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PAM Grads #20

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#226 Mrs Dinosaurus

Posted 04 July 2013 - 12:15 PM

Oh CL that would make me so irate. What's with the bank thing/ There are plenty of not-for-profit CUs and similar he can use.

#227 Caramel Latte

Posted 04 July 2013 - 01:19 PM

Can't remember his full story behind why, but it includes fees, getting to bank, that access pays straight away. He doesn't always makes sense but get who has now got one, after I blew my top :-/. I'm hoping the person who found the $160 is enjoying.

#228 Mrs Dinosaurus

Posted 04 July 2013 - 06:30 PM

ATMs are Everywhere.

Fees are deductible against business expenses as interest is income.

Banks are generally a lot safer than the sock unless you happen to get caught in a major financial depression in Cyprus where half the worlds money is holed up and decide not honour them....

I'm pleased he has a bank account now!

#229 Caramel Latte

Posted 04 July 2013 - 06:36 PM

I know Dino, trying to convince him has been difficult. This incident tho not one I needed right now, has been the only thing that has worked in getting him to a bank. Not that he has never had an account, just decided he was anti banks after sold house (during our break up so I don't know all details).

#230 Mrs Dinosaurus

Posted 05 July 2013 - 04:50 PM

HFM x 3.

A away for the weekend.

Anyone want to come visit?

On a brighter note (before I noticed Ted had a spot on his hand and figured out my cold sores were in fact HFM spots) we went to Elmo this morning and it was great! Lots of fun.

It was a bit weird meeting him though because Elmo was BIG and we were kind of expecting small laughing2.gif

Have good weekends all.

#231 Caramel Latte

Posted 05 July 2013 - 09:21 PM

Glad Elmo turned out great but boo x 3 to HFM x 3!!!!! Dino xox. Wish I was closer, so I could help you.

Aphraell - good luck with your council!

Mumabug - how's your new new fridge going? At moment still feels like he's here on holidays (even tho know he isn't and RE news below) so not in our normal routine. Also, odd (not that I'm complaining) that I'm no longer the only "adult" in house, so got to step back when he deals with something or step in, if its RE a new thing we do. Tad moody with everything I'm finding out and things he's forgotten.

Howdy and hope alls well -, Shadowess, TNMN, JDU, MBS, Goose, Key4 and all I've missed.

Quick update: decided that DH is normally hopeless with money, so tho annoyed at lack of honesty of person who found it (I'd be the one handing it in and am really hoping, it didn't fund any illegal activity. Rather a homeless or struggling person get it), that this was a much needed wake up call that he needed.

Sadly, failure to keep money safe, wasn't his only error - he'd forgotten to check his license renewal...  We'd found this out after he'd applied for a job and was getting all ID and resume together. It is a driving job, so he can't start till he gets it renewed. Luckily, his new boss said he don't need to start till Monday week.

These few very minor hurdles, are nothing really.

Edited by Caramel Latte, 05 July 2013 - 09:26 PM.

#232 Shadowess

Posted 05 July 2013 - 10:12 PM

On a scale of 1 to 10, how fun am I?? It's Friday night and I've pulled out all my stuff to do my tax, and half the data isn't available in the system!! My salary info hasn't been put in yet, and neither has my health insurance details! I haven't received those docs in the mail, but I was hoping they were already in the ATO system, and just appeared in my information, like in previous years. Bugger! I have however, calculated my medicare expenses... I think there's about $3k worth of out of pocket just from medicare, and then when I add in all my physio, glasses, hospital excesses etc, I'm over $6k. I looked at the new thresholds, and it's going to mean a whopping $60 back or something stupid like that. Crazy.

So, can't remember when I last updated, but my week turned crazy... DH's grandmother died on Monday morning, so he left for Perth on Tuesday night, for the funeral on Wednesday (she's jewish, and they bury people really quickly), and stupid me said stay for the weekend, since we're paying all this money for him to go. Then, the minute that was all sorted and planned, work asked me to go to Darwin next week, which is awesome, but I've had to rearrange all our school holiday arrangements for next week, which has been a bit of a challenge. Anyway, we're sorted.

Juggling birthday parties, swimming, and dancing classes this weekend... will definitely deserve a trip on my own next week, even if it involves work!

Anyway, think I might go to bed... once I've used up all my lives on candy crush....


#233 Falala-llyjonk

Posted 05 July 2013 - 11:42 PM

Sorry about your grandma-in-law fee sad.gif

I must apologise that I have only skimmed the past few pages because I have been in a premenstrual rage, and now I am in a headcold+cider induced stupor. What the hell kind of a premenstrual symptom is a headcold? I get it every freaking month!! It be good cider though.

#234 Mrs Dinosaurus

Posted 06 July 2013 - 08:45 AM

Sorry Fee sad.gif

Goosey - I get that too, as since the whole child-bearing thing has taken a hold I only get periods every three months or so and I forget, think I am getting sick, wake up one day with a period and go "ohhhh yes, that bullsh*t again!"

In other news O up half the night throwing up on everything. Like everything, it's like having that kid from that movie that I didn't see because I don't like scary movies but I did see an ad once.

Anyway, I feel sick, Ted and O are sick, trying to find a dr then figure out how many appointments to make. Probably isn't HFM though. Also because we are sick and A is away we are stuck inside, O is lacking sleep and is utterly feral, I am lacking sleep and am utterly feral, Ted is lacking sleep but seems happy while the wiggles are on. It's going to be a very long two days. ugh.

#235 Shadowess

Posted 06 July 2013 - 09:26 AM

I'll join you all in the sick and on your own stakes... Going to go and get some strong stuff today.

In great news, the girls slept in til 8.30! I managed a shower in peace before they woke up!

#236 Mrs Dinosaurus

Posted 06 July 2013 - 01:01 PM

's ok - Doc says it's just gastro and we'll all be fine by tomorrow.

Just in time for A to come home and get sick I imagine!

#237 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 06 July 2013 - 08:18 PM

Dino - coffee in Richmond Sat morning?

#238 Mrs Dinosaurus

Posted 06 July 2013 - 08:49 PM

Yay! Yes, name the time and place original.gif

#239 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 06 July 2013 - 11:09 PM

10am ok? I'm open to suggestions - somewhere child friendly wink.gif

#240 Caramel Latte

Posted 06 July 2013 - 11:13 PM

Dino: hope you all are fine by tomorrow xox

#241 Mrs Dinosaurus

Posted 07 July 2013 - 05:48 AM

O up at 4.30am. T at 5am. I feel sick. I thought you were supposed to sleep more when sick?!! How many dvds would be too many starting now? laughing2.gif

TNMN - I'll have a think, I know a few good ones but they will be Packed by 10am Sat, ill try and find a not as popular one!

#242 Mynewname

Posted 07 July 2013 - 08:20 AM

Dino - Hope you are all feeling better. I don't think there is a limit on DVD's when everyone is sick....certainly not in our house anyway!

And is anybody going to mention the Lions......!

#243 Caramel Latte

Posted 07 July 2013 - 05:35 PM

JDU: How are things going? I would mention "Lions" but then would have to explain (then hide) that I didn't watch the game.

Dino: I think the youngest children have other ideas and like to party against the norm! I know the elder ones here use to sleep more when sick, Oreo varies. Hoping you all got some rest today.

Shadowess: Hope you feel better asap, yay for the sleep in / shower time.

Goose: I wish I could help with answers, but last cycle was the first I ever was  rant.gif, normally I am  cry1.gif. Would talking to a Dr help? He or she may be able to give you something to help.

Hi to all I missed!!

AFM: I am sure I have said "I have done this for the past 17 mths, sure you can do it once!" that many times, I should just tape it!

#244 Mrs Dinosaurus

Posted 08 July 2013 - 01:53 PM

Hi waves.gif

gastro appears to have come and gone - phew.

Just spent about half an hour looking for the super-private private hospital I'm having the op in tomorrow - despite having the address it was Very Well Hidden!!

Kids are off with the nanny which is great, although I am not being as productive as one might expect biggrin.gif

No other news - see you sat'dy TNMN, hope everyone is cruising along well. x

#245 aphraell

Posted 09 July 2013 - 07:20 PM

Dino - hope the OP went well and you are recovering ok.

DH worked from home today so after we dropped DD at daycare we go to go out for a grown ups breakfast - haven't done that in a loooong time original.gif
Still very nervous about another MC, especially after some sharp pains on the weekend but trying to stay positive...I have an US referral if I get really anxious I will go and get another scan.

Not much else happening here, trying to move the renovations along but feel like I'm tied up in red tape !

#246 Caramel Latte

Posted 09 July 2013 - 07:27 PM

Dino: yay to Gastro going!

Aphraell: How are you and pg going? Eta Must of posted at same time as didn't see your post until after. Xox, the fear of m/c is so hard to get rid of. I had sharp pains with each successful pg so hopefully all is well.

Shadowess: ETA enjoy!

Hope all are doing well. xox

AFM: One would think, one would be excited that DH got a job and starts next Monday. But, part of me is disappointed, as had some hospital apts coming up and was looking forward to not going on my own again.

Edited by Caramel Latte, 09 July 2013 - 11:49 PM.

#247 Shadowess

Posted 09 July 2013 - 10:23 PM

Hello from sunny Darwin!

Totally loving my family free time... and wearing shorts in winter...

#248 Mrs Dinosaurus

Posted 10 July 2013 - 09:07 AM

Sigh - darwin sounds lovely.

Aphreall - feel free to keep posting in here, we all understand how nerve-wracking it is. Fingers crossed everything is just perfect for you original.gif

Op went well, basic diagnosis was another stricture which he stretched slightly but will probably need further work, a hernia (who knew you could get them in your throat?), a whole lotta scar tissue and a whole lotta damage from heartburn. He has put me on some kind of prescription antacid which sounds like sumac but I'm sure I can buy spices OTC so that's wrong laughing2.gif He took 6 biopsies but says he doesn't expect anything sinister yet (nice - something to look forward to!!)

I am seeing him in 3 weeks for full results and to decide if I need more work done.

#249 MarsBarSlice

Posted 10 July 2013 - 11:15 AM

I can't remember the last time I posted, sorry. I have no excuse but am excited cause today I am actually getting stuff done, including catching up with all of you. Small achievements make me feel good atm, sad but true.

DinoJen - Glad to hear you got the op done, fingers crossed the results are what you want to hear

Shadoess - in case I didn't previously say it, love the banana cake.  Darwin and hot and kid and family free, oh the life some of you ladies lead, sniff

Aphraell - please keep us up to date, good and bad, that's what we are here for. I'm now 23 weeks pg and still a bit paranoid, though trying very hard not to be

CL - So glad that DH is there for you now, it must be so much easier. Although I can imagine having to change your routines to fit him in after all this time can be quite challenging. We do it every weekend with DP home, I'm not complaining but life is different with them around

Hello to everyone, hope you are having a super hump day

AFM: kids are great and we are really enjoying the school holidays. Besides a few hiccups with DS1's behaviour we are actually having fun. DS2 turns 2 on Monday OMG and he is so naughty, it's quite funny the things he does but so naughty. We should have called him Damien, LOL. Trying to organise a party for him which is way beyond mine and DP's scope of mental capacity on those things. Whatever will be will be on the day.

#250 Caramel Latte

Posted 10 July 2013 - 09:30 PM

Dino: Glad that op is over with, will keep everything crossed that the results come back negative. Hopefully, it will help with the issues tho.

MBS: I am going to repeat "where is the year going?" all these 2 yr olds already!!! Sure you both will do a great job with his party.

Hi all!!!

AFM: Changing routine is driving me nuts! e.g. I like to meal plan and do a strict shopping list, this includes only buying what we use in a week (unless of course we go to Costco and stock up on nappies, toilet paper etc.). Asked him to put what he wanted on the shopping list and he couldn't see the point so didn't. Took some great specials (on items on list) but came under budget. We have always come under budget by doing this and he had to eat his words once he saw the results (last week - no list etc. and we went over, this week list and we went under).

If it wasn't so ridiculous, I would tell you what his thoughts on motorbikes are, but it is enough, that all in the RTA heard it.... so embarrassed wanted to hide.

Have to say, things are improving a lot tho, so will just have to live with the adjusting that little bit longer. Just wish sleeping improved :-(

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