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Homebirth mums and mums to be #3
Homebirth mums and mums to be #3

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#1 rachelP

Posted 04 December 2003 - 12:43 PM

Hi girls,
Thought it was time for a new one. original.gif

#2 sallybelly

Posted 06 December 2003 - 01:05 PM

Hello there Mums & Mums to be...

I've some exciting news if you would like to see a pregnancy shot of me that is a current exhibition please go to this web-site.  http://www.conceptimages.org/exhibitiongallery.html

This was taken when I was 36 weeks pregnant with Cailan at our property on the Sunshine Coast - we went to the exhibition last Friday, and I must say I was blown away by Cathy the photographers work.  I'm really honoured that she used some of my pictures for her exhibition.

Life is going well with family and new baby.  He is a wonderfully contented and calm baby.  I must say boys are so much different to girls.  Girls seem far more fussy and demanding!

Cailan is sleeping well during most days and nights - letting me have a well earned rest.

Bye for now...


#3 VicMum

Posted 08 December 2003 - 10:26 AM

Hi Sally,
great photo!!! you were definately all belly! What a wonderful momento of your PG.
Hope the new little one isn't getting you too tired.

Nik M.

Me (27)
DH Damian (26)
DD Cara Therese 24/05/02
EDD 08/08/04

#4 rachelP

Posted 08 December 2003 - 12:37 PM

What a lovely shot Sally. It's actually very much how I would hav eimagined you to look (of course not that I was picturing you naked or anything !!!! original.gif )

We had our first check up / visit on Friday night. Yay!
It was so great to see Lynne again. We had a try for a listen but weren't able to get a heartbeat. Lynne of course said that it was because I had such a lovely big pelvis and the baby was probably nestled in comfortably and didn't wish to be poked at! ah the difference! I imagine if I had been at an OB's office I would have been sent for an immediate ultrasound. I am not worried at all, and Lynne said she will call in again when she's passing to try for another listen over the next week or too. I love homebirth MW care!!!!
Hope you are all well

#5 rachelP

Posted 22 December 2003 - 01:21 PM

What's happening out there in homebirth land?!
How are you all?
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all.

#6 ailterra

Posted 24 December 2003 - 04:26 AM

Hi Rachel and all,
Had a midwifes appointment yesterday, all is well, Im now on fortnightly appointments, this pregnancy has just flown past.Ive been have this pain in my left buttock for over a month, havent bothered mentioning to anyone but did yesterday, and my midwife refered me ot a chiroprator, its apparently a trapped nerve.
Hope everyone else is well and the new babies thriving.
Have a great Christmas all,

DS (92)9lb 1oz
DD (96)10lb
DS (00)9lb 6oz (37weeks)
DS (due March 04)

#7 sallybelly

Posted 24 December 2003 - 12:01 PM

Hello all

I'm doing really well and despite the tandem feeding and extremely mental 26 month old toddler feeling great with plenty of energy to get me throught the day.  Bubs is sleeping most of the nights and waking at about 5:30 for a feed, has done since 6.5 weeks old.  What a little beauty he is.  We had some photos taken 2 weeks ago and I got the proofs yesterday there are some gorgeous ones there of DH and DS.  There might be some posted to the photographers web site soon, will post if there is.

So Cailan will be 2 months old on Sunday - time just flys by.  Kinda sad but also wonderful that he is progressing so well.

Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season with your families and loved ones...


#8 rachelP

Posted 26 December 2003 - 09:08 PM

Hi All,
Terri - hope the chiro can help you. Not long to go for you now. I think March will be here before we know it!

I feel like this pregnancy is flying for me too. Good in some ways I think. Caring for my little Darling makes it go all the faster! No time to think about being pregnant!

Sally - what a champion sleeper you have! I like to hear stories about BF babies that sleep through! I want one! Finger crossed for us. And the callenges of a toddler... hmmmm... I'll be going there myslef soon... should be fun.original.gif

Hope You all enjoyed Christmas.

I have an appointment with the hospital next Friday for my back up booking. Should be fun.! I'll have my boxing gloves on just in case. original.gif I actually don't like to weigh myself, mainly because I see it as uneccesary and I'm quite healthy to look at, and well within my weight range, so don't really see the point. So I guess that is our first possible clash. I will let them know I'm planning a homebirth, and this is just a formality as I want to be booked in as a public patient just in case of transfer. Sooooo, we'll see. I know my cousin got a very interested registrar who asked her heaps of questions about homebirth and treated her beautifully and respectfully, so you never know! Will keep you all posted anyway.
I am well and almost 17 weeks now. My tummy is well and truly out there for all the world to see! It's great. April is still feeding really well, so our tandem feeding plans are looking good.
Love to all
Rachel & April

#9 VicMum

Posted 27 December 2003 - 04:24 PM

Hi all,
Hope you all had a great Xmas. Well we are just back from the holidays in Sydney. DH's graduation went well. It sounds funny saying Dr & Mrs.... will take some getting used to. Holiday was great except that I caught a cold from SIL. really annoying, I haven't had one all year & now I'm pg I get one!! Because I'm Pg I'm trying really hard not to take any medications so it is dragging on but I'm starting to feel better.

I'm 8 1/2 weeks now & have my 1st appt with midwife on 12th Jan. really looking forward to it. Haven't told family about HB plans yet and they are starting to enquire about the hospital. I've just been giving them vague answers. Has anyone got any suggestions for telling the family? I'm sure I'm going to run into opposition.

Glad to hear everyone is well.

Nik M.

Me (27)
DH Damian (26)
DD Cara Therese 24/05/02
EDD 08/08/04

#10 ailterra

Posted 28 December 2003 - 12:01 PM

Hi All,
Trust you all had a great Christmas, ours was a fun filled day with heaps of mess from all the presents, the kids all loved their toys and are still saying its the best Christmas yet so we must have done something right!!
Rachel good luck with your hospital booking mine went well this time although I got a very negative midwife with my first homebirth.So I guess it really depends who you get on the day. This time around mine was really keen and interested to know all about it. I suppose the insurance issue was the main thing they asked me about this time.
Nik as for suggestions in telling family Im afraid Im not much help as my family are all in the UK where homebirth is perfectly common and accepted, my husband was born at home, and I think everyone knows someone that is.
Well have a great New Year everyone.

DS (92)9lb 1oz
DD (96)10lb
DS (00)9lb 6oz (37weeks)
DS (due March 04)

#11 rachelP

Posted 28 December 2003 - 08:36 PM

Hmm, suggestions for telling family....
I think I just said 'actually we're looking at having the baby at home at the moment' or something to that effect. My MIL's response was, 'oh you are not!' She was flabbergasted!  My dear hubby just said said, actually mum, we are'!!!!!!
So yeh.... just let it come out how ever... some will ask intersted questions. I find a lot of people where interested in how the whole arrangement worked. And of course, 'what about all the mess' was always a big one. original.gif
HAve a talk with your hubby and see what works for you.
And BTW, what is your hubby a Dr. of/in Vicmum???? (not sure if it was a medical Dr?)
Happy new year to all,

#12 VicMum

Posted 01 January 2004 - 09:08 AM

Hi girls,
Well thanks for the suggestions re telling the family. Just have to get them to sit still for a few minutes now!!! Pg is good although feeling a bit M/S today, have been craving salt & vinegar chips, same as with DD! As for my DH, no he's not a Dr of Medicine he is a Dr of Physics and works in the field of Nuclear & Radiological Physics!! If it sounds strange don't worry I'm used to it, it's always a conversation stopper when someone says "What does your hubby do?"!!!! LOL

Well happy New Year to all and especially to everyone waiting on a stork this year!

Nik M.

Me (27)
DH Damian (26)
DD Cara Therese 24/05/02
EDD 08/08/04

#13 rachelP

Posted 01 January 2004 - 08:43 PM

Hi Nik and all,
After i asked the question I must say I thought it would be pretty rare for a Dr of medicines' wife to be having a HB!!! Anyway.... glad you are well. I had the chip phase too.... luckily it has passed! Now I am into the stonefruit phase which is a bit easier on my waist line! I was just mad for junk food for a while though, it's bizarre isn't it. original.gif
We had a visit from Lynne yesterday and listened to our baby's heartbeat for the first time. April was wedged up on the couch as well (couldn't miss a thing!) and Lynne put the sonic aid on her chest too so she could hear her heart beat too. I love homebirth care!!!! April was wandering around with the stethoscope and sonicaid saying 'hello, hello, papa' into it thinking it was a phone. Priceless. original.gif
We had a nice chat and a drink and Lynne was on her way. We all have complete confidence in her abilities to guide us.
On the other hand.... I have my hospital 'back up' booking appt. tomorrow which I am not really looking forward to, but will do because I would prefer that they have some paperwork on me in the event that we may need to transfer in. I am ready for a 'discussion' as I imagine alarm bells will start to ring when I wont allow them to weigh me... proabaly a siren will go off... difficult patient!!!! anyway... will let you know how it goes.

#14 sunbunny

Posted 01 January 2004 - 09:11 PM

Hi Rachel and everyone!

I'm a bit of a lurker here, a homebirth mum of 2 boys (5 and 2 1/2 years old), and also a homebirth midwife in SA.  I just wanted to say good luck for your booking in appt tomorrow, I was also dreading it, but also looking for an opportunity to let them know who was boss!  I got a wonderful registrar, who was really positive, told me that she really didn't think they would see me, but if they did, she hoped she was on and that they would do everything they could to make it a great birth for me in hospital in case of a transfer.  I actually thanked her profusely for her respectful attitude, and that went down very well!

As an aside, I've just attended a wonderful homebirth here in the Hills, a 2 hour established labour, and wonderful gentle water birth of a little girl.  Oh what a wonderful start to the New Year!

Take care all



DS Sam 30/01/99 10lb
DS Jake 30/07/01 10lb 3oz
Both born peacefully and safely at home....Babies are born, pizzas are delivered!

#15 ailterra

Posted 03 January 2004 - 06:02 AM

Hi all,
Happy New Year to everyone.
Rachel, I hope your booking in went OK and not too many awkward moments arose.Im right into the stonefruit as well, at the moment, I hope it lasts until March or I may get the chocolate munchies again!!!!LOL
Im on fortnightly visits now , I cant believe how quickly this preganancy has flown past.
Tania what a dream labour for your client,mine seem to be getting longer although my first was 8 hours my 3rd was 15 but a beautiful home water birth nonetheless. In hindsight maybe I got in the water a bit too soon and it slowed everything down, but it was so nice being in the pool.Also the little darling was OP so more hands and knee exercises this time!LOL
Take care all,

DS (92)9lb 1oz
DD (96)10lb
DS (00)9lb 6oz (37weeks)
DS (due March 04)

#16 chrissy2003

Posted 03 January 2004 - 10:20 AM

I had my midwife visit 2 days ago and all went very well.

My kids had a bit of trouble listening to the baby's heartbeat as she kept moving around so much original.gif

I was very relieved to find out bubs wasnt breech but alas last night she moved around so much that she went side wards then breech again.

But im not worried now as i asked my midwife if she delievers breech babies at home or would she prefer me to go to the hospital, but she is happy to let me go at it at home as i have been stretched before (lol) and bubs is on the small side so she cant see any problems at this stage.

So with that said im just praying for a cool change in this weather as its ranged from 35-39 for over a week, makes it hard to go shopping for bargins when im exausted just going to my local shop for milk etc

I hope you all had a great xmas and are planning a fab new year.

DB/F  26
Corrine 13/10/95
Lachlan 30/8/97
Abigail due 17/2/04

#17 rachelP

Posted 04 January 2004 - 12:16 PM

Hi All,
So great to see lots of new posts to read. original.gif
Nic - sounds like you have a fantstic chance of a vbac, and I agree, the care at home is just such a huge part of keeping you (and DD's &DS's) happy and relaxed. Hope you do end up with a birth too quick to transfer in! Wouldn't that be great! If not though, wont you have enjoyed the fantstic community mid program. Wish we had one here.

Well my appt. actually went really well. Perhaps with 2nd bub and a successful HB behind us they were pretty happy with me. The MW I saw was nice and just ticked off all the boxes and told me to go! The OB was pretty relaxed and just looked over my history and said I was very low risk, so there was nothing else really he needed to know. So all was fine.

Glad to hear others are going well.

Anyone else going to be feeding 2 babies?


#18 Guest_~Franny~_*

Posted 04 January 2004 - 07:50 PM

Can I own up to lurking too!!  cool.gifo: I'm not even pg, but last year when I had my second bub I had a secret fantasy (like yours Nic), to just keep labouring and have the bub at home. (with hindsight I wish I had) I love hearing about all your gentle births at home, and the planning.  We just bought the kids an enormous (like 3m across), blow up pool, and I keep kneeling in it, and leaning on the sides and thinking...hmmmmm...birthing pool...if there is a next time for me I'll see you all on this thread! original.gif

This message was edited by ~Franny~ on Sunday, 4 January 2004 @ 8:51 PM

#19 rachelP

Posted 06 January 2004 - 12:12 PM

Hi all,
Hi Franny - lurk away! Sounds like you are a bit of a closet homebirther yourself anyway! Go for it.

#20 VicMum

Posted 09 January 2004 - 08:54 AM

Hi Ladies,
Great to see some new posts!! Well my homebirth Ides started in much the same way, after DD's bad hospital experience I just kept thinking wouldn't it be nice if I could just stay here & avoid hospital & it hasw slowly develpoped into a real plan!! I think it may be hard for others to realise how gradual (sp??) it was. I have a feeling they will think that I just woke up one morning & said "I'm not going to hospital!"

Anyway, pg is fine. M/S seems to be passing as my cold goes too. Now I just have a really bad taste in my mouth in the mornings. Have my 1st appt with Annie on Mon morn! Can't wait!

Nik M.

Me (27)
DH Damian (26)
DD Cara Therese 24/05/02
EDD 08/08/04

#21 Monkey_Island

Posted 09 January 2004 - 05:09 PM

***another lurker here***


I just love the thought of a home birth.. not being pressured, being so much more relaxed in your own surroundings... the peacefullness of it all... not to mention knowing exactly who will be there at the precious birth rather than the pot luck you end up with at hospital. I'm in envy of you all!!!


DS Jackson 29 August 2002
TTC #2

#22 rachelP

Posted 13 January 2004 - 12:29 PM

hi all,
Hi Sari - lurk away! Perhaps next time for you at home??!!
How is everyone?
We are feeling great now! Up to the 19 week mark and I'm feeling better than ever so very happy about that! Baby is wiggling away nicely and April has two new teeth which explain her sudden personality transplant (and back to normal) - thank God!
I'm trying to track down an Amby baby hammock for this bub. Have had a look on the website, they look fabulous and so portable. We did co-sleep with April but she hated it and started kicking and punching us at about 2 weeks of age! ah well, at least it was baby led I suppose. original.gif The next one will get the opportunity too, but I do need my space in bed and the thought of a little hammock right next to me is lovely. also great for day sleeps down in the lounge room.
Hope all is well with growing babies and mums,

#23 VicMum

Posted 14 January 2004 - 12:40 PM

Hi all,
Well my big news flash is that we had our Midwife's appt on Mon and we heard bub's heartbeat!!! Yeah, I think the ist time is one of the best moments in Pg. Annie is great it was the ist time we got to sit down & talk properly and we were all really appy with her. She encouraged me to make a time when DH & DD could be there too which was great.
I was a bit worried about choosing a backup hospital as we are new to Melbourne and don't know much about them. I went to see our local hospital (Werribee Mercy) but I didn't like the attitude of the staff one bit & I didn't even mention HB !!! LOL.
Anyway, Annie reccommended the RWH in Carlton. Apparently they are used to HB (they have a HB dept) they are happy to do backup & all antenatal screnning so Annie organises everything I just wait for the paperwork. Most importantly they know Annie really well. So that is what I know so far I just really hope it lives up to what I've been told. At least I don't have to wait in the clinic for tests, I just make an appt & go straight in!! sounds good to me.

Everything else in fine but I know I will be much happier in a few weeks when the M/S leaves. alking to DH again last night about telling the family our HB plans. I realised its starting to stress me out. I was trying to wait until my parents move house but we don't know when that is (they're building)Soon could be days, weeks or months! I didn't want to stress them with this on to of their move but I think it will have to be soon. Also my MIL is getting nosy! yesterday she said "but you have to see a Doctor" like the baby will curl up & die unless a Doctor says otherwise! I know I'll have to tell them soon.

Anyway enough of my ranting & raving, hope everyone is well. Do we have any little ones due soon? I see Nic is due soon, I hope you get you HB just go with the flow & maybe the lille one will decide for you. Please keep us posted.

Best wishes to all.

Nik M.

Me (27)
DH Damian (26)
DD Cara Therese 24/05/02
EDD 08/08/04

#24 rachelP

Posted 15 January 2004 - 01:15 PM

HI All,
Nik - so glad to hear your appt. with Annie went well and you heard a heartbeat. original.gif
It's so great when you get a chance to sit down at chat and get to know the person a bit, ask your questions and discuss others attitudes, your feelings etc. Love HB care!!!!! Your hospital backup souns good too. We are a bit the same in that our MW works in the family birthing unit at our local hospital, so is known. That was a comfort to me too.

Things are pretty uneventful here. I'm about 19 weeks and feeling way better. I bought a little pair of leggins for the baby which was fun! Navy blue, so could be for either! starting to think about doing some sewing, maybe just some bunny rugs or something simple, so getting into the feel of it. original.gif
I am actually wishing for my tummy to be bigger and feel those big swishy rolls of the baby and play with the feet.... lovely. original.gif
I think we have a couple of names in mind now, but will probably change again in the next 20 weeks!
and NIk, what your plans for your current child and the birth? I am still trying to work out how I want to do it. am being a bit cheeky and sounding people out who I think could care for April at our place while I am birthing as I really want her to see the baby born, but am finding this is freaking people out a bit. Haven't really come accross wxactly how I want to do it. What are your thoughts?

#25 tantrumgirl

Posted 15 January 2004 - 10:40 PM

Hello, I hope it's OK for me to post here too.  I have been lurking at this site for over a year now, but if I had have known there was a homebirth thread, I may have been brave enough to post sooner!  Thanks Rachel!

Nik - about telling the family, I know what you mean that it can be kind of tricky.  My approach to it was along the lines of "I have thoroughly researched things and I really think home midwifery is going to give me the best care" etc. and to share the reasons why I felt home was better than hospital for us.  This worked for me, even with my dad who is a real "only private health care is good enough for my daughter" kind of guy.  I also took my mother-in-law on a tour of the "best" private hospital in Perth with me and that was enough to put her off!  Even she could see how drug and technology focused they were and how that wasn't going to be any good for us.  I hope this helps a little - good luck with it anyway!


<br><font color=purple><i>Yasmin Jade 19.06.2003</i></font>

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