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Our birth story

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#1 JomoMum

Posted 29 November 2013 - 01:32 PM

I am so so excited to finally be able to share my own birth story. I have spent months enjoying reading the stories of others. I hope you enjoy too :)

So Friday the 8th rolled around and DH and I decidedto go to the movies for the last time on our own. I walked out a few hours later with cramps that I put down to gas pains after drinking a slurpie while sitting down for two hours. Silly girl.

Well, these cramps continued on and off for the next three days. They were most annoying and I was convinced they were doing nothing. I had seen my OB the previous Monday and my cervix was still high, firm and closed ... Great. He was expecting me to be overdue.

Fast forward to that next Monday night and I had been having these cramps for days now. I was booked in for gel Tuesday afternoon, so we headed to the hosp and I was monitored for a bit and examined .. 3-4cm, nice and soft! The midwife performed a stretch and sweep at 5.30pm, my OB was happy to leave me be overnight, and perform ARM the next morning if nothing progressed.

DH and I went home and had some dinner (Indian curry of all things). 8.30pm rolled around and I thought I would start timing these pains to see what was going on. 6-8 mins apart for a few hours. DH ran me a bath at about 10pm, which was lovely. He brought the radio in and lit me some candles and we just sat and talked. It was such a special time :) so strange, my best friend actually messaged me at about 11 saying "I have this weird feeling you're in labour. If you are, hope it's going well". She'd had no idea about our visit to hospy that afternoon ...

I got out of the bath after nearly an hour, and told DH to go have a nap in the spare room for half an hour and I would just nap on our bed. Well I didn't really get to nap at all, but he had a quick doze.

But by about 11.30, contractions were sitting at 3-4 mins consistently. I was in quite a bit of pain now and was getting nervous about not being at the hospital. I called the birthing suites at 12 and told the midwife what was happening and she said we should make our way in! We were both so nervous and excited!

The car trip was less than comfortable. Contractions didn't slow down, and it's a 25 min drive for us, so I managed about 5-6 of them in the car. Ick!

We arrived at about 1 and got settled in our room, by which time the contractions had slowed a little. I hopped into the bath and tried out the gas, and within half an hour they were back to 3-4 mins, getting much stronger. I had to have the gas on the lowest setting because it was making me feel ill otherwise, and so naturally there came a time when it was no longer effective.. I got out of the bath at about 3 and back onto the bed, laying on my side. The midwife was a little snippy.. I had told her I wanted to get out as it was no longer helping me. "Well it's only going to get worse once you're out of the water, so what's your plan now?"  
"I have no fricking idea. I haven't done this before you wench" is what I really wanted to say. Instead, I told her I'd hop back on the bed and re try the gas.

I spent each contraction moaning and groaning into the pillow. The gas hadn't lasted long. I never thought I would be comfortable making those noises, but it really helped me. DH was absolutely wonderful. Did anything and everything I asked, even when contradicting myself and changing my mind in a split second. I squeezed his hand so hard at time I thought I might hurt him. Lol "you're not that strong" he had told me later.

I'm not too sure what time it happened, but I decided I was no longer coping lol. It would have been maybe 6am? The midwife asked if I would like to know how far along I was, and I agreed. She examined me, 8cm with bulging waters. She was also quite certain bub was posterior. I had told her that I wanted an epidural and she managed to convince me that we were so close now and I had come so far. We agreed that she could break my waters if I had a shot of pethidine first, so I did and 15 mins later, with the tiniest of pops, my waters broke.

My contractions didn't particularly come any quicker, but holy heck did they become more painful. I also then vomited a few times from the pethidine. I was nearly at the point of screaming. My one regret is letting her convince me not to have the epi when I wanted it, because ....

By this stage, I had all but lost control. I was in so much pain, and the thought of having to push him out frightened me to the point of tears. My OB popped in for a visit and examined me at about 8am. Bub was definitely posterior and I was 9.5 cm with an anterior lip. I had come so far! He told me we needed to try and turn him if we wanted the best chance of a vaginal delivery. He wanted me to avoid pushing for an hour and spend it rotating laying on my sides in the bed.

So off he went, and I pretty much demanded the epi. Something along the lines of "I'm not coping with the pain. I can't do this for another hour. If it's not too late, i want the epi. Am I being clear??"

Because I had to delay pushing, they (so kindly, as if it was their decision) decided to allow it lol and called the anaesthetist. He was there within 10 mins. "Good morning, how are we all!!"
Respons- grunting and moaning.
He walked over to me, already hunched over the side of the bed, and asked 'do you want me to talk you through this or just do it?"
Just do it.
6 mins later it was in and within about 3 contractions I was all but pain free. I could still feel immense pressure in my bottom with each contraction but it was tolerable. I spent an hour rolling over every 10 mins and dozing in between contractions. I never understood how women could doze in between contractions once they had an epidural in, but it was so easy, and in was so tired.

The midwife had been given instructions to let me me push for one hour before calling my OB back, so we got started. Bub was right down low, could see the top of his head in the peak of each push. But after one hour, he was going nowhere. My OB came back and spoke to me about my options. He advised me of my choices and I decided to go with ventouse assistance (my other option was straight to a caesar). He told me about how it would go and that we had three contractions to give it my best shot and then it had to be removed and we would go to a Caesar.

I did not want a Caesar, although if it came down to it then so be it. But he had made it clear, without causing me any panic or alarm, that we needed to get him out. It was in that moment that I was so so glad we had our own OB as I felt 100% confident in him and 100% comfortable with him. He had the cap on bulbs' head in about 5 mins and then the real fun started...

I had my feet on some little stirrup things at the side of the bed (not those huge ones you see in movies where your feet are up in the air!), the end of the bed and been removed, and I had some handles to hang on to on the side of the bed to help me bear down. And bear down I did. I got four pushes in with every contraction and each one was massive. It took absolutely all of my effort and every ounce of strength in my body. It felt so good to be pushing and actually feeling him moving down, albeit with a little assistance! By now the epi had started to wear off slightly so I could feel some sensation. The second contraction came and the Doc told me that I really had to keep pushing and I was going really well and we had only a few more pushes to go.

Well, I pushed him out in 12 pushes, over 3 contractions. I did need an episiotomy to help his head out, I did feel the snip, not any pain though, and then all of a sudden he was telling me to open my eyes so I could meet my baby as he was nearly here. And then he was! He was so wide eyed and alert.

It was a feeling that was so totally overwhelming. I know women birth babies all over the world, every day, but it felt as though I was just one in a million and was so proud of what I had done. DH was right by my side the entire time and, bless him, got all teary when DS was finally here.

My OB had told me afterwards that after the first contraction, he really didn't think I would be able to push him out. I was so pleased with myself to have proved him wrong, even if we did need a bit of help :) it wasn't how I had envisaged it going, but I still got to birth him vaginally, which I was concerned may not happen with the epi in. I look back on his birth with such happiness :)

DS weighed 3.50kg, 52cm long and head circ 36cm. We spent some time just cuddling before they did all the measurements etc which was just lovely.

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#2 lurfest

Posted 29 November 2013 - 01:42 PM

Wow, congratulations!  I'm so glad you achieved your goal of a vaginal delivery.  You must have some killer pushing skills to get him out so quickly :)

#3 lizzylizzy

Posted 29 November 2013 - 01:53 PM

Thank yuo for sharing- i love these stories . YOU made me think out my special day on 14 feb 2012....xo

#4 ignite

Posted 29 November 2013 - 03:16 PM

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing. :)

#5 Autumn baby 2013

Posted 29 November 2013 - 04:14 PM

Congrats, I love reading people's birth stories your lo was about the same size as my dd mine coming in at 4kg, but same length. Well done op

#6 alwayshappy

Posted 29 November 2013 - 04:36 PM

Awwww, he was born on my wedding anniversary.

Congratulations, such a lovely birth story.

Now the real fun begins!

#7 TheFirstNoel

Posted 02 December 2013 - 08:16 AM

Congratulations!  You did an amazing job!  I had a posterior labour for my 4th and am in awe of mums who go through that with their first!

Enjoy your little man and your new family!

#8 Karen_H

Posted 11 April 2014 - 10:40 PM

Thank you for sharing your lovely story :smile:

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