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Homebirth mums and mums to be #3
Homebirth mums and mums to be #3

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#51 ailterra

Posted 13 February 2004 - 09:45 AM

Hi ladies,
How is everyone travelling?
We are well, down to weekly home visits now its so exciting part of me cant wait to meet this baby and another part is trying to hold on to this pregnancy, knowing its my 4th and last baby. Has anyone else felt like this? I just love all those kicking sensations inside and really miss them when the baby is born.
Have had a busy week getting all the little finer things together, being rhesus negative  I had the 36 week blood test for antibodies which were fine and sorted out the blood forms and tubes for after the baby is born, have also organised oral vitamin K which I had to order from the chemist as they dont stock it. Have also got an obstetric TENS unit for pain relief and a new pool for the birth, our other pool had a pucture, good job we tried it out or it could have been messy on the day LOL!

Chrissy how are you going you must be about due now?

Rachel you are sounding great, dont you just love all that extra energy in the middle trimester.Congratulations on your interview for the local paper as well.

Phillipa have you tried contacting Home Midwifery Assocation (Qld) Inc  details of local homebirth midwives throughout QLD    ph: (07) 3839 5883.
I gave the lady a ring before Christmas when we thought we may move and she gave me the name of someone who covered Hervey Bay. However we are moving after the baby is born now and staying put in Sydney for a few more months.Good luck.
Well take care everyone.

DS (92)9lb 1oz
DD (96)10lb
DS (00)9lb 6oz (37weeks)
DS (due March 04)

#52 Tor

Posted 13 February 2004 - 06:08 PM

Hello All,

Great to read so many posts from Australian women planning homebirths! I'm Toria, 31, living in Melbourne with Dh and DD Anna now 2.5yrs. I'm pregnant with #2 and planning a homebirth. We moved to Melbourne from the UK almost 2 years ago where Maternity Services are organised differently so it was a bit of a shock to find that in Victoria, if you want a homebirth, you've got to opt out of the medical system altogether and place your trust in an uninsured midwife (or two!). Homebirth is available on the NHS in the UK. However, having said this, there really aren't enough midwives in the system with the experience and confidence to realistically deliver the service. With Anna's birth a midwife who had never been 'first' midwife at a homebirth showed up and though my brain was saying 'Lets do it', the animal in me was saying, 'no way, Hose!'. We ended up transfering to hospital after 19hours of stop start labour and eventual misdiagnosed fetal distress.

At least this time, I know that I have a midwife who has 12 years experience of homebirth and believes in it as a real alternative for healthy women with normal pregnancies!

Oops, seem to have gone on a bit wink.gif, but once I get onto 'birthing' its hard to stop me.

Good to hear that there's another trainee doula on this thread. I'm also doing birth support work as part of a Grad Dip in Childbirth Education. I'm hoping to be launching independent prenatal classes in April!

Looking forward to getting to know you all.

Love Toria (19+1)
DD Anna 20.7.01
Doula & Student Childbirth Educator

#53 Tor

Posted 13 February 2004 - 06:14 PM

Hi Terri,
Just thought I'd see if you had heard about taking Vitamin K supplements if you are planning to breastfeed? I mention this as you have already organised the baby's oral dose personally (didn't know you could do that!). Research has indicated that if women supplement daily with 5ml of Vitamin K from Day 1 through the first few postnatal weeks, their exclusively breastfed babies had a significantly higher Vitamin K blood concentration than those who did not.

Thought that this might be of use to you.

Love Toria (19+1)

#54 ailterra

Posted 14 February 2004 - 07:57 AM

Hi Toria,
No I didnt know that about the vitamin K, will discuss it with my midwife, could you let meknow where the research comes from.
Do they have the same crazy system in Victoria where to get your bloods done you have to get a script from your GP go to a pathologist then phone the GP to get your results because the pathologist wont send the results to you or your midwife?

DS (92)9lb 1oz
DD (96)10lb
DS (00)9lb 6oz (37weeks)
DS (due March 04)

#55 Tor

Posted 16 February 2004 - 06:55 PM

Hi Terri.

We have to do the same thing here too. Its alot of fuss, but in a way I find it refreshing as you have to participate so much more as a consumer here than you do in the UK.

There you get told when to show up for your blood tests and you get sent your scan appointments from the hospital, so there is much more of a tendancy just to pootle along and go with the flow. Then many women get the shock of their lives when they pop along to their maternity hospital to 'have their baby' and get acquainted with the cascade of intervention instead!

That reference for Vitamin K supplementation is Greer 1997, did a google search and it brought up the following link:


Take care

Love Toria (19+4)

DD - Anna, 20.7.01
Doula and Student Childbirth Educator

#56 ailterra

Posted 19 February 2004 - 06:14 AM

HI all,
Thanks for that information Toria.
I found this website on a home water birth and thought some of you may be interested.


DS (92)9lb 1oz
DD (96)10lb
DS (00)9lb 6oz (37weeks)
DS (due March 04)

#57 4+4

Posted 19 February 2004 - 07:12 AM

Hi All

I have heard recently of a "recipe" that you can make up on your own, that has the equivilent properties of the oral Vit K preperation.  I am trying to source it, and will post it asap.

Mum to Katy, Tessa, Tadhg, Luka and 3 angels.

#58 rachelP

Posted 20 February 2004 - 12:07 PM

Hi All,
How are we all?????
Terri - yep, I know exactly how you feel. I very much 'hung on to' April, and I actually believe my labor was longer as I was in no hurry to have the actual baby. I actually kept saying to her -'oh you porr thing' when she was born, as I felt there her life had suddenly changed for the worse! And for me, I was sad to 'give her up' as she was so 'mine' and no one elses. I too loved being pregnant and feeling all the great movements, and the great knowing that I had about how she felt and that she was happy there.
I had a long second stage (fully at 1:30am and babe born at 4;45am) with very little urge to push. When the time did come, I pushed for well over an hour. So, for both of us I think, we were happier with the way things were!!!!
Hopefully this time we will reach a happy compromise and get this baby out a bit faster!
I am actually much more excited to 'meet this baby' than I was with April.
Your 4th baby. original.gif I actually said to my husband how I'll probably be saying about my last baby and BF - oh s/he's still just a baby (4 year old)!!!! I honestly can't imagine not BF at the moment, but I know the day will come. original.gif
Hope all is well with everyone. We have a visit with Lynne tonight, so looking forward to that. Almost 25 weeks now! It is going so quickly. original.gif
Love to all,

#59 BlancheNeige

Posted 20 February 2004 - 10:41 PM

Hi everyone,

Have been lurking for a while but finally decided to come out of the closet because I'm in need of some advice original.gif.

DH and I are starting to think about ttc#2 and even though I'm probably getting waaaaayyy ahead of myself here, I've begun planning what kind of a birth experience I'd like to have. I really hated the hospital birth I had last time and found that the whole thing was made unnecessarily clinical. So, I'm really, really keen to have a homebirth this time but will have to do some very hard work to convince my DH that it's a safe thing to do as he's somebody who has a bit of a "doctor knows best" attitude - do any of you have any tips on how to talk him round ??

Hope that all of those who are pregnant are doing well and good luck to everyone ttc original.gif.

Jo oxo
*DS Matteo Jasper 3/12/2002

#60 chrissy2003

Posted 21 February 2004 - 09:16 AM

Hiya wombat
I am yet to have my first homebirth experience, i am 4 days over due and my midwife is coming to see me today,
so i will find out what she likes to do regarding overdue babies.

My DP was against a homebirth for the 1st half of this pregnancy. He wanted me to go to the doctors for my appointments and to to the hospital for the birth. So after not seeing my doctor on a regular basis with the excuse that i would have to take time off from work for the appointments, then wait for an hour as doctors are always behind with their patient workloads, i told DP how much easier it would be for a midwife to come to me when it suited me at home so i wouldn't miss out on any pay from work, he started to come around to the idea.

This is DP first child so i got a few of my relatives and friends to explain to him what my labours are like so he could see that i was a perfect candidate for homebirth.
After that i threatened to labour at home and not go to the hospital at all if things were going good, so either he had to learn how to deliever a baby or let me have a midwife and do things my way, he soon agreed that i was both stubborn and going to have a home birth with or without his help.

After he met with the midwife he feeling much more relaxed about the impending birth and is now completly fine with the idea. Although he is praying i don't have a 50 hour labour as our midwife charges by the hour  lol

All the best with ttc and convincing DH that its a great idea, just use the excuse its your body and feelings and you would feel more comfortable at home, if that doesn't work try threatening him like it did to my DP

Hopefully next time i get to post here i will have had my bundle of joy then i can let you all know how my experience went.    Take care all

DB/F  26
Corrine 13/10/95
Lachlan 30/8/97
Abigail due 17/2/04

#61 BlancheNeige

Posted 23 February 2004 - 09:18 PM

Thanks for the advice Chrissy original.gif - I think that I might have to resort to the 'threatening' approach 'cos I haven't had much luck in getting DH to understand exactly why I wasn't happy with Matteo's birth.

Best of luck for the arrival of Abigail original.gif (guess she's well and truly here by now) and I look forward to reading all about your homebirth.

Jo oxo
*DS Matteo Jasper 3/12/2002

#62 VicMum

Posted 24 February 2004 - 08:12 AM

Hi ladies,
I'm just checking in. Life has been crazy here so I've been offline for a while.
A big welcome to Phillipa, Toria & Jo!!!

Bub & I are really well, we've decided to have the 19 week U/S. So at 14 weeks I called the RWH to book & guess what there was nothing available until I was 22 weeks! I can't believe you would have to book in 8 weeks in advance! That's just crazy, Annie, my midwife wasn't impressed either. Needless to say I have booked somewhere else.
Well the calm before the storm has ended with my Mum. She finaly let me have it regarding her true feelings about our HB plans. I'll spare you the gory details but it's what can be expected. The disapointing thing is she won't even sit down to discuss it with me so I can explain. She just yelled at me & then said the matter was over & she wanted nothing to do with it.

BTW did anyone else here about the Horsham couple whose baby died at 3 days after being severely brain damaged when a 70 y.o. midwife gave the labouring woman the wrong drug. It's so tragic. I was watching this on the news with my Mum & I felt like saying "see, this is what I don't want" but I knew it would only make things worse. Oh well.

Chrissy, I hope all is well and that by now you are holding your baby in your arms.

best wishes to all,

Nik M.

Me (27)
DH Damian (26)
DD Cara Therese 24/05/02
EDD 08/08/04

#63 philippa

Posted 24 February 2004 - 11:21 AM


I'm sorry things went that way with your Mum. Mine thinks I want to do it as revenge on the hospital system.  There seems to be alot of fear out there.  But just as the suffregettes went out against their love ones & the system to fight for something they believed in, so are we.  Hopefully in the next couple of generations people will not bat an eye lid.  Remember that other western countries & most others are having successful H/B all the time.  Be strong & be the best Mum you can.  You know better than any one how to birth your baby.

DD 15/4/03
Birth Companion
Holding the Space

#64 rachelP

Posted 24 February 2004 - 12:48 PM

Hi girls and babes,
Nik - so sorry to hear you are getting such grief from your mum. It's really sad that she can't be sharing this amazing journey with you as far as how you want to birth this baby. My mum is in her 60's and I know it totally freaks her out, but she manages to be polite and listen to me, and be as supportive as she can be. Though I'm sure she drives off in her car sometimes just shaking her head. original.gif I suppose she is willing to put aside her views for my sake, shich is pretty special. Sorry your mum can't do something similar. original.gif Hey, lucky you have us cyber buddies who don't think you're mad!!!
We had a fantstic visit with Lynne last night. She gives me such confidence. She was telling me how easily I did it last time (didn't seem like it to me!) and how this time could even be a bit quicker. Just marvelous when you come away from a visit feeling strong and calm and ready to do it when the time comes. Also our carer issues for April have been sorted I hope. The second MW that Lynne has in mind would like to be there for the whole birth as she is still learning about HB, and would happily care for April if necessary. We will have a family member as a backup if we need extra help, or if April wants/needs to go. So great to have that sorted in my head.
We measured a bit bigger than dates - I don't think this will be a 7 pounder! April was almost 9lb so prepared for a big one!
Hope all is well with you all too.

#65 chrissy2003

Posted 25 February 2004 - 08:56 AM

Just a quick post to let you all know Abigal Lee was born safely at 2:55am on 23/2/04

I had the best labour as i think i was calm knowing i could be myself at home. I woke up at 1am with heartburn, followed shortly with a tightning.
The tightnings continued like this for an hour being 5 mins apart.
I rang my midwife at 2am, then tried to wake my partner who wanted to sleep for a bit longer.
I was bored so i went and picked up my mother who lives 5 mins away.
While i was gone my midwife showed up and made herself a coffee.
We sat around talking for a while then about 2:40 i went and woke up my partner. I went outside with him while he had a smoke, but i had a strong contraction so i went and sat on the loo.
My waters broke with a soft pop while i was on the loo, then with the next contraction Abbeys head came out, my midwife yelled at my partner to come and look, and she helped me stand up to deliever her body.
My kids were then woken up to meet their sister. I came out to the lounge room to try to deliever the placenta, but it was in no hurry as my contractions had stopped. So back to loo to work with gravity, and with a bit of help from Abbey on the breast the placents finally came away. So there was no mess anywhere as it was all the the loo  LOL

So after a 2 hour labour and no stitches Abbey was born weighing 7lbs 3oz, 48cms long and head 34cms.

I am definatly having a home birth next time as it was wonderful knowing we wernt on a time limit and that we could do things our way.

Thats all for now as Abbey is stirring for a feed.

Corrine  13/10/95
Lachlan  30/8/97
Abigail  23/2/04

#66 Tor

Posted 25 February 2004 - 10:32 AM

Chrissy - congratulations and welcome to little Abigail. What an amazing and short labour! Well done you sound as though you were very relaxed, must have made all the difference.

Nik - Thanks for the welcome. How hard it must be for you to have your mum withdraw her support for your plans. Does she know that the World Health Organisation states that for healthy women with normal pregnancies, birthing at home is THE safest place to be? If it wasn't countries like the UK wouldn't be actively encouraging healthy first time mums-to-be to plan for a home birth. You have an experienced and committed midwife to support you who has (I imagine) supported 100s of women to birth their babies at home. You are making the BEST possible choice for you and your baby. Don't give up on your mum, it sounds as if she just can't handle her feelings at the moment. What were her births like? Maybe talking to her about her experiences and helping her to understand them and how the birthing scene is quite different now, might help. Then maybe further down the track she might find it useful to meet your midwife. Good luck.

Rachel - you sound so energised and confident, its wonderful to hear it! You have chosen the right midwife if your appointments leave you feeling like that! Big babies can be really robust and healthy babies, you must be looking after yourself really well to be looking at that kind of outcome - well done.

Had a scan today at 21 wks and it would appear that I'm making a little boy! Thrilled with this as we used the Shettles method when trying to conceive and got it spot on for a boy, so it worked for us! This boy is on the big side too, should be 8lbs+ by term. My little girl shrugged the whole thing off and made it all pretty frustrating for DH wriggling like a fish and running riot. At least I got a 10 min rest on the bed!

Take care all,

Love Toria (20+6)

DD - Anna, 20.7.01
Doula and Student Childbirth Educator

#67 rachelP

Posted 25 February 2004 - 01:34 PM

HI All,
Congratulations Chrissy on the birth of Abigail! What an amazing and calm birth story. I hope you post your longer story for us all (and others) to red when you have time. Enjoy your baby girl in these precious first few days. original.gif
I can only hope for such a fabulous birth!
Toria - congrats on making the boy you wanted. Very clever. original.gif
another great homebirth story from Chrissy... ahhhhhh... makes you feel warm inside doesn't it. original.gif
Chat Soon

#68 sallybelly

Posted 25 February 2004 - 09:37 PM

Wonderful birth Crissy!  Tell me did you realise that Abigail's head was on the way down?  Now your DP knows just how normal birth is - no need for all that rushing around at the doc's etc etc when everything is normal and healthy.

Congratulations on being such a free and liberated birthing woman.  And enjoy your precious moments for these first few days and weeks at home.  Its the most amazing time.  So dream like!

Love and light...


#69 BlancheNeige

Posted 25 February 2004 - 11:21 PM

Chrissy, congratulations on the speedy arrival of Abigail original.gif. What a wonderful birth story - I'm thinking of showing it to DH just so that he can see that home births are the way to go !

Jo oxo
*DS Matteo Jasper 3/12/2002

#70 VicMum

Posted 26 February 2004 - 03:24 PM

HI ladies,

First of all CONGRATULATIONS CRISSY!!!! What a wonderful birth, sounds like you & Abbey were really in tune & relaxed to be able to facilitate such a smooth arrival. I hope your little girl brings you all the joy in the world and the rest of her life is as relaxed and trouble free.

Secondly a BIG THANKYOU for everyone's support. You all must be sick of reading about my anxieties with my family. Having your support really does make a difference. You manage to put me back on track to focus on my baby and on being a Mum myself. My midwife has been really supportive too. She tells me the great birth stories she's attended recently, they always make me feel better. It's also nice to get a bit of perspective. Given that my disagreements with my Mum are the worst thing in my life makes me a very fortunate person. So again a big thanks to everyone.

VICTORIA HB MUM'S: Did you know that you may be able to help student midwives complete their Bachelor of Midwifery? If you would like to share your ante & post natal experiences with a student contact b.mcguinness@aquinas.acu.edu.au for details of the Community Follow Through Journey. I have been allocated a 3rd Year student. BTW they don't have to attend the birth if you don't want. You can also P.M. me for more details.

Glad to here everyone else is well, gotta go DD is destroying the house.......again......

Nik M.

Me (27)
DH Damian (26)
DD Cara Therese 24/05/02
EDD 08/08/04

#71 rachelP

Posted 26 February 2004 - 08:46 PM

Hi All,
Nik - I am doing a 'follow through' for a mid student (actually my cousin) too. In fact, I will be in her book twice as we were 'followed through' with April too. original.gif It's a great experience and I would recommend it to others who may be considering it.

Hope all is well.
I have a very wiggly baby this time! I just love the movements as they get bigger and stronger. original.gif

Hey just wanted to add something interesting I chatted with our MW about the other night. She gave me some approx. Caesar details for hospital v. home and birth centre....
private patient, private hospital 30%+ Caesar rate
private patient, public hospital 25%+ "
public patient, public hospital 15% "
birthing unit 10%
planned home birth 7%

Figures are just from memory and are anecdotal, but hey, makes you feel good about HB doesn't it. original.gif


This message was edited by rachelP on Thursday, 26 February 2004 @ 9:51 PM

#72 ailterra

Posted 29 February 2004 - 11:52 AM

HI all,
Just thought I would pop in, am getting quite a few contractions at the moment and would love a leap day baby, however my others have all taken hours so am not getting too excited yet, could all be a false alarm. Will try and get out for a walk later to encourage things along.

DS (92)9lb 1oz
DD (96)10lb
DS (00)9lb 6oz (37weeks)
DS (due March 04)

#73 chrissy2003

Posted 29 February 2004 - 08:24 PM

Best of luck for a speedy and uncomplicated birth ailterra.

I hope by the time to read this you will be holding you precious lil baby safe in your arms.

Me 28
DP  27
Corrine 13/10/95
Lachlan 30/8/97
Abigail 23/2/04

#74 ailterra

Posted 01 March 2004 - 11:05 AM

Good morning Ladies,
I am pleased to announce the arrival of Luke Matthew Oliver last night at 23:23 just a leap baby 29th Feb!
Weighing in at 9lb 11oz or 4410gms and a massive 56cm long. As planned a gentle HOME WATER BIRTH.
Will post birth story later.

DS (92)9lb 1oz
DD (96)10lb
DS (00)9lb 6oz (37weeks)
DS (due March 04)

#75 rachelP

Posted 01 March 2004 - 12:42 PM

WOo hoo!!!! Well done Terri! And a leap year baby too, how special. Sounds like things moved along well in the afternoon. Can't wait to hear the whole story. Enjoy your precious baby.

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