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IVFers due in November 2013 Thread #3

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#51 gc_melody

Posted 14 December 2013 - 05:40 PM


Popping in to say my spirits are much higher than when I posted last night. The sleep deprivation and ongoing illnesses of various kinds just got to me.

I had a lovely morning today with DS. Just the two of us. We hung out doing boy things and got out in the sunshine. It made the world of difference to my mood to get some time with him, outdoors and without a baby or pump attached to my breasts for several hours :dance:  DH looked after DD and vacuumed and tidied the house. Having that small break from the drudgery was a tonic and a half :smile:

Hope you're all enjoying your Saturday.

#52 Milano

Posted 15 December 2013 - 07:55 AM

Hi all,

Seems like a lot of us are struggling with similiar feeding issues! Low milk supply, latching issues, it's hard.

Bree - thanks, I hope getting the tounge tie addressed will help too. So glad to hear it looks like your little ones episode was a one off. Hope he doesn't scare you like that again.

April, wow your feeding issues are almost identical to mine! Thanks for the details post. It helped me get my head around where I am at. The breastfeeding clinic I went to was a free clinic run by the hospital. They were great and had some good advice but when I got home I couldn't seem to put things into practice! I have started on fenugreek and will discuss the other medication with the LC this week. I've heard good things about lactation cookies, so funny your SIL thought they were made using your milk!

GC - I'm so glad to hear your spirits are up and things are looking positive for you. You really got a good one with that LC of yours! Everyone says that the feeding takes time and I guess we just have to be positive and hang there don't we. It'll all be a distant memory in a few months time.

Hi Tranter, clrw, Slappy, Andi and anyone else reading. Hope you and your bubs are well.

AFM, I'm having good and bad days with feeding. Sometimes DS latches ok and it's great but then others its so painful it's unbearable. So I'm just taking each feed as it comes. Ill try and feed and if its hurts too much ill use EBM and/or formula top ups. I got 80mls from expressing this morning - my best ever so I'm happy with that! I've started on fenugreek and have a MCHN check tomorrow so will hopefully see that DS has put on weight. Ill get her advice on seeing another LC - I haven't made any appt yet. But I am seeing the tounge tie specialist who is also a lactation consultant on Thursday so hope that will help. If need be, I'll get another LC in too. Guess you can't have enough help.

I never realised how hard the feeding could be. It's very frustrating and I feel like I'm tied to the pump constantly. I'm hating giving DS formula, he pretty much always brings it back up - but doesn't vomit on breast milk. But we will get there! He seems pretty content and is sleeping well so I can't complain.

On another note, I'm feeling pretty unorganised for Christmas and haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. It all seems too hard lol! I'd better get cracking this week.

Take care,
Milano x

#53 gc_melody

Posted 15 December 2013 - 10:25 AM

Hey Milano,

I hear you with feeling tied to the pump, it's a pain isn't it? We do what we have to though and I hope for all of us, it's a short term thing.

As for Christmas, I'm feeling that way too. Then I went online and got everything to be delivered. So less stressful than braving the shops. Get in soon so you'll have them in time (if you choose to go this way).

Hi everyone else :-)

#54 bree18

Posted 15 December 2013 - 10:51 AM

Hi everyone,
Breastfeeding is a lot more difficult and involved for more people then we realise I think. I think we think its going to be easy and for some people it is bit for a lot it has its challenges. It sounds like those if you that are having difficulties are getting advice and assistance with it, something I wish I had done with DD2 particularly instead of months if pain and crying. I really hope its gets easier for you soon.

GC- I'm glad you're feeling better. I had a bad day the other day and also realised that I rarely get any sun. I've been getting DH, DD1 and mum to hang up washing so havnt really been going outside. So I sowbtcsinectimexiutsude in the fresh air and sun playing with my DD's and I felt sooooo much better. I need to start popping the little ones on the pram and having a walk most days I think.

AFM- well while DS stopping breathing was a one offer have had other similar issues with choking/distressed breathing this week so DS has been referred for a heart echo to check (hopefully rule out) any heart issues. I don't think it's his heart, I think it's to do with the muscle/cartilage around his airway/oesophagus not working how they are supposed to. Hopefully we will find out soon because its really scary watching your bubs struggling for breath and changing color. Even though the Dr is investigating I'm tempted to take him to the ER at the local children's hospital to get things happening quicker. I just don't know if it would happen quicker or not.

As fir Christmas, I did a lot if shopping online while pregnant however still have a few of the kids gifts and Santa stocking fillers to get. Hopefully I can get out this week to finish it off.

#55 clrw

Posted 15 December 2013 - 04:37 PM

Hi all,

Sorry, I've been reading your posts but normally on my phone with one hand while feeding DD and sometimes with one eye open cos it's 2am :)

Sorry to everyone having feeding issues and kudos to you for hanging in there. It's not easy meeting the needs of a newborn, other kids, the household... Yourself!

I've had a few disastrous attempts at expressing. I have my work Christmas party this Friday and I really want to put on a frock and feel like a proper adult for a few hours! I had in my head it had to be EBM but I've only managed to get 1ml in two sittings! I've got an electric Avent pump but had more success with the manual setting. I just don't think I have time now to get enough supply up to have a practice run then for the night. I realised that for such a once off it looks like it will have to be formula. Not a big deal but I was really getting stressed about it... I need to see if she will even take the bottle otherwise I'll have to cancel the babysitter. Oh the work involved in getting three hours out the house!!

Poor bubba has just gotten a nasty dose of milk pimples/acne. It looks so sore. I hope it isn't. Just putting some breast milk on it then washing it away with water and cotton buds before feeding.

Oh. Bubba is babbling and DS needs attention... Better go!

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#56 Tranter

Posted 16 December 2013 - 10:05 AM

Hi Ladies,

I've been reading about your breast feeding journeys and am admiring you for your continued persistence and determination to keep going when most would not.  There is so much pressure on us to breast feed and we are bombarded with propaganda of how we must continue to breast feed at all cost. To persist through the tears and pain otherwise we are bad mothers. Oops. Sorry for the rant!  :rant:

Milano, you have such a great attitude towards BF'ing despite your struggles.  You're right, you can't have too much help.  I used 3 different LC's as the first two didn't help me much at all. As for the Christmas shopping, I haven't done any shopping either :blush:

gc_melody, I really felt for you when you were feeling down and it's so good to read your follow up post that showed you were in better spirits.  I can't imagine how hard it is for you struggling with the BF'ing.  Keep getting that sunshine and fresh air and of course post here when you need to vent.  That DH of yours is a keeper :D

Bree, good luck with the heart echo this week.  I hope it's absolutely nothing other than the floppy larynx.  My DD has one too and makes such strange noises sometimes but luckily no blue episodes.  I think I'd go to the ER to speed things up too.

clrw, oh wow!  1mL in two sittings!  How stressful for you!  Hopefully your DD will take the bottle so you can attend your Christmas party.  I had mine last week and it was wonderful for the brain to shift gears and think of other things than feeding, nappies and sleeping!  I'm now having trouble getting any letdown with the breast pump so use a medicine cup to catch the letdown from the opposite breast during feeding.  I was surprised that it can catch up to 20mL so over the course of the day it adds up.

Hi to everyone else.

AFM, I've had an interesting four days post DD's 6 week vaccinations.  The actual injections were so upsetting to me that I will be doing things differently next time. I know how important the vaccinations are but it can be done with much more care and consideration for the baby.  DH will be coming (for my moral support!), I will ask for two nurses to inject DD's legs at the same time and I will nurse her while doing so.  She has never turned such a bright shade of red before and cried and whimpered for the 15 mins we waited afterwards, even while I nursed her. I'll also give her some infant panadol beforehand as a friend suggested.  She ran a fever all that day and into the next. She has been cluster feeding, will only sleep on my chest and generally been miserable since we went there on Friday.

Time for me to get some sunshine I think! :lol:

#57 Tranter

Posted 16 December 2013 - 11:17 AM

After some sunshine found a way to resize my pics!  DD on our last day in hospital :)

Attached File  Elizabeth1.jpg   109.3K   22 downloads

#58 gc_melody

Posted 16 December 2013 - 12:44 PM

Hi Everyone,

Tranter - whoa ! That is one gorgeous little bubba you have there. Is everyone in this thread genetically blessed to what to be having such beautiful looking babies??? I'm so glad you got to have some time out and about shifting gears from caring for babies to other life stuff. It's a real shot of energy isn't it? DD had her 6week immunisations last week and I took the left over sucrose vials we had from her stay in hospital. It's probably one of the positive tips I got from having a baby in NICU/SCN. It works like a calming drug but doesn't affect blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, I think that was the last vial so I'll be doing exactly what you've planned for the next ones. The ECN mentioned all of this when I asked about comfort for DD for the next ones. You and your friend are ahead of the game on this :-) Thanks for the words of support, I have up and down days but intending to have more up than downs....

April - I missed in your previous post about seeing an LC privately. I would absolutely recommend it. The LC I've seen is a total gem and while she has a nursing and midwifery background, specialising in breastfeeding trouble shooting is something else. How are you going with feeding? I really hope things are looking up for you. If they're stable, I hope you have loads of support around you. Feeding, topping up, sterilising and pumping is SO time consuming.

clrw - I like your attitude to EBM. If you can get it, great, if not, there's an alternative. Not expressing much in one sitting is ok. The amounts I get can vary from next to nothing to 80ml. It's a huge variance and I've found that the mornings are best. As the day wears on, my supply drops off. I've heard this is true for many women. On the up side, you and your DD have synced well by the sounds of it and you're producing enough for her needs. Have you tried your DD on  a bottle yet? How'd it go? I hope it went well so you can get your glam on. I want full details of frock, shoes and party shenanigans on Saturday thanks ;)  I love to live vicariously lol

Milano - your appointment with the Dr who is a LC is this week. I hope you get a lot out of the time spent with them and get some useful info and more info on DS's tongue tie (or is it being released that day?). If you can easily get them, I think another LC just for help with feeding could be worth a try. As you say, you can never get enough help and maybe you'll just 'click' with them.

Bree - thanks for sharing your past struggles with BFing too. I think you're right, a lot of women must have problems otherwise there wouldn't be so many LCs operating privately. There is a market for it :( It is really scary watching your baby turn colour ! It's horrendous. If you're at all concerned, I'd also be thinking of the ED visit before the echo. If it's a floppy larynx, I was told they grow out of it around 3 mths or so. I'm really sorry you've had to go through this. Please let us know how the echo goes.

Hi slappy and Andi if you're still around. I'd love to hear an update from you when you can. Hope all is well and you're both busy with feeding, nappies and cuddles.

AFM - Well DH and I are a bit crabby with each other atm. The stresses of the last seven weeks are showing. Sleep deprivation, sicknesses and no time for each other at all is taking a toll on both of us. I know it will pass but it's not great right now. We're both being snappy with each other and while we know we shouldn't do it to each other, we are. I must try to remember this in the middle of whatever small thing we're going on about and be nicer towards him and live by example. I'm having my hair cut and foils put in this afternoon which will feel great. The head massage won't go astray either. I always feel better about things when I've had some maintenance done :xmas_tongue:  I had the LC appointment this morning and it's gone very well. DD has gained again (a whopping 290g in one week!) so the top up s are doing what they have to. Best news is I can cut back the amount of top ups from 100ml to 70ml and offer them 4x daily instead of at every feed. Paeds appointment at the end of January and weigh ins down from weekly to fortnightly and we'll see how we go. I feel encouraged by this and have set a timeframe until DD turns 12 weeks and see if I will comp feed from then on or we can exclusively BF. I'm over the pump and the time it takes. It's not functional or fun to have to pump and comp feed for every feed. I want to enjoy my kids and my life :smile: Stay tuned !

#59 clrw

Posted 17 December 2013 - 03:33 PM

Sorry for the brevity again but...

Tranter she is stunning!!

Formula bottle went down a treat!!! I heard her cry out twice from the other room while DP fed her. It took all my willpower not to run in there and put her straight on the boob. DP called out, "Hey come in here for a sec". There is DD blissed out on the breast feeding cushion having just guzzled 100 ml. Turns out the cries were in protest when DP tried to burb her... Relief! I can go to my Christmas Party!!

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#60 bree18

Posted 17 December 2013 - 09:19 PM

Tranter- what a beautiful baby.

GC- me and DH ate getting on each others nerves too. Last night I was tempted to tell him it would easier being a single parent as I'd get some time to myself when he had the kids and I feel like I am doing it by myself anyway. After a bit of sleep I don't feel quite that way but I still feel like he expects that because I'm the one with the boobs I have to look after DS all the time. It feels at the moment like all I do is feed DS, tell DD2 off, housework, sleep and cook (and tell DD1 how great she is for helping me). I feel like my only time with DH is in bed asleep. Having a toddler and newborn feels a lot harder then just a newborn and teenager.

Clrw- yah for DD taking the bottle. Enjoy your night out!

Hi everyone else.

AFM- still waiting for the echo appointment but I'm fairly convinced its not a heart issue.
I really feel like I need some sort of routine. I know little babies and feed/sleep routines don't really work and I prefer to let them go with the flow BUT I'm finding I feel so disorganised at the moment and half the time don't get a shower until late morning . I need to work out a way to get a shower early so that hopefully I can be more organised and get more done. I need to organise bath/dinner/bed better too. We have been eating later and DD2 is often only getting a bath every second night and going to bed too late. Hopefully I can work out how to get it all done soon.  
Does anyone else feel like they need a routine? How do those if you with toddlers organise your day?

ETA: how do I post a picture? I've never done it before and in totally useless when it comes to computers and uploading stuff.

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#61 April2608

Posted 18 December 2013 - 02:25 PM

GC wow how exciting for you and DS, I'm sure it did both of you the world of good to have quality time together, it must be so confusing for the older children to not be an only child all of a sudden.
I hear you about being crabby, but at least your aware of it and that's half the battle, as you mentioned, take a step back take the upper ground. I feel myself getting crabby at time, and just need to release it's tiredness, I don't think I truly understood sleep derivation until now
I have also booked in to get my hair done next week, I'm going to get it all cut to my shoulders (currently down to middle of my back) and a nice summer colour put in.

Tranter, How beautiful is your little one, Yes I agree, we all won the jackpot with our bubs (not biased at all) :xmas_tongue:
You mentioned having 6 week injections, I though they were 8 week injections, is there 2 set or did I just get my weeks wrong? I have an appt with CHN at 6 weeks and with Peed, will they tell me to go to GP or will they do it for us?

CLRW Have a great time at your work Christmas party, :dance: I don’t have an official party this year, the company I work for only does team parties, and my team to restricted about 1 week after I went on Mat leave, so don’t even have a team to go back to yet. To be honest I didn’t even get a farewell, (I am dirty about it as well) we use to have team meeting every Friday, and my final Friday the team meting was cancelled. :no2:
I also don’t get mum EBM in the evening, through the day I average 40-50mls of an evening I get about 10 mls.

Milano wow 80mls it sound so much doesn’t it, I wonder sometime if its not that we don’t have enough milk, but if for some reason the composition is wrong and it’s not filling, at least that’s what crossed my mind as he can be on me for 1 hr to 1.5hrs, and I figure that he has to be getting milk or he would get bord and fuss, but he just does not fill up? :shrug:  My best ever was yesterday with 70mls I had been out for dinner with friends so missed the feed (DH gave him formula) and when I came home got that out. I found the first formula DS had he has sick on all the time, but the new one we have he is no, we now have Karicare Aptamil AR this is a bit thicker then the original we had, he needs to work a bit harder to get it out of the bottle (which I like as I have been told they can get lazy and not take the BM as they need to work for that and just wait for the formula) and it thickens in the belly, so dose not come up as much (I believe)

AFM DS had done so well in the past 2 weeks, week 1 he put on 380gms and week 2 he put on 450gms (with the formula top up) that I decided to try going exclusive BF I had hoped my milk had caught up and that if he put on a little weight with my milk that would be fine as he is putting on excessive weight with formula, so from Lunch on Thursday to weight in on Monday morning he was exclusive BF, unfortunately Wednesday to  Monday he lost 200grms. So back to formula and express top ups, it’s so depressing, As mum’s our sole job is to keep these precious little ones safe and the biggest part of that at this age is giving nutrition, and I can even do that for him.
My DH is great and tries to put a good slant on it for me but…. Well you guys know. :hugs:
I have an appt with a LC on Friday so fingers crossed, but I think I could be at the end of my options, and I need to decided if I’m happy to comp feed or if I will just go to all formula.


#62 April2608

Posted 18 December 2013 - 03:52 PM

Hi Bree
Yes total understand where your coming from with the routine issues, and I only have 1 bub and do have amazing help at home with DH still being at home and he is the most hands on father I have ever seen, yet the other day I looked at the clock and it was 2pm and I was still in my pj's.

As mentioned by you and GC I think, you need to put your foot down, and DH has to help with bath, and everyone else's dinner, they may have been at work all day, but so have you and your emotional work is so much harder then their physical work, as said before having another child was a 2 person decision.

Up above I comment that DS can feed for hrs and still seam hungry, just as often, he will fall asleep on the boob after only 10 minutes. Then wakes up in 10 minutes hungry, this can go for hrs if I let it, or I just give in and give him the bottle.


#63 Milano

Posted 19 December 2013 - 05:50 PM

Hi ladies,

Bit hot here in Melbourne today. Hope everyone is keeping cool!

Bree - how is your DS? I hope your appointment comes around soon and you get some answers. I hear you on the routine thing - although it must be harder with a toddler too! Some mornings I have an early shower and get the day started feeling much more organised, others it's late morning before I even get changed and half the day is gone. I guess it'll work itself out. My DS is only 3 weeks old so I'm still learning. As for posting a pic, click on 'more reply options' then 'browse', select your file and the 'attach file'. Hope that helps. :)

clrw - so glad the bottle worked out well and you can enjoy your Christmas party tomorrow night. You deserve a night off!

Tranter - gorgeous photo! What a little cutie. :) Thanks for the tips on the 6 weeks injections. I am not looking forward to those. Hopefully your DD was more settled the next day, poor little poppet.

gc - how was your hair appointment? Bet you enjoyed the time out and the head massage. I'm looking forward to having my hair done soon. I'm sorry to hear you and your DH are under strain - it's totally understandable though with everything going on. I hope it passes soon for you both.
Great to hear your LC is helping and you are cutting back on the top-ups. I totally agree that it's not fun being attached to the pump constantly. It's tedious.

April - I hope all goes well with your LC appointment tomorrow. You've done such a great job so far and you really are trying your best so hang in there. My situation is so very similiar to yours and I am attempting to drop the formula top-ups - time will tell if that has an effect on the weight gain like your DS. I am finding the same with feeding - DS can fuss at the breast for an hour so how can he not be full?!

AFM, I had a MCHN check earlier in the week and DS had put on a massive 460grams. She wasn't concerned that it was too much but I was left wondering? She encouraged me to express as much as I could this week because my nipples were so cracked and sore - she felt they needed time to heal. (She was also a lactation consultant so had a few tips). So I did that and had my appointment this morning to get the tounge tie issue sorted. The Dr felt it was pretty severe so I agree to have it snipped right away. DS was such a little champion - he hardly cried. I think I was more upset than him! We put him straight on the breast afterwards and he fed beautifully - no pain yay!!!

The Dr felt my supply was not that low (I managed to express 100ml last night) and that medication was not necessary. So she suggested I keep trying to breast feed to encourage the milk supply and that I shouldn't need the formula top-ups at all (she said I could add an EBM top up if I felt the need). Wow, a big turn around. So since that appointment this morning I feel like DS has been on the breast ALL day! :) It's not sore which is great, he is definitely latching better so I'm pleased. I'm still using a shield though and I'm not sure how to drop that at the moment. I'm also not sure how to tell now when he's full. I guess it will be trial and error. She also gave me a script for some ointment to help my cracked nipples.

I'm going back to the MCHN on Monday and she will check on the progress so at least that is a help. Time will tell if he has put on weight.

I'll see how I go over the coming days and assess again next week. If need be I'll get another LC in and get a second opinion.

Hope you are all well and managing to get some rest. I'm 3 weeks in and starting to find my feet I think. As for my downstairs - I think it's ok, I'm still hating everytime I need a bowel movement and still on painkillers. Time will tell.

Milano x

#64 Milano

Posted 20 December 2013 - 08:20 AM

I think I spoke too soon. Maybe I should have waited until my nipples healed before I fed on demand. Ouch!

#65 April2608

Posted 20 December 2013 - 10:16 AM

wow great news you can drop the formula, 100 mls ofBM is amazing.

Have a great time tonight. Where is the party, pub or restauraunt?  


#66 Tranter

Posted 20 December 2013 - 08:17 PM

Wow what a week!  Has it flown for anyone else?  Thanks for the lovely comments on my DD.  I think she's pretty cute but I'm biased of course.

gc_melody, I've never heard of giving sucrose to ease the vaccinations.  What a great idea.  How are things going at home?  Oops, I spoke too soon didn't I?! I've been feeling a little less patient on the home front these days and my skin and hair are shocking.  Perhaps it's our hormones messing around with us? How was the hair appointment? I'm definitely due for one too.  Awesome news on DD weight gain.  I'm staying tuned :xmas_cool:

clrw, I had a big smile reading about your DD taking the bottle.  Woohoo!  It's wonderful to know that you can step out of the house occasionally.  I hope the Christmas party was good.  I didn't want to leave my DD to go to mine but once I was there I had such a fun time.  It was good to be me for a few hours and not just Elizabeth's Mum.

bree, I hope things are better on the home front too.  Like I said to gc, I'm wondering if there's a hormonal change going on.  I'm feeling very up and down lately too. I've started a routine with DD just yesterday.  I'm loosely following cloud mom's routine and realised that I was missing the early tired signs. Good luck with the echo appointment.

april, how did your LC appointment go? I know what you mean about our role but I'll say it.  There is nothing wrong with formula.  You've done so well to get this far and your DS has benefited from your antibodies all this time.  You've done great. My CHN said the vacc's used to be done at 8 weeks but now they do them at 6.  I'm not sure if different areas do things differently. She also said they can be done via the local council run sessions (I attended these) or via your GP. Be prepared for the council run ones to treat you like a number so be firm with how you want them done.  I wasn't and I regret it. It was really upsetting.

Milano, how hot was it!? Hope you and your DS managed to keep cool. It's great to hear you've got that tongue tie sorted and you had success with latching and feeding albeit with some tender boobs afterwards!  It made me smile to read that you feel like you're getting the hang of things.  I felt that around the 3 week mark too.  It's a nice feeling.  As for bowel movements, I still have trepidation going to the loo so you're doing great!

AFM, my DD had two days on panadol after her vacc's and then jumped into a growth spurt.  It wasn't until five days that she was back to her chirpy self.  My skin has broken out like a teenager, I'm moody and emotional and my hair is falling out in handfuls.  Anyone else having a 'change' going on?

#67 April2608

Posted 22 December 2013 - 05:30 PM


How do you know if they are going through a "growth spurt"

DS is not sleeping at night now, for the past 2 nights after the 2am feed it's been play time, or he will fall asleep feeding on me, I put him in the bassinet and by the next hr he is awake wanting more food (because he is asleep I have not given him a bottle at 2, last night I gave him the bottle at 4 the night before he got the bottle at 3 So I'm pretty much awake from 2 to 6 when DH takes over. I hope this doesn't go for long.

I bought the wonder weeks app (thanks for the suggestion CLRW) he has gone through his first leep, awakening, and you can see the difference in him. He also now has tears when he crys, how hart breaking is it to see real tears.

LC went well, we weighed him beforehand and after, he took 80 mls from me in that meeting, LC was happy with that I have decided to buy baby scales as a tool to see how we are feeding. New on eBay for $65, you ES people can buy secondhand on gumtree for $30. 


#68 Milano

Posted 23 December 2013 - 01:25 PM

Hi ladies,

Tranter - I have been wondering when my hair will start to thin out. I guess it'll be soon. My hair is quite long and Ive just been tying it back everyday because I don't have time or engery to blow dry it nicely - how bad is that! As for being emotional, I'm like that all day long. I'm sure it will pass.

April - I hear you on the change of sleep patterns. My DS has changed and doesn't sleep much more than 2 hours at a time. And mornings he doesn't really sleep at all, apart from a few 15 min naps. It's tiring. I got the Wonder Weeks app too (thanks clrw!) and read about the 'real tears'. When I saw them for myself yesterday I had tears myself!

How is everyone else? Looking forward to Christmas? I'll be having a very quiet one and am pleased about that.

AFM, feeding has been up and down since my last post. I've been trying to exclusively BF and my DS has been cluster feeding so he has been on me a lot and I didn't give my nipples enough time to heal so they are still very damaged and very sore. I'm also still unsure about my milk levels.

I had a follow up appointment with the MCHN nurse this morning who is also a lactation consultant. She wants me to have 2 days off BF and just express so my nipples have time to heal. She also thinks I should be on Motilium. The LC I saw last week didn't think it was necessary. So confusing with the difference of opinions! Anyway, I rang my OB and asked his advice and he said it wouldn't hurt so he has written me a prescription. I guess I'll give it a go!

DS has put on 250 grams in the past week so that is the main thing. Happy with that :)

Merry Christmas to you all and hope you enjoy the festive season with your new additions. What a year it has been for us!

Milano x

#69 gc_melody

Posted 23 December 2013 - 02:30 PM

Hi Everyone,

I've been reading your posts but haven't posted back. Sorry.
It's busy at my place. Both kids demanding attention and DH away at work a lot. I find that I'm running back and forwards between each one. Oh well, on the upside I've lost all the weight I gained during pregnancy and an extra kg. Looking super flabby around the middle but hey, I'm 8 weeks post partum. I'm ok with wobbly for now.

I think DD is allergic to something. She's had really bad dermatitis since I started topping her up with formula. It's all over her face, neck, ears and body. She is very uncomfortable the poor thing. I've tried four different types of formula now and I've just started Aptimal Allerpro which had the milk proteins partially broken down. It seems to be making a difference although it's early days yet. I really hope that (a) we've identified what it is she is allergic/intolerant to and (b) it's an intolerance and not an allergy and © she outgrows it. I spoke too soon with DS. He has his angel moments but has tried to tip over DDs Moses basket during an outburst. Thank goodness DD wasn't in there at the time but still, I could have offered him for free to the first taker at that moment. DH and I are still on each others nerves. Bree, I didn't just think it would be easier with just the kids and I, I actually said it during an argument over sleep and housework. Ouch. DH and I have gotten over it mostly but the comment fallout lingers. I should have kept my mouth closed taken a breath instead. The ILs are crabby at me for not hosting Christmas (give me strength please) and have chosen to not have a get together at all instead of saying they'll host. I feel bad for DH but I don't think it's reasonable to expect me to be cooking for all and sundry and hosting when I have an 8 week old baby and a toddler to care for as well. The option of bringing a plate isn't an option either and DHs family won't work it that way. Sheesh, families huh? On the bright side, DD is feeding better and sleeping a LOT better. She slept from 7.30ish last night until 4am this morning. I woke and checked her thinking something awful had happened but nope, snoring away like an angel. It was lovely. She's smiling and coo-ing and calls to me in this beautiful baby coo-ing. I love it :-)  Gosh, she's grown so much in eight short weeks.

Milano - I'm so happy to hear things are sorted with your DSs tongue tie and feeding is on the upward trend. Don't be shy with the Motillium, it works with really good effect. I've had no side effects from it at all.

Bree - How are things going? Routine??? What's that? DS is all over the shop again. I can't work out if he wants to drop his day sleep or not. Before DD he would nap from 11.30-1.30ish. Now, napping from 1pm ish until I wake him up around 3pm. Bedtime usually 6.30-7pm and he'd take himself off to bed. Now, we're still shushing him and settling at 8-8.30pm. DH and I get to eat at 9pm onwards. I have no words of advice, only sympathy. Those afternoon/eary evening hours are a challenge atm.

April - I hear you. I've put my foot down and it went straight through the floor. Almost no effect, so I'd best save my breath rather than say hurtful things like I did. How are you doing? I judge growth spurts but feeding increasing and unsettled behaviour. It doesn't seem to last long but I could be off base judging it. Glad to hear your LC apt went well. What did they have to say about the feeding? Are you doing ok?

clrw - How was your work Christmas party? Details please ! Frock, fun and what you got up to please. I live through others escapades atm. lol Hope you had a great time !

tranter - My hair appointment was bliss, thanks for asking. :-) Pedicure is next. I keep meaning to do it myself but I run out of time and energy. Yes, I do feel a 'change'. I got my period last week. It was only spotting but it was still a period. I can't believe it happened so soon. I'm moody and easily moved to tears. Not quite pregnant style but close. It's amazing what our bodies have been through in a year. It's not surprising we're feeling like this I guess. I hope life is sunny side up today at yours.

Sorry if I've missed anyone.

Have a wonderful Christmas time ladies. Enjoy your precious babies and I hope you all get waited on hand and foot all day Christmas Day. :xmas_cool:

#70 Tranter

Posted 23 December 2013 - 04:56 PM

Merry Christmas ladies!

April, my DD was feeding every 1 - 2 hours and only sleeping for 20 mins at a time.  I assumed it was a growth spurt but as I now have the Wonder Weeks book maybe it was a 'leap'? Great news on your LC appointment. What a great idea the baby scales are for breast feeding.  Thanks for the tip :xmas_cool:

Milano, don't feel back about not styling your hair.  The hair tie and hair band are my best friends these days! If you're still unsure about your milk levels try the baby scales April has suggested.  I wish I had thought of that in the early days of feeding. Never mind about the differing LC's opinions, you're doing great as shown by your DS's weight gain.  Keep up the good work. :D

gc, wow! How unreasonable and selfish your IL's sound at the moment. :angry: I can't believe they won't compromise even on the bring a plate idea. Sending you lots of :hugs: and hope things get back to normal with both your DS and DH.  Good luck with DD's dermatitis.  It sounds like that formula may do the trick. I love that although she's uncomfortable, she's still coo-ing and smiling at you.  How beautiful.

Hi Bree and clrw.  Hope you're snuggled up with your little ones and enjoying lots of cuddles.

AFM, I hear you gc on the flabby tummy!  Mine feels like jelly. I have also lost more than the baby weight now. My DH wants me to lose the granny undies but my caesar scar still needs them much to his dismay! My DD has started smiling!  I didn't think I could love her anymore than I do until that big gummy grin lit up the room yesterday morning. Best Christmas present ever :excite:I am going to look back on this year and thank my lucky stars for how everything has worked out.

Have a wonderful Christmas Mummas. Enjoy your beautiful families.  

Tranter :heart:

#71 gc_melody

Posted 24 December 2013 - 01:37 PM

Thanks Tranter - hugs back to you :hugs:

"'Tis the night before Christmas....." DS is at kindy and DD is sleeping and DH is at work. "There was no sound....not even a mouse..." :excite:  lol, it's blissful.

I'm popping in to wish you all a wonderful day tomorrow. We've supported each other through an amazing long wished for life change and I couldn't have asked for better company. Thank you my cyber Mum friends.

Today I went into the SCN/NICU and dropped off Xmas parcels for the Mums and bubs there, as well as for the staff. They do an amazing job supporting parents of sick and prem children. Unfortunately, the NICU is full to the rafters but the care packages will be used and I'm sure appreciated.
I also went to the paeds ward and dropped off some gifts for the staff there too. A small thank you for all the care and support they showed us when DD stopped breathing and again two weeks later when everyone thought she had meningitis. The beaming smiles from the faces of the nursing and paeds staff was priceless.  I'm so glad I did it. Without these wonderful people, I wouldn't have my precious children.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and I'm so looking forward to sharing our children growing up and the trials and pleasures of parenting with you all. Have a safe and happy Christmas everyone. xxx

#72 clrw

Posted 24 December 2013 - 02:02 PM

Hi all,

I wrote a half hour reply yesterday in the car headed up the coast and lost it attending to DS who was having a tantrum. Devo!

My Christmas party was fun. It was at Luna Park in a function room looking out over the Harbour Bridge and Opera house. It took all day to get everything sorted for both kids for the night. The party was a little quieter than the normal debouchary.. Fine for me as I had to leave by 11.30pm to relieve the babysitter. It was nice to have a champers or two and a chat. I wore a black Whitchery dress my sister bought me for my birthday and some low black heels (which hurt by the time I left as I've been in thongs for about 4 months!!). Nice to feel like a normal adult for a few hours.

Routine?! We have a loose one. DD wakes about 6/6.30. I feed her then take DS to daycare. Another feed at home then a 2-3 hour sleep. Another feed they are taking about an hour). She may sleep a few hours again but we have some very fussy awake afternoons. Pick DS up from daycare. Cluster feed from 6pm to about 8/8.30pm. Bath her then final feed and in bed for 9.30/10.  I have been giving her a small formula feed for that last one before bed which has meant only one wake up about 2am (night feeds have gone from 4 hours to 3 hours meaning 2 overnight wake ups). Then back up at 6 and start again :)

2 wake ups overnight is ok but I was finding I was just settling her to sleep and DS was waking up. I wasn't able to get back to bed until 10.30 am after getting him off for the day and giving her another feed which was a bit brutal.

Our New Years goal is to help DP get to work on time for the first time since DD has been born :)

I'm not sure about experiencing a "change" get myself but DD had a shocking case of acne come up last week and I wondered if a hormone fluctuation in me caused it?!

This is me typing one handed again while feeding so sorry for no personals. Merry Christmas to all. I hope it's special for you :)

#73 April2608

Posted 25 December 2013 - 05:45 AM

Hi Ladies
Hope you all have a magical Christmas.
Look forward to sharing the new year with you all.


#74 bree18

Posted 25 December 2013 - 08:10 AM

Merry Christmas everyone!
Hope you have wonderful days spending time with your beautiful new bubbas and families. We are all so very lucky :)

#75 Milano

Posted 25 December 2013 - 07:09 PM

Merry Christmas ladies, hope you have enjoyed your day with your little ones. We are getting our first smiles from DS - gorgeous!


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