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Low Libido :-(
Low Libido :-(

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#1 No_idea!

Posted 27 February 2005 - 10:47 AM

[color=Teal]My libido is pretty much non existent and I was wondering if any of you have had success with natural therapies?!?!

I have tried some tablets that were given to me by my naturopath, but I don't think they really did anything more than maybe giving me a little bit more energy.

I'd love to hear from anyone who's got some advice.

Thanks original.gif

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#2 andieinvic

Posted 27 February 2005 - 12:27 PM

Hi I hope you get some good replies, I have no solution but totally empathise with the situation  blush.gif

#3 clairebear

Posted 27 February 2005 - 05:06 PM

Are you on the Pill by any chance?

I just stopped it in preparation for TTC and the difference is amazing..... needless to say DH is pleased, if a little tired! original.gif  

DS Max 21/03/04

#4 louie3

Posted 27 February 2005 - 05:22 PM

I am also having the same problem at the moment..
sex hardly ever enters my mind these days.
Any suggestions? My poor DF is getting so frustrated.

#5 **MrsPotatoHead**

Posted 27 February 2005 - 10:41 PM

Yep, me to, glad I'm not the only one... ;p  Can honestly say that I couldn't care less at the moment... poor hubby, i'm just not interested this isn't like me at all, usually have a high libido but since second bub I really can't be bothered.

I am now getting 7-8hrs sleep per night, am on anitdepresants for PND, which make me feel alot better, but still no sex drive...

I am breast feeding still so have no idea if there is anything I can take to help... please please please anyone got any suggestions... original.gif

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#6 No_idea!

Posted 28 February 2005 - 08:15 AM

[color=Blue]Hi Clairebear............. yep, I'm on the pill, but my libido wasn't any better when I wasn't on it! :confuse:

I've had a problem with libido for years now, not just since I had the twins.  I have suffered from endometriosis and pelvic muscle spasms, so I guess that sex=pain to me, but I now seem to have a handle on the pain issue so I really want my drive back!!  I did have it once.......... although that seems so long ago now!! blush.gif

I have to say that knowing that I'm not alone makes me feel a lot better, but unless I get something sorted out I fear that my marriage is going to suffer.

I'm off to the gyno in a few weeks for a checkup so I'm thinking about asking him about testosterone therapy, but I'm really concerned about the side effects.  Why isn't anything easy?!?! sad.gif

#7 Guest_appleonia_*

Posted 28 February 2005 - 11:06 AM

I actually have NO libido and I have tried the 'horny goat weed' tablets which didnt do anything to me except give me a tiny energy boost.

I booked an appointment to see my doctor last friday about this problem ( well its been a huge problem in our relationiship for a while now)and she said that it can be either a psychological problem causing the lack of libido or a physical problem OR both.

She has asked me to write down a list of reasons why I dont feel like sex and also to write down any past issues I have had which dont necessarily have to be connected to sex and anything that bothers me from on a daily basis.

She said to give myself plenty of time to write it all down then to come back to her for a long consultation and some blood workups incase its hormonal or a thyroid problem.

If you have tried alot of the advertised libido tablet cures and they havent helped then I would definately recommend going to see your doctor about it.

HTH original.gif

#8 Prickly

Posted 28 February 2005 - 12:05 PM

Hi - I posted a few weeks back regarding bio-identical hormone replacement therapy - in What do you think.
Part of my problem is low libido - I've been to see a doctor who specialised in bio-ident & have today had a blood test to find out if I have a hormone imbalance which is contributing to my PMS, low libido, weight gain etc etc etc.....
Based on the results from the blood test, the doc will prescribe naturally derived hormone creams which should rebalance my hormones, choosing from testosterone, progesterone or oestrogen. Should be going to see the doc later this week & will be asking loads of q's about side effects.
Will keep you posted !

#9 Magic

Posted 28 February 2005 - 12:34 PM

Me too Me too....and like everyone has said I'm glad that its just not me.  DH really relishes my every 6 week night out with a GF because if I have a COUPLE of drinks I MIGHT get in the mood!!!

I spoke to a sex therapist and she said that once all the physical and emotional issues are sorted, that it's not the testosterone levels that are causing it but the DHEA!!!!  She recommended me to a place in Perth to have a series of blood tests - haven't gotten there yet.  We're doing IVF and my is the SAHD while I work full time - very busy to say the least.

Once I've come to terms with giving IVF a big break for the rest of the year - my plan is liposuction and sex therapy!!!! original.gif


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#10 No_idea!

Posted 28 February 2005 - 05:20 PM

[color=Blue]Well, I've had marriage counselling, I'm currently having sex/relationship counselling and hypnotherapy, I've had injections into my pelvic muscles for the spasms (that was fun..... not ;p ), plus 3 lots of surgery for my endometriosis, so I think now it could be time for blood tests to check on hormone levels.

And, I've spoken with my naturopath about the natural libido tablets that are on offer in chemists etc and she said they have such small amounts of the herbs that are required to make a difference that it's not worth wasting your money on them.  Now, she could have just been saying that so that I'd buy her tablets wink.gif , but I do tend to believe her.

I have to admit that this isn't something I've spoken with my girlfriends about (I'm a bit embarassed I guess), but maybe if I did mention it they might have some ideas for solutions, or maybe even suffer from the same thing.

I'm looking forward to hearing how you all go, and I'll keep you posted.

Keep the info coming! original.gif

#11 No_idea!

Posted 28 February 2005 - 05:22 PM

[color=Blue]By the way Sheree.............. what is DHEA?!?! :quest:

#12 No_idea!

Posted 28 February 2005 - 05:36 PM

[color=Blue]I don't know if this'll be any help to any of you, but I sent a query off to Dr Sandra Cabot and she sent me this link:-


It's all about what can cause low libido, and of course she has herbal capsules she sells.  Not sure if they're any good, but I figured I'd post the link in case anyone finds it of some interest. original.gif

#13 No_idea!

Posted 15 March 2005 - 03:41 PM

[color=Blue]I still haven't seen my gyno yet, but I will be sure to let you know what he says re my low libido.  Let's hope he has some ideas on ways to help! wink.gif

#14 leo the lioness

Posted 15 March 2005 - 06:18 PM

All I can say is it's nice to know I'm not alone!  Keep us posted.

#15 No_idea!

Posted 16 March 2005 - 09:53 AM

[color=Blue]Oh, I feel exactly the same way!  It's so sad that other people are suffering, but it is nice to know we're not alone.

Let's hope that at least one of us can come up with some sort of relief for our problem! wink.gif

#16 *amanda*

Posted 16 March 2005 - 10:57 AM

*raises hand*

me too sad.gif

#17 lisa&boys

Posted 16 March 2005 - 11:36 AM

Hi girls

I am a therapist and know exactly what you are talking about here, see alot of women with similar problems so you are truly not alone.
Most likely your sacral and base chakras are out and not in balance with your  body. There are alot of natural remedies that can and do help though.
feel free in emailing me if you want me to send you some info, too large on here to post.


Mummy of Alexander, Nicholas and Samuel

#18 No_idea!

Posted 26 March 2005 - 08:41 AM

[color=Blue]Well, after many months of taking natural therapies, having counselling and even having injections into my pelvic floor muscles for my low libido, I decided to go to see my gyno.  He said it's very common for women in my age to suffer from low libido and he sent me off for some blood tests to see what my testosterone levels are like.  I'll get the results next week, and then we'll set a plan of attack.

I know this is a natural therapy forum, and I'm sure that many women would benefit greatly from natural herbs and tonics etc, but for me they didn't seem to help.  So, if my blood test results show that I have low testosterone levels, I may be trying some cream to help get them back to where they should be.

I'll keep you posted. wink.gif

#19 No_idea!

Posted 02 April 2005 - 10:03 AM

[color=Teal]Well, my blood test results showed what I had been thinking all along....... I have low testosterone levels.  So, I'll be starting on testosterone cream from next week.  I'll let you know how I get on.

#20 leo the lioness

Posted 02 April 2005 - 11:27 AM

Hi there,

I'm so glad you got an answer to your problem!  I think low testosterone levels may be part of my problem too and actually wanted blood tests done for a hormonal imbalance.  Unfortunately my Dr wouldn't order them.  I'm going back to see him next week so I think I will just keep annoying him until he gives in!  Good luck with the treatment.

(formerly kyrasmum)
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#21 *amanda*

Posted 02 April 2005 - 12:35 PM

Please let us know how you get on.

Our doctor isn't very accepting of ordering testosterone for females (excellent dr BTW........but doensn't agree with extra testosterone for women) So I might try and find another dr in our area (not easy in the country)

I am sure it is my prob and would LOVE to get it fixed (and I am sure dh would love to get it fixed too lol blush.gif  )

#22 ~A2~

Posted 02 April 2005 - 08:12 PM

ditto here for amandas post above this one.

Looking forward to hearing how you go.

mother to Brianna Jayde 5/4/01<BR>partner to DH Simon

#23 No_idea!

Posted 05 August 2005 - 01:35 PM

[color=Teal]I just thought I'd give you an update on where I'm at with my low libido issue.  I used testosterone cream for 3 months and unfortunately found that it's not for me.  It not only didn't do anything to help with my libido, but it ended up giving me migraines (which I suffer from anyway, but the regularity increased).  So, I've stopped using the cream.

But, I just found a product advertised in a magazine and I thought I'd post the info on here.  Now, I haven't used this, and I'm assuming it's not to be used by certain women, but I figured it's best to share info and let you all make your own informed decisions. wink.gif

Description:  ESTROVARIN 30 TABS
General:  Reclaim your sensual self

Lift libido and help relieve the symptoms of hormonal imbalance and menopause.

For women of all ages

Indications:  Firstly estrovarin is packed with natural aphridisiacs to help heighten feelings of sexual arousal and put women of all ages back in the mood. Secondly research has indicated that key ingriedents in estrovarin can contribute to a hormone balancing effect that can help relieve a loss of libido following natural fluctuations and help reduce the symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings and mild anxiety. Finally estrovarin includes herbs and nutrients to help increase energy levels and give a woman a wonderful warm feeling of general wellbeing.

Dosage:  Take one tablet with a meal daily, or as professionally prescribed.

Warnings:  Do not take while on warfarin therapy without medical advice. If symptoms persist seek the advice of your health professional. Do not take while pregrant or lactating. This product is not a hormone replacement therapy. Keep out of reachof children.

For stockists call 1800 782 323. original.gif

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#24 brazen

Posted 06 August 2005 - 07:59 AM

i found horny goat weed worked well...

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