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IVFers due in November 2013 Thread #3

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#151 clrw

Posted 24 January 2014 - 02:33 PM

Thanks April. Although anything I know has probably been learned through a mistake :)

#152 bree18

Posted 24 January 2014 - 03:26 PM

Hi everyone.
I wish I had frozen embryos or at least one to think about. My first stim cycle we had one frozen which resulted in early miscarriage. Second stim cycle none to freeze and the third stim cycle resulted in DS but none to freeze. If we want another we have to go back for a full stim/PGD cycle. Knowing I have to go through it all again physically emotionally and the big financial cost if PGD I'm not sure we will however I would like to. It would be hard to know what to do, I don't know that I could donate them to be honest. I wish I felt different as I know many couples need donated embryos. I could think about research but I still find that hard to get my head around. Then again, I had a lot if difficulty knowing that my embryos that tested positive for my genetic condition were left to succumb as they are bit allowed to be used. We also had an embryo last which didn't have the genetic condition but wasn't good enough to freeze. I wish I could have given it a chance. I get attached to my envies early on!

AFM- DS is going through a stage of getting frustrated with feeding after the initial let down. I think it might have to do with me getting AF last night. It must have cut back my milk production because he was so upset at the breast last night that I have him some EBM and he drank 80ml straight after me feeding him.

#153 gc_melody

Posted 25 January 2014 - 11:13 PM

Hi everyone,

I hope the weekend is starting kindly for you.

DD has had a rough couple of days with reflux. It’s so hard to hear and see her like that. After giving her the meds, there is little else I can do but hold and comfort her and wait for it to pass, it’s heartbreaking. She had her paeds review the other day and he said most kids will grow out of it. The sooner the better I think, not that I’m wishing her babyhood away. Good news is that she is achieving all of her milestones and has gained weight so something's going right.  I’m so relieved as in the back of my mind I was worried that she may have suffered a brain injury after not breathing for so long when she choked. To say I’m relieved and grateful doesn’t even begin to cover it. Other than reflux, life is good.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on what to do with frozen embryos. I need to make a decision by the end of next week. I don’t feel comfortable donating them. Even though I know if the situation was reversed, I would be indebted to the couple who did that for me. In my heart of hearts  I can’t bring myself to do it. I feel bad about it but that’s the way I feel. So research or succumbing are the only options.

clrw – I’m sorry that your sister wasn’t a huge help but you sound like you managed and made the best of the visit. You sound like you have good plans to get out in the fresh air each day too. Your DD sounds like she is thriving. I don’t think weighing is such an issue when you can use the ‘eyeball test’ and they seem happy and content. Re: IVF - Wow, you had a bumper stim cycle !  My last stim cycle gave us four embryos. None of which made it to blast stage at Day 5, one of whom is DD :smile:  I hear you with the newborn time, I saw a newborn out today and had a moment. Then remembered DS’s meltdown in the shopping centre yesterday and got my bearings again ;)  lol

Bree – Wow, you had a hard road with IVF/PGD. I’d forgotten, sorry I asked you to go over it again. It is a big emotional and financial cost we’ve all been through isn’t it? I know I can’t do another stim cycle and had made up my mind as we started the cycle which gave us DD was our last. I hope you get an opportunity to go again if this is what you’d like to do. I hope your DS settles during feeds again soon.

April – Your process of working out what to do with additional embryos made perfect sense to me. While I don’t feel comfortable donating, I’m much more comfortable helping out via research. I’m so glad you got some decent sleep. I hope you were able to get in another one (or two if you count tonight).

Tranter – How are things going? I felt for you reading that you’re having a touch time feeding atm. The first thought that crossed my mind was ‘wonder week’? My DD seems to have had a few more settled BFs lately and as she’s 12 weeks now, it clicked that she was more alert and her movements are more coordinated and purposeful now. So maybe she was going through a wonder week(s) time. Perhaps the same for you?  Maybe in the meantime try switch feeding, where your feeding with each breast and first let down. Then switch again. It was something the LC gave to me to try and it worked for us getting a bigger feed in. In any case, I hope this passes soon for you both.

Hi Milano :waves:

#154 Milano

Posted 28 January 2014 - 05:33 PM

Hi all,

Hope you had a nice Aussie day weekend. Mine was pretty quiet with just DH and DS.

I have to say, I'm feeling pretty grateful with my gorgeous boy. The past few weeks he has just been an angel. I shouldn't speak too soon but he is such a content and happy baby I feel so lucky. All of the other mums from Mothers Group have commented how content he is. I'm such a proud mum.

gc - sorry to hear about the reflux issues, must be terrible to watch. how did you go with the calma teat, any luck? Hope things are good with you.

Bree - cant believe you got AF already. I hope that doesn't effect your milk production. So it seems that most of us are still having problems with feeding. Can't remember who posted (April maybe) about there being a link with infertitlity and BF problems? Maybe it's true.

April, clrw, Tranter - hope you are all keeping well. I can't see your last posts sorry so I can't personalise right now.

As for the frozen embryos, well it seems too early to make a decision for me (although i shouldnt leave it too long). I have 2 frozen and whilst never say never, I'm pretty happy with just one right now. I know that seems selfish but it was such a struggle to get here I am just cherishing what I have. We might have another go with the frozen ones but I definitely won't be doing another stim cycle - I'm well past that.

I too don't think I would be able to donate them so if we don't use them I think research would be the next best option for us. Even if we do use them though, it's not to say they will take. Given my history I wouldn't be confident. Anyway, I think I'll put all of that on the back burner for a little while.

Milano x

#155 clrw

Posted 30 January 2014 - 12:56 PM

Hi all,

How are your weeks going? I'm having a stay at home and chill day. Both for DD and for me :)

Milano - it was really lovely to read that you are happy and have a content baby. Good for you!

GC - I hope you and bub are ok. I can only imagine how stressful reflux is.

Tranter - it seems you are damned either way with Bf aren't you? Hoping your LO's fussiness has subsided.

April - I don't blame you not wanting to do IVF again. I couldn't wait to graduate once I had my positive result. Those appointments and that waiting room... And the calls to get results. Urg!!

Bree - how did you feel in the lead up to getting AF? I've had a belly ache for days now and have felt a little teary (at strange things). I'm thinking because we have had so many sleeps through the night from 8-6 that it's coming...

I don't really have much else to report. DD was 6.45 kgs when I weighed her so 95th percentile which is great. I actually thought she might have been off the chart... We are working in DS's behaviour with a sticker chart which seems to be working. I wasn't sure if he would be too young for the concept at two but he seems to get it :)

Other than that I'd really like a nap but a delivery woke me up this morning and now I've had a coffee so that's that.....

#156 April2608

Posted 03 February 2014 - 05:54 PM


CLRW, glad to hear the sticker are working on DS, do you think they will work on a dog? My dog is all of a sudden stopped obeying me, only when I want to go out, I use to give her a treat and she would run out the backdoor, now I have to pick her up and put her out (lucky she is small) she is use to staying in all day now I'm not going to work.

MILANO AND CLRW both your lo have gain good weight.

I wanted to share some exciting news, well it is for me

I have been bf ds and only giving him a bottle last feed before bed, and on occasion middle of the night for the past 6 weeks.

In the last fn, ds put on 320g and has grown 2.5 cm in length, he is 12 weeks and 5.48kg and 61 cm long. (bw 3.56kg 51cm l)

He is still not sleeping through the day much, but getting better at night, Wednesday, Thursday and last night we got 6 hrs straight (8/9 - 3 then 4.30/5 ish and up for the day). Friday and Saturday, we had our usual 2 wake ups (8/9 - 12/1 then again 3, then 5 and up for the day) :-)
I got the book CLRW suggested from the library, I think we have been on the right path, but it's good to see it in print.

How is everyone else going?
It's been quite for a while.

I just looked over past post, and noticed I did a similar post last fb, hope you don't mind, I'm just so excited ds is growing off my milk, considering early on he lost weight when I tried to feed him exclusively.


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#157 clrw

Posted 04 February 2014 - 03:55 PM

I'm glad to hear your hard work is paying off April. No apologies necessary.

Unfortunately I don't think a sticker chart will help with the dog :)

#158 gc_melody

Posted 05 February 2014 - 12:50 AM

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posts from me. It's been busy here.  I'm bushed and in need some zzz's before DS wakes in a couple of hours so apologies for the quick personals.

WTG April ! Your news is wonderful to read. I'm so happy that things are going so well for you.

clrw - I think I might have to pinch your sticker chart. I had doubts about introducing something like this before 3yro but if it's working for you, then I'm going to have a go too. Our toddlers are of similar age. Great news on the weight gain for DD.

Milano - How are you doing? Great news on your DSs weight gain. I hope you two are finding a rhythm that works for you.

Hi Bree & Tranter - How are you doing?

AFM - Busy days and nights here. DDs reflux is exhausting for her and me. It's keeping us on our toes and there isn't a lot of free time without her either in my arms or a sling. Reflux sucks. That's all I have to say about that. DS is having meltdowns left right and centre and generally being a toddler and asserting himself. Two nights ago his climbing and launching himself off anything and everything resulted in a concussion and trip via ambulance to the hospital. We turned our backs for second to tend to DD and, he's vying for attention and knocked himself on the head playing superman off the couch.  It's not fun here and both DH and I have asked each other what on earth have we done? Half of us means it, the other wouldn't change it for the world.

I've decided to let the embryos succumb. I'm still to contact the clinic but the delay is due to the stuff at home than procrastination. DH didn't really mind what we did with them, it was me who seemed to have all the mixed feelings about what to do.

Other than the usual mayhem of reflux and toddlers, life is good. I'm still finding moments of joy every day and that's all that matters.

Night all. Hope you're all sleeping soundly.

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#159 clrw

Posted 05 February 2014 - 05:05 PM

Give it a go GC... I was surprised it worked as well but was at wits end with some of DS's "rough" behaviour. He clicked onto it straight away but apparently it usually takes a little time. We have special stickers in a bag that he gets to pick himself - balloons, animals and cars. All his favourite things. We are on week three and I've promised that if he gets stickers all week he will get a matchbox car... To which he replied he wanted a balloon... If we have an unblemished week you can have whatever you want sunshine ;)

#160 Milano

Posted 05 February 2014 - 06:24 PM

Hi all,

Clrw - great idea with the sticker chart! I hope your DS ends up with his balloon :)

April - congrats on the BF milestone and the weight gain, you must be so happy - and you have every right to be!

GC - sorry to hear the reflux is still an issue. When are they supposed to grow out of it? Hope things improve for you soon.

Hi Bree and Tranter!

AFM, I'm going really well. Since I made the decision to stop stressing over BF and just express what i can I've been much happier. Yes pumping is a chore but I'm getting used to it.

I went to a mums and bubs movie this morning with some others from mums group. We saw the Book Thief and it was excellent. DS was his usual well behaved self, although I had to run to the change room during the movie for a poopy nappy!

Sleep wise I'm still not getting a whole lot. I'm waking too many times to check on him. Last night he slept 7.5 hours but I woke up so many times and surfing the  Internet for an hour thinking he was about to wake. Need to stop doing that. He is such a loud sleeper too, making noises and kicking his legs - anyone else's bub like this?

Milano x

#161 April2608

Posted 06 February 2014 - 04:11 PM

I just noticed we have been moved from DIG to archive, can we keep chatting in here, or will we need to move somewhere else?.


#162 clrw

Posted 07 February 2014 - 07:59 AM

Hi April, it's probably time to go into the Nov 2013 Parents Group. Last time I popped in no one was chatting in there. Funny.. For DS a couple of years ago those threads were pumping. I'd assume they've all meet up in their DIG and gone to FB. I'll start a convo in there now :)

#163 clrw

Posted 07 February 2014 - 08:07 AM

I sent a msg to the Mods to set the thread up for us :)

#164 Tranter

Posted 10 February 2014 - 06:36 PM


Thanks gc for the new thread.

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