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#26 SestraSestra

Posted 11 October 2014 - 11:41 AM

Hi everyone, just thought I'd pop in quickly and update, I had my egg retrieval this morning.

It all went pretty smoothly, they got 16 eggs overall but there were a lot more follicles than that so the retrieval took a while and was pretty painful. I was in a lot of discomfort following the procedure but managed to get home and am now convalescing on the couch - feeling much better.

My FS said that with so many follicles he was considering a freeze all depending on where my hormone levels are at on Wednesday. He's previously advised that he thinks frozen cycles have a greater chance of success so it wouldn't be the worst thing ever, but it would mean waiting until December because he doesn't want me to do back-to-back cycles, even for a frozen cycle.

Still waiting for fert report but during the procedure the embryologist said there were a lot of Grade 1's so I'm hopeful.

Will come back and do personals either later today or tomorrow - hope everyone else is doing ok!

#27 jjc1

Posted 11 October 2014 - 12:18 PM

Hi ladies

senstra thats a good number for retreival good luck for good fert numbers

annie Have you spoken to your dr?

Jo hope you are ok.

Hi to everyone i have missed.

Had fet done this morning the had to thaw 2 as one didn't survive thaw. So now in the 2ww

#28 Annie001

Posted 11 October 2014 - 12:50 PM

Such a lovely post Happy- we are very resilient. Although I'm not so much today- stopped luteal support last night and I'm miscarrying now. Started at work this morning and I barely held it together but I managed to keep going for a little while and calmly call in a replacement (was so afraid of losing it on the phone) and then I lost my bundle when I got home to the bathroom. It's sad but as soon as I found out yesterday it's not viable I kind of just wanted it over so I could avoid a D&C. So I guess I got my wish there- but a lot quicker than I was expecting.

I am in the same boat as Rain and Jo- it will be the new year before we can consider when to go again. God I hope it's more straight forward next time.

Happy where are you up to cycle wise?

Rain sorry to hear about the funeral- i can't even imagine! During your MC too, ouch.

Shay- how you feeling?

#29 Jo.F

Posted 11 October 2014 - 02:19 PM

Happy - thanks xx and you're right, in general we are I just think we get knocked back so much by disappointment that it's hard to see anything else.

Sestra - that's a good number of eggs. I hope you get a good fert rate!

jjc - good luck in the 2ww. I hope the time goes fast for you. I have everything crossed.

Rain - as if you haven't had enough to deal with. I keep asking the universe just give you a break but it's not listening to me :(

hope everyone else is doing well.

#30 RainRain

Posted 12 October 2014 - 08:21 AM

So sorry Annie - how cruel to get to 1000 and then have it taken away :( Take care of yourself and when you're ready let's look forward to early next year. You, Jo and I all ready to go!

Thanks for the supportive comments everyone. All the best xxx

#31 Happylady

Posted 12 October 2014 - 11:10 AM

Sestra- that's a great number. Fx for good fert rates.

Annie- I'm so sorry. I hope it happens for you quickly and is not to physically painful. Take gentle care of yourself.

I am doing a FET next month. Just waiting for AF which should come late oct or early November.  

Is anyone else due for a cycle next month?

#32 Kallie88

Posted 13 October 2014 - 10:56 AM

Hi ladies,

I'm not sure if maybe it's too early to join this group. DH and I have just found out we'll have to do IVF due to low sperm count. I have PCOS and need to lose weight before we're eligible for the extraction part.

So atm I'm trying to get my head around more of the specifics of the process, and hopefully finding the right clinic for us, which has really confused me. We're in Melbourne, so anyone with recommendations I'd really appreciate the help. Really just any advice for what it's going to be like and what I should expect, I would be extremely grateful for. Even though it's going to be a little while for me to get the weight down, it's still scary.

Best of luck to all of you, and hope you have successful cycles soon.

#33 SestraSestra

Posted 14 October 2014 - 01:35 PM

Hi everyone, have been AWOL for a few days recovering from EPU ...

Happylady - it's so frustrating waiting for AF isn't it? And such a weird thing to be hoping for it to arrive when we've often spent so many months hoping for the exact opposite.

Jcc how are you finding the 2ww? Any symptoms yet?

Rain, Jo and Annie, hopefully the next few months will pass quickly what with Christmas etc and it'll be the New Year and time for another try before you know it.

Welcome Kallie88! I'm pretty new to this group too but have found it such a help so far. I'm in Sydney so no recommendations, sorry. Hope your stay here is a short one.

AFM - I am starting to feel excited again after a low few days. After egg pick up I got the fertilisation report and discovered only 6 of our eggs had fertilised. As our FS had told me in recovery that he aspirated 16 I was really upset thinking this was a very low fert rate, but I have subsequently found out that only 10 of those were mature enough to attempt fertilisation, so 6/10 doesn't seem so bad.

The recovery from the EPU has been a bit rougher than I anticipated so I really hope we get at least one to freeze, I am not keen to do another stim cycle in a hurry! Yesterday I felt absolutely awful, my ovaries felt far less bruised but my abdomen was SO swollen and tight all day, I was almost breathless by the evening, and in another cruel joke I looked at least 5 months pregnant. On the plus side my normally saggy stomach skin was all smooth from being so stretched out!

I got our day 3 report today as well - I have one 8-cell, three 6-cells, one five cell and one little 3 cell. The 8- and 6-cells are Grade 2, the 5-cell is Grade 1, and the 3-cell is Grade 3 - it's very fragmented and they don't expect it to make it to day 5 but you never know.

Today the swelling is somewhat better so I'm feeling hopeful that I may be able to go ahead with transfer on Thursday! It will all depend on tomorrow's blood test though.  I think my FS is pretty cautious when it comes to fresh transfers, I know he thinks FETs have a better chance of success so it may still be a freeze all but we will see.

As of yesterday I've started twice-daily Crinone gel - it's so horrible! Not to be TMI but does it always ... clump? Euughhch.

Hope everyone else is doing well, sorry to anybody I missed!

(edited for text size, it was teeny tiny first few go's!)

Edited by SestraSestra, 14 October 2014 - 01:36 PM.

#34 Jo.F

Posted 14 October 2014 - 02:33 PM

Sestra - hope you're feeling better today. When you have a lot of follicles it's always a bit worse after EPU because all those follicles that they drained fill up with fluid again. It sucks because you think once you've had the eggs collected you'll start to feel better and then you end up feeling worse! And it does make you look pregnant which really sucks considering what you're going through at the time. I hope it all settles down soon and you can still have your transfer and you get a frostie or 2 left over.

Happy - I hope AF shows up soon. It's odd how much we look forward to that now when normally it's the enemy lol.

Kallie88 - Welcome. I'm in SA so no help either with clinics sorry. Ask around in the general AC thread or maybe ask your GP for a recommendation. Good luck with everything - hopefully you're in and out of here quickly :)

JJC - hope the 2ww is going fast for you.

Hi to everyone else. It's a bit quiet in here but given the outcomes lately it's no surprise. I probably won't be in here much for the next month or so but I will be stalking for people's results.

#35 jjc1

Posted 14 October 2014 - 04:51 PM

Hi ladies

kallie888 welcome i am in newcastle so no help sorry.

Happy hope af shows up for you soon

sestra how are you feeling. Crinone is horrible.

Afm don't know how this month is going been really crampy since transfer and started spotting yesterday. Have to go to the clinic tomorrow for a bt for progesterone

#36 SestraSestra

Posted 17 October 2014 - 05:48 AM

Hi all, it's so quiet in here - guess everyone's in the 2ww by now!

I'll be ducking out of this thread for a little while. As predicted my transfer yesterday was cancelled - per blood test on Wednesday, hormone levels which should have been down below 5,000 at the outside were still floating around at 14,000 and my FS thought the risk of OHSS was way too high to do a transfer.

On the plus side we have two good looking blasts to freeze, and 3 more that they were giving another night to see how they go before deciding today whether to freeze or not, so I actually feel quite positive. We'll probably do an FET in December, my Dr insists I take a month off in between.

Best luck to everybody and looking forward to coming back in a month or so!

#37 hillplain

Posted 21 October 2014 - 12:28 PM

Hi Ladies,
I have been absent from here for nearly 12 months. Most of you I don't know on here but as we are about to get back on the wagon again, I thought it would be great to give and receive some support.
Our history is a little long so will put a brief bit of it down!
We have been TTC #1 for 9 years now. The last 4 through IVF. We are from rural NSW and cycle in Melb so it is a bit of an operation in logistics every cycle for us.
The first 3 cycles that we did we were amazing successful only to loose our little ones after viability scans at 12,9&7.5 weeks the last - twins 12 months ago to the day. Our next 2 cycles were outright BFN. Changed FS and had another go but got 0 fert so no transfer. The decision to use my incredible sisters eggs was now a little easier. We have finished our counselling have paid out enough money to buy a brand new car and we are now on the BCP to down reg.
Here's hoping that all will finally go well and we will get out take home baby from this cycle!
Looking forwards to sharing everyone's ups and hopefully not too many downs on this bumpy road.

#38 Kallie88

Posted 22 October 2014 - 11:14 AM

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if I might be able to get a little advice. We went to see The Fertility Center yesterday, and were told by the nurse that because of low count and slightly low morph (3%) that we would have to have ICSI rather than normal IVF. But had no indication of that at Monash. So I'm just not sure whether that sounds right or not? Thanks.

Good luck to everyone.

#39 Jo.F

Posted 22 October 2014 - 11:59 AM

Kallie - We were told the same thing. We have low count and 3% morph and were told ICSI would be the best option. Our FS was of the theory that we could try just normal IVF first but it was better to go with ICSI for the best possible chance of fertilisation rather than potentially wasting money on normal IVF cycles which were less likely to work. It is a bit more expense but it makes sure that the sperm actually gets to the egg.

Hope that helps - good luck :)

#40 Bels baby

Posted 29 October 2014 - 01:37 PM

I'm back.
I'm currently day 13 of IVF but haven't had the energy to post. This cycle has been so much harder than the last.

The scan this morning revealed 29 eggs! EEK
This cycle they put me on new drugs so I wouldn't get as many eggs as last time but I've ended up with a lot more.

I feel terrible. I've had insomnia, racing heart,ovary pain, head aches and this morning I've woken up with a sore throat/cold.

Egg retrieval is on Friday.
Has anyone had retrieval with a cold/virus?

Kallie & Jo - same for us. 4% Morph. We went half IVF / half ICSI last time, this time we were advised for all ICSI

#41 Jo.F

Posted 29 October 2014 - 03:02 PM

Hi Bels

Is that 29 follicles? I'm not surprised you're feeling a bit off. I hope you get lots of eggs out of that lot :)

My last EPU I had a really bad head cold so they gave me extra IV fluids and kept me in recovery a bit longer than usual but it wasn't a problem.

Good luck x

Hillplan - that's great what your sister is doing for you. I hope you have success this time around xx

#42 hillplain

Posted 30 October 2014 - 12:18 PM

OMG Bels baby - I can't imagine how that must feel. You have more follicles than I have produced in 7 whole IVF cycles!! I hope that you are OK and that you don't end up with OHSS. Good luck with this cycle.

Thanks heaps Jo. Where are you up to ATM?

Kallie - we have a morph issue too and have always done ICSI due to it. I have seen many come and go who even without those issues end up with ICSI. I guess if it gives you greater chances of success and you can fit it in financially I would do it. We also do HA which also seems to find a better quality swimmer for injection too but it is another $390 each cycle.

AFM - just sniffing away not much happening but stopping BCP tomorrow and BT next week to check that I have down reg'd.

Hope all is well with everyone else - HP

#43 Jo.F

Posted 30 October 2014 - 03:29 PM

HP - I've got a BT on Saturday and assuming I've ovulated I'll be starting yet another down reg cycle *sigh*

How long are you down-regging for? Are you on Synarel? How's it treating you? so many questions! lol

#44 Happylady

Posted 30 October 2014 - 08:42 PM

Hi everyone! It's been so quiet in here, it's lovely to see people back.
Jo- how long do you down reg for? Does that mean your back on synarel?
Bels- wow 29 follies! I can imagine your sore.. I had about that many and could barely walk the two days prior to egg collection! Best of luck for egg collection and good fert rates.
Hill plain- nice to meet you.

AFM- I started me oestrogen tablets today in prep for my FET. I feel really nervous as this is our one and only shot so everything is riding on this. I have to admit that it's been so nice to have a break from it all over the last two months (surgery was in between but that feels different). So I'm now back to mentally preparing (well trying to) for the possibility of this not working and looking at what this future may look like. This process tests your strength hey!

#45 Jo.F

Posted 30 October 2014 - 09:56 PM

Hey Happy :) Good to hear from you! There's a few people in between cycles so it has gone pretty quiet in here.

I'm taking Lucrin for the down reg. I refuse to take Synarel again! The plan was to down reg for 4 weeks and then start the cycle but my clinic doesn't book on new cycles after 2nd December so they said they'll end the down reg a few days early to make sure I can book on before the cut off.

When do they think your FET will be? I really, really hope this is the cycle for you. As hard as it is, try not to think about the outcome, just take one day at a time and worry about it not working IF that happens :)

#46 hillplain

Posted 31 October 2014 - 11:18 AM

Jo - have been sniffing for a week. Today is the last day of the pill and BT is next Wed. I have never done a down reg before so all new to me.... Yes I am on Synarel. I hate it. Have used it for the last 2 cycles and would rather do a needle than sniff it. I find that it makes me so tired and stupid too. My poor sister called today to ask me if I was the same so she is feeling the same way too.
I am guessing that EPU for my sister will be 22/11? so transfer hopefully our first ever day 5 maybe on the 27th???? It all seems like forever away at the moment but I sure will come up quickly!
Happy lady - hope that all goes well with your TF. What are the tablets like? I know where you are at RE the one shot. I don't think that I can continue down this path either. 10 years of BFN and losses and over $100k in IVF has just completely taken its toll on me too.

AFM - Sniffing away and oh so very tired.... My DH has run out of his contracting job very suddenly and we are back to my income only which is really worrying at the moment too. Guess things will sort themselves out eventually!
Baby dust - HP

#47 EmbryoAgogo

Posted 01 November 2014 - 12:52 PM

Hi All,

I'm back after a break between my first cycle and now my FET. So sad to hear such crappy news while I've been away - hoping that the summer is going to bring us all much better news xxx

Jo - I'm so sorry to hear the last one didn't work. How did your BT go today? You're incredibly strong, I hope you can either work out a payment plan that works or give yourself a well earned break xxx

Annie - what a roller coaster you've been on, how are you coping with it all? Hope you have really nice plans for these next few months, you really deserve it xxx

Happy - I think we'll just be a couple of weeks out from each other, has your AF started (is that why you've started oestrogen?)? I hope you manage to enjoy the feeling of PUPO and forget the pressure of the cycle. One day at a time, one foot in front of the other.. yeah this process really tests our limits.

Bels - jeeeeeez thats a lot of eggs, no wonder you feel like crap! Hope it went well yesterday, thinking of you - were you out for it or conscious? Sorry to hear your embryo transfer was horrible last time. They can really down play these things - 'like a pap smear' - yeah right.. not sure where they're getting their pap smears from!!

Hillplain - nice to meet you and welcome back to the board. Wow, you've really been through the wringer, I hope and hope and hope that this is the time for you. Also hope your DH finds a new job soon to relieve some of the pressure.

Jjc1 - good luck with the clinic, hope you get good news!!

Kallie - welcome to the board, ask all and every questions - it's nice to be able to use this experience to help others navigate it. We didn't do ICSI as we don't have any male factor issues, it sounds about right if motility is an issue.

Rain - in case you are looking, I'm so sorry about your MC and hope you're finding ways to deal with the long distance between you and DH and you find a way through the bureaucracy and barriers to get the help you need.

AFM - my first FET was inserted this morning. Had another different doctor as mine was on holiday again, but this one was great! Very gentle and slow, lights were dimmed and there wasn't a crowd of 40 people like my last one. Much more relaxing and I could completely focus on the transfer. I think I'll switch to him next cycle if this lot doesn't get me results!! Not had any noticeable reaction from my progesterone pessaries either, overall this FET has been a walk in the park!! Though I was told my uterus was retroverted - that's new?? God knows what's going on down there. And just to add to the fun, I handed in my notice on Thursday - great idea right before a FET... I've been more stressed than I've ever been and it got to the point I was near tears constantly throughout every day. Had a good chat with DH and we agreed it wasn't worth it. Already feel a thousand times more normal just by handing it in. I hope this has completely tempted fate so they give us another mouth to feed!!

All the best to everyone going through this xxx

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#48 Happylady

Posted 02 November 2014 - 07:28 PM

Jo- I'm so happy for you that you are able to have a cycle before the new year. If I remember correctly, you were not sure if that would be possible?
My transfer will most likely happen around Nov 17 give or take a few days.

Hill plain- I really struggled yesterday on the oestrogen tablets! Crazy b####h monster came out to play- I went from rage, to sobbing , to rage and then mellowed. My poor husband! He was able to recognise it was the drugs before I did. I wasn't expecting to be effected so quickly and have not been that emotional before. I guess my body doesn't like oestrogen!
I am in awe of your 10 year journey and $100000!! That shows such strength and determination! How's your sniffing going?

Embie- lovely to hear from you! Yay for being PUPO! Was this a medicated transfer? And congrats for the resignation! It's amazing how free you can feel when you leave a stressful job. Will you look for another job or take some time off?

On a side note- I had an amazing day at the beach today. The weather was stunning and the water was cool, refreshing and soothing. Just what I needed after my crazy attack yesterday. Lets hope my body gets adjusted to this drug because tomorrow I have to double the dose!

#49 Jo.F

Posted 03 November 2014 - 09:26 AM

Happy - yes! We will get one in now which is great. I've counted the days on the calendar and I reckon my BT will be somewhere between Christmas and my birthday on the 28th - so that will either be a great week or a really crappy one lol

Embie - Thanks xx Although we'd all much rather not be in here, it's nice to hear from you :)  Had my BT on saturday and I have ovulated  so last night I started the down reg injections. It's nice to be doing something - and it helps move on from the disappointment of the last failure when I've got something to do. We will fit one in before the end of the year which is good (our clinic doesn't start new cycles after the 3rd December) and I'm pretty sure I can call them to work out payment. Otherwise we'll just pay the gap instead of paying the whole amount like we normally do.

Congrats on being PUPO!! I have everything crossed for you :)

AFM - as per the above I've started the down reg injections. Every cycle I've done except for the last FET  has been a down reg which is a bit of a drag but this will be my first ever fresh cycle so that's exciting. Hopefully the fact that we're putting fresh ones in instead of frozen ones will be the difference that makes it work :D

Hi to everyone else - hope you're all going well x

#50 hillplain

Posted 03 November 2014 - 10:41 AM

Embie - wow that sounds like a nice transfer! One of my transfers was awful. I got the call that only 2 had survived over the weekend and only one of them was looking good at day 3. So I got in the car and drove 4 hours on my own to have the transfer done, got stuck in traffic and the Dr did the transfer in his street clothes as I was so late! That was a very very long day. Good luck with the cycle and I hope that the 2WW flys by and the crazies stay away!

Happy - Oh dear, there I was hoping that there would be a bit smoother sailing. My DH has now realised that when cycling I have several personalities and that hopefully the nice one makes a couple of appearances a day! Don't feel bad - in one cycle I actually offered my DH, 12 dogs and 15 horses as free to good home on Facebook....

Jo - Good luck with the injections. I would much prefer them to anything else at the moment! I hope that all keeps going well for you and you get your fresh transfer!

AFM - BCP stopped on Friday. Thought I may have had a bleed by now but not yet? BT will be on Wed to check on down reg and then start on asprin, prognova and dexa on Friday! Still sniffing and trying not to sneeze away.

Hi to everyone else!

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