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What do you hoard? (That you should get rid of)

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#1 Montro

Posted 29 December 2013 - 02:01 PM

I've just opened a cupboard and thousands, literally, thousands of recipes torn from magazines and newspapers tumbled out onto the floor.

I knew I had quite a collection, but was shocked at the sheer amount I had.  Some date back 10 years or more, and I just know that I'll never make 95% of them.

Still, I can't bring myself to get rid of them, even though I need the cupboard space.

What do you hang onto, that you really should give away, sell, or throw out?

#2 Feral teens?

Posted 29 December 2013 - 02:02 PM

School stuff - books, art and craft supplies, bits that I pick up and think that will be useful.

#3 Ktonic

Posted 29 December 2013 - 02:06 PM

Empty shoe boxes. Even though my kids are waaaay past the stage of possibly needing them for art/craft at school....

#4 Unatheowl

Posted 29 December 2013 - 02:10 PM

Uni notes....from 4 degrees....

Dh hoards boxes that items come in, like Lego, laptops, irons, kitchen appliances etc because "you never know, we may need to return it". There are piles of them and they p*ss me off.

#5 SummerStar

Posted 29 December 2013 - 02:18 PM

Clothing tags, black boxes that my orders come in when I order online, unworn clothes, and I'm sure there's so much more!!!

#6 Chillax

Posted 29 December 2013 - 02:19 PM

Old letters, tickets to concerts, birthday cards, school diaries....that sort of stuff.
We just recently cleaned out the cupboard underneath the stairs and I found boxes and boxes of this stuff.
Love letters from exes, birthday cards as far back as when I turned 8, tickets/receipts for things I bought while I was living in the UK, school diaries from yr 8, notes from friends in primary and high school....it was hilarious looking through it all. There's just much of it but I can't bear to throw any of it away. It's my history!!! Me, before I was "mum", before I was married to my beautiful husband...it's classic stuff.

#7 Expelliarmus

Posted 29 December 2013 - 02:20 PM


I'm never going to turn all that into baby clothes for my kids. But it's still there ... in the cupboard ...

#8 Feral_Pooks

Posted 29 December 2013 - 02:20 PM

Gosh. Heaps of things. I'm a bit embarrassed about it. Every now and then I will find a way to 'release' myself from one particular thing or another.

I have boxes of formula tins, jars, toilet paper rolls, you name it. I just can't lose the feeling they are useful and I don't want to waste them and I might need them or... Something.

The garage, spare room, and every cupboard in the house is a shrine to my hoarding of worthless crap.

#9 Agnetha

Posted 29 December 2013 - 02:24 PM

Ooo pooks , my cousin needs used formula tins for painting projects. She's an artist. She was disappointed when my dd finished. Her needs were great for getting rid of some of my hoarding or up cycling needs

#10 FlutterbyBlue

Posted 29 December 2013 - 02:27 PM

Books, thousands and thousands of books.  I keep buying more even though I know I already have too many.

#11 Feraldasherie

Posted 29 December 2013 - 02:33 PM

Books, so many, many books.

Fabric, too, nothing makes me happier than buying fabric. Sewing kind of sucks, but it's so pretty.

Magazine tear-outs, recipes, craft, interiors, but I've just signed up to Pinterest, so hopefully I can start to chuck stuff.

Every scrap of paper DS or DD wrote to me on, Mother's day cards, Christmas cards, random I love you notes.

Edited by slapdasherie, 29 December 2013 - 02:34 PM.

#12 Feral_Pooks

Posted 29 December 2013 - 02:39 PM

View Postagnetha, on 29 December 2013 - 02:24 PM, said:

Ooo pooks , my cousin needs used formula tins for painting projects. She's an artist. She was disappointed when my dd finished. Her needs were great for getting rid of some of my hoarding or up cycling needs

See, this kind of thing just encourages me :D

#13 IShallWearMidnight

Posted 29 December 2013 - 02:40 PM

View PostTeens?, on 29 December 2013 - 02:02 PM, said:

School stuff - books, art and craft supplies, bits that I pick up and think that will be useful.
yep. Im a stationary hoarder

#14 ~chiquita~

Posted 29 December 2013 - 02:54 PM

My clothes.

I am always complaining that I don't have enough room for my clothes, they are spilling out onto the bedroom floor..literally.

I have a wardrobe full of clothes that I don't wear. Some have been hanging there unworn for 15+ years, unless it's 'back in' again. :ninja:

I can't bring myself to get rid of them.

#15 SisterMaryElephant

Posted 29 December 2013 - 03:01 PM

House mags - I do reread them every now and then so can't justify tossing them
Kids toys - my 8 and 10 year old DDs probably don't need all their Fisher Price Little People toys anymore...

#16 Mists of Avalon

Posted 29 December 2013 - 05:01 PM

I hoard tinned food. We don't eat much of it but I'm paranoid of running out of food that I have at least a couple of months worth of canned goods. I don't need to throw it away but I need to stop adding to the collection until we actually use some of it.

#17 2 Gorgeous Girls

Posted 29 December 2013 - 05:09 PM

Fabric. My entire linen closet is full of fabric. The rational side of brain says I don't need minky, pul and muslin since I'm not having more children, but it's just too pretty to get rid of!

Edited by 2 Gorgeous Girls, 29 December 2013 - 05:09 PM.

#18 cinnabubble

Posted 29 December 2013 - 05:12 PM


#19 KatakaGeoGirl

Posted 29 December 2013 - 05:12 PM

Stationery. And I buy more even though I have tubs full and drawers full of pens. I just like bits and pieces of stationery. I love going into Officeworks and looking up and down the shelves for stuff that is at ridiculous prices!!

#20 laridae

Posted 29 December 2013 - 06:14 PM

Fabric.  I have heaps with plans to use it, I just don't seem to ever get around to it.

DVDs.  I have heaps that I haven't watched yet.  Maybe when I'm off work waiting for D? to come out...

Books I did, but I've been re-buying on the Kindle the ones I want to keep and giving away the paperbacks.

Recipe books.  I have hundreds.  I only use a few and not even regularly, I end up googling for recipes instead.

Glass jars I used to, but these days they get put in the recycle bin.

I do have a few recipe clippings, but not many.  I've been putting recipes I use regularly on to a recipe website instead.

Doona covers.  I have heaps of them.  I like them :)

#21 emma_jean

Posted 29 December 2013 - 06:15 PM

Books, stationery, clothes that are too small. We're really running out of space. I am starting to realise that even things I want, will use, value - they take up space which I also want, will use and value. Still hard to declutter though.

#22 75etd

Posted 29 December 2013 - 06:26 PM

I hoard recipes torn out of magazines, gardening magazines, and we've got loads and loads of Dvd's.

As a couple of people have said they hoard glass jars, just thought I'd ask if anyone in Western Sydney would like to lighten their load of glass bottles/jars. I have loads of tomatoes and zucchinis in the garden and I want to pickle/make sauce etc with them. I am happy to provide some payment in the way of the finished product!

#23 rjflc69

Posted 29 December 2013 - 06:39 PM

My name is Fiona and I am a box hoarder

#24 JRA

Posted 29 December 2013 - 06:46 PM

A good day to ask. DH and I tackled the spare bedrooms today as we have friends and their son coming to stay, and then the son is staying with us for some time (he is just starting uni here) so needed to find cupboard space plus the bed etc. One room wasn't too bad, but the other ...

Anyway, hoarding. BOOKS, but that has stopped with the use of kindles for 90% of our books now. Lego. We won't throw ds's lego out, so the amount now in storage in the cupboards is huge.  We are still getting rid of "stuff" that came from DH's parents when they died in 2001.

We still have our WIR to go, DH has a huge box of "location" t-shirts which are about to go which bought in his teens and  20s.

#25 jossy

Posted 29 December 2013 - 06:49 PM

Food magazines.  I'm embarrassed to admit just how many there are.  I'm determined to cull them though and I've downloaded a couple of apps that you can use to take photos of the recipes, categorise them etc. but I can't decide which app to use...

Cook books.  I could never part with them though, it would kill me.  I've organised them by colour so my current excuse for keeping them is that they are now a "design feature".

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