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Over 40 and TTC with IVF/ICSI #27

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#26 trinity168

Posted 24 March 2014 - 07:13 PM

sonja --  was wondering if you've considered acupuncture since I remember my acupuncturist mentioning one time how she helped a really bad case of bloating for one of her patients. Hope you had awesome results from your EPU and, have a good rest afterwards.

#27 Sonja70

Posted 24 March 2014 - 08:18 PM

I got 14 eggies ! Yay!

Scientist said she will use 4 for ICSI.

Im in pain and watching MKR isnt helping lol

Tomorrow i find out how many were fertilized!

#28 Sonja70

Posted 24 March 2014 - 08:23 PM

Trinity! Yesssss im a believer of acupuncture! Once i feel a bit better im going again this week, i went last week and i plan to go on friday before transfer ...the more blood flow i get to my womb the better!  Ill also be going next week after transfer! Stick it to me i say!

#29 Sonja70

Posted 25 March 2014 - 12:43 PM

Wohooo, 12 out of 14 fertilized !  Nurse said thats a good fertilization rate? lets hope my dozen embies stay strong

Im feeling much better today ! Not in severe pain like last night, oh that was horrible.

Booked in for acupuncture on Friday. Transfer Saturday.

Looking good so far???

#30 trinity168

Posted 26 March 2014 - 05:52 PM

Sonja -- those are great numbers!  May your beautiful dozen  continue to grow and progress!

Good to hear you are doing acupuncture, I believe a good acupuncturist is beneficial to what we are going through.

I've accidentally come across this blog, ( so much googling to do ) on the day after my transfer.  Read about eating pineapples because they help make the embies stick.  

Any other pineapple or kiwi stories out there?

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#31 LateEntry

Posted 28 March 2014 - 09:11 PM

Hello - my month's 'break' from trying is almost at an end and I'm trying to get myself 'egg-cited' (nice one Sonja!) about joining 'Team April' end of next week.

Hasn't felt like that much of a break as have been trying to lose weight but has been a disaster trying to get a proper exercise programme going. Also panicking about finding a new job so I can afford this child in the event i do actually get pregnant!

Just realised my transfer and results will now come up in the middle of Easter/ Anzac Day (when we were going to go away for the long weekend!! - Bugger bugger bugger!!!)

Just one little egg on ice ... who knows if it will even defrost properly! ... hope yr transfer went well Sonja, hi Trinity, did you transfer this week also?! I had one of those 'NIL' viable retrievals for first round, so know how that feels!

LE x

#32 Sonja70

Posted 29 March 2014 - 06:03 PM

Transfered 3 today, an early blast and a couple of morulas..leaving the rest to grow see if I have a frosty! Not happy that I dont have a blast, and a bit sad that my grade 4 really good embie fizzled out and left the race.. :(...oh well...I've read stuff saying morulas can make babies? so see how I go...

I've got a very 'what will be will be' attitude, and I'm  going to try  really really really really really really hard and NOT TEST until the morning of beta, I have a digital test lying around from my last failed IUI cycle, so I thought I'd use that in 11 days !! eek ! Instead of dreading this 2ww, Im going to try and keep reaaaaaaally busy! ! I have a few pregynl shots to take next tuesday and next saturday...so if I test, It might be a false positive..so im not sure i can handle that...

LateEntry I know what it feels like to try and lose weight, torture! I've gained 15kgs since trying to get preggerz...not fun, but I've been swimming, belly dancing, walking the dogs and doing stuff "I LIKE" so it makes it easier to burn the fat and enjoy yourself while doing it ! so yea, do something FUN! ! ! Oh and I try and eat CLEAN- boring meals. steamed veg and marinated protein, thats it...

Its been a nice day, mums over and shes cooking me spaghetti and just picked up the clothes off the line, she wont let me do anything today, so cute..so i've put a major dent in the couch, tomorrow, i think I'll just go with the flow...

GOOOD LUCK WONDERFUL WOMEN----I hope we all get preggy for April ! ! ! ! ! !!  fingers and legs crossed xoxo

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#33 trinity168

Posted 30 March 2014 - 08:11 PM

LE -- hope you little snowball becomes your easter miracle.

Had my transfer last Saturday actually, upcoming BT end of the week.  Nervous, excited and tend to exagerrate every little feeling I get.  Sleep has been a bit challenging, woke up in the middle of the night last night and couldn't get myself back to sleep.

Sonja -- what does morula mean?  I have no plans to POAS cause I feel that I don't want to add to the mix of emotions I am already feeling.

Am a bit of the opposite and have been told to try and gain a few kilos. Am "force-feeding" myself now.  DH dices up fruits and adds them to my "lunch box".

Take good care of yourselves girls.  Eat well, sleep well.

#34 trinity168

Posted 02 April 2014 - 06:51 PM

hey, BT scheduled for tomorrow but, AF came this evening.


#35 Sonja70

Posted 03 April 2014 - 10:38 PM

 trinity168, on 02 April 2014 - 06:51 PM, said:

hey, BT scheduled for tomorrow but, AF came this evening.


OH NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I'm so sorry to hear this...

My BT is next Friday, Im not very optimistic.

What will  you do next?

Edited by Sonja70, 03 April 2014 - 10:39 PM.

#36 trinity168

Posted 04 April 2014 - 06:39 PM

Thanks Sonja, I feel a bit better today. FS didn't mind us jumping into our 3rd cycle straight away. I just needed a pause tho, I felt like a break, just give my body a bit of time to recover.  And, emotionally, I know I have to pick myself up and do it all over again, cause our hearts are set on bringing home a healthy bub.

Stay positive girl. Eat healthy, sleep lots.

#37 Hope43

Posted 12 April 2014 - 02:38 PM

Hi everyone - 43, single & TTC so hoping for some advice. Just had my first (failed) IVF.

Sorry - still getting used to the abbreviations but antagonist protocol. 4 good size follicles for retrieval (one side only), but only 1 egg. Made it to day 5 but no from PGD.

I was disappointed with only 1 egg but realistic. The worst part was the ET day. Had to ring PGD nurse the day prior to find out when / how I'd get results - no answer from my FS. Was told I'd get a call at 12 noon if there was a problem, otherwise arrive at 1pm for ET.

At 12.15pm I finally got up the courage to leave as no phone call. Then I got the call on the way from the FS doing the transfers that day at 12.25pm saying no go. That day was bad!

When I rang my own FS to find out more on Monday I was told she'd gone on holidays for 2 weeks and her earliest appointment was in 6 weeks. As I was already a patient I was pretty disappointed and pushed and finally got a follow up in 4 weeks.

So now left to my own devices I have done my own research and am really interested to find out if anyone has done a AACEP protocol? It seems the right thing for me but not sure if I can even ask for it?

This is a brave new world!

Thanks for your thoughts - this is tough on your own and much as I like my FS I seem to be struggling to get access to her.

Edited by Hope43, 13 April 2014 - 01:51 PM.

#38 trinity168

Posted 12 April 2014 - 06:31 PM

welcome hope43 - I do not know about AACEP protocol through mivf, but, I am surprised to hear your story about your FS. We are paying top dollar for the procedures and a call, is the least she could have done.  From my clinic, normally it's the nurses that ring, and they have always given an indication of what time they would ring and have not failed to miss the timeline.

For my first round, I too only had 1 at EPU ( egg pick up ) and it turned out to be immature, so was quite disappointed.  For the 2nd round, FS changed up the meds for injection and got 7 eggs that time around.  I'd would suggest and hope that your FS would change up your meds because each body is different and FS should adopt to yours and how you react/respond.

Best of luck!  You and Sonja are unbelievably brave to be going at this alone.

#39 Hope43

Posted 13 April 2014 - 01:48 PM

Trinity168: thanks for your supportive words.

I was so emotionally prepared for failure but nothing could have prepared me for the waiting. Every time you take a step forward rather than celebrate, you are back on the wait again. I know how disappointed you must have been to get 1 egg. It feels like so much for so little return.

As much as I would love to have someone on the journey, at other times I realise there are some advantages to only having to manage your own emotions.

I wish I hadn't left this so late, but that's my path.

Thank you all for creating this little community of support!

I'm going to ask my FS to try the AACEP protocol. There is a clinic in the US that advocates it for producing quality and quantity in women over 40. There is some really interesting data supporting it so I figure what do I have to lose. Not sure how open my FS will be to me suggesting a protocol though...

#40 trinity168

Posted 13 April 2014 - 09:42 PM

hi hope43, does your FS have you on DHEA?  It's "supposed" to improve egg quality, takes at least 3 months to take effect.

#41 Hope43

Posted 14 April 2014 - 07:42 AM

Hi Trinty168 - no - I hadn't even heard of DHEA until I started doing my own research after only getting 1 egg. I would describe my protocol as 'off the shelf'. The only thing that seemed to take my age into account was 450 gonal f per day from the beginning. I'm not sure if I'm being unfair, but it feels way too generic and goes against a lot of the recent literature. My AMH is 9.1 - not setting any records but better than average for my age.

#42 spring_rain

Posted 15 April 2014 - 06:29 PM

Hi Hope, you can discuss the AACEP with your FS, and ask her if she'd be willing to try it. I did 5 transfers (1 fresh and 4 frozen) from 2 antagonist cycles before approaching my FS with my own ideas. At that stage, I'd had 2 miscarriages and she was running repeat miscarriage testing, so was open to discussion. I hope you don't have to wait that long for your FS to listen to your ideas. Remember too that your first cycle is often considered a "trial run" by lots of FS's, so she might be open to trying new things such as a long down reg or AACEP. Why couldn't they get at the follicles on your other side?

PGD is incredibly difficult, I'm doing it too (for repeated miscarriage). Hope it gives you some healthy embies for transfer. Sending you very best wishes for your next cycle. xx

Trinity, how are you going?

I've finally got some good news: my last cycle was a CGH one, and I had 2 day 5 embies of good quality, but only 1 could be tested, the other was too early. So they froze one, and the results of the biopsy on the other one came in today - it's normal!  I'm so relieved

#43 trinity168

Posted 15 April 2014 - 08:44 PM

springRain -- I feel so relived for you too!  That is such good news, now stick embie stick!!!

hope43 -- sounds like we are on the same boat, my AMH is about 9, if I remember correctly. And, my first cycle i was on gonal-F 300.  Second cycle had me on gonal-F 450, felt like I was still responding poorly, FS added on Menopur, had both ovidrel and lucrin for trigger, that's when we got the 7 embies on EPU.  I think a good FS would change up your meds as they get a feel of how your body is responding. Hope your FS is open minded, flexible and adaptable.

AFM -- am taking a short break.  Last cycle was a bit emotional for me. See how we go if we jump on end of the month or, wait a bit more.  Not much time as I am already 40 so, can't exactly take my time.

#44 Hope43

Posted 15 April 2014 - 10:38 PM

Spring_rain - so excited for your good PGD result! Sending out lots of good energy that it's the one.

My left side follies just didn't want to play. No apparent reason - won't know if it's an ongoing issue until we try again. I've booked in for EPU 17 June - the good thing about PGD although the nurses don't like 'pre booking' a date but I found the right one and asked nicely. Gets me back on the horse so to speaking with a bit of time for gearing myself up emotionally. Have you had ET?

Trinity - thanks for the encouragement. Will see what FS has to say then what reaction to my research. Over 40 it's apparently all about keeping LH down at the beginning of the cycle as it can damage the eggs. Also heard over 40s need a stronger trigger - preferred 10000 pregnyl was the suggestion so interested to hear her thoughts. I figure I've only got a couple of rounds at this before my age gets the complete better of me so I'm giving it everything I've got.

#45 Autumn Leaves

Posted 16 April 2014 - 07:04 PM

trinity168: so sorry to hear about the disappointment.  I know what you mean about taking a break.  When we had the failed transfer in late Feb (news learned in early March), part of me was relieved when it was suggested that we defer the next FET until May.  It's good to have a break from the blood tests, the injections, the ultrasounds, the waiting ... To have sex just for the hell of it and to eat what I want :D

hope43: that sounds very disappointing ... I'd be switching clinics if that was possible?  My clinic is very nice with lots of communication and forewarning about appointments and updates on embryos etc ... I know what you mean about leaving it so late - but as I have said before, I really don't think I was ready for a child when I was younger.  It just turned out that when I was ready psychologically and home-situation wise, my body decided to be recalcitrant.  I turn 41 this year and my AMH is 14 - I seem to be able to fall pregnant, but my egg quality seems to be crap so for me it's just statistics and trying to find a good egg amongst all the bad.

My FS says that there's not really a way to improve egg quality.  She did offer to put me on DHEA if I wanted it but didn't really believe in it so I passed and thought I'd just take my chances.  We have 8 embryos frozen so will be thawing out 4 in May to see if any make it to blastocyst.

spring_rain: so glad to hear about your latest result.  Fingers crossed for maximum stickiness.

As for me, everything else is fine but lately everyone seems to be having babies - more than usual.  facebook is a minefield.  I am normally pretty relaxed about it and don't get upset but two friends who were trying to conceive around the same time as me have recently given birth and while I'm of course really happy for them, I actually found myself feeling pretty upset.  I am hoping that I feel better and less 'raw' about it later.

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#46 Hope43

Posted 17 April 2014 - 08:02 PM

Autumn - You must have heard this a 1000 times, but it does just take finding the right one and I hope that miracle is in the 8 you have waiting.

As I'm using a donor, switching clinics is time consuming and I don't have the months to spare unfortunately. But I'm getting my head around how to approach my FS about changing things up next time. Hopefully if I ask for more frequent updates or about who I can call for an update it will help.

Fingers crossed to everyone. Grateful I stumbled across this group. Thank you for the support!

#47 trinity168

Posted 18 April 2014 - 10:20 PM

autumnLeaves -- thank you for your kind words.  Let's see how I feel, but instinct is telling me to start again when AF comes in about 10 days.  

springRain -- how are you feeling? Winter has come a bit early, keep 'em embie nice and warm ei...

hope43 -- don't be afraid to ask, you are the client, it is your body.  The clinic I go to is good with updates and all, the nurses have all been so nice.  When I got the call about my 3 day transfer, I suddenly got so nervous, I just felt blank.  My thinking was set to a day 5 transfer so I felt unprepared. The nurse was very patient and explained why the FS had come to that decision.  It was our first transfer so I was pretty clueless then.

Sonja, lateEntry -- haven't heard from your girls for a bit, hope all is well :)

Good night girls.  Have a good, safe and relaxing easter break.

#48 Sonja70

Posted 23 April 2014 - 07:38 PM

Hey girls, my last cycle was unsuccessful, I guess I've stayed away since I've been an emotional mess for the past month...but last week I decided to stop sulking and start dieting, and this week I started exercising and trying to budge these 15 kgs that have made my body their home..lol

I'm going to give it a break for a few months since my eggies were a bit tender after the last cycle and I think i should let them rest in preparation for #8, yes, I'm going to try again...My Dr says 'donor donor' but I'm stubborn and know there is a little eggy in there going 'mummy im here' dont give up yet..perhaps I am going nuts after all ...

I'm hoping that once my bmi is lower and the blood flow through my ovaries creates a beautiful special eggy that will pop out and be ready next cycle...im optimistic since I know that I have donor eggs as an option if all else fails..there are women at that cliniic who are over 50 and have had babies..so I still have time to give my eggs some hope ! I met a lady yesterday at the organic shop who said she had her last one at 44? so who knows...i could be lucky..i could be wasting my money..but whats money anyway right? something to be spent !!!!!

Autumn  Leaves- I can totally relate to the facebook thing, i have babies through my news feed constantly and friends going 'we are pregnant' ..i have been 'hiding' lots of stuff, since I cant handle it either..but thats life, grin and bear it and worry about yourself and your happiness....wish everyone the best and dont be bitter, it will happen one day, the bitterness just makes you more anxious, we need to be relaxed and happy...so look at their babies and be happy for them, knowing that you will have your chance one day!

DONT GIVE UP !!!!! This old duck still has some quack left...lol xoxoxoxoxo


#49 trinity168

Posted 25 April 2014 - 06:47 PM

hi Sonja, sorry to hear about your cycle.  Good you are taking a step to control your diet.  I've just been to a nutritionist and, I am the complete opposite as I need to gain weight and get good fat into my system. I've been given this website ( the healthy chef )


Hope that helps you too.  Love your never give up attitude! You go girl.

AFM -- I thought I'd start again once I get my AF, but with my body fat being so low, hubby and I decided to park it for another month.  I am practically being "forced fed". I love food and eating but would never eat big. I graze during the day.

Edited by trinity168, 25 April 2014 - 06:48 PM.

#50 LateEntry

Posted 01 May 2014 - 12:06 AM

Hello All,

Have a feeling this might be my last post ... my pregnancy test for my first and (most probably) final frozen embryo is due Friday morning, so the reality check is probably due any time before then.  

I've been given a 5% chance based on my previous failed fresh egg attempts. Stayed off booze and caffeine but forsook all the other helpers this round, I just decided if I was getting a miracle it wouldn't need all those extras...

I also decided to go back to study full-time for a semester this month ... I think it's my way of daring Murphy's Law to complicate my life by giving me a positive result after I've just decided not to work for the next 4 months or so!

Those who are persevering I wish you extremely well - if I had the number of eggies retrieved that some of you are scoring, I might be keeping on too.  All the best ladies!!

LE x

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