubs and I are doing well apart from both of us having head colds oh the joys of winter but I am loving being a mum each and every day.  I wish so much now I had not listen to everyone saying to me "you can't have kids until your financially stable" or "your too young" or " your not in a stable relationship" because you know what I would give anything to have more time to do it all over again.  I am really considering a second child.  I really miss being pregnant and since my first was dampened with family issues I'd really like a second child, a second pregnancy, one I can really enjoy now that person is no longer in my life.  Yep, my mum has seen her grand daughter for 15 min in the hospital, didn't have a cuddle or a hold and hasn't made any contact with me since.  I've tried everything other than going there and confrunting her face to face, but I just don't have that in me atm.  sad.gif Same with my sister, nothing. Still she is getting lots of loves from her Pa and step grandma and my DF's family.  She has the most amazing blue eyes and brown hair with a tinge of red to it.  I could waste all day sitting there watching her and taking photos, lol.  

AllieD how are you going?

None seems to post on here anymore so I hope someone reads it.  Take care and keep in contact Ladies.  hheart.gif  waves.gif

#160 HappyLife

Posted 17 July 2013 - 11:31 PM

Just thought I'd say a quick hi! It seems that not many people come here from the TTC#1 buddy group anymore, more just going straight to the DIGs, me included, until I remembered this spot tonight! Doesn't seem to be a fast moving thread, but I will pop in & out every now & then. I am currently at 7 weeks, due 6th March 2014. Congratulations to everyone who had made it to here - and to those who have graduated from here (given birth to their first bub!).

#161 ChilliDog

Posted 07 September 2013 - 03:35 PM


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