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#26 BeccaBoo88

Posted 06 May 2013 - 11:12 AM

Thanks for the welcome back! original.gif I feel I will be able to keep up better now that I'm stuck on the couch feeding so much!

Our birth story is pretty straight forward. We had one false start and that made us kick ourselves up the bum and get ready for the real thing. I saw my OB at 40+1 and he did a stretch and sweep and said he will see me before the weekend. So Thursday 3am contractions started and at 5pm we go to the hospital just to be told everything is fine and if I would be more comfortable at home go back cause it could be a while.. we got to bed at about midnight then at 2am DF got into bed after a bathroom run and he heard a POP and all of a sudden we were in a swimming pool! Haha. At 7am the OB came in and said we would have a baby by lunch time but at 1pm he still hadn't made an appearance so we had to have a vacuum AND forceps delivery (thank goodness for epidurals!) so he had a cone head but he recovered so well.
Our little bubba Luca Robert was born at 2:33pm at 8lb 11 or 3.95kg on Good Friday - 29th March.

He is probably one of the youngens in this group at only 5 weeks now. original.gif

He is sleeping wherever and at the moment our routine is just to get through the day. I have told everyone that I have appointments with that I need a 30 minute window either side because sometimes he will eat for 3 minutes and another time 30 is not enough and don't want to stop him just cause I have a gf meeting me for coffee.

My Mothers Day I will be at a wedding and gosh doesn't she know I'm filthy about it. Not just because it is my first one, but because everyone has a mum so she has ruined the day for everyone. And the ceremony is at 12md and the reception is 6pm in Sydney. So it means I have to go and see my mum at 8am in order to be home in time to get ready and go. Plus makes getting someone to watch Luca very hard! So annoying. GRRR. I hope everyone else has better plans. original.gif

Redmum I wish I had an appetite again! I am struggling and getting on the too thin side again which makes my support people stress because they think my milk will start to be effected...

I am jealous of the sleeping through!! Luca usually has a bottle with EBM and thickener at 10pm and wakes at 4am and then again at 8ish, so I can't complain at all but my body is creaving an 8 hour sleep. Just once. I won't be greedy!! Haha.

Was it hard for those of you not sleeping in the same room? I have no desire to get him out of our room yet. I love that at 8am when he wakes up (or any time he wakes after 6am) I pull him into bed with me and feed then we lay there dozing together until I can be bothered to get up - or until he poops yet again.

Has everyone started at Mothers Groups? I have one I can go to on Mondays but I wanted to wait until after 6 week injections and they are next week. I wanted to find another one but I can't get any iformation online. I even emailed the area rep of the ABA about their meeting and she didn't reply.

Hope everyone is going well. original.gif

#27 Cloria

Posted 07 May 2013 - 10:30 AM

I found everyone! Thought it was rather quiet over in the DIG. After Serapods double post I came looking in here.

Here's my last post from over there right after Sera's

serapod - re. sleeping. I would've thought it'd make more sense to keep the variation so they get used to sleeping in lots of different places? Seems like that would be more beneficial in the long run than them only going down in their bed.

night feeds - I am BFing so I don't know if it's different to expressing, but DD has slept for min 6hrs since the second night she was home. Now most nights I put her down at 10:30 and doesn't wake till 5-6 for a feed then goes back to sleep for another 3-4 hours. I haven't been doing anything inbetween when she wakes for it so in mornings I am extremely full but it hasn't been painful (so far). Also she only feeds on one side at a time so it's twice as long since the last boob has been emptied if that makes sense. I've started to express the super hard boob in the morning and can get 140ml from it by hand as I haven't bought a pump yet. I don't know if any of that is recommended but it's worked so far and has saved me getting up in the middle of the night for no reason. I thought it might effect my supply but it's kept up.

I went to my first mothers group last Thursday which I was a little dubious about but I was quite pleasantly surprised. There were about a dozen mums there which was more than what I was expecting. It was midwife led for about 2hrs, she prompted topics to talk about like : feeding, sleeping, settling, awake times, getting out of the house etc and then afterwards we could weigh bubs and mingle a bit. I found it really interested to have common ground with different women for different things. It was good in a way to really realise no one is going to be the same in every experience they have had so far. It runs for 4wks and then it 's up to us to stay in contact.

SC99 - after 9 months of pregnancy I forgot we were due at the same time and might run into each other! But I did wonder if you would be at the mums group because I couldn't remember if you actually lived in wgong or further south? It was at dapto community centre.

I better go - DD just woke up after a record 12hrs!!


DD is still in bassinet in our room. I wanted her in cot from the start but DP wanted her in our room so I said ok max 3 months. DP went back to work at 5wks and I said at that point she would be moving into the nursery and cot. Except the cot is on the low toddler level because a friend's son slept in it once and I can't get the cot off the wall by myself and adjust the level. So I've mentioned it to DP lots but he still hasn't done it "remind me when we're not in bed or out".

Who else had major ab muscle separation? MW told me mine was a fist wide at the beginning now it's a couple of fingers. I haven't done anything to get it the rest of the way, but that coupled with CS means my core strength is down the drain. If I bend over to change/play with DD when I stand up straight it's a bit of a struggle. Makes me feel elderly!!

Cleaner sounds great! I wish. I cleaned our ensuite yesterday. Well, except the floor and the shower. So basically I cleaned the vanity and toilet. And truth be told I squirted the stuff inside the toilet then forgot about it after having wiped the outside. That was enough housework for one day haha

To all those expressing so often I hope things are getting easier. Serapod if you feel you are ready to make the change to formula full time then go for it. It sounds like a lot of time sitting around with a machine instead of doing what you want to do with your son, so do what makes you both happy.

I feel like I'm eating lots just because people say when you're BFing you get really hungry. I mean I'm not gorging till I'm stuffed but I do often think of having seconds and thinking "its ok I'm BFing" and I never had those thoughts when I was pregnant. I'm not putting on weight but I'm also not losing it so I think I am probably eating too much.

#28 redmum77

Posted 07 May 2013 - 10:50 AM

Cloria! I've been wondering how you are going original.gif What great boobs you have (lol!!) they seem to cope perfectly with feeding. That's heaps of housework lol, gave me a giggle. Muscle sep. I have had since dd1, not sure it ever will get closer than two-three fingers - and I was at the gym lots and fit before dd2. But I don't feel weak there, so maybe that will improve? Give it lots of time though. Great to hear about the mothers group. I'm going to join the 'Friends of the birth centre' group I think, my midwives go there. I hope they aren't all perfect....

Ah, bub wakes.

#29 SarahVandooo

Posted 07 May 2013 - 10:18 PM

Serapod I don't go out much, I dread it sometimes coz all I can think about is having to battle to feed her while were out, and then worry about being home at a certain time to express  ddown.gif can't wait til I don't have to express anymore, would so go to formula if I wasnt so scared of mastitis lol. Would be awesome to catch up one day!!

Mothers day I have no idea what were doing, I dread the thought of having to go see both mothers lol, much easier if they cam here, or we just had a day with me hubbby and wendy. But im probably getting anti-social lol

Sleep/Bassinets From day one ive slept wendy in both the cot and bassinet so that she wont freak out when she's pernamently put in her own room, so for now its cot (or wherever she happens to fall asleep) during the day, and bassinet after her last feed at night, I do like having her in the room with us, its so nice waking up with her right there and i just grab her and pop her into bed with me.

AFM Wendy has been a bit strange the past 2 days, hasn't slept during the day and just keeps drinking, not large amounts but lots and lots of small feeds, and rather sooky aswell.

I have a feeling its either reflux or she may be teething, her gums seem to be bother her, drooling alot and putting her hands in her mouth, so we shall wait and see, I hope shes not as sooky tommorow coz its my next mothers group session. Poor bubby will barely let me put her down, and if she does she cries when i leave the room, Cuddles are good tho!

#30 Nataliah

Posted 08 May 2013 - 09:34 AM

hi girls, I have been following along with everyone's posts in the DIG, but haven't posted much lately.  I'm glad to hear that generally we're all muddling through fairly well.  Especially glad to hear you're feeling a bit better Clarial!

Things are going pretty well here, but even though we don't have any real 'issues', I have my moments where it feels so never ending and draining.  I think I've been a little reluctant to post because things were/are going relatively easy for us and I felt like it might seem like gloating.  However I really need the support of you girls so I hope it doesn't come across that way.

Feeding is going extremely well for me.  I haven't had an issue from the first feed minutes after he was born.  That being said, he is a very very hungry boy!  He goes from eating a lot normally to eating an absolute crap-tonne while going through a growth spurt (which seems to happen once every 10 days).  I am extremely grateful that the feeding is going so well, but it can be overwhelming to feel attached at the boob 24/7 sad.gif  

Size - It makes me wonder how much genetics drive not just physical attributes, but hunger/appetite as well.  My husband and I both love to eat and have hefty appetites.  My husband is a big man, 6'5" and built.  It seems that Beau is taking after us, he was 60cm and 7kg at his 6 week check-up meaning he has averaged almost 500g gain a week.

He sleeps pretty well at night, generally he goes down at 7:30-8pm and wakes for a feed at 2am.  He then sleeps until 6ish and wakes for another feed.  He is usually pretty easy to get back down after the first feed, but at 6am he is fully awake!  Day time sleeps are another matter entirely.  There is absolutely no chance he would just fall asleep on his own.  Without intervention he would go the entire day without sleeping and just end up super tired and crazy.  I generally try to ensure he gets one good nap during the day by putting him in the sleepy wrap. He sleeps for 3hrs in there.  Otherwise he will have a couple of short naps during the day which might add up to 2hrs total.  I would say this is my biggest frustration as I can't seem to get him down to sleep during the day and there's only so much you can really do with the sleepy wrap on.

My MIL has been staying with us for the past 2 weeks and is here for another 5!!  It's been ok so far, she is a little crazy and never stops talking, but she is so helpful and not remotely judgemental.  She has been doing lots of the cooking and cleaning that I can't get to, which is awesome!

Going out
has been tricky for me as Beau has generally hated both the pram and the carseat.  Things have improved a little in the past week, but still not how I imagined it.  I thought I'd be going out for brunch or coffee everyday with friends while Beau quietly chilled in his (very bloody expensive) pram.  So far that had not been the case!  We've bitten the bullet and are trying a dummie, I don't see how it can be worse for him than purple-faced screaming every time he's in the car or pram.

We actually ventured out without him on Saturday night.  We put him down by about 8pm and went for a late dinner with friends.  I even got to drink some wine!!  We gave him an expressed feed at 2am (he drank 200ml ) and then by the time he woke again at 7am I was good to feed him again.  It all worked pretty well and it was so good to feel a little normal again!

wow that was long!

#31 Serapod

Posted 08 May 2013 - 09:54 AM

Sarahv, we have the same milking machine so we could sit at a house together and milk, haha.
Do you manage to get Wendy on your bad side at all anymore?

I wish I never woke Ezra up in the night when he slept through, I would'nt have as much as a problem I don't think. Even though he sleeps through, I don't.

Because I can't get Ezra on at all, I don't know how I'll be able to drop an expression at all :/ I'm so scared of more blocked ducts - they're so difficult to get rid of without the baby to attach (even if its painful) and I'm beginning to feel like this will never end. I can;t see how I can stop at all without getting mastitis/blocked ducts/etcetc. It's been a week of the blocked duct - I think its getting a little better, but its in a really bullsh*t spot I think, underneath and kinda horizontally. Everyone I've talked to says take it slowly to start weaning, to take less from the breast... but with the unresolved blocked duct I don't know what to do.
It's beginning to get me depressed again - the expressing and not having Ezra on me was supposed to make it easier, but its just getting worse again. I'm scared of going longer than 3 months because I know that's when supply is established.. I was hoping that all the stress I've been under would start to affect the supply, and with expressing, no breastfeeding, but it doesn't seem to yet, and my fridge is full of milk sad.gif The constant worrying about worsening blocks and mastitis and trying to find out how to end this nightmare is beginning to make my husband get very angry at me. It's like it was a month ago. I just want it all to end, and I'm beginning to regret everything. Why on earth would I have thought having a baby would be a good idea?

Another thing stressing me out is we are supposed be going to UK in august for a month, but if I'm still expressing, wtf am I supposed to  do? The manual pump wasn't working anymore last week. I'm so apprehensive for him to book the tickets and keep hoping he won't get around to it. I was supposed to be breastfeeding for over there, so everything would be easy. Where did I go wrong?

This saturday I'm supposed to be going to my inlaws for FIL's birthday, but I really really don't want to. I feel like telling husband to just take Ezra with him so I don;t have to see anyone.

I'm sorry for the massive rant. sad.gif I just don't know what to do.

I would give anything for a horrible baby and a better feeding experience. I'd give up him sleeping through the night, for this all to be over. I regret even trying to breastfeed at all.

#32 redmum77

Posted 08 May 2013 - 12:32 PM

Oh Serapod you poor thing! It must all feel totally overwhelming... I wish I had a magic wand sad.gif I think it's totally fine to skip a family function when you have a new born. Be strong and defend your right to out yourself first. I still haven't seen so many people, they'll cope. I'm better at this third time around though and have stopped worrying about pleasing others. As for milk - can you reduce the other side down (without the blocked duct) for starters? I take it you have proper advice on the duct about massage etc already? It will heal and then you can reduce the pumping - and you need to trust that things WILL change, they will get better. I've not heard the three month thing before, I'm certain you can wean at any time... I think! I've taken 6 month olds to the uk twice now (each bubba) and the problem is normally keeping up supply in the dehydration of the plane! For you it would help. August is ages away, you will have weaned by then I'm sure. Are the mchn nurses helpful with how to stop? All I can think is to not do everything I do - drinking lots of water, eating oats, etc. But I doubt that helps. Oh wish I could help! It really will all be over soon and you'll have your lovely child for your whole life - trust me, I've seen the other side, and it is worth it...

#33 Serapod

Posted 10 May 2013 - 11:39 AM

Hi Ladies! Hope your days are getting easier, and babies are settling better now as they get a little older!

Sarahv have you managed to get more milk into Wendy lately?

clarial, are you feeling a bit better emotionally these days? have you found someone you can let everything out to?

red, how are you going with the comp feeding? are you managing ok with your other kids? for the 3 month stopping expressing, i meant i want to have it sorted and lactation stopped by the time we go away so i don't have to deal with expressing on the plane original.gif

becca, how are you healing from the birth? my sister had forceps and major issues afterwards with a 4th degree tear and has only half sided sensation sad.gif

Natalia, don't worry about 'boasting'. i feel like i'm bragging with an incredible sleeper. he sleeps hours and hours day and over night too, and has done since birth. we all need support and a safe place to let out our tears, im sure our hubbies/partners/families have more than enough of their fair share of our dramas, so here is the perfect place to vent!

afm - I had my 2nd mothers group on wednesday afternoon, wed morning i was having a horrific day feeling awfully depressed about being stuck to the pump and feeling like there is no end in sight, so i had a breakdown in front of the ladies at mothers group. the mchn took me aside afterwards and we had a chat and she said i'll not be expressing forever, that there will be an end in sight, and she booked me for an extra session on tuesday so we can discuss my options.

yesterday my husband stayed home from work and took me to the gp as the blockage isn't going away. the gp felt it and said it seems cystic and should resolve when i stop lactating. i still have a few days left of antibiotics, the blockage is a little tender, but no redness on the breast and i feel ok, so i think next week i'll try dropping the night expression or if i wake full, express to comfort then go back to bed. i've found both mchn at my clinic are really great and very easy for me to open up to. i feel like it is a very safe place for me to vent.

#34 SarahVandooo

Posted 10 May 2013 - 12:47 PM

Hey girls!!

Serapod! Yes Finally getting more into her she's now taking 100ml now sometimes more, it just takes awhile to get it all into her lol, pretty much its about keep offering it to her until she falls asleep again, time consuming but im just glad she's drinking again.

Took her back to the MCH clinic for a weigh in, she's gained 270grams in 8 days!! I was so excited lol

Im the same as you serapod when it comes to expressing, im missing out on spending time with wendy coz I HAVE to express to keep my milk up on my left side, and even on my good boob I have to express coz she never drains the boob.

Ive decided from now on I will only express 3 times a day, any other feed will now be formula, its just getting to much.

I began dreading simple trips, even just dinner at my parents coz I knew id have to express.

So the way I figure aslong as she's getting at least 2-3 feeds of breast milk I wont feel too guilty.

I keep changing the way I feel about it, one minute im relieved I wont have to express as much, next I feel guilty im giving up. I know people are gonna judge me, ( Inlaws mainly ) and that makes things worse.

But I know that even if I feed her only off my good boob from now on she still wont get enough, coz from day one she's never drained it and gives up soon, I could perserveer but im so so worried her weight gain will drop again.

Good on you serapod for sharing your feelings at the group, it feels so good to get it out and know your not the only one struggling, and a good cry everynow and then is good.

Also had my second mothers group, shared about breastfeeding problems and found out one of the other ladies had major issues aswell and is now on formula.

omg.. so so sorry for the ramble ladies

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#35 Serapod

Posted 10 May 2013 - 12:57 PM

I think 5 out of 7 babies at mothers group are on formula. Another person stopped expressing over the last week, there's only me and 2 others on BM now. And I am beginning to try and wean in the next week. I too felt some major guilt over stopping, but the emotional and physical toll its taking is more than enough to justify my reasons for weaning, and honestly, looking at BM versus formula in a bottle is minimal differences, and also, who is feeding the babies? US. Not your inlaws, its us who has to get up and spend extra time expressing ONTOP of BF/bottle feeds - I am so ready to be EITHER BM OR FORMULA, not BOTH bottles and breast. and its our babies who are missing out on bonding and snuggling and face time with their mummies. Plus, I think almost everyone will be or has been on formula at some point in time, so...
And you know you've done the absolute best you can in feeding Wendy BM for as long as you can stand it, so try and make peace with it. original.gif

I've found, as  now a mother, NOTHING I do will please every single person. There are women who's families push them to stop BF when there are no reasons at all, everything is going swimmingly for them, yet still BM isn't right. Or the other way around.

Welcome to the BS world of parenthood biggrin.gif

Time to express! -_-

#36 SarahVandooo

Posted 10 May 2013 - 01:03 PM

Yeah so true, im glad my hubby is so supportive aswell, which does make things easier, my goal is to just have small amount left in my right boob so she can just pop on everynow and again.

and if MIL ever says anything ill just have to say something back, and I know hubby will aswell.

And as for pleasing others, you are so so right, its amazes me what people point out your doing "wrong"

"oh she's dressed to warm"
"you shouldnt let her fall asleep there"
"She should be having baths everyday now"

lol ah the joys lol

haha also expressing right now while she sleeps lol

#37 Serapod

Posted 10 May 2013 - 03:19 PM

Do you express both sides at the same time? That might help clear out R and also increase supply on that side if you want to?

I think Ezra has a cold now, last night from about 3am he was snuffly and coughing in his sleep sad.gif No temperature, but sounds poorly. He doesn't seem too ill, still his happy smily self. Debating going to dr or not.

#38 redmum77

Posted 10 May 2013 - 07:32 PM

Hi all, I'm only on my phone so not sure how far ill get!

I think people are a lot more critical when it's your first. Or maybe I'm better at staring people down now till they stop...! My mum is the only person who has offered 'advice' - not one person at school - big relief.

I find combined feeding means I can still comfort her, there is always an emergency bit of milk if I'm stuck, I can leave her for one feed if I have to (haven't yet), and she doesn't get sick from the other kids. The bottles are a pain but there's no choice so no complaining original.gif She's sleeping on the boob now actually lol.

Dd had her jabs and measurements - but they wrote her head was 44cm!!! That's off the chart, I'll have to measure it myself. She has gained 1kg since birth - nothing like you guys have but it fits the %ile.

Off to read to ds now...

#39 stickymicky

Posted 12 May 2013 - 08:51 AM

Happy Mothers Day Ladies!!
Hope everyone tracking okay, it's been quiet in here...

Not much to report from me... Went out for a girls dinner with my GFs last night, DH stayed home with the kids. Even though I only had 2.5hrs off (thats the max DS will go between feeds and I couldn't be bothered expressing) it was so wonderful to be out and about unencumbered! Fun night.

Nothing special planned for Mthrs Day today.. We arent near family and DH working.. Will call my Mum later for a nice chat

I'm starting the Michelle Bridges 12wbt challenge tomorrow!! I have 6kg I want to lose... They have a special post natal/breastfeeding program.. The meal plan looks pretty good.. I have customised it to minimise the amount of cooking I have to do.. Need to exercise 6 days/week.. This is the part I'll find hardest but have bought some new exercise DVDs to do at home, when opportunity presents itself.. Even if I have to do at night when kids in bed.. Wish me luck!

#40 Cloria

Posted 12 May 2013 - 11:28 AM

Good luck Sticky on the 12WBT! 6days/wk exercise - omg! Wouldn't happen for me at the moment. I have to put more effort into making time for exercise. If I don't while I'm off work, it's never going to happen once I'm back... so 4 more months.

Things tracking mostly well here, except for my core body strength. It's really troubling me. Particularly my obliques. Rolling in bed or even wriggling sideways to get comfortable is near impossible. It's muscles I never even noticed before and now when I try to do things I can feel them failing. Someone in my mothers group gave me the details of local physio who specialises in pre and post natal care so I'm going to call on Monday and make an appt. She said the dr's told her she didn't have an abdominal split but when she went to the physio they told her she had 4-5cm and if she'd have gone back to running like dr said was ok to do then it would have been much harder to fix.

We are having dinner here tonight with both my and DP's mum's. We might go out during the day just our little family for an ice cream or something, that would be nice original.gif

Happy Mothers Day to everyone!

#41 redmum77

Posted 13 May 2013 - 03:46 AM

What a lovely day original.gif My kids are so lovely... They got me sweet trinkets from the school stall and a huge Lego Hobbit set (I got it and told dh to wrap it wink.gif ) so we had a great time putting that together. Went and saw my mum too, lovely day.

Sticky - good luck! You'll do great! It's good they have a meal plan that's suitable, you'll be able to feel confident you're getting enough calories original.gif

Cloria - oh that's scary about the split, and it sounds like yours is troubling .. Hope the physio can help.

Dd doing really well, feels too easy... Hope it stays this way!

Can't type more on this little phone, my thumb hurts!

#42 Serapod

Posted 13 May 2013 - 08:49 AM

Happy Mother's Day for yesterday ladies!! Hope it was lovely. I am on my new iPad so forgive any mistakes haha.
Cloria I hope you can find some help for your abs, that seems so awful. But I think naturally it will get better, although not fully without proper rehab...
Sticky good luck with the meal and exercise plan. Keep us updated!
AFM I am down to expressing 5hourly after doing it 3-4hourly. I do feel sad about weaning but I know in the end that we need this for the future. I sorely wish he would go on the breast but he won't sad.gif but I have had enough of all the stuffing around.... Yesterday I had a few red marks on my breasts and worried about another infection but they have dissipated thankfully so I know increasing time between expressing will be OK and I can stop lactating eventually.
Have a emergency mchn appointment tomorrow to discuss weaning and things. I never expected to need so so so much emotional support... Just to feed my baby sad.gif he is a perfect little boy otherwise.
Mmm need a coffee original.gif have a nice day everyone!I've also got a few bags of milk in the freezer for him later on so I suppose it's not too bad to stop.. It's just sad because I have had a bigger supply than he needed :/ I think I will always feel a little guilty stopping before 6months.... Aww mummy guilt. Guilt if I go on to keep expressing and then I am missing out on him or if I stop he is missing out on the "best" milk...

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#43 redmum77

Posted 13 May 2013 - 10:11 AM

Serapod - yay on the iPad! And yes, guilt is motherhood I'm afraid, if it weren't this it would be, and will be, something else. I've learned to accept it, and from what my mum says it never goes away. It's just rare of loving someone so much, we should and always want the best for them. But we are only human, and at the end of the day if they are loved, fed, sheltered and talked to then they are ok original.gif It sounds like you have an end in sight, which it wonderful. Let me know Helen you are ready for flight advice! We got it pretty sorted by the second time. Hilarious to watch them freak out about the milk powder... No, not drugs! But mostly all supportive. Japan airways were absolutely the best for children of all those I've flown. Oh I could ramble for hours....

That was funny writing at the wee hours of the morning. I was quite articulate! Dd is now in the cot for a day sleep - for the first time! Well, for over 20minutes. She normally sleeps wherever but its getting cold, so I thought I'd give it a go. She needs to be flexible I'm afraid, around the school runs etc, but the odd nap in the cot in the day will be nice for me. Not me in the cot.. Her... You know what I mean, hehe!

#44 Serapod

Posted 13 May 2013 - 10:24 AM

I don't want Ezra in his room!!!! I want him with us forever, haha. I love listening to him sleep. We will need to get a monitor as he is not the sort to cry when awake and we have a double storey home. Plus we need to clean his room and I need to get cot sheets and blankets.
I do know the end is best for us and he has had a lot of breast milk and when things go. Ad for me, my mental health suffers deeply so I just need to remember I am making the right choice.  Silly chomper he is!

#45 redmum77

Posted 13 May 2013 - 10:36 AM

Yep- be strong, you know you are doing the right thing. You have given him such a great start, and tried so hard to make it all work. Don't think of it as the end! It's just a change.
We didn't have a basinette, but I do have a Lullabub on the cot, so it bounces and moves when she wriggles which is lovely and makes settling easy. So she has been in the cot since day one for nights, I've only just moved out of that room back to the main bedroom though, it's hard when you can't hear them all the time! I don't use a monitor yet, but will do if I have to go out of earshot for a while.

She's still asleep in there, what will I do? I've had a coffee, posted (lots), emailed people... I don't like doing housework while they sleep but that's all that's left! How strange.

#46 Cloria

Posted 13 May 2013 - 11:25 AM

I was so glad to get Chloe out of our room! All that grunting and heavy breathing was keeping me up all the time haha. We were gifted a pretty good monitor so I use that but always have it on the "mute low" setting so I can only hear when it picks up sounds above a certain DB level, it also means you can't hear the white noise that is the open line. It's perfect.
She made the transition to her own room and cot no dramas, as far as I can tell she didn't even notice a change.

Yesterday morning when I woke at 6am to feed her, I wandered into her room half asleep still to find the top end of her cot laiden with mothers day presents and a card and her staring up at me from the bottom. So cute wub.gif DP did a good job!  

Serapod good to hear you've been able to stretch to 5hrly successfully.

I just made an appt for the Physio on wed morning so I'll see how that goes.

I'm trying to get more things "done" during the day. I would like to feel a little more productive! DP always comes home and asks "what did you do today?" and I go to open my mouth and then can't really answer other than "it felt like I was busy all day but I can't say what I did". I think I need to make a list. Gosh I'm becoming my mother haha

ps. red why don't you like doing housework when she's asleep? I reckon that's the best time!

Edited by Cloria, 13 May 2013 - 11:30 AM.

#47 redmum77

Posted 13 May 2013 - 12:25 PM

Hahah, oh it's just a thing, sleep when baby sleeps... But I don't need the sleep so I'm stuck! She mostly only sleeps in our arms in the day so I don't get a big choice in what I'm doing then anyway. I get lots done while she is awake, she comes with me in the laundry basket etc and then when she is getting to sleep time we vacuum and tidy and things. If I did things when she was asleep without being held too then it would be non stop! Once the kids are home from school it's all on, dinner cooking etc. regardless of where bub is at. Huh, there's way more info than anyone wants haha! I'm just a fan of 'whatever works' and so we are bound to do it all in different ways!  

Hope the physio goes well!

#48 SarahVandooo

Posted 14 May 2013 - 09:36 AM

Hello ladies!

Hope you all had lovely mothers days!!!

I got spoilt dh sent me flowers with a card from Wendy! It was adorable, he also got all this paint and a canvas so we can get Wendy to walk all over it, such a good idea. I had already pice out pj's for myself aswell as a book called "my mummy is the best" to read to Wendy when she gets a little older.

Had my family over for lunch was really nice, I enjoyed being the host for once lol. Was meant to go to mil for dinner but she change it without telling us, and then told everyone there that we were coming to lunch, don't kno if she did that on purpose or what.

I kno how you feel, I've gone down to expressing 6 hourly and not doing it durin the night, I started getting really depressed when my milk started to go down. sad.gif
But we both have to stop feeling guilty and realize we will now have more time with our bubbies and ourselves

that is adorable your hubby leaving the gifts out like that!!! Made me tear up, I think I'm extra hormonal lol

always gets done when Wendy is asleep, otherwise when I finally have time to relax if housework isn't done, then rather than relaxing ill be thinking about housework lol

Wendy sleeps wherever she drops during the day, considering nowadays she barely sleeps durin the day I try to take advantage of anytime she's asleep even if its just 20mins lol.
When we put her to bed at 7 she is in her cot, and then when she wakes for her next feed at about 12:00 I'll put her in the bassinet next to me, I love waking up next to her, it's so nice to see her just smiling up at me in the morning lol. But she's very long and she'll have to go into her cot in her own room soon enough, I'll just try to avoid it for a little longer

Afm Wendy seems to be drinking better nowadays we had a day where she drank 300ml within 1 1/2 hours, yes it still takes upto an hour to get 100ml in her but I spose that's just her, she must have a little tummy lol. Been extra emotional lately I think it might be coz I'm weaning off breast milk, I keep thinking I should try harder, it's better for her I'm selfish for quitting, people are gonna judge me. Gah what an emotional rollercoaster.

#49 mytimenow

Posted 15 May 2013 - 10:19 AM

Hi ladies, sorry for not replying more but I always read when I am breast feeding. I am no good at resonding one handed on the i-pad (which can be a little tempremental).

Breast feeding - we have had a real mixed bag of success here.  For the ladies that have had to move on, I hope you make peace with your decision, I know it must be really hard, but in the end you can only do what is right for you and your bub.  

Depression - For the ladies with a history here, I feel for you. My DH suffers with it and it is tough.  DH has had one bout since bubs came and it has been tough helping him fight the depression and also manage bubs, but he knows when it is coming on and we try to 'check' it early.  I also have a very close GF who just had a bub who gets bad depression, so I am watching her closely to be ready to help when/if the black dog strikes.

Cloria - I would be interested to hear how the transition went from your room to the nursery for Chloe.  At the moment bub is in the bassinet in the room with me, but he is growing quickly and it won't be long and he will be too big for it.  Added to that my DH is in the spare room as he has returned to work and bub wakes him up.  

I have popped bub in his grow bag and he loves it and transitioned beautifully.  Next week we are going to move him to the nursery and I was going to sleep in the spare room next door for a week, just to be close (more for me than him).  What do you ladies think, should I put him straight in the cot or put him in the nursery in his bassinet first, so he gets used to being away from me? I am not sure whether to make the change all at once, new room and new bed or do it more gradually.

Hope everyone is doing well, time to feed so I must dash.

#50 redmum77

Posted 15 May 2013 - 10:30 AM

Mytimenow - hi original.gif I would make the move in one go while bub is young. They are more flexible! But.. Keep the same smells if you can - blanket or your shirt or something, that's what they notice the most. But I could be wrong. Lol!

Ah, dd awake...

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