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IVFers due in November 2013 Thread #3

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#26 Tranter

Posted 27 November 2013 - 07:21 PM

Milano! Congratulations on the arrival of gorgeous James.

You certainly have a birth story there. I hope you're being well looked after and that you're getting lots of newborn cuddles from your little man.

I'm on my phone so will post a proper reply soon.

Yay Milano! He's finally here!

#27 April2608

Posted 28 November 2013 - 03:57 PM

Pic of Harrison
One looking a bit grumpy (couple days old) the other professional pic (10 days old)

I can't believe how in love with another human you can be.


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#28 clrw

Posted 28 November 2013 - 06:14 PM

Love the professional pic April. Gorgeous.

I was stoked to have the hospital photographer catch us just before we checked out. Especially as we didn't get that for DS. Given DD will have less pics and more hand me downs it was nice to get some thing just for her.

Well my little dumpling is living up to her moniker! Lost 200g after birth but gained 300g back already. Hungry hungry hippo.

#29 Tranter

Posted 28 November 2013 - 06:55 PM

Hi Ladies,

gc_melody, the LC session was great.  She really boosted my confidence that we are doing everything right and it's just a matter of time for my milk supply to settle down and DD to get stronger and manage the "hydrants" :D  She also suggested a dummy, which I thought was strange, but apparently it helps with the wind that comes as a result of the furious gulping that is required to keep up with my flow.  It has worked wonders.  How is your DD going with the cluster feeds?  Have these settled down? Have you managed to have some me time?  Glad to know you're both on the mend.

clrw, how's the DS going?  Still challenging you?  How's your DD's feeding going? Did she keep up with the one feed during the night?  I hope so!

april, how did your mothercare appointment go?  Any improvement on the BF'ing and supply with the meds and herbs?  How'd you go with the paed appointment and DS's tongue tie? The bad nights are really tough but it sounds like they are not too frequent for you.

Milano, Bree's suggestion on lactulose solution is a great one.  If you haven't already gotten some I also recommend it.  I was so scared to go to the loo after the caesar but this  made it much more bearable.   I hope your milk supply has come in but if it hasn't there is absolutely nothing wrong with formula and James will thrive either way.  I'm so happy for you that he's here safe and sound :hugs:

Bree, I hope your DS's cold has cleared up.  Sleep deprivation is awful and I totally understand about the brain not functioning!  I'd love the details of your physio if you're okay to PM me.

Hi everyone else.

AFM, enjoying my DD each and every day.  I love her more and more if it's even possible and tear up when I see how my DH interacts with her. They are beautiful to watch :love:

#30 Tranter

Posted 28 November 2013 - 07:03 PM

Oh and loving the pics!  How did everyone have such beautiful babies???  

My photo are too large to upload and I don't know how to resize them.  :down:

#31 Milano

Posted 29 November 2013 - 10:22 AM

Hi ladies,

Thanks for the well wishes. Everyone seems to be doing well. I'm still in hospital and on my phone so hard to catch up!

I'm doing well. James is adorable and I'm so in love. He is a little jaundice so they are keeping an eye on that. Feeding is getting better. My milk is starting to come in so we will get there but it is frustrating as its not as easy as it looks. Getting him to latch is hard!

My recovery of my other 'bits' are as well as to be expected at this stage. Still a lot of swelling and bruising. I'm taking pain relief which is helping. And I'm on lactulose so hope that helps. Havent had much going on in the bowel dept yet.

Anyway, I'm getting plenty of help from midwives, physio and doctors so I'm in good hands.

Will post personals when I'm home either this weekend or early on the week.

Milano x

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#32 gc_melody

Posted 30 November 2013 - 02:55 PM

Hi everyone,

Happy weekend :-)

April - I'm so sorry, I missed your post about your struggles with feeding and how you're feeling about it. How are things going for you now? Has Harrison settled a little for you? I'm also having issues with low supply. Because DD has been unwell, it's affected the strength and frequency of her suck so she isn't as strong or feeding for as long. I'm taking a combination of fenugreek and blessed thistle which I find works and I'm intermittently pumping but finding it hard to manage the time factor with a toddler around. Basically, I've given up pumping and top her up once or twice a day with goats milk formula. Although it's quite a bit more expensive than regular formula, I've heard it's the gentlest to digest for little tummies. It seems to be working and in the meantime, I let her comfort suck for extra stimulation. I've shared this in case it helps you now, down the track or just so you know you aren't alone. xx I love the professional photo of Harrison. He is totally adorable and well worth the wait.

clrw - your DS sounds like he's going through similar adjustment issues to my DS and Bree's DD. It must be hard for them to comprehend that they have to share Mums attention and time as well as adjust to having a baby in the home. DS seems to be settling down and the behaviours we're seeing now are age related I think more than baby related. How has your DS been over the past several days? I love the photo's of your kids. Wow, you've got two beautiful bubbas there, they're beautiful children.

Milano - how are you going? I hope that your home or close to being home with your beautiful boy. He's gorgeous, you must be completely in love with your long awaited babe. I hope that the tear pain is easing (a lot) and you can move easily. How is feeding going for you today? Latching can be hard and definitely a s skill you both master together.

bree - how are you doing? Are things settling for you and DD and DS? How's feeding going? Is your Mum still around to help or has she gone home too? My Mum left yesterday and I had the kids on my own for our first follow up paeds appointment. DS was exceptionally well behaved until the paeds was running late. I didn't bring enough snacks for that possibility so things deteriorated a bit behaviour wise. It was a handful but I'm proud that we three managed to get through it intact and reasonably confidently. Firsts are always challenging I think. Next outing alone should go better. Have you made the outing alone jump yet? How did it go for you?

tranter - so glad to hear everything went well with the LC consultation. How are things going with the tips you got? I haven't had any alone time yet but I'm planning too. My bestie is arriving next week so it's a great excuse to get DH to have the kids for a couple of hours while I get some girlfriend time. Alone. With an adult. lol. Can you tell I'm keen for it? ;-) It's so beautiful to read your posts about how much you're enjoying being a Mum. Gives me goosebumps :-)

Hi slappy, not sure if you're still around and reading our thread but I'm thinking of you. Hope all is well.

Hi Andi - How are you? Hope you're enjoying loads of cuddles and all is well with you too.

AFM - Cluster feeds are still going, and going and going. But DD hasn't put on as much weight as she should have so I've had to top her up with formula until my supply kicks in better again. DS's behaviour has been much better which I'm eternally thankful for. It was getting very wearing there for a bit. And if it rains it pours, DS brought home a gastro bug which he shared with DD. Two days of vomiting and bottoms going hell for leather on both kids and today we're emerging from it all. Hopefully, that'll be it for health hiccups for a long time. Monday, I have the kids on my own all day for the first time. A bit nervous but sometimes I think anticipating it is worse than doing it. If the weather is good, I'll take DS to the park in the morning and DD can sleep in the pram and the afternoon we can chill out at home. That's the plan anyway. I'm feeling good, a bit tired with the interrupted sleep I'm getting but that's to be expected. These days won't last for long and I'm savouring every little newborn moment and moments watching my two kids cuddle up together. It's bliss :-)

#33 April2608

Posted 30 November 2013 - 08:50 PM


GC thanks for sharing, it is good to hear i'm not alone, but i am sorry you are going through these issues as well. It's good to hear you have gotten to the other side of gastro.
We are doing ok, i bf him for 10 minutes each side, and DH gives him a bottle of EBM that i have taken an hr after the previous feed, then top him up with formula, since doing this the cluster feeding has stoped. I feed him 4 hrly over night, so thats a bit hard, and DH is willing to do the bottle feed over night, but i dont see the benifit of us both being sleep deprived, so i leave him asleep and get on with it, in return he has been doing the morning feed with any EBM we may have from the night before ( i dont express over night) and formula. Leaving me to sleep until I wake.   TRANTER, we got DS tounge tie cut on Tuesday, seams fine, we may be sorry we did in yrs to come he can now poke his tounge out :-)  AFM due to having the c/s my DH employer gives him 6 weeks  leave ( rather then the usual 1 week) so DH is home till the week of Christmas and then he will take 5 days A/L to get him to the new year. that it such a god send for me. My mum arrives from NSW on Thursday and will stay till NYE I,m really looking forward to seeing her and introducing her to DS.  When I saw CHN last week, she advised my mothers group wont start till 21/1/14 I'm a bit dissapointed by that, I was really looking forward to MG and had hope to start this yr. Is anyone else joining MG, do you know when yours starts?

Sorry this is all jamed together, my tablet choses when itvwill allow line breaks and when it wont.


#34 clrw

Posted 01 December 2013 - 09:10 AM

Hi all,

Thanks GC. We think they are pretty gorgeous and it's nice of you to say. Although.. I could sell DS to the highest bidder ATM. Everything is "No". Lots of whinging. Not wanting his dinner. Not wanting a bath. We are trying to pay him as much positive attention as possible. Hmmm. I haven't had a day alone with them yet. I'm hoping things would have settled down by then. You sound very commited to getting your supply established. Good for you. DP had similar issues. DS was comp fed tik

#35 clrw

Posted 01 December 2013 - 09:14 AM

Til 9 months then breastfed to 19 months - it can be done!

April - Looks like you have a good tag team effort going! You are right, there is little point two parents being exhausted. Your share plan sounds excellent. Glad bubs tongue tie has been sorted already.

I'll have my first community MW visit on Thursday then I can book in for mothers group. I'm assuming mine will be in the NY as well. Lucky I can go to our Rainbow Babies one until school break.

#36 Milano

Posted 01 December 2013 - 02:09 PM

Hi all,

I'm finally home with James. X

Clrw - little Lucca is so cute. You sound like you are doing so well and have things under control. I hope your DS settles down for you soon. I'm sure he will. How are you healing? Getting better each day?

April - gorgeous photos of Harrison, love the professional one. Did you book that in before the birth or after? I'm considering getting some done but may have left it a bit late as I know they like to do them before 2 weeks old. You sound like you've had a tough start with breastfeeding, as have I. I think I'll get a lactation consultant to visit as I really want to get it nipped in the bud early. You sound like you have a very supportive DH which helps.

GC - wow, how terrible to be battling gastro at the moment, you poor thing. I hope everyone is better today. Yes I'm glad to be home with my beautiful boy. So emotional, I'm crying at the drop of a hat! I just can't believe he is finally here. Im sure you'll be fine tomorrow on your own, as you say, the anticipation is probably worse. I hope DD has a nice long sleep in the pram for you so you and DS can get to the park.

Tranter - glad to hear your appt with a lactation consultant was worthwhile. I think I'm going to invest in that. I really need some help and have so many questions! Sounds like you are doing a great job and very positive so that helps. I know exactly how you are feeling - I'm so in love with this little one its amazing.

Bree - how are things going with you? Hope you are managing to get some sleep. Thanks for the offer of a physio recommendation. I had daily visits from a physio in the hospital and a follow up appt with them in the new year so hope that helps. I must remember to do my pelvic floor exercises!

Hi to Andi and Slappy, hope you are both well.

Have I missed anyone?

Well AFM, home from the hospital yesterday after an emotional week. I still cannot believe my son is here! After 3 years of trying, and 9 IVF cycles, he is here and is perfect. I'm so happy. I'm crying all the time!

DS had to spend 24 under light therapy for jaundice which was tough. I still got up in the night a few times to feed even though they said not to bother, I just wanted to see him!

My recovery is slow. I still can't sit or walk properly due to the 3rd degree anal tear. It's horrible. I'm taking Panadol, voltaren, lactulose and having salt baths so hope to see some improvement next week, today is only day 5 so I guess still early.

Breastfeeding has been hard. My milk has finally come in but I've had problems latching so I'm using a shield. And my nipples are sore! DS is a slow feeder. I feed for just over an hour this morning and he still needed a formula top up so not sure what I'm doing wrong. :( I want to drop the formula all together. I've bought a pump so that might help if I need top ups. But as I mentioned above, I think I'll see a lactation consultant because I have so many questions. Like am I overstimulating my breasts I feed so much and then pump?

My DH has been amazing this week and so supportive. I couldn't have coped without him. He gets up with me for every feed. He has been doing the majority of the nappy changes and everything else too so it's such a great help. He is off work this week too, yay. Hopefully ill find my feet this week, stop being so emotional, heal a bit and things will improve.

I have a midwife visiting me at home tomorrow so that will be reassuring. Being a first time mum everything is so new!

Anyway, enough about me, I'm going to go and feed me little boy.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Milano x

#37 gc_melody

Posted 04 December 2013 - 12:14 PM

Hi everyone,

April - How're things going for you? I hope the feeding is travelling ok. It's tough having to pump all the time. I did it two hourly feeds with DS for months and it almost drove me bonkers being tied to the pump after every feed as it felt like I'd just finished before I had to do it again. I lasted six months before throwing in the towel with bf. I hope you have an easier time of it than I did. I really hope that things are improving for you.

clrw - Thanks so much for your encouragement and sharing your DPs story. Yes, it can be done but it is requiring a huge amount of time. With a toddler as you know, it's demanding enough without the additional time factor added on to pump, cluster feed, look after baby & toddler and do general house and life stuff. But I'm willing to hang in there for as long as I can and see what happens. How're you doing? Has your DS settled a bit in his behaviour? How's bub doing?

milano - how are things going for you? I hope that the pain is easing up and you're feeling ok. Have you had your stitches checked yet? What did the midwife/Dr say? Don't worry about being emotional. It's an emotional time becoming a Mum especially for the first time. Not to mention after such a struggle to conceive and carry to term. You've done amazingly well. Let the tears flow ! BF is tricky and those who have an easy time of it I suspect are few and far between. It's completely normal to have sore nipples, grazing of them even, as you start bf with each child. I've found Lansinoh balm to be magic in keeping any nipple grazing and soreness away or to the minimum. You can get it chemist and it's ok for baby too so you don't have to wash it off before a feed. Please don't think you're doing anything wrong. When your milk is delayed coming in, it's pretty usual to need to top up until you can produce enough for baby. I wish someone would have told me that before I became silly with stress about it with DS. If you keep having issues with latching, I'd recommend seeing a LC either privately or through the early childhood nurses.

How's everyone else going? Hope you're all doing well.

AFM - I've booked an apt next week with a private LC to address my supply issues and DD's fussiness at the breast. I'm still having to top her up once a day but she's not taking all that much (less than 40-50ml) so I think the issue is more to do with her length of time feeding and the quality of the feed. She fusses a lot from early afternoon through until night often resulting in difficulty latching properly. When I pump afterwards I can still express a reasonable amount of milk so it's got me wondering if I have true low supply issues. She seems to be getting impatient after the first let down finishes so I'm hoping the LC can help me out with some strategies. DS is a dream and is only cracking it when he's tired or told 'no' (funny that). DH has gone back to more than six hour work days and has dropped the ball a bit sharing the house work and kiddy needs workload, which I'm a little annoyed with. I've spoken with him about it and told him that we both decided to become parents to two children and that means just because he works outside the home, doesn't mean I do it all, all the time, including picking up after him. I'm not exactly having coffee and cake all day either. Hopefully he'll get it together again soon. I'm well and managed to avoid the full force of the gastro bug the kids had so life is pretty good all in all. Hope the same is for you and the your family.

#38 gc_melody

Posted 08 December 2013 - 08:36 AM

It's quiet in here the past few days. How are you all doing?

We've had a challenging few days. BFing is not going so well, it's gone dodgy the past week and I don't know why. While DD is feeding frequently, she isn't putting on weight. She's grown in height and HC but at her ECH check, her weight gain for the past week was nil. It's stressing me out a bit and I've resorted to topping her up with 100ml most feeds and I'm pumping as well. She's looking like a noodle and long and skinny :-(

It's feeling like groundhog day and I'm finding it challenging. So glad to be seeing the LC tomorrow morning. I'm banking on her helping us otherwise we're up the creek as far as BFing goes. Fingers crossed whatever is going wrong is easily addressed.

Enjoy your day and post an update when you get the chance. You've all been in my thoughts.

#39 Milano

Posted 08 December 2013 - 09:27 AM

Hi all,

GC - I'm here! Sorry to hear you are having troubles BF. you are not alone! I am too. My nipples are sore, cracked and have been bleeding. I'm using a shield which helps (as well as Lansinoh) but am trying to express as much as I can to give them a rest. I find though, that I'm only getting around 50ml from both combined from every pumping session (2 to 3 hours) which doesn't seem a lot to me?! I am trying to manage without formula top ups. I have a breast feeding clinic session on Tuesday so hope that helps. I don't think he is latching properly which is causing the soreness.

Hope your session with the lactation consultant goes well. That is my next step after the breastfeeding clinic. I agree that feeding is challenging and monotonous but sounds like we are not alone! Why is it so hard?

I'm doing pretty well. I'm feeling better, trying to go on little walks. I even tackled my first outing on Friday to the shopping centre with DH. I was pretty proud to be out and about 10 days in. And DS was a star, sleeping the entire 2 hours in his pram.

A midwife has checked my stitches and said its all looking ok down there. I won't know much more until my 6 week check early in the new year. It's still a bit challenging with bowel movements but ill get there.

How much sleep is everyone getting? My nights vary but usually around 5 hours which I am finding ok (a 3 hour sleep and then a 2 hour), and then I can rest during the day when DS does.

My DH goes back to work tomorrow which I am dreading. He has been an amazing help but I'm sure ill manage (I have to!).

Hope everyone is well and please post updates soon.

Milano x

#40 bree18

Posted 08 December 2013 - 11:04 AM

Hi. I've been reading but not getting around to posting.

Sorry to hear a few of us are having feeding issues. It's really difficult isn't it. I've been pretty lucky this time, my supply was low and we topped up in hospital but once I hit about day 10 my supply upped and DS chokes frequently on let down. It takes a long time to get him to latch but its going pretty well considering my previous breastfeeding experiences. DD1 was losing weight for the first few weeks and was topped up with formula until I have up at 6 months. I had mastitis and severe pain from cracked and bleeding nipples also. DD2 I always struggled with supply, she used to refuse one breast frequently and had pain, bleeding and cracked nipples for 3 months. I think I used to cry every feed. I guess I just want to let those of you who are going through similar that I know how hard feeding issues are.

We have has a few minor issues with DS. I can't remember if I mentioned it but he was under lights for 24hours in hospital for jaundice, had a cold, has had a minor infection treated with antibiotics for the last week and a bit. Last night he stopped breathing when I was feeding him and didnt respond to my initial attempt to get him to take a breath. It was very scary. I know it's normal for babies to have pauses in breath but when he didn't respond until my DH grabbed him I really freaked out. Will take him to GP to follow up although I'm sure it's probably nothing.

I havnt been out alone yet unless you count a five minute walk with DD2 and DS in the pram. I'm kind if glad I have the excuse of not driving after the ceasarian so I don't have to go out alone!!!!  

GC- I'm sorry I didn't pick up from your earlier post that DD had been sick, that must have been scary for you.

Hi everyone else. Ill be back to do personals hopefully soon.

#41 clrw

Posted 08 December 2013 - 01:35 PM

Hi Mummies!!

How are your babies?

Tranter - DS remains challenging but we have seen some improvement thanks. DD is being an angel though. Are you still enamoured with your bundle?!

GC - Sorry, I don't think I explained the breast feeding situation with DS very well. DP also found expressing very time consuming. She also never got more than about 20 ml. She didn't keep it up for very long. That's why the formula stayed and he was comp fed for so long. He was happy with boob or bottle as long as he was getting food - it seems to be people's goal to get rid of the formula as soon as possible but for us it didn't replace breast feeding but really meant DP was able to keep it up until solids and beyond. Hoping you find your best solution soon :)

Milano - I'm sorry that you have just a nasty tear to recover from and I'm sure each day will be more and more comfortable. Yours is obviously more complicated but if it gives you a glimmer of hope I was running around after DS at the park this morning and climbed on the equipment and went down the slide after him and realised I felt quite mobile again! I hope that moment comes quickly for you.

Bree - your DS has had a rough little trot hasn't he? Your story about his breathing is very scary! I'm sure the GP will be very reassuring.

AFM - we've had our own little blip. I got sick Monday. Nausea and vomiting to start then flu like symptoms. I looked up mastitis but the was nothing about vomiting so I thought I'd reheated some leftovers once too many times. I felt a bit better Tuesday night then bam the fever was back with avengance. I didnt have any red, hot lumps in my breasts or trouble breast feeding. The GP said it was probably bacterial mastitis rather than a blocked milk duct. My temp was 39.4... I felt like death. Anyway two days into antibiotics and I'm feeling good. I'm glad I was able get on top of it so quickly.

The two days I was sickest DD was fussy and not sleeping very well (thanks sweetheart!!). I thought that might have been her "waking up" out of newborn sleepiness. Things have improved dramatically since so I think she was just reacting to me not feeling well. Otherwise all good at our house.

#42 Tranter

Posted 09 December 2013 - 11:07 AM

I'm here too.  Sorry for the silence!

gc_melody, sorry to hear that BF'ing has gone south.  Good luck with the LC today. I'll be thinking of you but don't feel pressured to keep it up if it's not working for you both.  To have fed for this long means that your DD has gotten a great start with all your maternal antibodies.

Milano, 50mL combined is what I was getting in the early days with the pump and then I would hand express after pumping and get a bit more.  I don't think that is a small amount in the early weeks.  I'd recommend a LC visit as I felt so much more confident going home after my last visit.  Well done on the outing!  What a star your DS was!  I'm getting about 4.5 hr and a 3.5 hr sleep stints overnight.  After the morning feed I go back to sleep with DD for anywhere between 2 - 3 hrs and that last stint really sets me up for the day.  If I miss that one I'm in bed by 8pm.  Good to hear your recovery is coming along.  My bathroom visits have only just returned to normal so you're doing really well.

Bree, what a time you've had with your DS.  I would have been beside myself if my DD had stopped breathing like that.  How frightening for you.  I hope he's well and truly on the mend from his cold and infection and doesn't give you a heart attack like that again.  My DD was also chocking on my let down.  It's not fun to watch!

April, I had a chuckle about your DS's tongue tie and his new ability to stick his tongue out. How wonderful your DH's employer gives him so much time off and that your Mum can come down and meet the new addition.  My mother's group starts on Thursday and I'm really looking forward to it.  

clrw, great to hear that DS is improving somewhat and that you're on the mend.  Calling it a blip is an understatement!  I had a similar thing but without the vomiting.  As there was no redness or lumps I dismissed it as a virus but looking back I'd been building a supply expressed milk so I could go to my work Christmas party. DD decided that was the week to cluster feed so my supply exploded and then she stopped the cluster feeding and I became engorged. I must have been lucky to get the flow going and not need the antibiotics but seriously felt like death for a few days.

AFM, we've had a very busy week and weekend.  During the week DD was cluster feeding like crazy and of course we had lots of appointments made that made things a little tricky.  DD went to her first birthday party and then to a pub on Saturday!  I had her strapped to me in a carrier and after the initial greetings she slept.  The weather was glorious that day which really lifted my spirits and it was great to be out and about.  I did miss having a beer on such a lovely day though.  Ah well, there'll be plenty of time for that.

#43 Milano

Posted 09 December 2013 - 03:39 PM

gc - how did you go with the LC today? Hopefully they had some good advice. I meant to say also, I'm sorry to hear your DH has dropped the ball a little. I know how invaluable the extra support is. I'm glad you spoke about it and perhaps that is all that was needed - a nudge and a gentle reminder that both parents need to step up. Hope things are on the up for you.

bree - gosh you had a rough trot in the past with BF. How did you persist with 3 months of pain with your DD2?! Good on you for perservering. I'm scared of having to head down that path! Last night the pain was unberable and I had tears running down my face. My poor DH didn't know what to do.

How did you go with the GP today? How scary for you to see your DS stop breathing. I would have been a complete mess! I hope he is feeling better and doesn't give you a fright like that again.

clrw - sorry to hear you have been unwell. That is all you need on top of the sleep deprivation and the like. I'm glad you got onto it quickly and the antibiotics kicked in. It's great to hear you are also healing well. I'm feeling a little better each day so will just need patience I think. It's only been 2 weeks so I can't expect miracles.

Tranter - so good to hear that you are out and about in the fresh air and sunshine. A good friend of mine had bad headaches for ages with her newborn and the health nurse asked if she had been getting any fresh air and it wasn't until she mentioned it she realised she had been stuck inside for weeks!

Hi to everyone else.

AFM, I'm off to a breastfeeding clinic tomorrow. Going to be a challenge to get myself and DS there for an 8.30am start but I'm looking forward to getting some advice. The feeding is my main issue at the moment and I really want to try and work it out. If they can help me with the latching then I'll be so pleased. I have times when the pain is bearable but last night I was in tears and couldn't take it. I had to give him a bottle. It's so frustrating. Anyway, my little one is stirring so I'll sign off for now.

Milano x

#44 Tranter

Posted 09 December 2013 - 04:18 PM

Good luck tomorrow Milano.

I had tears in my eyes reading about your struggle last night.  Well done for persevering.  I know I've been very lucky with attachment so can only imagine how hard that must be.  :hugs:

#45 Milano

Posted 11 December 2013 - 05:20 PM

Hi ladies,

Just a quick one on breastfeeding. I had my breastfeeding clinic yesterday and got a few answers. Turns out DS has tounge tie so that would have been causing the latching issues. April, your DS had tounge tie too didn't he? Was everything ok in the end?

DS has only put on 85 grams in the past week which is not enough. :( It seems my supply is also quite low. Probably as a result of him not latching and sucking effectively. They've suggested I feed, express what I can and then top up with formula. I'm disappointed that my body is not doing what it's supposed to. I've also been recommended some medication to increase supply but I'm not sure about taking anything like that. Anyone have any suggestions? I might post in the breastfeeding section too.

I have an appointment with a specialist next week to get the tounge tie addressed. Hopefully I can get some more advice in the meantime.

Hope you are all well.

Milano x

#46 gc_melody

Posted 11 December 2013 - 05:43 PM

Hi Milano,

I'm on Motillium to increase supply. It's also called Domperidone. It's safe and effective to use and has a 30 year history of medical studies to show for it. I'm using it now and also used it with DS. I'm sorry to hear of the tongue tie but it does explain things better. I'm glad you found out what was happening even if it isn't as easily addressed as doing something differently while feeding.

I'll post a better reply later to you all when I'm not having a 5min breather from the kids :-)

#47 Milano

Posted 11 December 2013 - 05:49 PM

Thanks GC. I read about your feeding struggles too. Gee, why does it have to be so hard when it seems like the most natural thing to do!

I'll look into it, guess it won't hurt.

#48 bree18

Posted 11 December 2013 - 08:59 PM

Milano it's great they have found the tongue tie. Hopefully once that is addressed you will have an easier time. I've never taken the medication but like GC said it has been used for a long time. I know people who have used it with no issues.

How is the feeding going fir you GC?

Hi everyone else.

DS saw the peadiatrician today. They think the apnea episode was due to milk entering he airway causing it to close to protect the airway and then forgetting to open up again. It sounded like she thought it was unlikely to keep happening but to try to avoid reflux to help prevent it happening again.

#49 April2608

Posted 13 December 2013 - 02:47 PM

Hi Everyone,Oh my gosh, it been about a week since I have even looked in here, I have been thinking about you all but just so busy.

What a Motley Crew we all are, and buy the sounds of things we are all suffering similar issues, so we are the perfect support group for each other I think.

OH my Gosh Bree, how scary DS stopped breathing, I'm glad the peed is not to concerned, and is there a way to make sure he does not get Reflux or do you just have to keep your fingers crossed? lot's of babies get reflux after all.

CLRW Glad to hear you got on to of the mastitis fast and it's sorted already.

Milano Yes Harrison had a tongue tie, we had it cut about 2 weeks ago, and yes I would say it's help with his latching, we are still having feeding problems but that's due to low supply I think rather then latching, to the most part I think DS latches well, At the moment I have quite a bit of pain as he latches on one boob, but after 30 sec generally pain goes away and feeding is then comfortable, I can tell when he moves and get a bad latch so I take him off and put him back on, this can happen a few times in a feed.I'm also on Motillium as well as Fenugreek tablets and Thistle Bissell tables, I also made a batch of lactation cookies, but they taste awful, so I have not eaten them.I was telling my SIL about the lactation cookies and offered her a taste (she is not a mum and wont be soon so it's just for the fun) and my FIL mentioned he had tried them and they were not as bad as I made them out to be, long story short, my SIL though I used my milk to make the lactation cookies, and though it weird I was offer cookies made from my own milk to others and that my FIL had eaten them :xmas_tongue: . Other then the tongue tie, did the clinic give you other useful advise or suggestions, did you feel it was of value going and how much did it cost?

GC I'm looking forward to hearing how you went with the LC the other day?I was going to see a LC or clinic, but was told they only deal with latching issue, and my issue are not that at this stage. Would you agree?

AFM So at 2 weeks old DS had dropped down to 3.1kg (from a birth weight of 3.5kg) so we were very worried and I was advised to supplement formula as well as bf, so I had a strict 3 hr day and 4 hr night routine where I had to wake him to feed, I was told to feed him for 10 min on each side, and then express at the next feed give the express from the last feed and formula, generally I would get 40-50mls of EBM and he would take formula up to 90mls at week 3 he had put on 380gms so was now back to birth weight :excite: and was told I could feed him for 20 min on each side, and then supplement feed, he still took up to 90mls of bottle (combo EBM and Formula). This week he has put on another 450g and is now 4kg :dance:So I have now been suggested cut down on the formula and even cut it out if I can, but we now seam tp be going backwards again, I only started this on Wednesday so may not have given it enough time yet, but he just wont settle and is alway on me, it's like no matter how long he is on me, he is still hungry. So I just don't know if I am still giving him milk pass the 10 min mark considering as when I doubled the time of feeding he still took the same amount of supplement feed. :doh:
I have a friend who is very pro bf and has a bub 6 weeks older then DS, and her attitude is why pull him off at a set time if he is happy to stay there sucking, and if I can express and get 40-50 mls out, then he would get more then that as he is more efficient then a pump is . But if I let him, he would be on me for 3 hrs straight, that what he was doing originally and that’s when my boobs hurt the most. :angry:

Thanks for reading :ninja:


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Posted 13 December 2013 - 08:05 PM

Hi Everyone,

I'm up for a breather. I've posted on my BF saga in another thread when I asked for tips from experienced BF Mums.

To be brief, the LC cancelled our original appt which brought me to tears I was so desperate for help. DD had lost weight at her 5 week weigh and was slow in regaining birth weight. It was really worrying for me.

The LC was awesome and offered me a Skype consult before we meet face to face next Mon. Even on Skype, she was able to pick out a range of issues I need to work on. Positioning, low supply, latch problems. She suspects DD has low tone given our genetic profile. DD also makes this weird screeching sound periodically when inhaling. The LC heard it and said she thought DD had a floppy larynx. The paeds is popping by during my appt on Monday so he'll check it out. Interestingly, she said women with a history of infertility can have issues with BFing due to not enough gland tissue happening or something like that, I can't remember exactly, my brain isn't working well atm. It was interesting to hear that and I fit a couple of the risk factors. Best bit was she said she was confident we could address the issues but it will take time. It's been labour intensive so far and I'm really tired with the demands of BFing, pumping, topping up, caring for a toddler, keeping the household going and supposedly getting enough rest and eating well. Pffft. If I had an au pair maybe the rest & time for more than scoffing whatever I can put into my mouth that doesn't require too much preparation, would be happening. DS brought home a bad cold from kindy and we've all come down with it. All four of us at the same time. I can't believe we've had sickness in our house for six solid weeks! I'm looking forward to a New Year and a new health start for all of us. Sorry for a downer post but I'm tired and feeling fed up tonight. DD has really 'woken up' and only settles in my arms. DS is also demanding attention and quality time from me. I'm still working out how to balance it all.

Milano, Have you looked into Motillium yet? I saw in the other thread that you were tossing up whether to wait to see the LC you had an appt with and finding another one. What have you decided to go with? I agree with you. It  doesn't feel so good when things don't go as they seem to for others with feeding and I can sympathise with the low weight gain concerns. I hope that you can get things sorted soon. Thanks for the words of support and encouragement. I'm glad to hear your DH is taking on some of the load in caring for a newborn and looking after you. It makes the world of difference. Even more so when you add the time it takes for expressing as well. Hang in there.

April, I'm so sorry to hear you also are having BFing issues. It sucks doesn't it. It should be easy but it isn't. I was taking the fenugreek and blessed thistle mix too but for me it wasn't enough and I've gone onto Motillium. It seems to be working better than the herbs. Maybe this could be a short term option for you? In principle, I take the same view as your friend. Maybe you could try hand expressing after the 10min and see if there is anymore milk ? The issue with bottles is basically you can over feed as it doesn't require too much work on babys behalf. This is what the LC told me. It's not an exact science working out top up amounts and I'm still trying to balance it myself for DD. She's taking anywhere from 20ml to 100ml in her top ups. Have you thought about talking it over with a LC? In the end, we do what we have to  get through these hiccups and the path isn't quite the same for everyone.

Bree - Such a scary experience for you ! The breathing issues I talked about with my DD in an earlier post was the same issue. DD choked and her body shut down. I was beside myself and really thought I was going to lose her. If it's any help, my paeds (and the second opinion I got) gave the same explanation as you got. It's unlucky and they told me as newborns mature they get better control over the swallow, suck, breathe coordination. DD had several more blue episodes after then but we've had nothing for the past couple of weeks, thank goodness. I hope the echo shows nothing out of the ordinary and it was a one off thing. When you saw your pead and they said avoid reflux, how do you do that? How're the family adjusting to having another sibling in the home? I hope you and the family are doing ok.

clrw - Sorry to hear you haven't been well. How on the ball are you? Mastitis probably wouldn't have occurred to me. I'm so glad you caught it early, it sounds nasty. I hope you're feeling better now. Thanks so much for explaining your DPs BF journey. I'm thinking I may need to prepare myself for the possibility I might be comp feeding for a while.

Tranter - You're out and about :-) And doing it well by the sounds of it. The cluster feeding is tricky, heck feeding at all can be tricky when you're out. Particularly at this age when you never really know when our little ones will want to feed. The lunch on a beautiful day sounds divine. I hope you've kept hold of some of that magic and spirit lift.

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