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TTC or Pregnant Hyperemesis Gravidarum Sufferers and Survivors #32

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#51 ~*bella*~

Posted 10 November 2015 - 08:35 PM

Lealubanna I'm sorry your feeling like this. Sadly my last ended as I couldn't cope (I have 3 children and DH works full time)  I was in hospital 3 times in 5 weeks. (And lost 15 kilo in 3 weeks :( ) (was only 6 weeks)
On the bright side I have since heard there is more than you can try that may help
Talk to your dr about trying these but this is what I have heard
vitamin D (tablets)
Try taking a preg multi as well as the zofran
And then things like pretzels, fruit tingles, weak red cordial.

I'm sorry your suffering it really is horrible xx

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#52 hatters

Posted 11 November 2015 - 12:32 AM

The only other thing that might help is that I did read somewhere, and I found to be true, was that week 9 was the worst.  For some reason, something to do with the hormones, I can't remember.  This has been true for my pregnancies so I guess there is potential things might get a little bit better?  But mine was not as bad as yours sounds...

#53 PooksLikeChristmas

Posted 11 November 2015 - 11:38 AM

Go to hospital. Now. Tell them you're at your limit. Don't hold back. I've been there and yes there are other medical options to explore but you need to be your own advocate and insist on it. Are you in Melbourne?

#54 this_is_nuts

Posted 25 February 2016 - 03:34 PM

View PostLelubanana, on 10 November 2015 - 10:32 AM, said:

Tell me please someone is there more than Zofran and Maxalon?
I am still throwing up even with maximum doses of both. I am maybe a day away from having to go back to hospital again.
My family is suffering. My kids are freaked. My DH has taken so much time off work to help me and look after them. It is getting ridiculous. I don't know what to do anymore.

DH and I had a very serious conversation, both of us crying, about potential termination.
It's not something I feel I can do. But I'm not sure how much longer I can go on like this.
I am only 8 and a half weeks along.

it might be very late and you will have doubtless made up your mind and done whatever you chose to do, but ive been there. ive had a termination due to HG. it was not pretty.
it is absolutely one of the hardest decisions you make in your life, and it definitely doesnt leave you untouched.
when i was ill, i wanted to die. i was so bad i literally couldnt get to the toilet alone. i didnt eat anything at all for weeks. i was losing on average 2 kgs a week. i had weed once a week and hadnt had a bowel movement in more than 2. i was an absolute mess. it was only after the illness passed that it really hit me. and i will never ever forget how i felt. i will never ever judge someone for making that decision, not for one second.

anyways, im in the HG boat. im 26, partnered. ive just found out im pregnant, 5.5 weeks. ive had some odd cycles recently and this cycle i was over a week late but quite honestly didnt think anything of it after last cycle's 6 test freakout extravaganza. a friend of mine gave me a test and told me to just check, and crazily enough, WHAM. scary. i wasnt on BCP but we werent trying and my partner didnt want any more kids (we have a 3yr old) but surprisingly everything is going pretty well.

i changed doctors a little while ago and saw the guy this morning for scripts. ive had 3 pregnancies and HG every time, starting before ive missed a period. this time ive had basically nothing in terms of nausea, so maybe im having a miracle non HG pregnancy. i seriously doubt that so im getting prepared, but hey, i can hope lol i have scripts for Ondansetron, Maxalon tablets, and ive been researching about additional medications i can try like Restavit and B6. anything i can take to help will definitely be considered.

im extremely lucky in that my HG kicks in dead on like 5.5 weeks, is debilitating for 3-4 weeks and starts easing until it goes at around 20 weeks. i have a close friend who had it moderately for her entire pregnancy and quite honestly i would rather get it over and done with, even if i lay there silently praying to die for a bit while life goes on without me and i get so unwell i cant dress myself without a break. small blessings :) im so grateful my HG doesnt hang around for the entire pregnancy.

im trying to get ready and make it as easy as i can on my partner, i know it will be hellish for me but i can help him a bit by not leaving him in a mess and with no idea what to do next. if i get ill, with any luck the meds will temper it enough that i can get out of bed for a bit every day, even if its just moving to the couch. if i can get (and more importantly KEEP) some food down, i'll be very happy. im just going to hyrdate myself and stock up on cordial, ice and icecream for the next week, if its coming, it'll be in that time frame.

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#55 swisstruffles

Posted 18 April 2016 - 01:27 PM

I'm currently in my 13th week and think I'm just starting to turn a corner with my HG (thank goodness).
Mine started in week 5 and I haven't been able to work or eat proper food since. I have been literally in bed/lying down for the past 2 months, and have only started to get out of the home for short walks in the last week and have eaten some noodle soup twice (which were big deals for me, being the closest thing to proper meals since my HG started).

My husband did a HEAP of researching online on forums and reputable websites during the first couple of weeks and I wanted to share with everyone our approach, which our OB and the doctor at the hospital has been on board with.

3 daily doses (morning, noon, evening) of:
- 1 tablet Pyroxin (Vitamin B6)
- 1/2 tablet Restavit

And 1/2 tablet of Zoffran when I was on the brink of losing my sanity and crying my eyes out from the suffering, which seemed to give me some respite for the next day as well.

I have chosen to use Zoffran sparingly and as a last resort given the studies which have shown an increased risk of birth defects with consistent and regular use during pregnancy.
I know I am lucky enough in my situation that I have been able to not work for the last 2 months, and have a husband who works from home so has been able to give me consistent care and attention, and that I have no other dependents on me at this time.

I know that there are other people who are not in the same boat as me and whose only resort is regular use of Zoffran, but if you do have the flexibility, I would suggest that you consider this method of medication. I have a friend who took Zoffran every day during her first pregnancy and whose child was born with a heart defect which required two operations in her first year and goodness knows what other treatment.

My whole heart and empathy goes out to everyone who is currently or who has suffered from HG. There have been many times in the last 2 months where I have questioned whether the experience will be worth it, and I have only very recently been able to feel some slight excitement at having a baby.

Love and strength to you all. xx

#56 swisstruffles

Posted 18 April 2016 - 01:36 PM

Oh, and one more tip:

With the lack of proper food during my HG and therefore fibre, I ended up having constipation and severe hemorrhoids which I would rate the pain as being 10/10.

I have not yet gone through childbirth but I seriously could not imagine a higher level of pain than what I went through. The pain was just unbelievable.

My OB also mentioned that the use of Zoffran can bring about constipation.

So to avoid this excruciating experience, I would strongly suggest that people try and introduce some sort of fibre into their limited diet on a daily basis. I am extremely vigilant about it now that I can stomach some food, and have been ensuring I eat at least two bowls of high fibre cereal per day with Psyillium husk sprinkled on top.

If you can't yet keep food down, you can try taking Movicol which is a relatively gentle way to assist with breaking down material in your intestines to help it come out.

#57 Furfeathersfleece

Posted 18 April 2016 - 07:28 PM

I just wanted to comment on swisstruffles claims above that prolonged use of Zofran in pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of birth defects.

I see A/Prof. Sandra Lowe (  https://med.unsw.edu...r-sandra-lowe )  during my pregnancies due to suffering severe HG. After reading a report on current lawsuits in the USA over Zofran and birth defects, I questioned her about it and she assured me that there is no associated increased risk of birth defects with Zofran use. There was also a recent study (of a reasonable scope too, I can find a link if people are interested) which indicated no increased risk of birth defects as a result of Zofran use.

I don't wish to be argumentative, but I do know from experience that for a HG sufferer who is relying on Zofran to find this thread, it would only add to her guilt and anguish over using medication in pregnancy, and unnecessarily so as a leading specialist in the condition considers it safe, based on the evidence.

#58 PooksLikeChristmas

Posted 18 April 2016 - 08:44 PM

Maus I think you're firmly in the HG club, sorry my dear.

Swisstruffles, that is truly terrible advice. On multiple levels.

Zofran is safe. There is no evidence to the contrary. I was at a tertiary hospital where leading doctors prescribed it.

Malnutrition and dehydration is not safe. HG is not safe. There is a tonne of evidence to support this.

HG means that you generally if not always, can't keep down vitamins. You can't eat. You don't eat breakfast. You might, one a good day, measure your food intake in spoons, not bowls.

I'm afraid that you seem to be describing "bad morning sickness" and not the debilitating and life threatening condition that is HG.

I was on full doses of
and Zofran

And was unable to keep down any food or water (that's none, nothing) for two weeks. That was until I was prescribed steroids. These steroids have known (small) risks but weighed against the risk of NOT taking it? There was no choice to be made.

There are women who suffer it much more severely than I did either time.

I really don't think it's reasonable to try and scare women away from a safe available treatment. If you must, perhaps direct your concern at morning sickness sufferers who aren't debilitated and severely ill.

I understand you're suffering but HG sufferers experience enough doubt and guilt and grief about their experience without being told zofran will harm their baby. Try doing this when you've got an older child that needs you.

There are other medical options to treat and manage the constipation from HG. The severe dehydration caused by NOT treating HG can also cause severe constipation. (And yes I've had the same problems and I'm sorry, childbirth is worse).

But HG being controlled by restavit and b6 alone is very unusual and you're very fortunate. As is the ability to eat the cereal you've described. I'm happy for you but it really isn't typical.

#59 Iliketoflounce

Posted 19 April 2016 - 11:06 AM

Poping by to say that my second HG pregnancy has come to an end my Daughter Abigail Adeena was born 11/04/16 at 39+4 very tiny at 2665g. I ended up having fluids during my labour as I was dehydrated from spewing which then sped up my labour and she was born after 1hr 45 minutes.

#60 Iliketoflounce

Posted 19 April 2016 - 11:12 AM

Swisstruffles I have had 2 HG pregnancies and been on Zofran for both and they are perfect and healthy I can't have Maxalon as I am allergic to it which means stematil is also out of the question

#61 NastyMuddyPuddles

Posted 19 April 2016 - 11:38 AM

I was going to reply to swisstruffles claims but Pooks has done it for me.

3 HG pregnancies here, and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for zofran saving my life. Hospitalised at 6 weeks, zofran until delivery, no birth defects to note. DS2 had a heart murmur but nothing major.

As for vitamins and restavit....yeah tried all that. Still ended up in hospital as couldn't keep them down and hadn't opened my Bowels in over a week and no urine passing. Also tried the steroids but they also didn't work for me

HG is a horrible debilitating life sucking illness, that is so so hard to see past when you are in it's grips. You will do whatever it takes to survive each hour, each day, until it ends. There is no judgement from me as to what it takes an individual to survive. And the guilt associated with it all...well we don't need more based around using a safe drug to provide some semblance of relief.

That said, no more babies for me as I can't survive another HG pregnancy, and I know that's what it would be.

#62 NastyMuddyPuddles

Posted 19 April 2016 - 11:39 AM

Oh and congratulations iliketoflounce on the arrival of Abigail!!

#63 Belladorn

Posted 11 July 2016 - 07:20 PM

I am new to the thread. I have been suffering since week 6. Been to hospital twice in the last week to be rehydrated.

With my Dd it was bad but this is a whole new level of hell. Am 10 weeks and starting on steroids. I am hoping like anything they help.

It's so lonely & isolating being an Hg sufferrer. At times I question wether I can go on.

A question to my fellow sufferers, did steroids give you any relief?

#64 NastyMuddyPuddles

Posted 11 July 2016 - 08:14 PM

Hi Belladorn, sorry you're in this club.
The steroids didn't work for me, the only semblance of relief I got was from Zofran. The best was in hospital when it was injected straight in, but the wafers stopped maybe 30% of my throwing up, not the nausea though.
I do know the steroids have helped some sufferers though, I hope that's the case for you.
I get feeling isolated and it all being so hard. I had many dark days with my HG pregnancies, and remember crying to my DH and nurses and Drs
On occasions that I couldn't go on. Even now if I get just a hint of nausea it can be enough to throw me back to those times.
Do whatever works for you, and seek out as much support and help as you can. I remember repeating to myself that each day gone was another day is never have to have HG again. Sounds weird but it helped me.xxx

#65 AJ27

Posted 11 July 2016 - 08:38 PM

I'm so sorry to hear about all you ladies currently struggling with HG. I had it twice, it was hideous - so hard physically and mentally, especially when you see other pregnant ladies sailing through pregnancy or receive unhelpful advice from people who have never suffered HG and insist on calling it morning sickness and suggesting ginger tea - Arrrggghhhh

For anyone worried about zofran, I used it from 6 wks to end of both pregnancies, both kids are fine. I used Zantac a lot more the second time and found that like PPs, preemptive use of zofran/Zantac really helped. I got a lot of $$ back from my health insurer for zofran.

With food, it's so tough, I found colder foods - like homemade chicken burgers, wraps, platters of dips, chopped vegies and jarlsberg cheese etc easier to stomach (and less cooking smells). Also, I read about fresh pineapple being good for nausea and it actually did make me feel better, even if only briefly. I hated drinking, even water, so I found pineapple and melon easier.

Someone asked about dealing with toddlers when you've got HG - my advice is give yourself a break, they'll survive watching a few extra hours of TV while you rest. Although I actually feel nauseous when I hear certain Wiggles songs that featured early in my second pregnancy. For nappy changes, I seriously had to put Vicks on tissues and plug up my nose, I'd often lose the battle and one or both of us would end up in tears.

The sickness went away as soon as my babies were born (I had actually forgotten what it felt like not to feel ill) and the memory of the HG has faded a bit but it's major factor in us not going back for a third.

Just know you're not alone! People who judge on this stuff just have no idea what HG is like.

#66 PooksLikeChristmas

Posted 11 July 2016 - 08:41 PM

I'm so sorry Belladorn. The steroids did help me when nothing else would. I couldn't keep down a sip of water and they were talking NG tube, the steroids saved me from that. It was still a long hard road. It is lonely... But connecting to other survivors does help, only they can possibly understand. It really is something to be endured... Like FMP said, I wanted to give up. It's ok to have those feelings. In fact with moderate to severe HG it's normal. Sadly, normal. Sometimes getting mental health care is important. Sometimes getting support with some practical stresses can help... Stress definitely makes symptoms worse, it's one of many HG cycles. Is there anything you are worrying about, apart from symptom management?

#67 nickyAB

Posted 31 July 2016 - 10:57 PM

Joining this group because I am in what I describe as my personal
Hell. Been hospitalised twice with dehydration and once low potassium which I know is common but it's hell for me as jnahve a toddler to look after. I am taking zoffran twice a day and Zantac and also restavit at night although it makes me cranky/groggy the next day (more than usual!)
Water makes me throw up so its a trigger and a huge issue for me. Can currently stomach Coke Zero but feel very guilty. What can I drink instead is there a healthy version of Coke?! I usually never drink soft drinks so I am at a loss. I miss water so much but my back hurts from all the throwing up.
I'm only 11 weeks and not sure how I will make into the end.

#68 PooksLikeChristmas

Posted 31 July 2016 - 11:18 PM

It is a very private kind of hell isn't it. You're going to get through it because you have to, and you're a fighter. Scream for whatever help you can get and forgive yourself a thousand times over for whatever you have to do to survive. Drink the coke, it's keeping you hydrated and that means it's a blessing. It will be ok. Have you tried a third dose of zofran? Phenergan? Maxolon? Stematil? B6? There are other possibilities of treatment if what you're doing isn't working.

#69 *Arcadia*

Posted 01 August 2016 - 10:16 AM

You have my sympathies Nicky. I hope you get some relief soon. On the coke thing just drink it. I had issues with drinking water as well but found on good days I could stomach coke and the 25% Orange juice so that's what I would sip on. DD is 9 months old and perfectly healthy so try not to feel guilty you need to do whatever works to get you through this.

#70 nickyAB

Posted 02 August 2016 - 06:20 PM

Thank you ladies. I haven't tried orange juice I'm too scared of throwing it up but imignt as well give it a go. I was taking b6 but I can't swallow the tablet anymore and it didn't do anything for me. Does anyone know if you can get Iv fluids privately so I don't need to spend half a day waiting in the emergency each time? My dr doesn't know. I'm booked to a public hospital but they won't see me early.

#71 zeentee

Posted 03 August 2016 - 10:13 PM

nickyAB, I went to a number of different hopsitals until I found one that was relatively quiet and so I was usually seen within half and hour.
In terms of fluids, water was always impossible for me, and so was proper orange juice (throwing up anything naturally acidic hurt like hell!!). Coke zero was ok though, I felt it helped me digest the measly amounts of food I was eating.

Good luck to all of you suffering HG! Just remember to take each day as it comes and to keep in mind that a bad day today does not 100% mean a bad day tomorrow. I had HG from weeks 5-17 this pregnancy and am currently 20 weeks in. Now it's just "normal" morning sickness (i.e., throwing up once or twice a day). Even in my first pregnancy where the HG lasted right up to the birth, there were some ok weeks in there and it got easier in the second trimester.

#72 Furfeathersfleece

Posted 04 August 2016 - 05:33 PM

Hi all

Sorry to read of others suffering. Hg is the pits. I'm 6 weeks into my 3rd hg pregnancy.

So far my meds are helping with the vomiting but not the nausea and heartburn.

I'm on 8mg Zofran AM, 4mg PM
1 Maxalon twice daily
1 Pariet twice daily
Doxylamine and b6 at night

Any advice? The nausea has me largely bed ridden it's so bad. I have 2 small kids I'm meant to be caring for!

Has anyone found a 3rd dose of Zofran helpful? What doses are people on?

I don't get to see my ob for a few more weeks and my gp doesn't understand hg, she just prescribes meds on ob advice.


#73 Babyno4

Posted 04 August 2016 - 07:10 PM

I posted on here a while ago as ds is now 9 weeks old!

However this is the first pregnancy I have avoided the hospital for rehydration and I didn't take a single day off work.

I was on Mirtazapine 45mg per day, zofran 8mg morning and 8mg evenings but I still vomited once or twice every night anyway.

Honestly Mirtazapine made me get through it.

It squashed the nausea to what I am assuming is a normal morning sickness level.

However the downside of Mirtazapine? Limited trials when used for hyperemesis.
It also made my appetite ridiculous. I swear I never felt full. I put on 10kgs in the 8 weeks I was on it.

I went off it in the 13th week of pregnancy and managed it with just zofran and maxalon after that. I felt nauseous the whole way through my pregnancy though.

Good luck girls and the baby at the end is waiting.

#74 ascott

Posted 07 August 2016 - 08:04 PM

Hi all I'm also new to this post, I am currently 8 weeks roughly with my 2nd. I have a 3.5 yr old girl already.
I had terrible morning sickness with my first from day one to the day I gave birth.
This time I have been diagnosed with HG :( it is quite literally the hardest battle I have ever gone through in my life! The constant nausea, vomiting, excessive saliva, sensitivity to the smell sight and taste of food, constipation, reflux, burnt throat, sore muscles everywhere from dry retching and the lonely feeling that comes with it all is just about beating me!
I've had it since 5weeks, I found out I was pregnant at 3.5 weeks so this feels like the longest pregnancy known to man already.
I am allergic to most of the drugs prescribed for HG :( which means I am limited to zofran and phenergan which are helping slightly but I still have extremely terrible periods where I wish it would all just end and my mind plummets into the thoughts of, I should just terminate then this would all be over, do I even want this baby, why can't anyone around me understand how much pain im in!!?? Why won't they make it stop :( Gah it can be so frustrating.
I've been hospitalised twice already and obgyn has been pretty good with it all.  my husband has been absolutely amazing through it all looking after our daughter and running the household! And my work has let me take my owed long service leave at half pay to keep us going financially. So I know in that sense I have it easier than some..
I guess my question is how do you find the will to keep going? What kept you going? I need some inspiration and help!! I've already booked 2 terminations and then cancelled them as my family makes me feel I'm a monster for even Considering it as an option... So then I second guess and then feel worse as the guilt and blame and feelings of being a failure set in!
I am going to see a psych Thursday hopefully I can stay well enough to be to going in to see her, I think talking to her and getting her to help my rationalise my thoughts may help a bit.
I guess I Just need some loving and sympathy I guess and someone who understands what I'm feeling!
This god damn sucks!!! I wanna be one of those glowing happy laughing pregnant ladies not the depressed moody sick one :( and just to make things worse my beloved SIL has told everyone I wanted to terminate and said I was just being a sook and I should just pull my socks up and get on with it...she's off course one of the happy smiley glowy pregnant ladies. 😡😤

#75 *Arcadia*

Posted 07 August 2016 - 09:00 PM

Oh Ascot I really feel for you. I also wanted to terminate my HG pregnancy. I got to 10 weeks and just couldn't cope with another moment of sickness. I didn't end up doing it which I'm very grateful for now but at that point I wanted to very badly. Your SIL is way out of line just ignore her. People think it's just morning sickness but they really have no idea of the hell that is HG.

Fur feathers fleece- I was on 8mg of Zofran 3x a day for quite a while. Cost me a small fortune but I needed the lunchtime dose to get through.

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