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Is it worth $6k?

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#26 2anewme

Posted 12 March 2014 - 02:36 PM

My SIL has been discharged within 4 hours for both of her sons.  It is the policy for straight forward vaginal births in both her local hospital and regional hospital.

I thought she was mad but she actually liked it.  Me? I have had complications both times so have been in hospital from 3 - 7 days with both of mine.

but to answer your questions, No, I wouldn't pay the $6,000.  Only because I am considered high risk and need to be monitored throughout my pregnancies and birth - I have to go to a major hospital.

#27 ~Jolly_F~

Posted 12 March 2014 - 02:39 PM

View Postexplo, on 12 March 2014 - 02:12 PM, said:

It's not my second child, its my third! I can easily farm the other two out to grandparents for a few days, I just find four hours extreme. With the others I hadn't even stopped vomiting from the epidural in that time. I'll have to check what the actual practice is with the Dr.

I dont imagine that an epidural is classed as a straight forward vaginal birth and I wouldnt think they will kick you out if you are still vomiting either.

#28 lucky 2

Posted 12 March 2014 - 03:32 PM

Hi, how about using the $6K you will save on a Doula?
Or even engage a private postnatal MW?
So you can have an early discharge and be well supported at home. With MW home visits and ? a breastfeeding centre to visit if you have any bfing problems???
Do they do caseload midwifery at your local hospital, where you will be able to "know your midwife", ie the one to one care you enjoyed with your OB?

#29 Soontobegran

Posted 12 March 2014 - 04:19 PM

View Post~Jodama~, on 12 March 2014 - 12:57 PM, said:

I'm surprised how many people haven't heard of the 4 hours. It seems to be pretty normal these days for a healthy vaginal birth. Most people are definitely home within 24hours. Even c sections, a lot of people are out in around 48 hours.

I had 3 public births. They were fantastic. I wouldn't even consider forking out $6000

IME it really isn't 'most' people home within a few hours.
Some people are home after 4 hours but it is a minority.
It is far more common for people to stay at least one night after the birth of their baby.
Can I just say that most midwives I know would not recommend a 4-6 hour discharge for anyone other than a really experienced mother who was desperate to go.

The 4 hours post birth has been established not for paper work and showering but for observations of bleeding temperatures etc.

OP have you asked about the actual costs of the
Obstetrician? There are many who have a management fee far less than $6k.

#30 Theboys&me

Posted 12 March 2014 - 04:25 PM

My good friend recently gave birth in a qld hospital, 2nd bub.

Failed vbac from uterine rupture, emergency ceaser, horrible 8 week recovery and she was booted after 2.5 days.

I think qld hospitals are generally vb - 24-48 hrs and ceasers are 48-72hrs. But... A lot do push for 4-12 hrs post birth from what I've heard.

#31 mummymarvin

Posted 12 March 2014 - 05:23 PM

Nope this isn't the minimum time required. Birth centre at RHW in Sydney gives you a flyer that says in the case of a "normal" vaginal delivery discharge expectation is 4-12 hours post birth. It's daunting, but not enough for me to change my mind that midwifery group practice is my preferred care during pregnancy and labour. Am considering post natal doula for me at home/ babysitter/ even proactively getting lactation consultant to help once milks comes in with full force in an attempt to provide myself with enough support to get through first week! For me this is more attractive than a 3 night hospital stay/ crazy cost of OB. Good luck with your choice.

#32 yoohooyou

Posted 12 March 2014 - 06:55 PM

View Postsoontobegran, on 12 March 2014 - 04:19 PM, said:

OP have you asked about the actual costs of the
Obstetrician? There are many who have a management fee far less than $6k.

Yep but if we are going to go private I'd rather use this guy as we have the history. My choice is not any OB, its this one or public. His fee is less than $6k but there are the extras of a pead visit, hospital excess, and everything else on top of that.

It works out to about the same no matter who I use and pretty much everyone I know who goes private has these ancillary costs.

#33 Peefa

Posted 13 March 2014 - 06:05 AM

It sounds like you have decided. it's such a personal choice. You just need to decide what is most important to you. Do you have good supports at home to help out at home in the first few days?

If you went private, Would you be guaranteed that your Ob would be there for the birth? I may be wrong but i think In most cases they don't come in in the middle of the night unless they are rostered on? Is that important to you? Do you need the ongoing support from a familiar face during your preg? Some people need this, some people don't. It sounds like you'll have this which ever option you choose.
I would keep the $6k if I were you:)

#34 Missmarymack

Posted 13 March 2014 - 06:35 AM

I've had 2 public births and there's no way I'd be paying $6000 for a couple of extra nights in a maternity ward. Especially if it was not my first baby.

Does the hospital provide domiciliary midwife visits after discharge? Surely they don't just turf you out after 4 hrs with no further support? Have you asked them about ongoing breastfeeding support? Will they allow you to stay one night if you feel you need extra feeding support?

#35 Orangedrops

Posted 13 March 2014 - 06:40 AM

Unless there is something wrong I'd be happy to leave after an hour or two. Can't get me out of hospital soon enough. Much easier to rest at home with better food and less noise.

#36 Nelly83

Posted 13 March 2014 - 06:41 AM

It is such a personal choice, but 4 hours is ridiculous imo, just because you have a good vaginal birth, does not mean that you might not have other issues like clots, retained placenta, major constipation, seperated stomach muscles etc all which need to be checked on regularly..

As far as private versus public you need to go with what u feel comfortable doing as at the end of the day it's your body going through it.

I went private and had good vaginal births, stayed 4 nights but loved it as gave me one on one bonding time with baby and also was glad as with my second had a lot of clotting and it was freaking me out, so glad to have a midwife on site to keep a check on it.

#37 Taradiddle

Posted 13 March 2014 - 06:53 AM

I think your idea of putting that 6 k toward cleaner etc is a fab use of that money.

Eta as I hit send before I finished.  

Mine were public births, first had complications and had to stay ages which did my head in, my second was easy and I would've definitely left within four hours if they let me.  Which they didn't, since they wanted to monitor me due to previous complications.  I did get out 24 hours and it was great being in my own comfortable home.

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#38 Feral-Lausii

Posted 13 March 2014 - 07:04 AM

Went home after 4 hours with a few of mine. Prefer it. I'm quite surprised people have never heard of it...

#39 Mumtotwo13

Posted 13 March 2014 - 07:27 AM

The 6k is mostly payment for having an Ob, and not for a couple of extra nights in hospital, which apart from the excess is paid for by private health insurance. I only make this point as the real question is are you more comfortable having an Ob oversee your pregnancy, including delivery, or are you okay with what is likely to be a different set up in the public system? It's a personal choice. For me I went with the Ob, due to some risk factors, so the 6k was worth it to me. I ended up in a private hospital due to my choice of Ob, however the hospital and length of stay wasn't a factor in my decision if 6k was worth it,  the expertise of my Ob was the factor.

#40 Mummzy

Posted 13 March 2014 - 07:30 AM

My two births were public and there was no way I was leaving after 4 hours…

First birth it took a good 24 hours till I could walk after an epidural and I had a very bad tear which required an insane amount of stitches… My baby was sent straight to NICU as he swallowed a huge amount of fluid and wasn't breathing… Hospital stay was 2 nights.

Second Birth was very quick 1hour and 17mins from the the time the doctor broke my waters till the time he was in my arms. It felt like I didn't just give birth… I felt amazing. Baby was feeding like a pro…

10 hours later he was rushed to NICU… He couldn't keep in heat, was struggling to breathe and started vomiting…
He stayed in NICU for 7 days and I stayed in hospital for those 7 days as well. I wasn't leaving…

I can't imagine going home after 4 hours… So many things could happen after the 4 hours… Like it did for me.

I would go private or ask to transfer to another hospital if that's an option.

#41 Soontobegran

Posted 13 March 2014 - 08:30 AM

So many are saying they don't want to pay $6 k for a 24 hour stay in hospital but you aren't..

The management fee is for the Obstetrician that you either choose to use to manage your pregnancy or you don't.

The hospital is either covered by your PHI ( maybe with an excess according to the plan) or it is covered by the public health system whether it be 4 hours or a week.

Different women have different needs but I still see the 'pushed out of hospital' scenario as being totally wrong.

We here in Victoria do NOT provide adequate post natal care where a struggling mother can access help when she needs it from the people who can provide it.
You can not send someone ( particularly primigravida ) home without the necessary support......the outcomes of this are obvious.

#42 yoohooyou

Posted 13 March 2014 - 08:44 AM

Soontobegran I totally agree with you.

Just to be clear here's the breakdown of what I paid last time (12 months ago) going private:

Private hospital excess - $450
Management fee OB - $3300
Gas man - $1000
Pead - $1000
Parking in Melb CBD for DH - a not insignificant $200 for four days
Ultrasounds - $250 x 2
Blood tests - $400 -$600

Public would be $0 all covered under medicare - but maybe I'd go private for the ultrasounds so lets say $500 plus parking (although they charge $10 a day at my local so $40).

Yes its not the hospital stay which costs and even the OB fee is not that much, but technically to get the hospital stay it mandatorily comes with everything else as its user pays as a private patient.

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#43 Soontobegran

Posted 13 March 2014 - 08:50 AM

View PostLausii, on 13 March 2014 - 07:04 AM, said:

Went home after 4 hours with a few of mine. Prefer it. I'm quite surprised people have never heard of it...
That would be because not all hospitals have this 4 hour turn around and if you asked to go home after 4 hours in many here you'd be recommended to stay a little longer.

There will always be mums happy to get home and they should be able to, there are many more mums who'd love to go home feeling a bit better prepared and they should be able to as well.

My time spent in hospital with each of my babies was so precious because I knew once home with my other children it would be different.
This is why I did choose private, I wanted that option and for me it was superb.

#44 sodawaterbubbles

Posted 13 March 2014 - 08:56 AM

Do you have to have an OB? Are you high risk? If not, midwifery care is amazing. We ditched our private health back in 2010, went with a public hospital with midwifery care. I only saw the OB twice. Had an amazing birth with highly experienced women who were just so wonderful.

This time around, we are having a home birth and paying $3000 for everything..still cheaper than the usual birth costs privately. I think it's up to you and all about what kind of care birth you want.

#45 Soontobegran

Posted 13 March 2014 - 08:59 AM

View Postexplo, on 13 March 2014 - 08:44 AM, said:

Soontobegran I totally agree with you.

Just to be clear here's the breakdown of what I paid last time (12 months ago) going private:

Private hospital excess - $450
Management fee OB - $3300
Gas man - $1000
Pead - $1000
Parking in Melb CBD for DH - a not insignificant $200 for four days
Ultrasounds - $250 x 2
Blood tests - $400 -$600

Public would be $0 all covered under medicare - but maybe I'd go private for the ultrasounds so lets say $500 plus parking (although they charge $10 a day at my local so $40).

Yes its not the hospital stay which costs and even the OB fee is not that much, but technically to get the hospital stay it mandatorily comes with everything else as its user pays as a private patient.

Sounds like the CBD hospital one of my DD's birthed at and that was about the management fee she had too.

Going privately no doubt will require more money spent and I do understand that it is enough reason to not entertain the thought.
I actually believe the care afforded in the public system with regards to pregnancy management is most certainly on a par or better than many private hospitals.....it is the discharge and follow up that I feel is lacking and it is also not brilliant in the private system either.

eta--The car park did a discounted cost thing for my son in law as it was an actual hospital car park and this did help heaps.
Good luck with your decision.....I have been very disappointed with the discharge arrangements of all my DD's and DIL over the last 4 years ( 7 babies).....this was private and public experiences. Sadly not all new mums have a built in LC and midwife ( albeit officially retired) to go home to and it makes me very sad and concerned.

#46 new*to*this

Posted 14 March 2014 - 09:45 AM

If you are worried about breastfeeding then would spend some of the $6k you are saving by going public on a private lactation consultant who has the one on one time to spend with you when you need it.

If the 4 hour stay policy is correct (but you will never truly know how long you will be staying until after the birth itself) then as PP have suggested checking into a hotel for a few days is a great option for resting up in comfort.

#47 Praetor VitaeChel

Posted 14 March 2014 - 10:17 AM

I was public for both of ours. The first time I was natural birth and in Royal Women's for around 2 days (I did have a rough birth and hemorrhaging, but that was standard amount of time). I did not like the hospital much.

I was in a country hospital for second one and it was c-section. I was there for 6 days. They kept me an extra day because my DH and DS got gastro. It was great. They were awesome there. I had the same OBGYN the whole time and amazing midwives. I wish I had my first there.

#48 CallMeFeral

Posted 14 March 2014 - 06:42 PM

For me, when I've gone private it's always basically been for the 'insurance' factor of having an ob I trust in case of an emergency, where small decisions can have big outcomes. So I wouldn't pay that if they could not be there for the delivery. The four hour discharge would suck, but I wouldn't pay $6k to avoid that, I'd maybe just book myself into a neighbouring hotel with room serive if I didn't want to go home yet! For me the $6k is really only worth it for that whole life or death type situation.

#49 Me & 5!

Posted 15 March 2014 - 11:42 AM

I've gone public for 4 of my births and will be again for my 5th.My first baby they wouldn't let me leave after 3 nights, I was begging them and climbing the walls, I had a straight forward VB, but it may have been due to my age. 2nd and 3rd I was home within 6 hrs after, 4th unfortunately had mecconium in the waters so had to stay for 24 hrs post birth to be monitored. Again I was climbing the walls begging to go home but it was hospital policy to stay 24 hrs. This time if all goes well I am hoping to leave straight from the birth suite and not be transferred to the ward. I would much prefer to be at home settling in and be with my other children than be stuck in hospital. I have always recieved amazing midwife care  going public and couldn't justify that huge amount of money to maybe have an ob turn up for the birth and maybe get my own room post birth.

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#50 WinterIsComing

Posted 15 March 2014 - 11:52 AM

Home in 4 hours? No chance... I think it is worth 6 grand. You pay for after-care and the 30% chance that you will need a caesarean, and it would be performed by a senior doctor, not a random registrar.

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