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Homebirth mums and mums to be #4
Homebirth mums and mums to be #4

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#1 Chelli

Posted 11 January 2005 - 10:00 AM

New thread as requested original.gif.

This makes for great reading by the way original.gif.

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#2 Isis

Posted 11 January 2005 - 11:21 AM

Thanks Chelli!  

I'll just copy my last post in the other thread, to start us off-

I have been given the go ahead from DH that he is happy to join me in my plan of TTC #3, in July! We are planning on moving back to the town that my IL's live in, to get closer to family (you too Rachel original.gif ). So hopefully, I'll be able to convince a certain midwife to come and give me a hand at home! DH is more then happy to have us birth at home, the rate at which I labour has him in awe, so for us to plan it all for home is perfect for him LOL.

So for the next few months I'll be finding our perfect nest, then once ensconced in it, we will be building our little family to fill it to the eaves  original.gif

I look forward to chatting to all who venture in here! Maybe we can start off a listing of who is pregnant and birthing soon, and those who are planning?



DH Andrew
DD Julia (8th Oct 01)
DS Nathan (11th Aug 03)


#3 rachelP

Posted 11 January 2005 - 01:00 PM

Hey Isis! How fantastic - I didn't realise you were thinking of moving back... full time, or just for the birth?
And hey we have a nice little homebirth group going in Geelong too which meets weekly for a chat/play/vent/emotional hug in a homebirth kinda way... would love to see you there.

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#4 Chrisom

Posted 11 January 2005 - 08:45 PM

Hey Rachel,

Can I get some details of the Homebirth group in Geelong - I'm in werribee - would be nice to meet up with others!!


#5 Isis

Posted 12 January 2005 - 11:47 AM

Rachel We would be moving back permanently. At least permanently for 10-15 years original.gif I will most definitely be joining in the HB meet ups. I am sure I will need the support for my own birth, and I will be a certified Doula by then as well. To keep my faith in birth after dealing with the 'system' in the course of my job, I will need some grounded shoulders to vent on original.gif Don't suppose you know, are there many (if any) Doulas in the Geelong area?


DH Andrew
DD Julia (8th Oct 01)
DS Nathan (11th Aug 03)


#6 rachelP

Posted 12 January 2005 - 01:21 PM

No doulas that I know of Isis, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. I know of a few girls who do birth support for friends but that's about it.
Great to hear it's a permanant move. Will look forward to catching up more often.
Sorry to hijack this thread for a personal chat. original.gif
Happy homebirthing everyone!

#7 rachelP

Posted 13 January 2005 - 01:41 PM

hey Michelle, have PM'd you the details...

#8 Lisa_S

Posted 15 January 2005 - 10:13 AM

Hi guys! It happened! I'm about 2 months pregnant, just tested this morning after suspicions since before christmas!

Definitely having this baby at home too like my first dd who turned 2 a few days after Xmas!

I don't think I want a midwife there though, not for this one!

Anyone else due around August?

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Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
Begin it now!" -Goethe

#9 rachelP

Posted 18 January 2005 - 08:52 PM

Congratulations Lisa!
Wow, unassisted this time eh... fantstic!
Grow well little one.

#10 SusanFarr

Posted 20 January 2005 - 09:54 AM

Hi everyone,

I know I've only posted once or twice, but I keep up with all the posts.

We've started birth classes now - which are excellent.  The teacher has had a birth centre and a homebirth but we are the only homebirthers in the class.  Between that and most everyone I know having elective cesarians it's easy to feel a bit like a circus freak answering the same questions again and again about homebirth.  Glad I'm a bit older - no one actually questions us (not like my younger sister when she chose homebirth) but they are still curious.

I found out there's a homebirth group who meet very informally at Cronulla (sydney) once a month so I'm going to take a day off work and join them next month - looking forward to it!

Thanks for reading!

Bye - Susan

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Surprise! EDD 26/4/05

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#11 Chrisom

Posted 21 January 2005 - 05:29 AM

Hey, congrats Lisa_S!!  How exciting original.giforiginal.gif

SusanFarr:  definitely make the time to go meet the group in Cronulla.  It's really important to ensure you are surrounded by like minded people, especially as the pregnancy progresses.  I believe that attitude is a very important 'ingredient' of successful homebirth...  You need to be feeling relaxed, confident and excited about the choice you've made (i.e. to birth your baby in a safe and responsible way, in the place of your choosing with support people of your choice) and sometimes I find that if I talk to couples/women who have chosen to go through the hospital system that it can be really hard to ignore teh 'what if' questions.   I know that when I start to question my choice because of what other people are saying (what if there's an emergency, or what if you need drugs, or what if blah blah) that it's time for me to back away from that conversation, and just immerse myself in like-minded people.

It definitely grounds me - and I get all my energy and excitement back original.gif

Max is doing well... kicking still, but not as much as he used to... more squirms than anything else.  Not much room left I guess!  I told him if he wants more room, he'll have to leave!  I booked into Sunshine hospital as a backup last Friday - it went really well with the Ob there.. no insistence on tests, which I appreciated.  Just an acceptance that I had made my choice, and an explanation of how Sunshine works in case I did need to use my back up option..  So I was really impressed.   But I don't want to end up there wink.gif

Midwife appointment today.   Should be a good get together - all three (primary, backup and student) midwives will be there, so much chatting will ensue I am sure.  original.gif

Personally I am doing OK - phyically well, but not getting as much sleep as I would like.  Insomnia is not so cool.  I think it's a combination of things.. like not having my brain engaged as much as it would be if I was at work (I'm a stress-addict! At work there are a million things to do all at once, and I actually like it that way...), needing to eat more frequently (I'm waking with heartburn sometimes) and just having a heavy 40 week belly means I can't stay comfortable..   So, I try to stay up until I am really tired, eat right before bed etc etc.  Last night it was a 12 am bedtime, after having had a warm bath with lavendar, and then sprinkling lavendar on my pillow.  Made it to 6 am, without waking, so I am pretty happy with that...

Anyhow, better go and try to snooze for a bit longer .. still tired!  original.gif

Take care all..


p.s. Isis: excitign news abotu ttc in July, planning a homebirth original.gif It's always cool when you get that nod of support from your partner original.gif

#12 Shebee

Posted 21 January 2005 - 01:49 PM

Chrisom, have been thinking of you. Hope everything is going well and that you get to meet Max really soon!

Best of luck for a fabulous birth and babymoon!

Me 29
dh 31
ds Sebastian 16/02/02
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#13 Chrisom

Posted 30 January 2005 - 11:18 PM

Hey there,

Well, Max is still pretty comfortable and attached wink.gif  No sign of him wanting to come out yet, and we're "officially" a week over.  Friday nigth my midwife came over and we're both doing really well - nice strong, variable heartbeat for Max, good BP and no swelling for me.

The birth pool is set up in the lounge like a constant reminder, and I'm wishing I had it in another room now.  Max is going to come when he's ready, and not before.  Ah well, I'm learning to be patient, but not too gracefully wink.gif

On Tuesday I was excited because I thought I was in early labour - however Max used those irregular contractions to move into a great birthing position so I can't be too unhappy.  He's really low down - quite uncomfortable to carry, and the difference from before Tuesday is quite remarkable.  I was walking almost normally, found it easy to get around, felt like I was carrying quite "small", though definitely looking full term.  I'm now completely out in front and it's a lot more work to carry him.  His head is so low down that when I sit, I can feel his head going "klunk" into my pelvis.    

So, I had a bad day Thursday - quite down and grumpy about not having a Max in my arms, but so long as not too many people are asking when Max will be here, I'm remaining quite upbeat about it all..  and just looking forward to seeing him, and breastfeeding.  So keen to get on and get that happening.  The brith will be great too, of course, but I am really focussed on gettign the bf to work this time original.gif

Anyhow, enough rambling...


#14 Isis

Posted 31 January 2005 - 07:46 AM

Best of luck Michelle, I'm thinking of you and sending you strong, powerful, workable labour vibes original.gif


DD Oct 01 ~ DS Aug 03
TTC #3 from late June

#15 Shebee

Posted 01 February 2005 - 01:56 PM

Well, its happened, I am officially a homebirth-Mum-to be!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am five weeks pregnant and met with a homebirth midwife last night. By the end of the meeting we just KNEW that she's the one for us! She stayed for two hours and managed to get from me the breastfeeding problems I had with DS, the death of my Mum and her partner while I was pregnant, that I had PND and a host of other things that I dont usually give up too easily.
By the end of the meeting she was saying that she just HAS TO be here for me during this pregnancy and birth and is so committed to doing everything in her power to help me heal what I havent already for this birth.

My God, meeting her was everything and so much more than I could even have imagined. It was quite emotional and overwhelming for me but exactly what I need, even though I didnt know what that was before meeting her! This pregnancy and birth are already so different to my first, which was surrounded in grief and despair at having lost Mum at such a crucial time in my life. I'm really quite blown away by it.

She was also incredibly professional. While I am a spiritual person and believe in the power and the need to heal, I am also very practical and dont gravitate to airy-fairy spiritual types. (I have an in-built "w*n*er" meter which they tend to set off pretty quickly, LOL).
Having faith and trust in my own insticts and intuition and in a greater power are important. They are usually supported and complemented with a lot of research, practical knowledge and common sense. This combination serves me well in my decision making.

Kerri (my midwife) has, so far, satisfied my needs (requirements) in all of this. I am a very satisfied homebirth-mum-to-be thus far!

After getting ALL the history from DS birth the only thing she seemed slightly concerned about was that bubs stays put until at least 37 weeks, or I'll have to go to hospital (where she works as a midwife too!). DS was born at 37 weeks and she seemed pretty certain that this bub wont go to 40 weeks either. I guess we'll just wait and see!

My only prediction is that this birth will be longer, not shorter, than my first!

It is just so damn exciting!

I hope those of you who are expecting have your beautiful bubs in your arms VERY soon!

Take Care,

Me 29
dh 32
DS   Sebastian 16th Feb 2002
“Babyses”  Due 3rd Oct 2005

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#16 Macmummy

Posted 01 February 2005 - 03:05 PM

congratulations Shebee!!!

What wonderful news!!!!

Take care and keep us updated with your pregnancy!!

*Baby Due 19th May 2005*
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#17 Mama_K

Posted 01 February 2005 - 08:02 PM

hi all,

i posted in the last thread and wanted to update you all. I ended up going 14-16 days overdue and after a long week trying everything ( even castor oil!) we had to go to hospital to have some gel inserted. It ended up being really good though, a 4 hour labour with both of my midwives plus 2 hospital midwives who know them so they all got along and the hospital midwives stayed out the way mainly. Didnt get the waterbirth i was hoping for and if i have another child one day i am definately having it at home but overall i think it went well- no drugs at all. I think i needed to know that if i needed drugs they were there but now i know that i can do it without them.
Ellami was born at 12.23am on new years eve weighing 10lbs 6 oz.
Congratulations to those homebirth mummies expecting i hope you have amazing births and beyond.

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#18 Macmummy

Posted 01 February 2005 - 11:01 PM


How special a new years eve bubba.

Well done

take care

*Baby Due 19th May 2005*
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#19 Isis

Posted 02 February 2005 - 08:28 AM

Congrats Kris! Great to hear you had a wonderful experience, just not in the preferred surroundings original.gif

Welcome Ellami original.gif


DD Oct 01 ~ DS Aug 03
TTC #3 from late June

#20 rachelP

Posted 02 February 2005 - 09:00 PM

Well done Kris and huge congratulations for a fabulous birth and what a whopper! Fantastic.
Look forward to reading your story in detail. Enjoy your babymoon.
And congrats to you too Sheebee! Isn't it just so fantastic when you click with your midwife like that. What a great journey this will be for you. original.gif

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#21 Chrisom

Posted 02 February 2005 - 09:08 PM

Hi all,

Just a quick "copy and paste" from another board to let you know how it all went with Max yesterday!

Max William Peglar Campbell is an even 4kg, born at 17:02 or thereabotus when we remembered to look at the clock. Head circ of 36.5 cm, 54.5 cm long.

Max came into the world in an unassisted home waterbirth - our midwives just didn't quite make it Smile I can't really explain how fantastic I am feeling - just completely blissed out.

Aidan and Eve jumped into the birth pool early on and stayed for half an hour or so until they got a bit too splashy and I started ordering them to "not touch mummy". It's really weird trying to be patient with the kids and discipline them whilst going through a contraction!

Active labour was probably something like 45 - 60 minutes. I'm not really too sure. I was in the birth pool for about an hour apparently before Max was born. When he did come I had no idea it would be that soon - I ordered Sam to get the sieve figuring I was about to do a poo - as I have with the other two births. I kind of resigned myself to it.

Then when I reached down, I could feel a furry something! Hair! And an EAR! Several big pushes saw Max crowning, slipping back, crowning.... I tried to take it easy - no midwife in sight, and I didn't want to tear badly. I felt his ear because he came out with his head a bit to the side - after all that lovely positioning he'd done Smile

Max's head was out, but his body was harder. My body didn't seem to want to push right then. I let it be, for a little bit, but not much. I consciously pushed hard to get his body out, because without the midwife there, I felt I needed to get him up out of the water to see how he was. I called his name out loudly and pushed, once twice and then again.... Body slipped out.

The cord was short, but I was able to bring him to my chest. He was bluish - a good sign my midwife had said when we talked about the what if he's born without you.. He coughed and spluttered, like a little engine starting up, had a little cry. I rubbed him and talked to him, and showed him the breast, just in case. He began pinking up well.

He nuzzled the breast a bit, and kind of sucked. The placenta tried to deliver soon after the birth.. within a few minutes. But the membranes were "stuck". The midwife arrived within about 10 minutes of Max birthing... and I explained about the placenta kind of delivering - half in, half out. She checked and exlpained that the placenta seemed fine, but it was the membranes... so then came the awkward struggle to kneel and again push consciously to get the membranes out. They came away fine.

The placenta was whole and healthy. There's probably a bit of membrane still there, but not much... it'll be fine. I got over to the comfy chair, and we wrapped Max up, and he started feeding. He fed for 2 hours or more! What a guts! It was just the icing on the cake... I had this fantastic little chubby boy, and he was feeding so well!

Max is in great shape. Has lots of dark hair, but has a bit of mucous in his airways still.. he should sneeze/cough that out overnight. I'm fine too - for all that it happened in a rush, and he was 4KG!! I have just a little tiny tear - a bit under 1 cm, and a couple of grazes. I'm feeling great - though tender.. just too much stretching of the ligaments, feel like I've done a marathon and it's the day after already!

We're doing well today (Feb 2), and I can't believe how much he is sleeping.. the feeding is going mostly good. I'm a little frustrated with Max getting his hands in the way all the time, but I guess as we both get practice this will sort itself out... original.gif

Congrats to Sheebee on both the pregnancy AND finding such a terrific midwife so easily.  Great to hear she will have rights at the backup hospital as well!

Congrats also to Kris - fantastic to hear the midwives got on so well, and that you had such a great birth...


#22 Shebee

Posted 04 February 2005 - 02:12 PM

Hello, I hope everyone is well today!

Kris - congratulations on your New Years Eve Baby!

Michelle - Yay!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on Max's fantastic arrival! It really does sound as good as it gets! Enjoy these first precious weeks and make the most of the sleep you're getting! Again, congratulations!

Wow, this is my second pregnancy and I am still so excited about it. in fact I'm probably a bit too excited and need to look into some relaxation techniques, LOL! I dont know that I can wait until the 12 weeks appointment to meet with my midwife so might have to cal her with a few questions before then. Oh well, I still have my GP appointment in two weeks and then booking into the midwives clinic at the hospital before then to keep me busy. Although I have found out that the midwives clinic have a max BMI of 35 for accepting women to the program and mine is 35.3. I wonder if they measure everyone or just if they think they might be over? My midwife Kerri was really surprised when I told her how much I weigh. But it isnt going to matter anyway because I am not going to hospital  original.gif!

Enough from me!

Hope you're all having a great day, despite the weather in VIC today!

Me 29
dh 32
DS   Sebastian 16th Feb 2002
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#23 Mama_K

Posted 05 February 2005 - 06:33 PM

Michelle_ Wow! Congratulations- what an amazing thing to have an unassited beautiful homebirth!
You must be very proud of yourselves.
Enjoy your new baby. original.gif

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#24 chookas!

Posted 06 February 2005 - 04:55 PM

Yipee - I'm finally pregnant so I have a few questions if you ladies wouldn't mind humouring me.
When should I call the midwife? I'm not quite 4w yet so still quite petrified that something might go wrong but I also know that they usually book out quite fast.
Also what happens if it turns out to be twins? We had two put back in so it's quite a posibility.
Also if anyone would like to recommend a midwife in Sydney (Northern beaches, North Shore area that'd be great. I've been chatting to Robyn Dempsey but no-one seems to have used her.
That's all I can think of for now, I'm in a bit of a fluster and I still can't believe it.

Larissa 29, DH 34
TTC #1 since August 02,
1st IUI July, unsuccessful
1st IVF September, BFN
FET #1 BFP!!!

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#25 SusanFarr

Posted 07 February 2005 - 09:17 AM

Larissa - From one IVF chick to another A huge CONGRATULATIONS!

Chrisom - congratulations.  What a wonderful birth!


TTC#1 Feb 2001
Me 34 endo,fibroids,fsh? DH 41, DDog 2
3 IUI, 2 IVF - BFN's
Surprise! EDD 26/4/05

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