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June 2014 parents thread

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#1 Princess VFR

Posted 07 November 2014 - 09:01 PM

With our June2014 DIG thread officially archived, we're now here in the parents section. I thought I would post and see if anyone is around.
DD turned 5months old yesterday. How has the time gone by?? She's sleeping 8-7am with an 11pm dreamfeed.
Still not rolling on the floor but I find her in all sorts of weird positions in bed in the morning.
Not sitting up yet but insists on standing whenever she's held. Started solids with our Drs green light. Cereal and veges for now. Lots of squeals and giggles especially when tickled or our dog licking her!
Still a really good baby, just some random crying outbursts which I'm putting down to teething especially with both hands stuffed in her mouth.
It's hard to believe a year ago I had just joined our DIG. Now I sneak in and read the 2015 June DIG and remember discussing NT scans and pregnancy do's and don't's!!
I hope to hear how other June parents are doing.

#2 Jaimee86

Posted 08 November 2014 - 01:35 PM

Happy 5 months to your bubba Vfr Momma! My little girl is 4 months old. Sleep has been all over the place but she goes to be at 7pm, dream feed at 10pm and was waking 3 hourly but has just started waking at about 3 or 4 am for a feed. DD is rolling from front to back but gets stuck on her side when going back to front. She loves standing up as well and really enjoys bouncing in her jumperoo. She was showing an interest in food so I started puree's but haven't persisted as yet as she wasn't enjoying it.

DD has 2 teeth already! She got them at 3 months which was not fun! She loves to bite everything and rub things on her teeth and gums. She's pretty good but does have her temperamental moments which I put down to teething and growth spurts. I cannot believe that it's been over a year since I conceived her and was freaking out about everything!

#3 Beeeeeez

Posted 08 November 2014 - 04:27 PM

hello ladies! :) finally someone to post some link to new group! Thanks Vfr momma :)

Great to see that both of you are doing well and bubs are great. We will be 5 months tomorrow!! My little one is still not rolling either, but insists on sitting in the stroller. She also cant sit on her own but that will come with time. Talk about hands in the mouth! She constantly has them there! The whole fits occasionally! I was thinking of starting solids and have given her a bit of a taste of avocado and banana but she is not interested yet. She has been mostly on formula as my milk supply has been very very low (very sad but what can I do). She is doing well and putting weight on which is important. Otherwise no major problems here. Sleeps well from about 6:30 pm to about 11 and then has a feed and continues to sleep till about 6 am. Would be lovely to hear from the other mummies in the group. :)

#4 Princess VFR

Posted 10 November 2014 - 08:38 AM

It's great to hear from you ladies!!

Jaime86 your DD sounds super keen rolling and teething already- have the top teeth started coming out as well? I wonder if the pain becomes a little more bearable for them once the first 2 teeth come out?
They love to jump don't they. We've got a jolly jumper, DH dynabolted the hook into the kitchen/hallway entry which is really wide so she doesn't swing into the wall. She loves it, jumps like crazy and keeps her busy while we cook and eat dinner.

Biancabee I've pretty much completely gone to formula also. I still give her a mini BF at 11pm before her bottle, but I'm expecting to dry up soon which will be heartbreaking. It's funny how my expectations have changed from when I was pregnant and was adamant I would EBF for 12 months. Oh well, I'm happy she got some BF for 5 months rather than none.
Well I'm off to change a 'solids' nappy.....wait til you get a whiff of those.....DD certainly know how to clear the room!!

#5 Iezze

Posted 12 November 2014 - 06:34 PM

Hi ladies!

Glad to see this thread.

We are doing well. Just over 5 months here too. No teeth, plenty of rolling front to back and back to front, sitting on her own, and eating some solids (we are baby led weaning). Sleeping is going well, although we had a little regression at 4 months, but we get 7 hours unbroken and then up for a feed before back to sleep for another 3/4. Day naps are all over the shop. She goes down after 2 hours but naps could be 45 mins or 1.5 hrs depending on her mood. We haven't quite got the hang of self settling yet, but we will get there I'm sure. Overall a pretty happy baby and mum here - time is flying!

#6 Jaimee86

Posted 20 November 2014 - 06:54 PM

Vfr momma - she seems very keen and is growing up so quickly. Thankfully no top teeth yet just the bottom two. She was ok when the first tooth came through, just a bit grizzly. It was the second one that really seemed to bother her. Gotta love anything that lets you get stuff done and keeps bubs happy! They seem to love jumping :-)

Lezze - how is baby led weaning going? I'm thinking of starting that here. We also had a bit of sleep regression at 4 months and are still getting back on track. We are the same with day naps, all over the shop! Like you say, happy baby equals happy mum!

Biancabee- glad things are going well. They love to have their hands in their mouths don't they.

It's nice to hear everyone is going well. My little one has a cold at the minute so she's congested and cranky and not sleeping well at all. I can't wait till she's better as I want some sleep back! My hubby has been on leave which has been lovely but he's back to work this weekend. DD has just discovered her feet and is constantly trying to eat them. She's been trying to grab my drink all the time now so I've given her some water in a cup which she seems to enjoy. Other than that I'm hoping her sleep settles down soon when this cold goes. Hope you are all well!

#7 Princess VFR

Posted 24 November 2014 - 08:47 PM

How is everyone doing?

Jaimee86 hope dd is feeling better after her cold. Feet in their mouth is gorgeous, especially when they help with nappy changing.

Great to hear from you lezze, sounds like your dd is doing great especially sitting on her own. Hang in there with the self settling. One day it will just work!

As for us were doing ok, going through a double whammy of a wonder week and some serious teething/drooling. She just pulls a sad face of pain, and I can feel teeth at the back, but nothing has actually broken the surface. I've tried refrigerated teething toys, bonjela, my own fingers. The only thing that works sometimes is Sophie the giraffe. I just feel so helpless that I can't help ease her pain.
On the positive she has rolled front to back a few more times, and getting better at sitting up ( still falls over sideways which is so cute)
I've also noticed she's so much more perceptive, watches everything I do intently. And loves dropping things off her high chair table.....all day long!

Hope everyone is doing well.

#8 Hands Up

Posted 06 December 2014 - 07:24 AM

Finally found this thread! My little guy is five months tomorrow ( I used to be NSG) and all is going well. He sleeps twelve hours overnight bless him and we finally have a daytime routine. Started solids last week on recommendation of GP but only one meal a day and it is a play session really. DS is so alert and watches everything we do, very vocal and loves to roll.

So much easier than the early days!!

Hope everyone is well :-) so good to hear how you are going.

#9 Princess VFR

Posted 06 December 2014 - 08:38 PM

Great to hear from you lots of stripes, and happy 5 months for DS. That's awesome he's sleeping 12 hours, I know you had a while there in the beginning where you were up every 3 hrs. It must seem like a lifetime ago now.
DD was 6 months yesterday, and also now sleeping around 12 hours. We dropped the dreamfeed a few weeks ago when she refused to wake up for it. Shes also going down for her nighttime sleep first go these days- that was a real struggle for me despite her going down easily for daytime sleeps.
We're on 3 "solids" a day. We started meat this week which seems to be a winner with her(daddy's little girl). Yogurt also goes down pretty good too.
She's starting to sit on her own more these days, and rolls back to tummy easily, but gives up on tummy to back( she just flops down head to the side- so cute!)
Our biggest gain is height and weight. I don't know if any of you recall she started at 2.8kg, below the red line in the percentile chart, and she now sits at 73% weight and 70% height.
Hope you're all doing well!

#10 Hands Up

Posted 06 December 2014 - 08:50 PM

Wow that weight gain is fantastic!! So good to hear VfrMomma..... :-)

Yes, things were pretty hard for a while there sleep wise and eating wise, but so much easier now. Thank goodness!

#11 Beeeeeez

Posted 19 December 2014 - 08:59 AM

Just a few days left before Christmas so I wanted to wish you all very merry Christams , any other religious festivities and great upcoming holidays!  Hope everyone is well and the bubs are area ready and will be wearing lovely holiday outfits! MIne will and I am forcing DH to wear it too! :p

Update on my little one:

Had 6 month vaccination and check up. Cried eyes out while getting needles! Is off the chart for length/height!! This girlie will be too tall like her daddy!! No surprise there! lol She is 72cm, 8kg with head circumference sill lagging behind so another check up for us in 3 months time to see that all is going well.

#12 Princess VFR

Posted 19 December 2014 - 08:00 PM

Wow Biancabee, your DD is growing exceptionally! Merry Christmas to you too!
Aren't they just adorable in Christmas outfits.
We did Santa photos with DD dressed in a red tutu "mrs clause" dress. She had the biggest smile! The grandparents loved her photo.
I can't wait to see her tear at the paper on her presents on Christmas morning. (I suspect she will love the tearing paper more than the actual presents.)
Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy New year!

#13 Beeeeeez

Posted 01 January 2015 - 11:57 AM

Happy New Year everyone!! Its awful quiet in this thread!! How is everyone doing? How are bubs going? Anyone had interesting NYE?

Here we were hoping for a quiet one, unfortunately neighbours teenage kids had a different idea! Needless to say I had very little sleep and we had to sleep in the lounge room as our bedroom is closest to neighbours house. I'm guessing we will be having a early night tonight! :)

#14 Princess VFR

Posted 01 January 2015 - 08:22 PM

Happy new year everyone!

Biancabee that's horrible of your neighbours, especially when you choose to have a quiet one with an almost 7month old. Hopefully your neighbours are hungover and you get some sleep tonight.

We also had NYE at home, except MIL and SIL are here staying with us, and while DD can sleep through most noises, I suspect her fussy sleep the last 2 night/days is due to the elephant like stomping down the hallway, inconsiderate slamming of glasses on the coffee table and hyena style laughter echoing through the house!
Fingers crossed they leave early tomorrow.

We spent Christmas and the last week at mums beach house and DD got to go to the beach for the first time. It was hilarious watching her discover sand doesn't taste so good when licked off her fingers. But she loved the water and sitting at the waters edge. I can't wait to go back there for another 2 weeks when DH goes back to work.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Years.

#15 Hands Up

Posted 21 January 2015 - 03:17 PM

Argh.... in laws are the worst! My FIL is here at the moment. Hard work.

Sorry I haven't been in here in a while, I need to pin this thread as I keep getting lost!

All going well here. A very quiet NYE :-) and DS is now six and a half months. He weighs 10.1 kilos (a chunker) and is 72 cm long. DH was even bigger as a baby so I suspect DS will slim out over time. He is doing really well and is quite a chilled out, happy baby thank goodness.

Hope all is well with everyone else.....

By the way, how are you all going with solids? DS not that interested. We are still only on two meals a day as there is no point introducing a third when he doesn't really eat much of the first two :-) He seems to be a very fussy eater.

eta: oops sorry, I used to be NSG :-) Found out someone on here I know from real life recognised me and had been following my posts without telling me. Felt a bit violated to be honest. Anyway, I have gone through a few name changes to try and shake her..... luckily a mutual friend told me.

Edited by Hands Up, 21 January 2015 - 03:19 PM.

#16 Beeeeeez

Posted 22 January 2015 - 08:16 PM

Completely understandable 'Hands up'! Feels like stalking. Hope you managed to shake her off.

I think some bubs take a while to warm up to solids. My bub is 7 months and 2 weeks now and she is still on 2 solids a day, plus she loves her rusks and to chew on strawberry! Just make a mess, but thats OK. :) She loooooves her bottle! We had to change to soy formula for a while as she had secondary lactose intolerance not long ago and she goes crazy when she sees me shaking the bottle. Not sure whats in that soy! We are slowly reintroducing Nan HA gold, but she still goes crazy on the sight of her bottle and if you dont give it to her fast she will start crying.

This thread has been a bit quiet, not sure if others have realised the change from June DIG though. Hope all is well with everyone. :)

#17 Iezze

Posted 22 January 2015 - 08:25 PM

Hello hello!
I was wondering who you were hands up.

Glad to hear that your babies are well.

We are on three solid meals a day here plus snacks. I only introduced lunch before Xmas after I got told off by the MCHN at her 6 month injections for not giving her enough solids. I've really ramped up solids in the last 2 wks because I want to cut down breastfeeds. So now we are only on 4 bfs a day.

It's been a crazy fortnight for my bub. Crawling, new words and sounds, two teeth, pulling herself up to stand.

Has anyone gone back to work? I'm not due back until May but I feel like i am starting to get a bit stir crazy with being a Mum 24/7.

#18 Beeeeeez

Posted 22 January 2015 - 08:45 PM

Hi lezze.. your bub is doing great! Mine has just learnt to sit properly, no crawling yet, mind you she is talking (well ga-gaing) like there is no tomorrow! :)

I was planing to go back to work part time in July and was inquirying about child care in the area and wanting to put bub on the waiting list for spot in June. Was told that the spots usually fill by May and then would be very hard to find somewhere to fit her in. So we have decided to put her one day a week starting from next week so she can get used to it and also to sort of have her already there as its much easier to get another day once she is in the system. Now I'm getting worried how will she go next week. Hopefully wont cry much!

#19 Princess VFR

Posted 22 January 2015 - 09:25 PM

Great to hear from you all. I was wondering about all the name changes Hands up. I get paranoid when I see people checking out my profile....
Sounds like your DS is definately doing well in the growth charts. We're on 3 solids a day. DD will eat anything I offer her, she loves her food!
Biancabee I get the same reaction to the bottle. Dd goes crazy when she sees me mixing it. My problem is she won't let anyone else give her her bottle, only me. Mum has always given her her bottle, but this last week she will purse her lips together and kick and scream until I take over and she will then happily lay back and drink it. She also cracks it if she thinks I'm leaving her- seperation anxiety overload.
Lezze that's awesome you are still breastfeeding.( I was rejected when I started dd on solids.) Crawling and teeth! Your girl is definately ticking off those milestones.
We're sitting and pulling up to stand, but no crawling yet, and no teeth either. Vocally were still at raspberries and the glass shattering squeal, thankfully thats only sporadically this week, I'm hoping she won't go back there again.
We've had lots of days in the sand and beach swimming, which she absolutely loves, even jumped waves in the surf together today.
I'm going back to work full time in July. Mum is looking forward to babysitting full time. I may start her in daycare this time next year for a few days to give mum a break.
I hope everyone else is doing well.

#20 Hands Up

Posted 23 January 2015 - 07:09 PM

Hi there, I start work on 30 March. Very nervous about putting DS into daycare but we have got into a good one, and after another visit today I feel a lot better. I am going back four days a week.

A question for you all..... what do you feed your babies for lunch? I am hoping to introduce a third meal soon as DS is SLOWLY getting used to solids.

#21 Princess VFR

Posted 23 January 2015 - 09:50 PM

For lunch We do jalna Greek yoghurt and apple or pear purée. Also some toast with avocado cream cheese or even just olive oil margarine.
Breakfast is weetbix (kids) with formula and banana
Dinner is whatever I make for DH and myself puréed with the bamix. Steak and veges, or roast and potato/sweet potato. Or salmon and peas/broccoli. Chicken with veges.
I always make a few portions- 1 for the following night, and freeze the rest for the nights DH and I eat something that's not suitable for DD.

#22 kristyemilia

Posted 02 February 2015 - 07:15 PM

Hi ladies! Sorry it has been so long in between posts, time has gotten away from me!
Little Theodore is now 9 months & 8 days and I go back to work tomorrow eeeeeeeeeek!!! I'm mostly excited but also a little nervous.
he's only 6.28kgs & 65.5cm's but he's doing great, climbing on everything, standing up, trying to walk along furniture and of course crawling!
Hope you're all doing really well and your babies are growing up nice & strong x

Edited by kriztee, 02 February 2015 - 09:16 PM.

#23 Hands Up

Posted 02 February 2015 - 07:25 PM

Thanks VfrMomma! For lunch at the moment I'm rotating between yoghurt, mashed banana or mashed avocado. It is all about the no cook mash for lunch! I feel like I need to mix it up a bit more. I also need to get better at making ours and DS's dinner at the same time. I tend to batch cook for him but its a lot of hard work!

Good luck Kriztee! Hope it goes well :-)

#24 Princess VFR

Posted 02 February 2015 - 08:13 PM

Kriztee great to hear from you. I remember Theodore arriving extra early. So happy to hear he is doing well! Good luck with work tomorrow!

Hands up sounds like you're doing a great job. I hear you on mixing it up, I think I need to revisit a baby cookbook for some more inspiration.

Dd is now on the verge of crawling. She gets on all 4's and rocks a few times, and just when I think she will do it, she sits back down. She will do this over and over, and my excitement roller coaster is exhausting!
She'll be 8 months this week. I just love how responsive and animated she is these days. Her vocab has increased from papapa to include mamama as well. She's also got the cutest "spak attack" tantrum where she clenches her fists- so entertaining!

How's everyone else doing?

#25 Iezze

Posted 02 February 2015 - 08:44 PM

^ hah Vfr, it's tantrum central over here. Lots of screaming, and some crankiness due to more teeth too.

On the lunch ideas. I make things like frittatas, pikelets, zucchini slice and muffins in batches and give those to bub for lunch. With the muffins and pikelets I don't use sugar and I make them sweet (banana, berries, stone fruit) or savoury (purée peas, pumpkin, corn). I cook up batches and then take out 2-3 days worth at a time from the freezer. I've also been doing lightly toasted sour dough with cream cheese or hummus, baby bell cheese, cucumber slices and fruit like strawberries and blueberries. We usually have lunch on the go so lots of finger type foods. I also have some of those reusable squeeze pouches that I put Greek yoghurt into mixed with a fruit purée of some sort. DD isn't keen on being fed and wants to feed herself most of the time.

Glad to hear everyone is well!

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