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June 2014 parents thread

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#26 Beeeeeez

Posted 03 February 2015 - 06:36 PM

Hey girls! Glad everyone is doing great! :) Our babies are growing up so fast! :) You all have such a good ideas for lunches etc. We are strugling to do meat here. Mine loves pureed fruit the best, followed by sweeter veggies. We are getting there slowly. No teeth yet, but teething very badly.
Thank God no tantrums yet either, but suspect that will start too! Not looking forward to it...

#27 Princess VFR

Posted 19 February 2015 - 08:53 AM

Thanks Lezze for the meal ideas, the frittatas have been awesome. She's even been picking up pieces, and she pops the occasional one in her mouth (the rest get squished and chucked on the floor)
Biancabee, I hide the minced up meat in the sweet potato mash or the creamed corn mash....but then again Dd eats meat pieces on their own so I'm not sure if that would be any help to you.

Dd pulled herself up on her own today! Firstly on the glass coffee table to get to the remote, and then gave me a heart attack she pulled up from her baby bath (on a stand) and was looking down over the side!! (I've asked DH to drop the bed down to the lower level tonight)

She's still only manages 2 crawling steps before dropping to a commando frantic rumble to get to whatever she's targeted!
I really need to baby proof.....Hmmm do the playpens work? Or is she just going to crack it if I put her in it?

No teeth yet, but she's gotten great at chewing with her gums!

AFM I'm restructuring our finances and in the process of looking for part time work, rather than returning to a full time job I'm no longer enjoying. It will cost us financially, but it's a sacrifice we've agreed to make so I can stay home and spend more time with DD. Fingers crossed everything falls into place.

How's everyone else doing?

#28 Hands Up

Posted 19 February 2015 - 09:55 AM

Hey there, all good here. DS has started daycare this week (just a few hours, two days a week) to start getting him used to it as I go back in six weeks. I am only back for five months before going on mat leave again! My boss doesn't know yet, I need to get to 12 weeks first.

DS still isn't moving. He is seven months and one week and just stays where I put him. I am struggling to get a lot of tummy time out of him as he hates it so I can't see any commando crawling happening for a while. I'm enjoying it as I haven't had to baby proof yet! He will happily sit playing with his toys for up to half an hour at a time which is amazing as I can get a cup of tea and surf EB :-)

We are slowly getting there with food. One day he likes something (like avocado) then next it is the devil's food. Very frustrating! I have been making lots of meals out of one handed cooks and annabel karmel. Batch cooking is my friend :-)

Hope everyone is well.

#29 Beeeeeez

Posted 19 February 2015 - 10:45 AM

Hi everyone,

Glad to hear everyone is doing great! :) Our babies are all so different. Mine is sitting fine, rolling fine, but hates tummy time and consequently cant sit up from lying position herself! She is sleeping great and eating great, but hates child care! We have enrolled her for 1 day, 2 days from next week, and she cries and cried. I havent left her there for longer than 3 hours and will continue slowly until she is adjusted. Thank God I dont have to go back to work till after the Easter.

Completely understand where you coming from Vfr momma. I saw your other thread about your DH and job. Very stressful! We had a bit of a drama here too just before Christmas as my DH never bothered to get permanent position as he was enjoying benefit of a contract job and not being tied down to one location. This had come to bite him late last year with a new boss who was a bit psycho so he had to find another one in a rush (lucky lucky he did-very hard in his area of work at his age). Breathing easier now! Still dont know what to do with my job, however I have been retraining behind the scene in anticipation of changing my career and will be able to work in new area from next year. But still stressful with little one as trying to organise so we spend as much time with her when she is so little is proving a challenge. Hope, and my fingers crossed, that it all works out for you. :)

Hands up congrats again on your exciting news :)

Hope everyone else is well.

#30 Princess VFR

Posted 11 March 2015 - 09:11 PM

Wow how quickly the last month has flown by!

Biancabee how horrible a situation for your DH. I'm so glad it was all ok in the end. That's awesome you're retraining. I've often thought of doing the same, I just have no idea what I'd like to do.

How is the childcare going? Is she handling it better now?
I'm sure she will crawl in no time.

Hands up how is DS? How are you?

As for our progress....We went from sitting to commando to full blown crawl, and now furniture cruising in less than a month. Literally blink and you miss it! It feels like dd is so keen to walk she gets frustrated doing anything else. I think she's over the fussy eating and back to eating anything again.....let's see for how long.

We finally have teeth. Both bottom middles within a few days of each other. Gone is that goofy toothless grin. It just feels like I've lost my baby and she's grown so quickly!

We had her christening on Sunday, and aside from the last minute godparent change (original godfather cancelled at 7am as he had to support his 28wk pregnant wife who had her 2nd placenta bleed of the week- totally accept his reason for backing out) everything went well with my cousin stepping in 3 hrs before the christening. Why isn't anything ever simple in my life?

Hope everyone is doing well!

#31 Princess VFR

Posted 10 April 2015 - 01:47 PM

How is everyone doing? Our babies are growing so quickly....where has the last 10months gone?

We're progressing pretty well. Still not standing or walking unassisted, but she's got the furniture cruising down pat. I'm overwhelmed with proud mummy moments with all the 'firsts'. The first kiss was probably the most standout ( although it was more of an open mouth tongue lick)
Feeding chunky food (as opposed to purees) is somewhat challenging. She opens her full mouth and pulls chunks out with her fingers, examines whatever it is on her tray table and then proceeds to squish it and eventually puts a tiny piece back on her mouth. She has no problem chewing, but this exploration means mealtimes take ages. Really frustrating when I'm in a rush to go somewhere.
And letting her finger feed herself means most of it ends up in her hair, her lap and sleeves or the floor. I'm running out of clean clothes changing her after every feed. It was so much easier in the summer dressed in a nappy and singlet.

I hope everyone is doing well!

#32 Hands Up

Posted 10 April 2015 - 02:04 PM

Hi there! Great minds think alike. I was just thinking of this thread this morning.

All going well here. Well, mostly well. Harry has had gastro followed by really bad constipation (I was so focussed on giving him "safe" foods while he was recovering from the gastro that I failed to notice a problem brewing). Cue late night desperate visit to doctor and pharmacy and special infant constipation drops...... it never ends!

But by and large all is well. Harry is not a mover and shaker. He is nine months and three days and still isn't crawling! Nor does he have any teeth! The GP says not to worry as all babies are different and I must admit being able to put him down and know he won't go anywhere is nice. Harry is great at showing emotions though - he has been giving big sloppy kisses for a while, waves at anyone that looks at him, and has very serious conversations with his toys. He says mama and dada too which is lovely.

Harry has settled in really well to daycare thank goodness. According to the carers he never cries and laughs a lot. He sleeps like he does at home too which is great. DH and I are quite sad when we drop him off/pick him up but we know he is well cared for :-)

VfrMomma your little one sounds like a champion. Cruising furniture already!

#33 Beeeeeez

Posted 10 April 2015 - 10:18 PM

For some reason I dont get notification for this thread, it does for some reason ends up in my junk mail.

Anyway, you are right, these past 10 months have gone too fast! Our little one is absolute delight to us, its amazing watching her learn and explore every day. She just turned 10 months two days ago, she can crawl, lift up by herself and walk around the lounge (very wobbly though), she is too fast! She just got her first tooth at 9, its just visible on top of the gums and she is not stopping biting everything. She is smiles all the time, can say few words (first word was cat!), loves cats and birds, and still loves her daily walks.
Unfortunately she has been sick on and off since starting child care two months ago and at the moment is on antibiotics for chest infection which is refusing to clear. I have to say I havent seen so much snot in all my life! Hopefully she will get better soon, but would not surprise me if she gets sick again once she is back at the child care. She still doesnt like lumpy food, so lots of mash here, but she does like to hold piece of banana or strawberry and gives it a good go on chewing and sucking on those.

Glad that your little ones are doing great too. It seems that they are developing at their own paces and slowly developing their own personalities.

#34 Princess VFR

Posted 23 April 2015 - 09:27 PM

How are you all doing? I'm sorry to hear you guys have dealt with sick babies. How is Harry doing? Is he healing hands up?
Biancabee has DD's chest cleared up?

It sounds like both your babies are talking heaps. Dd hasn't quite mastered the talking side of things. She babbles to her toys, but we only get raspberries or tantrum screeching as a primary form of communication.

Still spitting out lumps which is driving me crazy.

I'm really sleep deprived the last couple of months as she wakes up and screams either sitting up or standing and jumping in the cot. Sometimes she settles right down again, but a few times she's just wanted to play. What happened to my good sleeper?

Hope you're all doing well.

#35 Iezze

Posted 24 April 2015 - 12:51 PM

Hi ladies,
Have spotted a few of you posting in other threads. Sounds like you are all well!

We are doing well here. All the usual things, teeth, crawling, standing, chatting (no real words) are happening. Very close to walking, although I'm not keen on that for my own selfish reasons!

I am back to work in a few weeks and we have started childcare. One day in and we already have a cold. What a nightmare, it's only going to get worse from here I suspect. She seems to be fine with colds, but her sleep is so badly impacted when sick, that I get very anxious and sleep deprived. She goes from sleeping 10 hours straight to waking through the night. Nightmare. We are still breastfeeding here and I have started to wean her off day feeds in preparation for daycare and will stop breastfeeding all together at 12 months.

#36 Hands Up

Posted 24 April 2015 - 01:25 PM

Yep, childcare just brings on all the illnesses you can think of..... Harry has had two colds, and two stomach bugs, in two months! Argh!!!!

Vfrmomma, he is starting to heal thank goodness, now that we are on a stronger softener. I can't tell you how relieved I am. The past three weeks have been awful.

Gosh, some babies are talking and cruising already! Amazing! Harry STILL isn't crawling at nine and a half months and talks a lot but it is just babble. He says mama and dada but I don't think it is actually directed at us. Ha ha.

Glad everyone is doing well :-)

#37 Beeeeeez

Posted 24 April 2015 - 08:21 PM

Glad everyone is doing well! :)

Excellent news Hands up that your little one is healing. Nothing worse than seeing them in pain.

Hopefully your DD starts sleeping better soon again Vfr momma! I dont know how you do it with broken sleep?

lezze your little one sounds like she will walk very soon! How exciting! :)

This was my first week back to work! 3 days and I am dead tired! Havent moved from the lounge since DD went to bed at 6pm! She is exhausted too! Mind you she is getting better with child care, she only cried shortly this morning when I dropped her off.
She is walking more and more around the lounge and coffee table and she navigates the little distance between the two without falling! I am afraid she will start walking soon as well and then we are in so much trouble! lol She is crawling everywhere and touching everything. She destroyed DH's phone charger the other day! She put it in her mouth while still attached to the wall power point!! And then she proceeded to hold herself onto the wall power point and lift herself to standing position! Not sure what she was planning after that as she cant walk and no furniture is close to it! Crazy child! She is very active and just crawls off to the point I have to follow her everywhere! I cant leave her for a second to get even a glass of water as she will just go off somewhere.
On the positive note for once she is not sick! This is the first week in the past two months that she is not down with something. So hopefully we will have a good weekend!

Hope all you have a great weekend with no rain (our backyard was flooded from all the rain).

#38 Princess VFR

Posted 08 May 2015 - 10:30 PM

How is everyone doing?

It was great to hear from you Lezze, what a trooper still breastfeeding! I'm so jealous.

I can totally relate to the night wake ups, it really does drain you. I hope she gets better at sleeping through again before you start work.

It's great to hear Harry is doing better (I saw your other post) I'm paranoid DD is straining cause she puts so much effort into it.....but it's almost always soft so I'm not too worried. Aside from Harry how are you doing hands up?

Biancabee have you recovered from your hospital stay? I hope all is better there. Your DD sounds cheeky getting into everything.
I discovered Alexandra could open my pantry door.....just in time to stop her pulling the knife out of the knife block....needless to say, I've now put them out of reach and put baby locks on everything.

She's finally sleeping better again, I revisited wonder weeks and realised she was in a cloudy period so that could explain the sleepless nights last month. This last week has been like I got my good sleeper back just like that!

She's talking heaps more...actually it's more babble with the occasional word thrown in....baby....piggy(her stuffed toy).... She doesn't shut up.....ever!

But she does some really cute stuff....today she climbed in an out of an empty pot in the lounge room (stuffing piggy in with her at the same time)

Mums got her sitting on the potty with no real success...although she's learnt to say shhhhhh.....pretending she's peeing.

Anyway, enough from me...I hope everyone has a wonderful 1st Mother's Day this weekend!

#39 Hands Up

Posted 09 May 2015 - 11:56 AM

Wow, when I read some of your posts everyone I realise that Harry just isn't progressing at the same pace. He is ten months and 1 day and still isn't crawling. He does move around but it is on his bottom, he kind of pulls himself forward. He still isn't saying any words either (apart from mumumumum and dadadadadadada........ but wow does he grab for stuff. Anything within reach is fair game plus stuff out of his reach where he can throw himself forward.

He is still very big for his age - 11 kilos and 74 cm. He is in 12-18 month clothing and has been for a while. I kind of wonder if that is why he is not moving, that is a lot of weight to lug around.... I should know!

He is pretty much completely on the mend now thank god, but he still strains....... although based on what is in his nappy we no longer have a problem. I'm doing well too although this pregnancy has been really hard. Working four days, with a ten month old and being 21 weeks pregnant is NOT something I recommend.

One thing I would say is that ten weeks into childcare and I feel like we are finally get over the constant illness...... but I shouldn't speak to soon.

I'm glad everyone sounds well. How about you biancabee? Did your kidney stones get sorted out?

#40 Beeeeeez

Posted 10 May 2015 - 08:27 PM

I'm so much better, thank you. :) Had a kidney CT scan on Friday and seeing Dr again on Monday so hopefully all good.

lezze you are champion! Great to be breasfeeding your bub still. Hope she copes OK with child care.

Vfr and Hands up, your bubs sound adorable! And its so fascinating to see that they are all developing at different rate into a little individuals. I bet Alexandra is absolutely gorgeous doing a shhhhh sound! :) Glad Harry is also better with his constipation. Gosh you are already half way through your pregnancy! That is going fast?

Antonia is crazy little thing! She is constantly on the move and I have to keep following her otherwise she just gets into mischief. Still touches everything and anything in sight. Cats have learnt to just hide! lol She is eating great these days and a great variety of foods, however still is struggling with a lumpy one. She just turned 11 months and now we have a countdown to 1 year! Scary how fast this has gone. She is still snotty and is still constantly battling illnesses form child care. I swear we are paying for her not to attend more times than she actually does. Someone told me this will keep going for about a year. I really hope not.

#41 Iezze

Posted 11 May 2015 - 06:49 PM

I seem to have missed lots of updates. Congrats Hands Up! I didnt know you were pregnant. You are super mum, pregnant, working and looking after a 11 month old!

Lovely to hear from everyone. Biancabee I hope you are better.

We have started day care and one day in, we had a nasty cold which is still hanging around. I just can't handle the sickness! I'm so sad that this will go on for months.

Back to work for me this week and I am about to start weaning. We no longer have a lunch time milk feed but I need to introduce cows milk for our morning and evening feeds. Then I will have met my 12 month breastfeeding goal and boy am I over it. I want to burn my maternity bras.

Apart from that, this age is quite fun. A little bit of separation anxiety is starting to creep in but otherwise I have a happy but cheeky baby.

Hope everyone has lovely 1st birthday celebrations!

#42 Princess VFR

Posted 22 May 2015 - 08:09 PM

Hows everyone doing? cold much?

Hands Up I wouldnt worry too much about Harry not moving. Boys generally dont move as quick as girls apparently. Alexandra is about the same weight and height so I dont think that should be holding him back, hes probably content to sit and watch for now.....enjoy it while you can!! Are you keeping the gender of your new baby a surprise? I wonder if Harry notices your growing belly?

Biancabee I hear you on the lumpy food refusal. I still have to choose between wearing lumps from the tantrum throwing and spitting or I just cave in and blitz it down so she can eat it!! I don't have the patience for the mess and the time dinner takes. Its only going to get worse when I go back to work and I dont have time on my hands.

Lezze congrats on meeting your breastfeeding goal!!! I hope you don't burn your mat bra's you've got the experience down pat for number 2!! I hope your DD feels better soon, I'm sure it wont hang around too long.

As for us I'm transitioning Alexandra to 1 or 2 days at mums a week for when I go back to work full time 1st July. I was hoping to find something part time, but when it came to the crunch I couldn't find anything with a similar pay that I could actually see myself doing. All the jobs required training and learning from scratch. It just seems easier to transition back to what I know and can just slide back into. So im sad about that, but I suppose the full pay is definitely worth going back to.

We've had another tooth last week, and some standing unassisted, but still no walking.
She has mastered grabbing the edge of the pool, holding on and pulling herself out of the water all on her own. Total proud mummy moment. Its a little reassuring leaving her at mums (she has a pool) I feel like all these cold days at the pool are worth it.

The down side of swimming lessons is she can now also climb up onto the couch, stand on the armrest lean on the wall and turn the lights on and off......And lean over and turn the key for the front door!!!

I'm Mum's going to have her hands full 5 days a week!!

hope you are all well!!!!

#43 Beeeeeez

Posted 22 May 2015 - 08:45 PM

View PostPrincess VFR, on 22 May 2015 - 08:09 PM, said:

The down side of swimming lessons is she can now also climb up onto the couch, stand on the armrest lean on the wall and turn the lights on and off......And lean over and turn the key for the front door!!!

I'm Mum's going to have her hands full 5 days a week!!

hope you are all well!!!!

hahaha.. how clever is your DD VFR!! That's brilliant! :) Grandma will be very fit very soon!
Absolutely great that you are taking your DD swimming. We were planning too, but then just go busy with things. I bought her the cutest one piece in Myer couple months ago, size 1, so we can start when it warms up a bit as I am not very keen in this cold weather.

My DD is sick again, surprise surprise, the joy of a child care! On top of that she is teething badly, poor thing, with 4 top teeth coming all at once. She has terrible teething rash all over her body, is moody and grumpy and refuses to eat. She has only been drinking her formula for the past 2 days.

DD is in love with Wiggles, especially the blue one Anthony. Its cute watching her just light up when I put Wiggle's DVD on. She goes straight from grumpy to happy mood. :) She is pretty active as well and is walking now all over the house by walking along the walls! And she is pretty fast! I cant take my eyes off her otherwise she is gone and of course she will not answer you if you call her name! I caught her in a guest room today pulling blankets off the bed. Cheeky monkey!

Hope everyone is rugged up in this cold. DH just cracked some nice bubbly open so I will be warm in no time. He even said its called responsible parrenting! lol

#44 Iezze

Posted 05 June 2015 - 06:39 AM

Just wanted to say Happy birthday to all the bubs! Congratulations to all the parents on surviving the first year.

I'm feeling very nostalgic as this time last year I had just arrived at hospital, and was told, yep the baby is coming! I cant believe that I've been a Mum for a year. It's been a crazy life changing year.

#45 Princess VFR

Posted 05 June 2015 - 07:54 AM

OMG.......1 year today, Happy Birthday to both our bubs today!
I was well and truly in labour by 7am this time last year, and despite all the reading and preparation I had no idea what I was about to embark on......ah the power of hindsight!!!

Lezze I hope you have a wonderful day today celebrating both DD's birthday and surviving your first year as a parent.

Happy Birthday to Antonia too, I think she was born a day or 2 after us. Thats so cute she loves the wiggles, at least you have a "go to" program. And seeing them live will be a real treat for her.....Alexandra loves MASH (DH makes us watch it at dinner time) No matter what she is doing she freezes and watches the TV when the tune comes on.

She's started taking steps on her own. The first was 3 steps, and 2 nights ago she took 5 steps from the coffee table to the TV stand. But only if shes focused on something else. The minute she realises shes walking she panics and squats back down.

Looking forward to some bubbly tomorrow night to cut the cake Im making for her.....fingers crossed I pull it off!!

Yep Biancabee I totally hear you on the responsible parenting!!

#46 Beeeeeez

Posted 05 June 2015 - 08:29 PM

Happy birthday to all the June babies!! :)
How fast has this year flown!?

Lezze enjoy your birthday celebrations and Vfr hope your cake turns great and yummy and that you guys have great birthday celebrations too. Antonia's birthday is on Tuesday. We havent organised anything for celebrations as my MIL is struggling at the moment (she doesnt have long left) so we will visit her on weekend so she can spend some time with DD. On Tuesday arvo we might have a small family get together.

I bet everyone is enjoying their babies (well toddlers now!) and enjoying seeing them learning something new every day. Its amazing how fast they do learn things. Love love observing DD play with her toys and suddenly she does something I havent seen before and her lights lit up. She is just adorable, loves cuddles and kisses.

Hope you guys have wonderful weekend! :)

#47 Princess VFR

Posted 27 June 2015 - 04:55 PM

How is everyone doing? I hope you all enjoyed your babies 1st birthdays....

Hands up -Harry should be celebrating his anyway now. How is bubs no2 doing?

Biancabee how is your MIL?

Alexandra is walking, actually running everywhere now. She just took off the day after her birthday and hasn't looked back. She's also grown more in height so she doesn't breeze under the dining table anymore. We have daily head knocks into the corners which result in more tears!

And the tantrums!! OMG the stubborn little sh*t will plant herself down and wail if she doesn't get her way. We've decided to just walk away in the hope this doesn't become a habit.

I'm having my own back to work tantrums knowing there's so much I'm going to miss-especially now she's copying words like a parrot. My poor child won't learn English.....it will be Greek-lish!!

Off to have another drink on my last weekend as a SAHM.

#48 Beeeeeez

Posted 07 July 2015 - 08:58 PM

Hey girls, how is everyone doing? I have been so busy I did have much time to check EB lately.

Hope everyone enjoyed their little ones birthdays and had lots of fun! How was your cake Vfr? I bet yummy! :) Hands up when is your bub due?

We have been sick as usual, the joy of child care! But as little miss was sick I have been enjoying more time with her and have been observing her a lot. Its amazing how fast they learn at this stage and how they discover new things. Just amazing. My lo is so cheeky, you have to look at her constantly otherwise she is into mischief! She is fascinated with washing machine so keeps touching it, and then anything which has buttons on it, keeps pressing. Loves playing with balls. She takes daddy's golf ball and off she goes with it everywhere.

Hope everyone is well :)

#49 Princess VFR

Posted 07 July 2015 - 09:49 PM

Oh Biancabee your DD sounds adorable. I love that she runs off with his golf ball. Alex has a fascination with her dads ventolin. I had to buy him spares, because she steals them off his nightstand and I find them all over the house.
My cake was awesome, it was a 4 layer Donna hay buttermilk chocolate cake with salted caramel Swiss meringue buttercream icing which was fluoro Orange (to match her fluoro Orange tutu) in rosette piping.
I was so happy I pulled it off. My last domesticated success before returning to work.

I've been back at work for a week now. It hasn't been too bad as school holidays are generally quiet so I've been able to ease myself back in. Unfortunately Alex has gotten her first real fever sickness with tonsillitis. And she's not even in daycare, so I'm not sure where she caught it from. It's thrown me as I haven't had to deal with her sick before and it's so much harder now working and getting up to her at night.
I'm hoping the antibiotics kick in and she gets better tomorrow. I can work from home tomorrow so I can give mum the day off too.

Anyone else finding it hard to shift the domestic duties back to sharing with your partners now you are back at work?

I didn't mind doing everything while I was SAHM. But I'm back at work now and still primary carer for DD when I get home, still cooking cleaning, washing up, shopping and the rest. He does little 'token gestures' like once a week he might cook, or on Saturday he might remember to take the rubbish out. I really need to make a stand now otherwise I feel like he is taking the p*ss and letting me continue to do it all.

Argh men!!

#50 Princess VFR

Posted 04 August 2015 - 09:55 PM

How is everyone? It's gone real quiet here....maybe I really do manage to kill threads!!

Well I've been back at work for a month now. The house is a pigssty...I can't seem to catch up. We've been eating the worst food, ie quick fast carb filled meals. I've managed to get DH to pick up some slack, but it still feels like an added chore to keep him honest!

Work has ramped up with early starts and late finishes and all the crap I've had to "fix" on my return. I am however enjoying all the extra cash to finally fix the garage roller door or online shopping for cute outfits for Alex.

Alex has changed so much in the last month. She's a little girl now....where did my baby go? She marches around wherever she wants to go. Little miss independent plays with her toys or our keys phones whatever really. Sleeping well, eating better now even lumps, lamb chops too!

I miss being with her all day, but the adult stimulation has been good too. I find I enjoy the few hours with her more now. She's been really enjoying her days with grandma. I think grandma feeds her better food than I ever did. She gets homemade custard everyday, not to mention all the ethnic food she's loving.

Anyway enough from me.....how are you all doing?

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