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Baby Brag

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#1 StoneFoxArrow

Posted 01 October 2013 - 07:53 PM

Hi all

I know it might not be ideal for everyone to hear sbout all the time, but I thought it might be nice to have somewhere we can safely brag about our babie sachievements/developments without needing to worry that others reading might not be having an easy time.

So, I'll start:

I'm feeling really proud of Lilah tonight as for the first time ever she went to bed, at 7:30, in her bassinet! Until now she's needed to be held/rocked to sleep in the evenings and doesn't sleep for long at all. It feels even better because I did it in my own time, gently and with encouragement. At times I felt so overwhelmed with needing to hold her all the time, but I kept at it slowly. This is a great step in the right direction :D

#2 Autumn baby 2013

Posted 01 October 2013 - 08:09 PM

Well done, its an awesome feeling knowing you have sorted something out on your own.

#3 jmaz86

Posted 01 October 2013 - 08:20 PM

Thats a wonderful step in the right direction.

Two days ago I would have bragged at how well my little man slept in his big boy bed during the day.... but that has gone out the window...

So my brag is that today during tummy time, little man started getting the movements right for commando crawling alternating his opposite legs and arms.

#4 StoneFoxArrow

Posted 02 October 2013 - 08:59 AM

Thanks Autumn baby 2013!

Jmaz How old is he now? Could he be going through a sleep regression stage? That's great news about the crawling, it's amazing how quick the developments come, you've just finished noticing one thing, and another happens!

Lilah only slept in her bassinet for 30 minutes last night, but I'm still more than thrilled about it!!

#5 balancing.act

Posted 02 October 2013 - 05:10 PM

Flynn has been sleeping well in his cot. We used a Moses Basket for about 5 minutes when he was catnapping in whatever room we were in but now it's holding all his toys and books and he is having more substantial naps in a cot.

Our achievement is that he's getting better at lying down and chatting to himself and going back to sleep at night - not all the time, but much more frequently than before!

He sleeps for about 45 minutes - 1 hour at a time 2-3 times during the day. He always wakes up happy and doesn't seem to get grizzly so maybe he just doesn't need that much sleep during the day. Last night he went to bed at 7, had a dream feed about 10 and then slept till 3.30. He went down again after a nappy change and a quick feed and was up at 5.30. It would have been better if he'd slept though a bit longer but after a 5 hour unbroken sleep I was fine to get up a bit early. I had a coffee, made some hummus and cut up some carrots for DH's morning tea and chopped up some green apples to have with porridge, sultanas and LSA for breakfast.

We then went for a really long walk, made a new friend out on the walk and then went to baby massage class before heading out for coffee with some other new baby friends from massage class. All on a crisp and sunny day.

They're few and sometimes far between but days like this are great - and it's nice to have somewhere to share them without feeling guilty when others have had a completely rubbish night/week etc. Although it could be me having a rubbish day tomorrow. I'm just enjoying today every second I can!

#6 balancing.act

Posted 06 October 2013 - 05:49 PM

Update - not at all a brag.

DS woke up screaming every 90 minutes last night. Almost to the minute. He had a clean nappy, warm room and a full tummy so no idea what was wrong. Just very happy that it was Saturday so DH let me lie in a bit and took the reins from 7-8 and we decided to treat ourselves for a breakfast out.

Just one of those nights I guess. Hopefully not another one to follow tonight...

#7 StoneFoxArrow

Posted 08 October 2013 - 08:37 AM

Debsinhanoi that's no good about Flynn. Hopefully it was a one off (or very rare occurrence). How was he the following night?

Hopefully you'll get a few more of those good days (like in your first post above) in the coming weeks before you go back to work!

#8 balancing.act

Posted 08 October 2013 - 09:02 PM

Woyapp - yes. Just a once off thank God.  A preview of teething and all the other things we have coming up for us....

We've tried a couple of nights now without the dream feed and he still sleeps through till 2.30 or so. He's putting on weight really quickly still so our Dr is very happy for us to skip a feed now if he doesn't seem to be hungry. He's top 20% for weight and top 10% for height at the moment but put on 300g last week so we want to slow that down a bit apparently.

Am going to try and work with the dream feed again and hopefully we can push out the 3am feed a little bit at a time. I've done it before - just rocking him back to sleep and it works after a few minutes so I think him waking up at 3am is more about the wet nappy. So the plan is to put him in a bigger night time nappy when we change him just before the dream feed and see how that goes. We could be back to him sleeping through the night like his first few months - it would be perfect if we could manage that before I go back to work!

How is Lilah going? Still liking her bassinet?

#9 Gel_Bel

Posted 10 October 2013 - 04:51 PM

Hi Ladies,
Parker started rolling on to his tummy on his own last week! I'm way too proud for words! He's got the motions going for crawling too!


#10 StoneFoxArrow

Posted 12 October 2013 - 10:35 AM

Hi again

Debsinhanoi I'm pretty sure Lilah is teething now, but doesn't seem to have many of "bad" symptoms. I can definitely feel & see two little teeth on her bottom gum and she drools ALL the time and chews on everything. The MACH nurse agrees with me but says it might be months before they actually come in.

She's somewhat liking her bassinet. It depends on the day and how overtired she gets. She's back to only napping for 45 mins at a time, but seems generally happy when she wakes up so I think maybe the longer naps were partly a growth spurt? I also got her in her cot for her first daytime nap today!! She seemed quite happy in it but turned herself completely sideways to sleep.

How's the change to the dream feeding & night feeds going?

Gel_Bel that's great about Parker! Lilah loves going front to back whenever we put her on her tummy, but I think it will be a while before she's actually interested in rolling onto her tummy!

#11 balancing.act

Posted 14 October 2013 - 01:30 PM

Woyapp - we're back on the dream feeds and Flynn seems very happy pushing out his night time feed a little bit most nights.

We had a big weekend this weekend and he was exhausted last night. We flew to Laos on Friday night and came back Sunday night. It's only an hour away from us but another world away - blue skies, temples and a lazy town in the middle of gorgeous mountains and rivers. Flynn had his first swim on Saturday and had lots more in the weekend - he loves it. He was also the most popular kid in town flirting endlessly with waitresses and shopkeepers and everyone at the markets.

After all the activity in the day we'd put him to bed at 7 after a feed then wake him for a dream feed at about 10.30. Last night he woke at 4 but settled again until almost 5. I gave him a small bottle of EBM (120ml) and then he slept till 7. The plan is to slowly decrease the size of the middle of the night feed until he is regularly sleeping through with the occasional wake up, not the other way around.

When we get Flynn up in the morning he's often at 90 degree angle from where we put him down as well as completely at the other end of the cot. Lucky he's in a sleep sack otherwise he'd be completely tangled up or absolutely freezing. I find it hilarious every single time!

Gel_Bel - nice work with Parker. Flynn gets halfway from back to tummy but then is happy hanging out on his side. I think he's getting used to too much attention and having people come to him!

Any other milestones for anyone?

#12 StoneFoxArrow

Posted 16 October 2013 - 09:54 AM

Hi ladies

Debsinhanoi sounds like you guys had a great time in Laos. I can't wait to take Lilah for her first swim in the ocean! We're starting swimming lessons with her soon, but the ocean would be so much more exciting! Did you use a sling at all or just hold him in the water?

Sounds like you guys have the night feeding under control, let us know how it all works out.

Our evenings are getting better and better, last night, Lilah slept in her cot from 7pm to 9:15!! That's just unheard of for her. She's only been sleeping in the cot for day sleeps for the past week, and only been having 1/2 hour evening sleeps for about 2 weeks.

#13 balancing.act

Posted 17 October 2013 - 07:26 PM

Woyapp, Gel_Bel,

Do you wonder where everyone else went?

Great news about Lilah Woyapp. Hopefully it keeps getting longer and longer in her cot in the evening.

We'll be back in Australia for a week in February and the ocean is definitely on the list of things to do. When we were in the pool we just held him without a sling. First we were just cuddling together in the pool then he was floating but resting on my/DH's hand on his chest or between his shoulder blades or the back of his head. Then we did some fun 'woosh!!' things through the water. Lots of laughing by us all!

Night feeding is going well but it's 2 steps forward and one step back. Last night he needed a feed at three then woke at 5 and wouldn't go back to sleep. The night before he slept through from 7 till almost 5, had a quick feed and then I actually woke him up at 7 to have his 'breakfast'.

I wonder what's in store for us tonight.....

#14 Gel_Bel

Posted 17 October 2013 - 11:07 PM

Hi Ladies,

I think everyone else just dropped off once their babies were born. I wonder how they are all doing, especially Nervy!


#15 StoneFoxArrow

Posted 21 October 2013 - 08:50 AM

Hi ladies

I agree with Gel_Bel, I think everyone else must just be busy. I think others had previous children too, so that would make it hard to keep up with EB. I only manage to come online when Lilah is sleeping, I imagine if I had a toddler running around too, I'd be chasing him/her everywhere instead of being online!

Jmaz posted in this thread earlier on and I think some others posted in the other thread a few times too. But I do wonder about people like Bettinae and Strawberry_Milk (who dropped off the Due in June thread around March/April this year, I remember her well as she was in Canberra, like me).

I really do hope everyone and their babies are well and, if they aren't, that it's only a passing phase and things get better soon.

Lilah is still doing well. Some days she surprises me with how well she sleeps, other days she's not so perfect. But on those days I just smile as I remember only 6 or so weeks ago we were still rocking her to sleep every time.

Debsinhanoi how are the night feedings going now?

#16 balancing.act

Posted 23 October 2013 - 06:14 PM

Hi Girls,

Yep, I thought they'd be busy too. It's just odd that it went from such a busy forum to so eerily silent. I do hope everyone is ok. I imagine when I'm back at work I'll actually have more time to post but if I was at home with a baby and other little ones it would be difficult to find time to shower let alone post on EB.

Woyapp - Night feeds are going ok-ish. Two nights ago it seemed he was up every few minutes but last night, after being quite difficult to initially put down (over tired i think) he had a quick wake up at 3 and went straight back to sleep (with no feed) and then stayed in bed till almost 7. He was awake since about 6 but was just chatting to himself in bed.

It has been a bit two steps forward and one step back with sleeping but every step forward counts. And I keep reminding myself that waking once at 3 is absolutely normal and doable for all of us.

We're going to our first swimming lesson tomorrow. It won't be as fun as swimming in the pool on holiday but I'm really happy to get an early start on swimming. I know so many kids who are not confident around the water and it's not fun for anyone. Water and the beach is a big part of our lives so I really hope Flynn will be someone who loves it and is confident.

Am also hoping that swimming combined with trying more solid foods will help with the sleeping! So far he likes sticks of pumpkin or carrot and banana and hommus. Does not like (at all!) rice cereal. That's fine though - I'd much prefer to have him eat bits off our plate than have to make him separate meals.

Any success (or just funny) food stories from you guys?

#17 StoneFoxArrow

Posted 25 October 2013 - 08:30 PM

We haven't started solids yet. Hopefully soon though. How old is Flynn? Lilah will be 4 months on Sunday & she does seem to be pretty interested in food; watching is eat & opening her mouth any time anything goes near it, but we haven't tried anything yet.

We had our first swimming class today, Lilah seemed to quite like it (at times). She wasn't super keen on going under the water, but tolerated it. We really enjoyed it though, and it will definitely become a weekly thing.

How was Flynn's first lesson?

I'm really really going to have to move Lilah into her own bed soon. Between her and DP, I have zero room in bed. She wriggles around so much and ends up sleeping diagonally, I think we're all going to sleep better once she's in her cot!

#18 Mizadele

Posted 27 October 2013 - 10:59 PM

Hi ladies.
Glad to see both you and bubs are doing well.
I've been checking in every now and then, but don't get much of a chance to reply.
Riker and I are doing well. He is growing so fast. He is really alert, always watching what's going on around him and trying to be involved.
He is trying so hard to crawl and gets super frustrated when he only goes in circles.
We popped him in the jolly jumper this afternoon. That was great. He had a blast.
We are still going strong with breast feeding which is great since I had so much trouble with DD.
Riker is in a fairly good routine now. We are working on getting him to go down for his day time sleeps by himself. Sometimes it's just easier to sit there and have sleeping baby cuddles though. :-)
Time for some sleep for me now though.
Hope you all continue to do well and I will update again as I can.
Here's Riker with his sister, watching TV this morning.
Attached File  IMG_20131027_205807.JPG   119.46K   26 downloads

#19 StoneFoxArrow

Posted 30 October 2013 - 11:23 AM

That's gorgeous mizadele! Lilah really likes tv too, but I try hard to limit her exposure to it. It's way too easy to pop her in the swing watching tv!

Glad you guys are doing so well. I figured everyone with other kids might struggle a bit to keep up with the forums, I can't imagine having a newborn + others.

We're still good. Lilah has been in her cot overnight for the last 5 nights :D She's doing so well, I'm just waiting for it to go backwards now.

How's everyone else doing?

#20 balancing.act

Posted 03 November 2013 - 12:51 PM

Hi All,

Now it's my turn to be absent. I was away for five days and am just back and getting into the swing of things.

I'm at work for two days next week and have an assignment for my Masters due on Friday. Also flying to Bangkok on Thursday morning for a conference. DH and Flynn following on Friday to stay for the weekend. I hat being away from both of them but on the other hand a night of undisturbed sleep will be very welcome!

Woyapp - Flynn started trying solids a bit after four months. We weren't that fussed if he didn't but gave him a taste of pumpkin one night and he really liked it so we thought we start going through the foods. He likes apple, mango, pumpkin and carrots - sometimes all together. Hates rice cereal but loves baby muesli with pureed fruit. Is not at all keen on banana but quite likes a bit of hommus.

Sometimes he'll have three tablespoons of food without a drama sometimes one. We know he's getting all his nutritional needs from milk at the moment so it's more about trying new things. It's actually really quick to make up a batch of baby food and pop it in cubes in the freezer so I've been pleasantly surprised with that.

Swimming lessons still going well. I think we'll be doing some more underwater stuff on Tuesday so am prepared for some spluttering and blubbering!

Hope all is well with everyone, mothers and babies!

#21 StoneFoxArrow

Posted 07 November 2013 - 03:55 PM

How's being back at work going Debsinhanoi? And did you get your assignment in ok? I took this semester off from study, and while it would have been impossible in the early days, I'm kind of missing it now.

It's so great that Flynn is enjoying his solids. We'll start soon I think. As I've said, I'd prefer the baby led weaning approach, but I'm happy for Lilah to try a few different purees. I just won't be overly concerned if she doesn't want them.

Is the baby muesli something you make yourself? If so, could I have the recipe? I'm not keen on rice cereal.

We've only had the one swimming lesson so far, but she really seemed to enjoy it. We'll probably go back again tomorrow.

#22 Mizadele

Posted 08 November 2013 - 02:06 PM

Riker is loving the water. :-)  We missed out on swimming lessons bit I just take him in the pool when miss b has her swim team training Or in the pool at home when it's warm enough.

But my new and exiting news is that Riker is rolling over! Both front to back and back to front. He is also wiggling in a circle.
I went to pick him up for the umpteenth time last night and he had spun around 180° and rolled onto his tummy.

Teething is also going on here. Is making breastfeeding tricky as he bites down and pulls on my nipple. :'(  We have tried some solid but he is not too keen still so it's also just about tastes for us too.

Woyapp, we use Rafferty's Garden, Organic Baby Rice plus Iron. It's just ground brown rice which is nice than the cereals on the shelf.


#23 balancing.act

Posted 08 November 2013 - 08:13 PM

Woyapp - yes, I got all my assignments in, thanks. Good grades for the first two and waiting on the last. It'll be less good than the others but hopefully enough to pass the subject. Fingers crossed!

The baby muesli is from HIPP, a german organic baby food company. Not sure if you can get it in Australia.

We tried spinach the other night and he seemed to really like it but it is the messiest of the lot. He's also really enjoying chewing and sucking on big sticks of broccoli and carrots. It's fun to watch but not so much fun to clean up. Drool everywhere.

Being back at work was a bit of a challenge even though it's only been a few days. I cried a lot when I left on the first morning even though I came back at lunchtime for 90 minutes and was home again by 5pm. I think I was sad about the end of an era more than anything else. I'm clearly crazy but I already want another little baby - but will hold off for a while so I can concentrate on him, but he seems to be growing up so quickly.

I do already want to go up to every working mother I know and shake their hand or buy them a glass of wine and say 'well done'. My organisational skills are going to be awesome!

I'm in Bangkok for some meetings today but DH and Flynn are in the air now and we're spending the weekend here. The weather is rubbish but it'll be a nice change from home and we can add to our growing portfolio of Flynn asleep in front of SE Asian landmarks and monuments.

Good luck with the teething Mizadele. And the moving. I know we'll all be soon thinking fondly of the time where we could leave them happily playing on the mat and know they were safe and not ruining anything in the house. Flynn is occasionally rolling but wriggling around a lot. We put him to bed at the bottom of the crib but in the morning he has often done a 180 or is completely up the other end of the crib but horizontal and not lengthways. It's always once to start the day with a laugh at the positions he gets himself into.

#24 StoneFoxArrow

Posted 14 November 2013 - 09:28 AM

Thanks Debsinhanoi I had a look for Hipp products, and you're right, can't get them here. That's alright though, I'll probably end up making my own once Lilah is on solids.

Miz did Riker get stuck much rolling over in his cot at night?

Lilah is currently trying to roll back to front (she's been rolling front to back since about 9 weeks), but she gets stuck on her side, with her legs over but can't figure out how to get her lower arm under her body to completely roll. It's making bed time a huuuuuge pain. As soon as we put her in her cot, she tried to roll, gets stuck on her side and whinges. I try to leave her when she's just whingeing and, depending on how tired she is, she'll either get more and more worked up (normal) or put herself to sleep (rare). I generally have to rock/feed/bounce her to a good sleep and then put her down, sometimes she still wakes up though and it all starts again. We've also tried putting her down awake and happy, and the same thing happens eventually. Any tips from anyone would be much appreciated!

In good news, she's figured out how a rattle works! I was absentmindedly shaking a rattle at her the other day, and she wanted it, so I gave it to her and she copied me! I was so proud!

How is everyone else doing?

#25 balancing.act

Posted 17 December 2013 - 12:00 PM

Long time no action on this thread - I hope everyone is doing well and just busy with their gorgeous babies and with the crazy lead up to Christmas.

It's less crazy here since we don't have so many Christmas parties and we're not heading toward the Christmas shut down like in Australia. We do have a tree and my Mum is bringing over a Christmas pudding as well as a ham (!) when my parents come over in a few days. Clearly customs isn't quite the same as in Australia and it's nice to keep up some traditions.

On a funny note Flynn still loves putting everything in his mouth as well as food all over his face. It seems I wasn't being as vigilant as I should have been when we were wrapping up the Christmas presents because the next day I found little pieces of Christmas paper in his poo. It literally sparkled.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas full of fun and the nice kind of sparkles.

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